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After retreating from the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai used various methods to seal the Domain Gate that connect the Spatial Territory and the No-Return Pass, then he sealed the Domain Gate that connect the Spatial Territory and the Shattered Heaven before entering the Shattered Heaven Domain Gate.

With the three Domain Gates sealed, the Black Ink Clan army left behind in the 3000 Worlds had become nothing but turtles in a jar.

Although the Black Ink Clan masters in the No-Return Pass had the ability to forcefully break through the seals, with Yang Kai’s understanding of Mo Na Ye, he would not make such a choice.

Currently, the Black Ink Clan was only able to preserve a large number of high-level combatants, but as for the Black Ink Clan army that had remained on the front lines to fight the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan was powerless to do anything.

Mo Na Ye didn’t have the time or energy to care about the life and death of the Black Ink Clan members who remained on the various battlefields, so there was naturally no need for him to waste time and energy trying to break through the Domain Gate’s seal.

At the same time, great battles were taking place everywhere.

Just as Mi Jinglun had predicted, the Ninth Order Open Heaven masters were keenly aware of the changes in the enemy’s formation in the various battlefields.

After all, all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords and Territory Lords had evacuated, causing quite a stir. It was impossible for such a thing to be done without leaving any traces, especially when the two armies is currently facing a great battle.

When the Ninth Order masters noticed this, they immediately led their respective armies to launch a probing attack against the Black Ink Clan army. Soon, they discovered that the enemy forces that had been fighting with them for so many years had suddenly lost their high-level combat strength, and not a single Pseudo-Royal Lord had appeared.

Although they didn’t know what had happened to the Black Ink Clan, the Ninth Order masters wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity. The six army with Ninth Order master in charge had broken through the enemy’s formation and killed countless enemies while the Black Ink Clan army had suffered heavy casualties.

As for Jing Lei, Fen Yue, and the other five battlefields that had no Ninth Order masters, none of them had such keen perception.

In particular, before the Pseudo-Royal Lords had retreated, they had made all sorts of suspicious plans, the Black Ink Clan army stand guard and confront the Human Race army from a distance, preventing the Human Race from acting rashly.

Only on the battlefield where the Qing Xia Army was, the battle quickly began.

This was because the Chi Huo Army, which had taken control of the E-5 Domain, had come to their aid after a short period of rest.

The two armies had joined together and their strength had soared. With Chi Huo Army’s great victory, they were naturally not afraid of facing the Black Ink Clan.

Originally, they had thought it would be a fierce battle, but after a real fight, they discovered that the Black Ink Clan didn’t have much strength to fight back. It wasn’t until this moment that the two great armies’ higher-ups were surprised to discover that the Black Ink Clan didn’t have many powerhouse to resist them.

Zuoqiu Yanghua was also a quick-witted person and quickly understood the key point, understanding that this was the result of Yang Kai’s battle in the E-5 Domain.

Since this was the case here, it was likely the same for the other battlefields as well. Immediately, someone sent a message to the other battlefields…

Therefore, before the news from the Head Office Division could reach them, Jing Lei, Fen Yue, and the other armies had already received Zuoqiu Yanghua’s message.

As the various armies attacked together, the Black Ink Clan naturally found it difficult to resist. The formation they had set up was like paper, quickly being destroyed. Not long after the battle began, a large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators fled through the Domain Gates while the Human Race split up to pursue them.

Several months later, under the leadership of a Territory Lord, a group of fleeing Black Ink Clan troops began to panic as they set out towards the No-Return Pass.

There were quite a few of them, numbering in the tens of thousands. Originally, there had been more than three Territory Lords, but during this time, they had been pursued by the Human Race and suffered many casualties. Two of the three Territory Lords had died in battle, leaving only one.

In front of them was the Domain Gate that led to the Shattered Heaven. As long as they passed through that Domain Gate, they would be able to enter Shattered Heaven, and after passing through the Shattered Heaven, they would be able to enter the Spatial Territory and escape the pursuit of the Human Race.

The repeated experiences of escaping death had caused this Black Ink Clan army to be unable to bear the burden, and after several months of hard work, they had finally arrived here, allowing the exhausted army to finally feel some relief.

However, when he saw the Domain Gate from afar, the Territory Lord’s expression suddenly became serious. He faintly felt that there was something wrong with this Domain Gate.

Originally, the Domain Gate should have been like a spinning vortex, but now it looked like a frozen lake.

Before he could figure out what was happening, a leisurely voice rang out beside his ear. The voice wasn’t loud, but when it entered his ear, it was like a thunderclap.

“Another batch has arrived!”

“Who is it!?” The Territory Lord leading the group shouted in a low voice, causing the defeated soldiers to be shocked.

As this voice fell, the Territory Lord finally saw the face of the person who spoke. This person was sitting not far from the Domain Gate. Although he wasn’t particularly eye-catching, he wasn’t someone who could be easily ignored. At this moment, he wore a bored expression as he quietly stared at this group of uninvited guests.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord couldn’t understand why he hadn’t seen this person just now, but when he saw this person’s face, he finally understood why he hadn’t immediately discovered him.

The difference in strength between them was too great. If the other party had deliberately concealed his strength, how could he have discovered it!

Yang Kai!

That Human Race Killing Star!

