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Red Sky and Wind Thunder were the two Great Emperors who had been recognized by the Star Boundary’s World Great Dao after Heaven's Revelation and Ice Feather deaths. These two were elite disciples who had been carefully cultivated in the Cave Heaven Paradise and had reached the Seventh Order directly upon their breakthrough.

Although it had only been a few hundred years, with the help of the Star Boundary, the two of them had almost reached the peak of the Seventh Order, something that other Open Heaven Stage masters could not compare to.

Seventh Order was already a High Rank Open Heaven. Cultivating from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order would normally take two to three thousand years.

For example, Feng Ying of Dawn Squad was also quite talented, but it had taken her three thousand years to break through from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order. Of course, this was also related to the scarcity of resources in the Ink Battlefield.

However, even if there were abundant resources, it was impossible for someone as talented as Feng Ying to accumulate the foundation of a Seventh Order Open Heaven in just a few hundred years.

However, the Star Boundary’s Great Emperors could, and the Myriad Monster World’s Great Emperors could as well, because these two great Open Heaven Stage Cradles both had the Subtree's feedback. The World Force is extremely rich, and cultivating with the power of the Universe World could greatly shorten one’s accumulation.

The reason why they hadn’t broken through to the Eighth Order was because their comprehension of the Great Dao was somewhat lacking, while the Myriad Dao Secret Realm had perfectly supplemented their deficiencies.

When the Small Universe's foundation and attainments in the Great Dao reached a certain level, advancing from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order was naturally a matter of course.

The two of them walked out of the Myriad Dao Secret Realm and were naturally very grateful to Yang Kai. Originally, they wanted to thank him in person, but Yang Kai seemed to be immersed in the Space-Time River and had disappeared.

“How long has he been like this?” Duan Hongchen looked towards the Space-Time River and asked, obviously asking about Yang Kai’s situation.

Zhan Wuhen shook his head, “It was already like this when I came out.”

“It’s been some time,” Duan Hongchen frowned, “From the looks of it, he seems to be comprehending something inside, so it’s not good to disturb him.”

Although he didn’t know what Yang Kai was doing, he looks like he had something important to do in the depths of the Space-Time River, so he naturally couldn’t interfere.

“Then how should we deal with this Myriad Dao Secret Realm?” Hua Linglong asked. After trying out the benefits of the Myriad Dao Secret Realm, anyone would know that this thing was a precious treasure to the Human Race and could increase the strength of a cultivator in large quantities in a short time.

However, this thing was created by Yang Kai, so without his permission, no one could make a decision.

“Let’s report this to the Head Office Division,” Zhan Wuhen said after a moment of silence, “Since he created the Myriad Dao Secret Realm at this time, he must have some intention of helping the Human Race. However, although the Great Dao power inside is abundant, it is not limitless. If we report this to the Head Office Division and let Chief Mi make the decision, he may be able to allow some people with potential to use their battle merits to exchange for a place to enter.”

When everyone heard this, they all nodded. This was a good plan. Although they could wait for Yang Kai to deal with this matter, no one knew when he would come out of seclusion. Right now, the Human Race was pressed for time, so if they could make use of the Myriad Dao Secret Realm as soon as possible, it would be beneficial.

“I’ll make a trip to the Head Office,” Zhan Wuhen said before soaring into the sky and quickly disappearing.

After he left, Duan Hongchen said, “I’ll stay here and look after them, you can do as you please.”

Everyone nodded and dispersed.

A few days later, the news of the Myriad Dao Secret Realm spread and attracted the interest of many Human Race masters. This Secret Realm, which contained pure Great Dao power, could be said to be of great use to every Human Race cultivator.

However, just as Zhan Wuhen had said, although the Myriad Dao Secret Realm’s Myriad Dao power was abundant, it was not inexhaustible. One day, when all of its Great Dao power was exhausted, the Myriad Dao Secret Realm would exist in name only.

As such, those who had the qualifications to enter the Myriad Dao Secret Realm had to be carefully selected in order to maximize their potential.

As for these matters, they were naturally handled by the Head Office Division. For this reason, Mi Jinglun personally went to the Myriad Dao Secret Realm to investigate the situation. Before he left, he smiled bitterly and complained to Duan Hongchen, who was guarding this place, that Yang Kai had given him a difficult problem.

Recently, the Head Office Division had been gathering people to repair the Pure Yang Pass that Yang Kai had brought back, so they had consumed a lot of resources. Fortunately, Yang Kai had taken advantage of the Black Ink Clan, otherwise it would have been difficult to repair the mountain pass.

Moreover, the Human Race’s army had seized the 3000 Worlds and won a great victory, so they also needed to reward them with large amounts of resources.

Moreover, the Void Guard also needed a large amount of resources to set up a Space Array.

The current Mi Jinglun was like a shrewd housekeeper who had to carefully calculate every single resource.

As time passed, more people began entering and exiting the Myriad Dao Secret Realm’s entrance, each of them filled with anticipation, each of them leaving in high spirits, obviously having gained a lot from the Myriad Dao Secret Realm.

