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High Heaven Territory, Star Boundary, in a gorge not far from High Heaven Palace, a large river flowed through the void, its head and tail connected, forming a circle.

The thousands of Great Daos in the great river converged and transformed into endless mysteries.

Although the commotion here wasn’t loud, it quickly attracted a group of people.

The first to arrive was Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wuhen, followed by Beast Martial Great Emperor Mo Huang, Serene Soul Great Emperor Yao Jun, Bustling World Great Emperor Duan Hongchen, Flower Shadow Great Emperor Hua Linglong, and others.

The frontline battlefield was no longer under siege, and the Black Ink Clan’s army had been destroyed. At the moment, only a few scattered soldiers were fleeing and hiding, so the Great Emperors from the Star Boundary had all returned to the Star Boundary to recuperate.

The Great Emperors were all masters recognized by the Star Boundary’s World Great Dao, so if there was any disturbance in the Star Boundary, it would naturally not escape their senses.

Sensing the situation here, everyone came over.

As soon as these Great Emperors arrived, two more figures arrived and bowed towards them.

The last two to arrive were the Star Boundary’s newly born Great Emperors.

With the current bottleneck of the Star Boundary, it was enough to give birth to fourteen Great Emperors. Compared to the limit of ten Great Emperors of the past, there were now four more. This was undoubtedly due to the World Tree Subtree’s contribution. With the increase in the number of Great Emperors and the deaths of Heaven's Revelation and Ice Feather, it has given these two rising stars the chance to rise to Great Emperor level.

Of the fourteen Great Emperors, some had yet to return from the outside world, some were cultivating in seclusion, and those who had sensed the disturbance had already gathered here.

Of the two who came later, one was titled Red Sky while the other was titled Wind Thunder. Both of them were disciples who had been raised by the Cave Heaven Paradise, but in terms of background, the two of them were born and raised in the Star Boundary.

Because the two of them hadn’t cultivated for long, they were currently only at the Seventh order Open Heaven. However, Zhan Wuhen and the others didn’t underestimate these two at all, because both of them had directly broken through to the Seventh order and had a chance of reaching the Ninth order.

Moreover, with their status as Star Boundary Great Emperor, they would definitely grow faster than ordinary people. Although the two of them had only broken through to the Seventh Order for a few hundred years, both of them had almost reached the peak of the Seventh Order, so it wouldn’t be long before they broke through to the Eighth Order.

At this moment, many Star Boundary Great Emperor were gathered here, and the two who arrived later were both staring at the river in amazement. Red Sky asked, “What is this Lord doing?”

The Wind Thunder Great Emperor also had this question. They knew about Yang Kai, but they had never met him before. This mysterious Senior had left behind too many legends. Looking up at this moment, they could see that the Great Dao power in the river was boiling, and every wave it created was the manifestation of the Great Dao power, causing them to gasp in amazement.

Duan Hongchen’s expression became solemn as he shook his head, “I don’t know!”

Red Sky was immediately shocked. Even these experienced and knowledgeable masters didn’t know about this. It seemed that the situation over there was no small matter.

Yao Jun said faintly, “Although I don’t know what he’s doing, it’s obviously a big deal.”

Zhan Wuhen glanced at him with an expression as if saying he is talking nonsense.

“Just watch.” Mo Huang stood with his arms crossed, quietly observing.

Everyone fell silent.

The disturbance on the other side became more intense, and the power of the Great Dao became more rich. Not only did Yang Kai use his own Great Dao, but everyone also saw him take out something like a small stream from somewhere and pour it into the Space-Time River.

At first, everyone didn’t pay much attention to it, but after carefully examining these small streams, all of them were shocked beyond belief. These small streams were actually manifestations of the power of the Great Dao and were extremely pure.

For a time, everyone couldn’t help wondering how a single person could grasp so much Great Dao power and cultivate each Great Dao to an extremely high level.

An hour later, as the small streams poured in, the Space-Time River began to tremble. Just as everyone was worried that Yang Kai was about to lose his strength, a shout suddenly rang out, “Open!”

In the next moment, the space around them suddenly distorted and the circular area in the shape of the Space-Time River suddenly collapsed. A rotating vortex appeared, and from the Space-Time River, thousands of Great Daos poured into it. The seemingly boiling river gradually calmed down.

“Domain Gate?” Zhan Wuhen frowned.

It was no wonder he said so. At first glance, the swirling vortex in the void looked no different from a Domain Gate.

Duan Hongchen shook his head, “I don’t think so, don’t forget about the High Heaven Palace’s three Secret Realms.”

High Heaven Palace had three Secret Realms that Yang Kai had specially created in the past. They were the Secret Realms of Time, Space, and Spear Daos Secret Realm, each of which contained many of his insights and achievements in these three Great Daos.

Considering that more disciples from the Void Dojo had been brought out to break through to the Open Heaven Stage, some of them had inherited the three Great Daos he cultivated, so Yang Kai had specially built three corresponding Secret Realms in the High Heaven Palace to allow his disciples to enter and gain experience.

In this way, he didn’t need to personally guide the disciples who had cultivated these three Great Daos.

