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Star Boundary, High Heaven Palace.

A stream of light flew over from the outside and stopped in front of a large hall, revealing a strong figure. As his aura fluctuated, it revealed the powerful cultivation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator.

Even though he was already an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, Zhao Lun didn’t dare act too presumptuously here because this was High Heaven Palace, the Sect of the Dao Master.

He had come to High Heaven Palace several times because there were a few Secret Realms left behind by the Dao Master here. All the disciples who came from the Void Dojo had once gone to these Secret Realms to gain experience and gain a lot.

When he was in the Emperor Realm, he had felt that the strength of the Dao Master was extremely powerful, and the higher his cultivation, the more he felt that this Dao Master was unfathomable.

Because he came from the Void Dojo, his aptitude was outstanding, and he was proficient in the Space Principle, he had made many contributions on the battlefield over the past few years. He had also led his subordinates to charge into the enemy lines and kill their enemies, a feat of charging towards the enemy head first.

In the Mysterious Nether Army, he could be considered a somewhat famous figure. After all, an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator was a pillar of any army, not to mention that he had reached the Seventh Order directly back then and had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order.

A month ago, he had suddenly received a secret order from the Head Office, ordering him to immediately head to the High Heaven Palace.

Zhao Lun didn’t know what had happened, but since it was an order from the Head Office Division, he naturally didn’t dare act carelessly. He immediately put down whatever he was doing and rushed over.

In his heart, he had a faint guess that since this order came from the Head Office and also involved High Heaven Palace, perhaps it had something to do with the Dao Master.

In any case, the various battles had already come to an end, and the search for the Black Ink Clan’s army was a slow process, so there was no harm in not participating.

He didn’t know why the Lord had summoned him for…

Zhao Lun was somewhat excited as he straightened his clothes and stepped inside.

Entering the main hall, Zhao Lun immediately felt numerous pairs of eyes staring at him, causing him to be stunned for a moment before breaking out into laughter. Only now did he realize that he wasn’t the only one who had received orders from the Head Office.

“It’s Senior Brother Zhao Lun.”

“Senior Brother Zhao, over here!”

Someone called out to him.

Zhao Lun looked over and saw a few familiar faces smiling and nodding before walking over.

There were quite a few people gathered in the main hall, a total of sixty or seventy people, all of them gathered together in groups of two or three, each of them discussing something. Zhao Lun and the other fellow disciples he was familiar with conversed for a moment before discovering that the ones who had been summoned back this time were all disciples from the Void Dojo, all of them proficient in Space Principle.

It wasn’t just them, there were also a few Phoenix Clan who were different from their fellow disciples who had come from the Void Dojo. These Phoenix Clan, on the other hand, sat aloofly on the side, seemingly out of place.

These people had more or less interacted with the Phoenix Clan before, and even if they didn’t, they had interacted with the other Holy Spirits before. They knew that the Holy Spirits were generally arrogant, especially the Phoenix Clan, so he didn't bother with them.

The age gap between the disciples who came from the Void Dojo was actually quite large, because Yang Kai’s Small Universe's flow of time was different from the outside world. With his current Ninth Order Open Heaven and his attainments in the Great Dao of Time, his current rate of flow had already reached to 10:1 ratio. In other words, ten years inside the Small Universe equal to a year on the outside world.

On top of that, because Yang Kai had brought them out of the Void Dojo in batches, the gap between their ages was several tens of thousands of years. In an ordinary Sect, a gap of several tens of thousands of years was at least several dozen generations, but the Void Dojo was not a Sect.

Moreover, age didn’t mean anything. The fact that they shared the same origin gave them a natural sense of intimacy, so the disciples from the Void Dojo, whether they were familiar with each other or not, would always help each other.