Every cultivator who came here could see that next to the Myriad Dao Secret Realm, there was a long Space-Time River that made everyone gasp in amazement. After all, this was the manifestation of pure Great Dao power. Among the many Ninth Order Human Race masters, only one of them could achieve this.

Everyone knew that Yang Kai was cultivating in seclusion in this river, so every cultivator who came here would bow towards the great river.

Day after day, year after year.

Three years had passed since the Myriad Dao Secret Realm was born.

Over the past three years, the 3000 Worlds had basically been pacified, and all of the fleeing Black Ink Clan forces had been found by the various armies.

It could be said that the current 3000 Worlds no longer had any space for the Black Ink Clan.

On the way back from the great battle, they enjoyed the fruits of victory and rested.

However, everyone knew that this peace was only temporary, and it was likely that before long, a war that was even crueler than the thousands of years before would arrive. It was because of this realization that this temporary peace was even more precious.

The Void Guard also returned one after another, bringing back a large number of Universe Temple.

When the Black Ink Clan occupied the 3000 Worlds, some of the Universe Temple had been destroyed, while others had been preserved. There were many of them, more than a thousand.

With less than two hundred Void Guard under his command, and with the help of the large number of people from the Head Office Division, Li Wu began to repair the Universe Temple, using its original Spirit Array as the foundation to lay down a Space Array.

Although the Void Guard didn’t have many people on their side, all of them were proficient in Space Principle, so it was naturally not a problem for them to set up Space Principle.

With a large amount of resources invested, the results could soon be seen. Even in this peaceful period, there were still some people making preparations for the upcoming war.

Beside the Myriad Dao Secret Realm, many cultivators who had exchanged their battle merits for the qualifications to enter the Secret Realm were gathered in groups of three or five, waiting to enter. As a result, there were many cultivators gathered here. Although there was no noise, their Divine Sense communication was extremely frequent.

Suddenly, all sound disappeared, even the communication of Divine Sense disappeared.

All eyes turned towards the direction of the Space-Time River.

On the other side, the Space-Time River, which had been calm for three years, suddenly began to stir. Waves rolled out and a figure stepped out from the waves.

After three years of meditation, Yang Kai had gained quite a lot. He had already figured out some of his doubts and had even vaguely pushed open a new door, but at the moment, he was unable to determine what was behind this new door.

In the end, it was all because his attainments in the Great Dao were insufficient.

Yang Kai’s attainments in the Space and Time Great Dao had reached the Eighth Stage. As for the other Great Daos, some were high, some were low, the high is at Seventh Stage and the low is at Fourth to Fifth Stage. Yang Kai had a faint feeling that if his attainments in the power of his Great Dao were to improve further, especially when his Space and Time Great Dao reached the Ninth Stage, he might be able to see things more clearly.

However, his comprehension this time had allowed his attainments in various Great Daos to improve, especially his Space and Time Great Dao, which seemed to be on the verge of breaking through to the Ninth Stage at any moment.

It could be said that after three years of comprehension, he had gained a lot.

“Greetings, Sir!” Below, a group of cultivators saluted, most of them Seventh or Eighth Order, a few of them Sixth Order, and none of them below Sixth Order.

In the end, the quota to enter the Myriad Dao Secret Realm was limited. In order to increase the overall strength of the Human Race as much as possible, the Head Office Division could only select some soldiers with greater potential and give them the qualifications to enter the Secret Realm. As for those cultivators with low potential and low cultivation, they naturally didn’t have such an opportunity.

Even so, Mi Jinglun was quite troubled by this matter. Just like how he had complained about the Myriad Dao Secret Realm’s quota, many people complained about it, but this matter was decided by him, and with his current Ninth Order status, he wasn’t afraid of offending anyone.

Yang Kai nodded slightly and raised his hand, “No need to be so polite!”

Putting away the Space-Time River, he flashed over to Duan Hongchen, who had been guarding this place, nodded, and grinned, “Good work.”

Duan Hongchen casually replied, “Don't mention it, there is nothing much to do anyway, I’ve also seen a lot of good scenery here.”

Saying so, he kept glancing at some beautiful women in the crowd.

Yang Kai was speechless.

“Right, Chief Mi said that when you come out of seclusion, you should go find him and discuss something with him,” Duan Hongchen suddenly remembered Mi Jinglun’s previous instruction.

“I’ll go now,” Yang Kai nodded.

“There’s also that little brat Li Wuyi. He’s been complaining that you don’t care about anything, when you have time, go help him.”

“Got it!” Yang Kai replied casually before taking a step forward and disappearing without a trace. Among the crowd, many of the Eighth Order masters wore shocked expressions…

Although the Human Race didn't have many Ninth Order masters now, there were at least a few of them. As an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, they had some contact with other Ninth Order masters, but none of them had ever been able to come and go without a trace like Yang Kai.

After Yang Kai left, Duan Hongchen took a few more glances at the beautiful scenery before reluctantly leaving.

He had stayed here to protect Yang Kai, but now that Yang Kai had come out of seclusion, there was no need for him to remain.


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