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The Endless River ran through the entire Universe Furnace. Countless streams that were invisible to the naked eye and even invisible to the Divine Sense filled the space inside the furnace. It could be said that the reason why the Universe Furnace was able to open up a world was because of this Endless River.

The Endless River was capable of transforming a universe and creating Celestial Phenomenon, but what about the Space-Time River?

With this thought in mind, Yang Kai shook the Space-Time River in his hand and plunged into it, searching for the traces left behind by that strange and mysterious wonder.

The Space-Time River was based on Yang Kai’s Space and Time Great Dao, condensed from the power of thousands of Great Daos. Yang Kai had entered it many times before, but that was to deal with the enemies he had drawn into it with the Space-Time River. When fighting in this river, he had the absolute advantage in terms of terrain, allowing him to display his full strength. Every undercurrent and every wave in the river was a result of the fluctuations of his Great Dao.

The situation this time was slightly different.

Perhaps it was because his actions in creating the Myriad Dao Secret Realm just now had caused some inexplicable changes to his Space-Time River.

In short, the moment Yang Kai entered the river, he suddenly felt a strange sensation.

A feeling of space-time distortion lingered around him.

He looked up and saw a strange scene flash across his eyes.

He saw the majestic No-Return Pass. Inside and outside of the No-Return Pass, the soldiers of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan fought with their lives on the line, countless corpses lying in the void. Among these corpses, there were Human Race and Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning, not understanding why he was seeing this. He hadn’t participated in the offensive and defensive battle in the No-Return Pass back then, so logically speaking, there shouldn’t have been such a scene in his memory. What’s more, how could the things in his memory appear in the Space-Time River?

But soon, he realized something was wrong.

Because in the many images that flashed past, he also saw his own figure fighting with a familiar figure. It was Mo Na Ye, who had already become a Royal Lord.

Images flashed past one after another, each one of them like a masterpiece created by an expert, drawing out the tragic battle with exquisite strokes and skill.

In the silent scene, Mo Na Ye’s corpse suddenly appeared, followed by Mo Yu’s…

The Human Race cultivator occupied the No-Return Pass, and the scene of them running around happily appeared…

Yang Kai suddenly understood that this was not a scene from his memories, but a battle that would occur in the future.


It could also be described as insight to the profound.

Yang Kai had experienced this when he had first stepped out of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, because at that time, his mastery of the Space and Time Great Dao had greatly increased. When he had fought with the Goathead Royal Lord, he had activated his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, allowing him to see some future scenes.

Later, it was proven that what he saw at that time really happened. He killed the Goathead Royal Lord who had been chasing after him, held his head, and stood proudly in the void. This scene was exactly what he had seen in advance.

The Heaven's Revelation Great Emperor, Chu Tianji, who had died in battle, was said to have the ability to see through the mysteries of the heavens. It was said that he could see through the past and the future.

Of course, judging from Yang Kai’s current realm and cultivation, Chu Tianji probably didn’t have such incredible abilities. If he did, he should be able to avoid many dangers and not die on the battlefield.

However, he had some ability to see through the mysteries of the Heavens, or else he wouldn’t have been named Heaven's Revelation.

Compared to when Yang Kai first emerged from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, whether it was his cultivation or his own Great Dao attainments, both of them had improved by a great deal. The Space-Time River was formed from the Great Dao of Space and Time, so it was not surprising for Yang Kai to be able to see through the mysteries of the world when he was deep in the river.

Yang Kai wasn’t surprised that they conquered the No-Return Pass. With the current strength of the Human Race, if they were to recklessly attack, they would definitely be able to take down the No-Return Pass, but the price they would have to pay would not be small.

Even after seeing such a future, Yang Kai’s mood didn’t fluctuate much.

If they couldn’t even take down the No-Return Pass, what was the point of an expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?

The true deciding point of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan war was the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

In the Space-Time River, the Great Dao of Space and Time shook even more violently, flashing images constantly appearing in Yang Kai’s vision.

Yang Kai’s expression gradually became solemn.

Because in the following scene, there were many scenes he didn’t want to see.

Outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, a great battle was about to break out. The Black Ink Clan’s army was like a tsunami, with Ink Giant Spiritual God passing through them. The mountain passes had been reduced to ruins, and in the ruins, countless Human Race masters’ corpses were floating about. Yang Kai even saw many familiar faces.

There was also a picture of a long white Divine Dragon, its body in tatters, its dragon scales completely destroyed, floating in the air.

It was Fu Guang!

In another picture, in a world filled with Ink Force, there was a plaque with High Heaven Palace written on it, covered in dust, and in a corner of the picture, the towering and huge branches and leaves had fallen off and died.

The last scene he saw was a mountain pass that was heading towards the depths of the Void, as if it was trying to escape to the ends of the world. Inside the mountain pass, all the surviving Human Race were gathered, and behind the mountain pass, a black figure was chasing after it like a maggot.

