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On the floating land where the Head Office is located, a stream of light swept in from the sky, and before it arrived, the sound of joyful news already came from afar: "E-5 Domain achieve great victory! E-5 Domain achieve a great victory!"

The Human Race does not have the means like the Black Ink Clan to transmit information fast with their Ink Nest, and the front line battlefield is far away, so until now, the battle report from the E-5 Domain was not yet delivered here.

In the early years, the human race is trapped in the dozens of large domain battlefields, with the Head Office as the hub, the distance between each other are not too far, the news is not slow, but now the battle line is lengthened, the human race twelve-way army is fighting outside, as the hub, the Head Office is stranded in the rear, the communication between each other is extremely sluggish.

Mi Jinglun also thought about whether or not to move the Head Office to the Front Line, but he does not have the courage to do so with his Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation. If he did, the Black Ink Clan will definitely target him, and once they're attacked by the Pseudo-Royal Lords, the Head Office will not be able to resist much.

When the good news arrived, Mi Jinglun was discussing important matters with many of his staff members in the Head Office, at this time, he had already been promoted to the Ninth Order!

He is a veteran of the Eighth Order, with a solid foundation, but is limited by the shackles of the Open Heaven Method, the peak of the Eighth Order is the limit of his life, which is why he has been stuck for years without progress.

With the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill handed to him by Yang Kai, breaking the shackles is not a problem.

When he was promoted to the Ninth Order, Mi Jinglun finally has the capital to move the Head Office to the front line battlefield, at this moment, everyone was discussing which domain to move to in order to better unite the twelve-way army.

Hearing the voice, the crowd was stunned, although they had expected it, but they were still overjoyed.

Since Yang Kai went to the E-5 Domain, with him sitting in the Chi Huo Army, there should be no problem for him to solve the E-5 Domain war, now everyone want to know how much results the E-5 Domain's side has achieved.

A short while later, a figure swept in from outside the hall and reported happily, "My lords, the army achieved a great victory in E-5 Domain!"

Mi Jinglun, sitting at the top, nodded slightly and said with a smile, "Let me see."

The visitor presented the battle report, Mi Jinglun divine sense surging to check, soon revealed a shocked look, "This..."

Although he knew that Chi Huo Army, which has Yang Kai in charge, would definitely achieve something great, but he did not expect the various figures on this battle report to be so exaggerated.

"Chief Mi, how are the battle results?"

A group of staff members were looking at the side with bated breath, noticing a change in Mi Jinglun's expression, they couldn't help being stunned, wasn't this a good news? Why did Chief Mi look so shocked, could it be that the Chi Huo Army had suffered heavy losses?

For a while, the hearts of the people were uneasy.

Mi Jinglun let out a bitter smile: "I still underestimated him, you all take a look."

After finished talking, he handed out the battle report in his hand, a group of people immediately took turns to check up, after a short moment, all of them looked dumbfounded, secretly admiring Yang Kai as a heavenly man...

The battle report shows that the Chi Huo Army fought a fierce battle with the Black Ink Clan Army, the battle was so tragic that even the Eastern Army Regiment Commander nearly died on the spot, Yang Kai came out of nowhere and turned the tide, a mysterious and extremely long river of the Great Dao trapped several Pseudo-Royal Lord masters, save Zuoqiu Yanghua and others, forcing back the Black Ink Clan Army.

Yang Kai then went to the Black Ink Clan's base camp alone and captured back two Black Ink Clan Pseudo-Royal Lord masters...

In this battle, the Black Ink Clan lost eight Pseudo-Royal Lord one after another.

Pseudo-Royal Lords died, then the others fled, and the Black Ink Clan Army is unstable, the whole army evacuated the E-5 Domain, and Yang Kai went into the enemy line alone, with a destructive force of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to penetrate the Black Ink Clan Army, a Space Divine Ability to block the Domain Gate, the Black Ink Clan Army don't have the time to retreat and became a turtle in a jar!

And Yang Kai also left E-5 Domain at the same time.

Although he left E-5 Domain, without the pseudo-Royal Lord sitting in the Black Ink Clan Army's side, how can they be the opponent of the Chi Huo Army. Chi Huo four-way army under the leadership of their respective Regiment Commander, in their pursuit of the Black Ink Clan army in the E-5 Domain, they spent a month to wipe the entire Black Ink Clan Army.

This battle report is very brief, but the information revealed in it makes everyone feel unbelievable, if it weren't for the fact that the battle report in the frontline could not be faked, everyone would think that the report from the Chi Huo Army is false.

But considering that Yang Kai took action there, it is understandable.

Before Yang Kai went to E-5 Domain to support Chi Huo Army, everyone knew that the battle in E-5 Domain will stabilize, but they did not expect such a result.

Only two successive strikes, and eight Pseudo-Royal Lords has been killed, such a terrifying battle, its difficult for the other Ninth Order masters to achieve.

It is because of this that the remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords were scared out of their wits and quickly fled the battlefield, without the Pseudo-Royal Lords, the Black Ink Clan Army was just a bone to be gnawed!

The Domain Gate was blocked by Yang Kai, and the Black Ink Clan stranded in the E-5 Domain had no other way out but to fight to the death with the human race, which is why the battle report has the heavy battle merit figures.

With the power of one person, changing the pattern of one battlefield and leading the human race army to such a glorious achievement is breathtaking.

