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In the Spatial Territory, a great battle was raging.

This was originally a battlefield where the four Giant Spiritual Gods were fighting each other, so it was difficult for ordinary people to interfere in their brutal battle.

However, at this moment, several figures were joining forces with A' Da to attack an Ink Giant Spiritual God. These figures were none other than the Ninth Order Human Race masters led by Yang Kai.

Xiang Shan, Ouyang Lie, Wei Junyang, Luo Tinghe, Smiles, and even Wu Qing, who had been guarding the Shattered Heaven’s Domain Gate, also came.

The war in the 3000 Worlds had basically come to an end, and the Human Race’s army had been split up into small groups, searching for the Black Ink Clan’s defeated forces and reclaiming their lost territory was only a matter of time.

What the Human Race was about to face next was how to overcome the No-Return Pass problem.

In order to break through the No-Return Pass, the two Ink Giant Spiritual God from the Spatial Territory had to be dealt with first. Therefore, after Yang Kai handed over Pure Yang Pass and many other resources to Mi Jinglun, he immediately contacted the other Ninth Order masters and rushed to the Spatial Territory with them.

Each of these Giant Spiritual Gods possessed immense power, and in terms of combat strength alone, they were existences that surpassed the Ninth Order and Royal Lord. Up until now, the Human Race had only been able to kill one of these Giant Spiritual Gods, and that was when the Black Ink Clan launched a large-scale invasion on the No-Return Pass.

At that time, the Human Race was filled with talented people and powerful masters. There were dozens of Ninth Order Old Ancestors, Dragon Emperor, Phoenix Empress, and many Holy Spirits.

Even so, they had paid a huge price to kill that Ink Giant Spiritual God, and several Ninth Order Old Ancestors had died on the spot.

Although the Human Race’s foundation was stronger than it was in the past, there were far fewer top-tier masters, but this operation was not to kill the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

It was to see just how strong this Ink Giant Spiritual God was!

In the past, he didn’t have the qualifications to fight with such a master, but now that he had reached the Ninth Order, he had the qualifications to do so. As one of the strongest cultivators in the Human Race's side, it was necessary for him to face the gap in strength between himself and his enemy.

The power of the Great Dao fluctuated as the Space-Time River swirled around them. Even with A’ Da keeping the Ink Giant Spiritual God busy, the few Ninth Order Human Race masters were unable to gain any advantage.

The other party’s attacks were extremely simple, truly displaying the power of fighting all techniques with pure strength. It could resist the continuous attacks of the Ninth Order masters, but each of its counterattacks was impossible for the Ninth Order masters to ignore.

Fortunately, all of them were veterans of battle and had rich combat experience, so there is no damage.

It was not until this time that the newly promoted Ninth Order finally realized the pressure that the Old Ancestors faced back then. Right now, they still have A' Da to help them. The Old Ancestors of the year did not receive such treatment. They were simply sacrifising their lives to kill this behemoth.

The Ink Force fluctuated and Ouyang Lie, who had rushed forward, was sent flying, his arms trembling uncontrollably, and even the corner of his mouth was leaking blood.

However, although he was sent flying, he managed to restrain the enemy for a moment with the other Ninth Order masters.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Kai activated his Sun and Moon Marks and a dazzling white light burst out, transforming into a great sun that shot towards the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

The white light only lasted for a moment before it was dispersed by the dense Ink Force and disappeared without a trace.

It had caused some damage to the Ink Giant Spiritual God, which is difficult to damage.

Without waiting for this powerful enemy to recover, Yang Kai took a step forward and appeared directly above the Ink Giant Spiritual God. In the next moment, he summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and the Space-Time River wrapped around it. Yang Kai began spinning like a top.

A Dragon Roar shook the sky as Yang Kai merged with his spear, transforming into a dazzling beam of light that bombarded the head of the Ink Giant Spiritual God. Wherever the spear landed, ink blood would spray out.

The power of this spear was amplified by the Space-Time River condensed from thousands of Great Daos. If the Ink Giant Spiritual God couldn’t stop this terrifying strike in time, it would definitely be able to open a hole in its head and swallow it whole. The Ink Giant Spiritual God roared and raised its hand to slap its head, as if it was swatting an annoying fly.

How could the Ninth Order masters allow this to happen? With the power of the Great Dao rampaging about, a number of exquisite Secret Techniques were unleashed, transforming into a binding force that bound its raised arm. However, it was unable to achieve any effect, and the giant hand that was raised was still smashing downwards.

At this critical moment, it was A’ Da who took action. He rushed forward and grabbed the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s raised arm, firmly locking it in place while allowing the other fist to rain down on him.

Boom boom boom…

The universe trembled and the surrounding space shattered. A’ Da’s body trembled violently, refusing to let go.

“Roar!” The Ink Giant Spiritual God roared wildly.

When the other Ink Giant Spiritual God saw this, it couldn’t care less about its opponent and quickly abandoned A’ Er and flew over.

Although A' Er wanted to stop him, it was too late.

In the next moment, the second Ink Giant Spiritual God had already arrived on the battlefield. Without any fancy moves, the behemoth crashed into A’ Da and his companion, sending them flying.

The Ninth Order masters also lost their balance under this violent attack and fell to the ground, each of them feeling extremely helpless. Such a brutal rescue was something they could not resolve.

