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Of course, the Human Race’s current foundation was much stronger than it had been in the past. The Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World, two great Open Heaven Stage Cradles, as well as Yang Kai’s Small Universe, had given birth to many outstanding talents. According to statistics, over the past thousands of years, there had been nearly a thousand good seedlings who had reached the Seventh Order Open Heaven directly.

On average, one would be born every ten years, sometimes even two or three.

These were all seedlings who had a chance of advancing to the Ninth Order. In the past, no one would have dared to think that such a good seedling would appear in any Cave Heaven Paradise. All of them were treated like precious treasures and would definitely invest all of the Sect’s resources to nurture them.

Currently, about eighty percent of the good seedlings who had broken through to the Seventh Order had already broken through to the Eighth Order. The first batch of good seedlings had all reached the Peak Eighth Order.

It could be said that these rising stars represented the future hope of the Human Race. Once a new generation of Ninth Order masters was born, the Human Race’s future Ninth Order masters would be endless. Not to mention restoring the prestigious lineup of more than a hundred Ninth Order masters, even surpassing them was only a matter of time.

While these Ninth Order masters were reminiscing about the past, Yang Kai was teaching A’ Da and A’ Er.

Because they wanted to chase after the fleeing powerhouse, the two behemoth had both shrunk in size. Although they still looked like two small mountains, they were at least much smaller than their original forms.

Yang Kai’s face was filled with sincerity as he stared at the two naive giant and said, “Remember? Don’t go anywhere, just wait here. If the other side open the door, beat them up and send them back!”

A' Da and A' Er both stared at him blankly, the atmosphere awkward.

Just as Yang Kai was about to repeat himself to them, A' Da suddenly nodded and said, “Understood.”

Yang Kai was greatly comforted!

A' Er continued, “You’re so annoying, how many times are you going to tell us…”

'I’m just worried you won’t understand, okay?' Yang Kai couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

A' Da suddenly sat down and rubbed his stomach, “I’m hungry!”

A' Er also nodded, “Hungry!”

Yang Kai’s head hurt as he glanced over at A' Da with a puzzled expression.

It was one thing for A’ Er to say he was hungry, after all, he had fought with the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Spatial Territory for thousands of years and had consumed a great deal of energy, so it was understandable that he was hungry.

But why would A' Da be hungry! He had always been in a deep sleep and had only been released by Smiles a few years ago. It was a typical case of sleeping and eating when one woke up…

Rubbing his forehead, he said, “Bear with it for a moment, I’ll think of something for you.”

The Giant Spiritual God fed on the dead Universe World, but how could there be a dead Universe World in the 3000 Worlds now? In the entire 3000 Worlds, most of the Great Domains were empty. Even if there were still Universe World remains, they had all been contaminated by the Ink Force. To the Giant Spiritual God, this was no different from a delicious meal being splashed with feces, so how could they swallow it?

The only place where they could find the dead Universe World was the new Great Domain, the current Myriad Monster Territory.

[MSN: Isn't there many in the Star Field?]

There are many Universe Worlds there, many of which had yet to give birth to life, and the World Laws were also incomplete. Perhaps they could be used to fill A’ Da and A’ Er’s stomachs.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai continued, “Let me tell you, the Black Ink Clan has turned the 3000 Worlds into a mess and destroyed all of the Universe Worlds. I’m afraid you won’t be able to find anything to eat in the future.”

A’ Da and A’ Er immediately showed an angry expression.

Yang Kai continued, “So if you don’t want to go hungry, you’ll have to deal with the Black Ink Clan first. After we’ve dealt with the Black Ink Clan, I’ll take you to the depths of the Ink Battlefield. There are countless Universe World in the void, so you can eat as much as you want.”

The anger of the two Giant Spiritual God suddenly transformed into yearning, and A' Da even smacked his lips.

A’ Er’s expression was firm as he shouted, “Kill the Black Ink Clan!”

Yang Kai nodded happily, “Yes, kill the Black Ink Clan, kill all of them, kill them all!”

After reminding them to guard this place and not let any of the Black Ink Clan members go, Yang Kai ended his conversation with them, his heart filled with exhaustion.

The Ninth Order masters also stopped talking and just stood there quietly watching him.

When Yang Kai arrived, he saw their strange expressions.

Smiles chuckled softly, “The way you acted just now, it was like you were trying to trick a child.”

Yang Kai glared at her, “Do you think I'm like you?”

To this day, he still remembered the time when he went to Yin Yang Pass and met Smiles, who had been seriously injured and healing in her cycle of rebirth. At that time, she had looked like a child, and candied fruits and buns were her favorite.

Smiles snorted coldly, “Have your wings grown hard now? You used to call me Old Ancestor so affectionately, but now you dare speak to me like this?”

Saying so, she raised her hand and grabbed Yang Kai’s ear.

'Do you have some misunderstanding about the word affectionate?'

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment but didn’t try to dodge, allowing her to grab him. Turning to Wu Qing, he said seriously, “I’ll have to trouble Senior Brother Wu to continue guarding this place. The Black Ink Clan’s defeated army may try to escape here. In addition, we need to be on guard of the No-Return Pass. If no one is guarding this place, it won’t be safe to just rely on A' Da and A' Er.”