"Where is Junior brother Yang?" Mi Jinglun calmed his mind and looked at the cultvator who came with the message.

The man shook his head and said, "Sir Yang left after blocking the Domain Gate. Sir Zuoqiu said that before Sir Yang's departure, he seemed to intend to make a trip to the No-Return Pass, saying that he wanted to get something back."

"Going to the No-Return Pass to get something..." Mi Jinglun mouth corner twitch, this guy is really bold. Today's No-Return Pass is not like in the past, not did it have additional Royal Lord, there are a number of Pseudo-Royal Lord sitting in town, the other Ninth Order won't go there leisurely, but considering that it was Yang Kai, he was relieved.

He also did not know what Yang Kai was going to take from the No-Return Pass, but since he said so, it is natural to have his purpose.

Thinking about this, Mi Jinglun suddenly looked down, lowered his head and began to think.

The Ink Nest can quickly transmit news, which is an advantage that the human race does not have, Yang Kai appeared in the E-5 Domain, the Black Ink Clan was defeated, even eight Pseudo-Royal Lords were killed, the remaining Pseudo-Royal Lord fled, this matter should soon be spread back to the No-Return Pass.

And it won't take long for the Black Ink Clan powerhouse in the other battlefield to get this news...

According to the time, the Pseudo-Royal Lords of the various battlefields have definitely already known about the change of the E-5 Domain...

After thinking about it, Mi Jinglun suddenly stood up and shouted in a low voice, "Quickly, send orders to the Qing Yang Army, no, send orders to the five armies of Jing Lei, Fen Yue, Liang Yi, Qing Xia, and Yu Chan, tell them to attack the Black Ink Clan's base camp, no matter what posture the Black Ink Clan's show, never retreat before the Pseudo-Royal Lord shows up!"

Immediately, there was a messenger who led the order out.

Mi Jinglun frowned and couldn't help but click his tongue, "I hope it won't be too late!"

He turned his head to look at the person who reported the victory: "After Chi Huo Army took down E-5 Domain, did Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others say what their next move would be?"

The man replied, "After discussing, the several lords decided to send troops to reinforce the nearest Qing Xia army, and if we count the time, Chi Huo Army should have joined the Qing Xia army."

Mi Jinglun nodded: "That's good, at least, the Black Ink clan there can be eaten."

Before the two armies converge, the original Qing Xia army will not be able to match the enemies they faced, and if he is right, the Black Ink Clan over there will not end up too well.

"Chief Mi, why only give order to this five army, the other army with Ninth Order master doesn't need to to do same?" A staff member asked.

Mi Jinglun explained: "The Ninth Order Open Heaven perception is keen, if the Black Ink Clan Army has any abnormalities, they can detect it and do not need to be reminded from this side, but those few legions that do not have the Ninth Order sitting in town may not be able to detect the change in the situation at this moment, perhaps, they are still confronting the Black Ink Clan Army."

"The changes that Chief Mi is referring to is..."

Mi Jinglun said in a deep voice: "Those Pseudo-Royal Lords, I'm afraid they have all run away!"

"Huh?" Someone uttered in surprise, but soon, a group of staff members reacted.

In the E-5 Domain battle report, those Pseudo-Royal Lords were barely able to fight back when they met Yang Kai, and Yang Kai could also block the Domain Gate and cut off the retreat of the Black Ink Clan.

Such an enemy, which Black Ink Clan is not afraid?

Yang Kai showed up in E-5 Domain and only participated in one battle, but the Black Ink Clan Army there were nearly wiped out, what if he appeared in the other great domains?

No Pseudo-Royal Lord has the courage and confidence to face Yang Kai, even if they have the courage to fight with Yang Kai. Mo Na Ye, who has always been cautious will not allow them to do so, he will definitely order them to withdraw to the No-Return Pass immediately, in order to preserve their strength.

So at this moment, on the front line battlefield, the Pseudo-Royal Lords are probably gone.

The six army of the human race with the Ninth Order in charge should be able to detect this, but the remaining five army may not be able to see it, if the Black Ink Clan Army put up a standoff with the human race, the human race side is unlikely to act rashly, so it gives those Pseudo-Royal Lords the space and time to flee.

The Black Ink Clan can fight against the human race in various battlefields, the Pseudo-Royal Lords is not a small matters, but if they all run away, how could they still have the capital to fight with the human race, right now is the best time for the human race side to expand the battle results.

Only then did the crowd understand why Mi Jinglun had given that order earlier.

This is the drawback of the battle line being stretched, information transmission is sluggish, reinforcements will not be so timely, and the situation on the battlefield is changing rapidly, very often, the timely transmission of information will often determine the direction of a war.

The good thing is that now Mi Jinglun has been promoted to the Ninth Order, the Head Office can finally move to the front line, there will not be such a thing again.

The Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds for thousands of years, all the vitality in the great domains, including the Universe Worlds is destroyed, now, it is time to recover the lost homeland!

Although the Black Ink Clan left behind a mess, this is after all the home where the human race survived for countless years.

Mi Jinglun looked up into the distance, his face calm, but his heart is fluctuating, he can foresee, in a few years, everything the human race lost will be taken back. Originally, he had been ready to fight with the Black Ink Clan for a long time, but he did not expect an accidental surprise to come so fast.

And all of this happened because of one person.


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