To put it bluntly, if all the disciples Yang Kai had cultivated in the Void Dojo were to gather together, their foundation would not be any worse than the various Cave Heaven Paradise. These disciples who had the qualifications to leave the Void Dojo and advance to the Open Heaven Stage were all Dragon and Phoenix amongst men, with the weakest being able to directly advance to the Fifth Order and Seventh Order is their limit. Now that so many years had passed, the lowest cultivation among these disciples who had left the Void Dojo was at the Sixth Order, and there were thousands of Seventh Order and Eighth Order, all of them scattered throughout the various legions.

A group of cultivators who were proficient in the Space Principle gathered together and after some small talk, they would naturally sit down and discuss the Dao, expressing their views on the Dao of Space. Often, a few casual words would allow others to suddenly understand what was happening, allowing them to gain a great deal of benefits. All kinds of exquisite thoughts collided here and there, releasing a brilliant light.

The Dao of Space was famous for being difficult to cultivate. Before Yang Kai, in the entire 3000 Worlds, there were only a few who could cultivate the Dao of Space and were proficient in it. Only the Phoenix Clan was blessed by the Heavens, and the Dao of Space was their Natal Divine Ability.

However, after Yang Kai, the disciples who had come from the Void Dojo had already brought this Great Dao to new heights.

It wasn’t just the Dao of Space, there were many who were proficient in the Dao of Time, and whether it was the Dao of Space or the Dao of Time, they were all rare talents.

As time passed, more disciples from the Void Dojo outside were summoned, and gradually, the number of people had exceeded a hundred.

More than a hundred with the weakest at Sixth Order, basically all of them at the Seventh and Eighth Order, and all of them were proficient in the Dao of Space. Such a shocking lineup was not even counting the dozen or so Phoenix Clan members.

After waiting for a few more days, when the number of disciples had reached about a hundred and fifty people, no one else came. Everyone knew that it was about time.

Although there were only a hundred and fifty disciples gathered here, that didn’t mean all the disciples who cultivated the Space Dao were here. It was just that their attainments in the Space Dao were quite profound, and there were many disciples who cultivated the Space Dao but only had a superficial understanding of it who had yet to be recruited.

The disciples who had been summoned here had at least reached the fourth stage of Space Great Dao.

After chatting for a few days, the hall became quiet.

Two figures suddenly walked in from the side, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

Both of them had the cultivation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master and their auras were condensed. One of them wore a white robe and had a handsome smile on his face. Even a stranger would have a favorable impression of him.

The other man wore a black outfit and had a calm demeanor.

When the disciples of the Void Dojo saw the black-robed man, they all became excited and called out to him one after another, “Eldest Senior Brother Miao!”

There were also disciples from the Void Dojo who greeted the white-robed man, calling him; "Senior Brother Li".

The black-robed man called Eldest Senior Brother Miao was naturally Miao Feiping.

Putting aside the three personal disciples of the Dao Master, Miao Feiping was the first disciple Yang Kai had brought out of the Void World to break through to the Open Heaven Stage, and he was also the first Dojo Master of the Void Dojo. Now, in the Void Dojo, Miao Feiping’s statue was placed under Yang Kai's statue. The position of the Void Dojo’s Eldest Senior Brother was publicly recognized and unbreakable.

Therefore, whether they had seen him before or not, when they saw Miao Feiping now, all the disciples recognized him at a glance.

As for the other white-robed man, he is a powerhouse under the Star Boundary's Beast Martial Great Emperor, Li Wu Yi.

In the Star Boundary, there were only two people who were proficient in the Dao of Space. One was Li Wuyi, and the other was Yang Kai. Li Wuyi’s mastery of the Dao of Space was far beyond Yang Kai’s in the beginning, and he had given Yang Kai many pointers on the Dao of Space, which benefited Yang Kai greatly.

The relationship between the two could be said to be that of a teacher and a friend.

However, as Yang Kai continued to grow stronger, his attainments in the Dao of Space also gradually surpassed Li Wuyi’s. Now, whether it was in terms of cultivation or attainments in the Dao of Space, Yang Kai was no longer comparable to Li Wuyi.