Wu Qing naturally had no objections, “Then I’ll stay.”

Yang Kai replied, “Senior Brother, don’t worry, it won’t take long.”

The problem with the Spatial Territory had been resolved, and the next step was the No-Return Pass!

In fact, judging from the current situation, the Human Race should take advantage of this opportunity to conserve their strength. After all, after thousands of years, the Human Race’s foundation had greatly increased and they had countless masters. Now that the Black Ink Clan had been driven out of the 3000 Worlds and the Human Race has recovered their home ground, after a few more years, the Human Race would definitely have more Ninth Order.

On the other hand, although it was possible for the Black Ink Clan to produce a new Royal Lord, it was impossible for there to be any more powerful masters on the level of a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

As such, the longer they delayed, the more advantageous it would be for the Human Race.

The premise was that there were no hidden dangers on the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Yang Kai had always been slightly worried that Black Ink’s true body would wake up at some point. In order to investigate the situation at the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction at any time, he had specially found a Universe World who had not completely died and brought it to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction so he could use the World Tree’s power to travel back and forth.

But now that the old tree had fallen into a deep sleep, there was no way for him to borrow this power, so it was impossible for him to go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to investigate.

Although there was still a Withdrawing Black Ink Army to assist Wu Kuang, once Black Ink’s main body awoke, their force's strength was not enough.

Previously, when he was doing business with Mo Na Ye, he had casually asked around and found nothing, so how could the Black Ink Clan tell him such secrets?

As such, even if it was just a precautionary measure, they had to seize the No-Return Pass as soon as possible so that the Human Race would have enough strength to launch an expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Otherwise, with the No-Return Pass' Domain Gate, the 3000 Worlds would not be safe, and the Human Race wouldn’t dare act rashly.

It could be said that many Ninth Order masters had gathered here today to help A’ Da and A’ Da chase away the Ink Giant Spiritual God just so they could better deal the No-Return Pass in the near future.

As for whether the Black Ink Clan would retreat from the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai wasn’t too worried.

Back then, when the Black Ink Clan had established this mountain pass, they had placed all of their foundations here, so it would not be easy for them to leave now.

What’s more, if they stayed in the No-Return Pass, they could follow the Human Race’s example and guard this place. If they left, their situation would only become worse, so as long as the Black Ink Clan wasn’t stupid, they wouldn’t easily leave.

Yang Kai casually slapped Smiles' hand away and called out to everyone, “Let’s go.”

After this battle, Yang Kai finally understood the gap between his strength and the Ink Giant Spiritual God's. Overall, the gap between them was not small, but it wasn’t something unattainable. Now that Yang Kai had advanced to the Ninth Order for several hundred years, strictly speaking, he was still a newly promoted Ninth Order master.

He still had a lot of room to improve, but it was impossible for the power of the Ink Giant Spiritual God to improve.

Yang Kai estimated that if he could reach the peak of the Ninth Order, he would have a chance to fight an Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Ordinary Ninth Order Open Heaven, no matter how much one cultivated, couldn’t possibly have such great personal strength, but over the years, Yang Kai had always been able to suppress cultivators of the same realm and even kill enemies of a higher realm. His own strength was much stronger than cultivators of the same realm.

The accumulation of a Ninth Order master required an extremely long period of time. Putting everything else aside, it had been almost ten thousand years since Smiles had broken through to the Ninth Order, but even now, she had yet to reach the peak.

That was why when the Pure Yang Old Ancestor and the other Ninth Order Old Ancestors sacrificed their lives, they had allowed Smiles and Wu Qing to remain.

Because in the eyes of these old seniors who had lived for countless years, Smiles is just a new generation of Ninth Order, not to mention Wu Qing. At that time, he had just promoted to the Ninth Order, just like Yang Kai at the moment. It's only a hundred years.

The accumulation of a Ninth Order was difficult, but Yang Kai had a unique advantage. First of all, his Small Universe’s time flow was ten times faster than the outside world’s. The Small Universe also had a large number of living creatures and Small Stone Race, constantly increasing his foundation. Even if he didn’t deliberately cultivate, his strength was still constantly increasing.

The fact that he was able to advance to the Seventh Order, Eighth Order, or even Ninth Order in such a short time was all thanks to Small Universe’s accumulation.

Additionally, he also has the World Tree Subtree. Not only could the Subtree seal the Small Universe’s territory, allowing it to be perfectly smooth and flawless, allowing it to be unaffected by external forces, it could also purify its strength.

This was also the reason why Yang Kai’s foundation became more solid and his strength became stronger. The World Force in his Small Universe was much purer than that of an ordinary Ninth Order master, so when he used the same amount of energy, it would naturally become stronger.

However, this was not enough. If he wanted to quickly cultivate to the peak of the Ninth Order, he would need to refine a large amount of resources.

So on the way back, Yang Kai didn’t waste any time and stuffed a large number of Open Heaven Pill into his mouth. With his current cultivation, the moment the Open Heaven Pill entered his stomach, they transformed into pure energy and poured into the Small Universe’s territory, he didn’t rest for even a moment and keep swallowing the Open Heaven Pill.

Xiang Shan and the others were dumbfounded.

In a place where no one could see, a large number of resources were being refined by Yang Kai to strengthen his foundation.


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