On the scene, the surviving Human Race in the mountain pass all wore terrified expressions.

The black figure chasing after them held an Azure Dragon Spear in his hand!

Yang Kai’s scalp instantly went numb.

Although the black figure had been completely covered by the black ink aura, making it impossible to see his figure or appearance, the spear was still extremely familiar to him.

Was this the future of the Human Race?

At this moment, Yang Kai suddenly felt like he was about to collapse, involuntarily jumping out of the Space-Time River. After standing still for a moment, everything that had happened just now disappeared like an illusion.

It was only at this moment that he discovered that his Great Dao had been severely depleted. It seemed that his ability to see through the mysteries of the Heavens was not without cost.

Due to the consumption of his Great Dao, the Space-Time River was almost unable to maintain itself, so Yang Kai quickly used his strength to stabilize it before sitting down cross-legged with a solemn expression.

The scene he had forsee outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea all those years had come to reality. He had successfully killed the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord who had been chasing him for many years with his Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation.

The first half of this sudden foresight was acceptable, but the second half was difficult to accept.

He knew that there would be a bitter battle outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, where the Human Race and Black Ink Clan would fight to the death. This was a battle that concerned the survival of their entire race.

He had also mentally prepared for the Human Race defeat. If that day really came, his original plan was to lead the surviving Human Race to flee to the end of the world and restore their strength before making a comeback. In any case, there was nothing in the current 3000 Worlds he could not give up.

However, the scene he saw in the Space-Time River was extremely bizarre.

Putting aside the outcome of the two races, he has the World Tree Subtree sealing his Small Universe, so how could he have been turned into a Black Ink Disciple? Of course, this wasn’t impossible. No one knew just how strong Black Ink's true body was. If Black Ink's true body were to attack him, the Subtree might not necessarily be able to protect the Small Universe.

Was that really the future of the Human Race and his?

Such a future was truly difficult to accept.

Although Yang Kai’s mood was heavy, it wasn’t to the point of despair. In the end, this was just a sliver of his insight. Whether it would really happen or not, no one could say.

If this was really something that was going to happen in the future, he could only personally break it himself!

Calming himself down, Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a snort.

When he had rushed into the Space-Time River just now, he had been searching for that trace of mystery, not to see through the mysteries of the Heavens, but because it was difficult for him to control something like the foresight. After entering the Space-Time River, under the influence of the Great Dao of Space and Time, he had been unable to do anything about it.

Sitting in place for a long time, Yang Kai once again plunged into the Space-Time River.

This time, there were no future scenes flashing before his eyes. Yang Kai calmed his mind and focused, sensing the changes in the Space-Time River. Soon, he arrived at a corner of the river.

Under his perception, thousands of Great Daos gathered here, transforming into endless mysteries.

The various experiences he had experienced in the Endless River had allowed Yang Kai to comprehend the truth of the Great Dao. The Primal Chaos had transformed into a Myriad Great Daos, and in the end, all Great Daos had returned to the Primal Chaos. This was a wonderful cycle, and in this cycle of reincarnation, some surprises would emerge.

Just like the scene in front of him…

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and grabbed a ball of river water that was obviously different from the surrounding. He calmly stared at it, a look of contemplation flashing across his eyes.

The creation of the Myriad Dao Secret Realm didn’t alarm too many people, but the various Great Emperors from the Star Boundary noticed the anomaly and came to investigate. After learning about the uses of this Myriad Dao Secret Realm, they all went inside to investigate.

A few days later, the Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wuhen was the first to emerge. Although his cultivation had not increased, his aura had clearly become more solid.

He had long since reached the peak of the Eighth Order and had reached the limit of his cultivation, so it was impossible for him to increase his cultivation. The fact that his aura could become more condensed meant that he had gained some benefits from the Myriad Dao Secret Realm.

A place where even a peak Eighth Order like him could reap such benefits was naturally extraordinary.

Zhan Wuhen turned to look at the Myriad Dao Secret Realm and couldn’t help but praise, “Good stuff!”

With this Myriad Dao Secret Realm, the strength of the Human Race would likely rise again, which would undoubtedly be of great help to the future war.

Turning his head to look around, he didn’t see Yang Kai, but instead saw the Space-Time River floating in mid-air. The Space-Time River was here, so Yang Kai must be here as well. Zhan Wuhen didn’t bother him and simply stood there quietly.

A few days later, the various Great Emperors returned one after another. From the order in which they returned, it could be seen that the stronger one was, the faster they would come out. This was because the stronger one was, the less room they had to improve, and the less help they would receive from the Myriad Dao Secret Realm.

After nearly ten days, Red Sky and Wind Thunder walked out one after the other, both of these Great Emperor looking radiant and proud.

Duan Hongchen glanced over and chuckled, “Congratulations.”

The others also offered their congratulations.

When these two entered, they were both Seventh Order, but when they came out, they were already Eighth Order!


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