Of course, this was not limited to the disciples who came from the Void Dojo. If there is a need, they only needed to inform Hua Qing Si and obtain her permission. Even if they were not High Heaven Palace disciples, they could still enter.

For example, many Dragon Clan members had entered the Time Secret Realm before while the Phoenix Clan members had entered the Space Secret Realm. As for the Spear Secret Realm, there were countless of people entering.

Duan Hongchen didn’t doubt that Yang Kai had the ability to forcefully open a new Domain Gate, but there seemed to be no need for him to do so here. He felt that it was similar to the three Secret Realms he had left behind in High Heaven Palace.

When everyone heard this, they pondered for a moment before nodding.

“Whether it is or not, we’ll know once we ask,” Hua Linglong said as she walked forward and stood beside Yang Kai. Looking up at the vortex in front of her, she asked, “Is this a Secret Realm?”

Yang Kai was holding onto his own Space-Time River, seemingly thinking about something. When he heard this, he came back to his senses and nodded, “En, Myriad Dao Secret Realm!”

“Myriad Dao Secret Realm?” Hua Linglong raised her brow, thinking to herself that this was really a big tone, but after thinking about it, since this thing was created by Yang Kai, no matter how big his tone was, he still had the qualifications.

“What is it for?”

Yang Kai explained, “I obtained some pure Great Dao power from the Universe Furnace, but I can’t use it for the time being, so I left it inside. If you need it, you can enter and refine it to increase your Great Dao cultivation.”

In the Universe Furnace world, Yang Kai had obtained a great deal of Great Dao power, all of which he had obtained from the depths of the Endless River. It had been sealed in his small Universe, so forging this Myriad Dao Secret Realm was something he had thought of long ago, but after returning from the end of the World, he had been so busy that he had not had time to rest until today.

“Increase one’s Great Dao cultivation level?” When everyone heard this, their interest was piqued.

The comprehension of the Great Dao was extremely profound, unlike the Small Universe’s World Forcec. Consuming the Open Heaven Pill or refining resources would increase one’s cultivation, and the increase in the power of the Great Dao depended on one’s comprehension.

If one’s comprehension ability was lacking, it was highly likely that one’s Great Dao cultivation would stagnate. Since ancient times, this kind of bottleneck had never been solved.

Unless one could find an extremely pure Great Dao power to absorb and refine, but how could pure Great Dao power be so easy to find? Even if one could find it, after so many years, it had already been taken by others.

Therefore, when they heard Yang Kai say that he had sealed a large amount of pure Great Dao power in this Myriad Dao Secret Realm, everyone’s interest was piqued, especially Red Sky and Wind Thunder. Their status as Star Boundary Great Emperor had allowed their cultivation to improve at a rapid pace. Their Small Universe’s accumulation was more or less enough, but their comprehension of their own Great Dao was still lacking.

If they still had the Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill brought out from the Universe Furnace, they would only need to consume a few of them, but after hundreds of years, the Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill that the Human Race had harvested from the Universe Furnace had long since been used up, so how could there be any left?

It was with the help of a large number of Lower Quality Open Heaven Pills that the Human Race’s forces had been able to erupt in strength after the Universe Furnace had closed. A large number of Seventh Order had been promoted to Eighth Order Open Heaven, otherwise the various frontline battlefields would not have been able to compete with the Black Ink Clan’s masters.

Red Sky and Wind Thunder only hated themselves for cultivating too late, otherwise they would have already broken through to the Eighth Order.

“If everyone is interested, why not go in and take a look?” Yang Kai said casually.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking!” Zhan Wuhen said as he took a step forward and rushed into the Myriad Dao Secret Realm. Everyone else followed suit.

Although these old Great Emperors had all reached the peak of their cultivation, how could they miss out on such a good opportunity to improve their Great Dao?

Yang Kai didn’t pay them any mind and simply stared at the Space-Time River in his hand.

This time, in order to create the Myriad Dao Secret Realm, he had pushed the power of the Space-Time River to its limits, and he had also temporarily integrated the Myriad Dao power sealed in his Small Universe into the Space-Time River.

For a moment, the power of thousands of Great Daos in the Space-Time River became extremely rich, almost exceeding the limits of his control.

In that short moment, the Myriad Great Daos that formed in the Space-Time River seemed to undergo some kind of miraculous transformation.

A kind of indescribable wonder was born from the river!

However, after he poured the Great Dao power into the Myriad Dao Secret Realm, this strange phenomenon disappeared and the Space-Time River returned to normal.

Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking back to what he had seen and heard in the Endless River. In the depths of the Endless River, there were countless sand-like embryonic forms and many small Celestial Phenomenon.

Naturally, these grains of sand and Celestial Phenomenon couldn’t have been born out of thin air, they were born from the Endless River. The Universe Furnace swallowed the primal chaos, transforming the chaotic force into Myriad Great Daos before spewing them out, pushing aside the primal chaos and opening a world.

On the other hand, his Space-Time River was actually born from the Endless River. It was something he had comprehended from observing the mysteries of the Endless River and was a crude form of the Endless River.


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