Li Wuyi was not a mediocre person. In the past, when he was in the Star Boundary, he was known as the number one person below the Great Emperor. It was obvious that his talent was outstanding. If it wasn’t for the Star Boundary’s bottleneck, he would definitely have become the Great Emperor.

Over the years, his cultivation had also advanced by leaps and bounds. Although his attainments in the Dao of Space were inferior to Yang Kai’s, he had already reached the peak of the Seventh Order and could break through to the Eighth Order at any time.

During the thousands of years of war with the Black Ink Clan’s masters, the Human Race had gained countless illustrious reputations, and Li Wuyi was one of them. However, the sharpness of most people had been overshadowed by Yang Kai.

In terms of attainments in the Dao of Space, excluding the Phoenix Clan, Li Wuyi was currently the strongest person below Yang Kai. In this regard, even Yang Kai’s First Disciple, Zhao Yebai, couldn’t be compared to him. In terms of age, Zhao Yebai was far inferior to Li Wuyi, and the accumulation of the Great Dao often required time.

So when Li Wuyi entered, even the aloof and noble Phoenix Clan masters couldn’t help nodding in agreement. He had once gone to the Phoenix Nest to discuss the Dao of Space with the Phoenix Clan, and with his great attainments in the Great Dao, he had managed to convince many of their powerhouse.

What’s more, Li Wuyi had always been a handsome man. The Phoenix Clan had one flaw. If one was born with good looks, they would have a natural advantage when negotiating with the Phoenix Clan. On this point, Yang Kai couldn’t compare to Li Wuyi. If Li Wuyi went to the No-Return Pass back then, he would have been regarded as an honored guest by the Phoenix Clan.

Many of the disciples who had come from the Void Dojo had received guidance from Li Wuyi before. After all, Yang Kai was an elusive figure, so it wasn’t easy to find him.

On the other hand, Li Wuyi would often return to the Star Boundary to rest and recuperate. Every time he returned, the disciples of the Void Dojo would often come to him to listen to his teachings and discuss the Space Great Dao with him.

Therefore, from the perspective of the disciples of the Void Dojo, this Senior Brother Li was much more reliable than the Dao Master.

[MSN: Oof, Emotional Damage.]

After some small talk, Li Wuyi and Miao Feiping stood in front of everyone.

Looking around, Li Wuyi smiled and said, “All of you are elites from the various great armies, and all of you are also from the Void Dojo and are proficient in the Dao of Space. Today, I have gathered all of you and the friends from the Phoenix Clan to come here mainly because of your Dao Master’s request. I was only brought here to help.”

Miao Feiping stood off to the side, his face expressionless as he couldn’t help cursing in his heart, 'I’m the one who’s been dragged into this mess…'

'Everyone here is proficient in the Dao of Space, while I, who didn’t cultivate the Dao of Space, seemed somewhat out of place.'


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Hiroki Sluope
Hiroki Sluope
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Yeah, even if we exclude all High Rank OH from HHP, with YK small universe, he'll always have a batch of High Rank OH to his use, so he, as a single person, could overthrow all of they lmao

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What’s more, Li Wuyi had always been a handsome man. The Phoenix Clan had one flaw. If one was born with good looks, they would have a natural advantage when negotiating with the Phoenix Clan. On this point, Yang Kai couldn’t compare to Li Wuyi. If Li Wuyi went to the No-Return Pass back then, he would have been regarded as an honored guest by the Phoenix Clan.


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Ben Grem
Ben Grem
10 mar 2023

Since all the disciple from the void dojo came from Yang Kai's universe world, doesn't this mean that all of them are now members of the High Heaven Palace which will make High Heaven Palace comparable to any Cave Heaven Or Cave Paradise now since they have so many eight orders and Yang Kai being a Ninth Order as well?

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01 apr 2023
Risposta a fact it was literally mentioned this chapter that even without anyone else just those gathered there were comparable to the cave heavens/paradises..including everyone already in hhp/yk/the others from his small universe they have far exceeded the cave heavens already. At least as far as what they were in the 3000 worlds not including the ones on the ink battlefield

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