When they regained their balance, they looked up and saw the two Ink Giant Spiritual God fleeing towards the Domain Gate while also sending A' Da flying.

“You want to run?!” Xiang Shan coldly snorted and took the lead to pursue, the other Ninth Order masters also chasing after him.

Yang Kai also took a step forward and blocked the path of the two Ink Giant Spiritual Gods. When the second Ink Giant Spiritual God had tried to save the other, he had also been sent flying and his killing blow had been interrupted. At this moment, his blood was boiling and his face was slightly pale.

Facing these two behemoths, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to use his Dragon Transformation Art to transform into a ten thousand zhang long Dragon.

Even though he had transformed into a Dragon, in front of these two Ink Giant Spiritual Gods, he was still somewhat lacking, a testament to their immense size.

The Divine Dragon swung its tail and blocked the attack, but in the next instant, two powerful enemies broke through its defense and sent it flying.

When Yang Kai stabilized himself and looked up, he saw that the two Ink Giant Spiritual God had already arrived in front of the Domain Gate. One of them placed a hand on the Domain Gate, causing a thick and pure Ink Force to violently shake. Soon, small cracks appeared on the Domain Gate that Yang Kai had sealed.

As for the other Ink Giant Spiritual God, it stood in front of its companion, enduring the barrage of attacks from the Ninth Order masters. A’ Da and A’ Er also rushed over from both sides, punching and kicking it, causing the four poles to tremble.

If an ordinary powerhouse were to encounter such a violent attack, they would probably be reduced to a pile of meat in no time. However, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was still extraordinary, so even though it was in a difficult situation right now, its life was not in danger.

By the time Yang Kai rushed over, the sealed Domain Gate had already opened, and through the Domain Gate’s passage, he could vaguely see the scenery of the other side.

In the next instant, the two Ink Giant Spiritual Gods rapidly shrank, ignoring the attacks coming from all directions, one in front and one in the back as they flew into the Domain Gate.

The other side had obviously noticed the commotion here, and with Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu leading the way, many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters quickly gathered together.

A’ Da and A’ Er’s figures also began to shrink, obviously wanting to pursue.

The Giant Spiritual God race was powerful, but their intelligence was quite poor, especially after A’ Er had fought with his opponent for thousands of years. Now that his opponent had suddenly escaped, how could he tolerate this?

Flustered, Yang Kai quickly rushed forward and blocked their path.

After a long period of persuasion, Yang Kai finally managed to calm A' Da and A' Er down. Turning around, he looked through the slowly rotating Domain Gate towards the many Black Ink Clan masters.

Mo Na Ye opened his mouth and vaguely said something, but Yang Kai didn’t hear it, but even if he thought about it, it was just a provocative statement.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to him and simply stared at him for a moment before activating his Space Dao to seal the Domain Gate once more. Although this kind of sealing wasn’t very useful, it was better than nothing.

The great battle had come to an end.

Both sides participating in this battle were the top powerhouse of their respective races, and the Human Race had mobilized almost all of their Ninth Order masters. Although they had forced the two Ink Giant Spiritual God into a corner, they had not obtained any substantial gains.

However, this was more than enough. Yang Kai had never intended to do anything to the two Ink Giant Spiritual Gods. With the current strength of the Human Race, it was impossible for them to kill these two powerhouse, forcing them to retreat was his original plan.

In this way, all of the Black Ink Clan’s forces has truly gathered on the No-Return Pass. In the future, the Human Race would only need to act on the No-Return Pass, making their goal even more simple and clear.

However, Ouyang Lie’s expression was obviously somewhat discouraged. After a moment of silence, he couldn’t help asking, “How did those Old Ancestors kill this kind of guy?”

Ouyang Lie didn’t participate in the battle of No-Return Pass in the past. When Great Evolution Pass encountered the Black Ink Clan pursuers, the entire mountain pass was destroyed. Most of the soldiers, under Smiles’s protection, retreated to the No-Return Pass, while a few like Ouyang Lie became the scattered remnants of the Human Race army in the Ink Battlefield. In the end, Yang Kai returned from the depths of the Ink Battlefield and gathered a group of people. Attacked the No-Return Pass, and led them into the Spatial Territory.

No wonder Ouyang Lie was so discouraged. Originally, after breaking through to the Ninth Order, he could not be said to be invincible on the frontline battlefield, but at the very least, he had already stood at the peak of the Human Race's individual strength, there should be no problem for him to fight a few Pseudo-Royal Lords together. However, after today’s battle with the Ink Giant Spiritual God, his Ninth Order strength didn’t seem to matter.

Wu Qing said, “There was a bit of luck involved in that battle, but of course, the situation was different. The Black Ink Clan also decided to sacrifice that Ink Giant Spiritual God in order to conquer that No-Return Pass, and in that battle, several Ninth Order masters died.”

“We still have too few Ninth Order masters,” Xiang Shan frowned. There were only so many Ninth Order masters on the Human Race’s side, and even if Mi Jinglun, who was not present, was included, there were only eight of them. Compared to the Ninth Order lineup back then, the difference was too great.

However, it wasn’t easy for the Human Race to produce a Ninth Order. After countless years of accumulation, they had created a grand lineup of more than a hundred Ninth Order Old Ancestors in the Ink Battlefield. It would take countless years for them to restore their glory.


MSN: I'm still happy to see them bully the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

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