The Territory Lord’s blood instantly turned cold as he felt like his scalp was about to burst…

“Run!” The Territory Lord only had time to let out a low roar before he felt an inexplicable pain in his body and his vitality was extinguished.

Next to the Domain Gate, Yang Kai opened his palm and pointed it towards the direction of the defeated army. The Space Principle around his body surged and the void instantly transformed into a killing field filled with space cracks.

Tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan troops had been routed, but before they could even make a single sound, all of them had been wiped out. Only the Territory Lord had managed to hold on for a moment before dying.

The space cracks that had cut through the Black Ink Clan’s army didn’t immediately disappear, instead continuing to expand, swallowing up the remains of the severed limbs like sharp jaws. Even the Ink Force that had been released after the Black Ink Clan’s death was completely swallowed up.

As Yang Kai clenched his fist, the spatial crack returned to normal and the entire void became calm, as if nothing had happened.

Even Yang Kai’s figure gradually disappeared without a trace.

After sealing the three Domain Gates, he had been guarding this place and hadn’t left, so he had naturally anticipated this scene.

On the frontline battlefield, all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords, along with a large number of Territory Lords and Feudal Lords, had withdrew to the No-Return Pass. On the battlefield, the Black Ink Clan was no longer a match for the Human Race, but the number of Black Ink Clan armies on each battlefield was extremely large. Without him sealing the Domain Gates, it would be difficult for the Chi Huo Army to completely wipe out their opponents. The 3000 Worlds were vast, and there were countless Great Domains. Once the Black Ink Clan army fled, it would be difficult for the Human Race to pursue them.

Therefore, he decided to simply wait here and wait for the defeated army to fall into his trap.

Over the past few months, he had killed more than a dozen Black Ink Clan remnants that had fled here. The number of Black Ink Clan remnants varied, some thousands, some hundreds of thousands. The effect of his Space Ability allowed him to kill his enemies without leaving any traces behind.

Half a day later, a magnificent stream of light suddenly flew over from the distance at an extremely fast speed. It was only when it reached the Domain Gate that the stream of light suddenly came to a stop.

The stream of light dispersed, revealing a majestic figure.

The man first glanced at the sealed Domain Gate with a puzzled expression before turning his head towards Yang Kai’s hiding place and nodding slightly, “Junior Brother Yang!”

Yang Kai appeared and bowed, “Senior Brother Wu!”

It was Wu Qing.

This surprised Yang Kai a bit, but after thinking about it for a moment, he understood that Wu Qing had also realized that there would be a Black Ink Clan army fleeing to this place, so he had come here with the same idea as him, to intercept and kill these fleeing troops.

As their eyes met, a rare smile appeared on Wu Qing’s serious face, “It seems Junior Brother has long since come up with a solution, I was thinking too much.”

He hadn’t had many dealings with Yang Kai before, but when he and Smiles were restriction the Ink Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai had visited them twice, but they weren’t too familiar with each other.

However, this didn’t hinder his admiration for Yang Kai. During the years he spent with Smiles trying to suppress the Ink Giant Spiritual God, he had heard Smiles pity Yang Kai for being unable to break through to the Ninth Order. Smiles had also clearly stated that if Yang Kai could break through to the Ninth Order, perhaps his future achievements would be greater than any Ninth Order masters in the Human Race history.

Wu Qing had originally been skeptical about this, but after receiving the battle report from the E-5 Domain and the subsequent responses from the Black Ink Clan, he understood why Smiles thought so highly of Yang Kai.

Such a junior was indeed not someone ordinary Ninth Order could compare with. Even if he had advanced to the Ninth Order a few thousand years earlier than, Wu Qing knew that he was definitely not Yang Kai’s opponent.

While he was lost in thought, Yang Kai smiled and said, “It just so happens that I just got back from the No-Return Pass, so it’s not a big deal.”

“You go to the No-Return Pass?” Wu Qing was stunned. Although he had received a report from the E-5 Domain, it didn’t mention Yang Kai’s whereabouts.

“I went to find Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu to have a casual chat.”

Wu Qing remained silent, knowing that if Yang Kai came to the No-Return Pass, it wouldn’t be as simple as just chatting with the two Royal Lords. The changes in the war in the 3000 Worlds might not only be caused by the E-5 Domain's battle, but also by what Yang Kai had done in the No-Return Pass, causing the Black Ink Clan to feel pressured.

Instead of asking too much, Yang Kai simply nodded and said, “Right now, the Black Ink Clan’s army is fleeing in all directions. Junior Brother possesses a Space Ability, so he’s perfectly suited to deal with this situation. Why don’t you let me guard this place for you?”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Yang Kai replied happily. He had been waiting here to wait for a Human Race team to arrive so that they could send a message to the other Ninth Order masters, but instead of a Human Race team, Wu Qing had come here himself, saving him a lot of trouble.

With a veteran Ninth Order Open Heaven personally guarding this place, even if the Black Ink Clan’s army were to flee here, they would only be walking into a trap, so Yang Kai could leave with ease.

Moreover, what Wu Qing said wasn’t wrong. With his Space Ability, he had an even greater advantage in hunting down the Black Ink Clan’s army. The two of them swapping places would allow him to better display his strength.

There was nothing to hand over, so after exchanging a few more words with Wu Qing, Yang Kai left.


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