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Cultivators had cultivated for many years and bitterly pursued the path of Martial Dao. Wasn’t that to reach the peak of Martial Dao?

It could be said that any Eighth Order Open Heaven could not remain indifferent after seeing this Best Quality Open Heaven Pill. This was human race nature, not greed.

However, Zhan Tianhe and the others quickly dismissed these thoughts because they knew that with Yang Kai and Ouyang Lie here, this Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was not something they could refine.

Not to mention, this is not theirs opportunity.

Yang Kai had expected Ouyang Lie to refuse a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, but he hadn’t expected this Senior Brother to refuse so decisively.

On the contrary, Yang Kai felt that his decision to give this Open Heaven Pill to him was not wrong. To be able to make such a decision the moment he recognized this pill, this was not something an ordinary person could do.

Gently patting the back of Ouyang Lie’s hand, Yang Kai said, “Senior Brother, listen to me…”

Ouyang Lie shook his head like a rattle-drum, “This old master won’t listen to you. Refine this thing right now and we’ll protect you. When you break through to the Ninth Order, we’ll kill all of those Black Ink Clan bastards. Without the Black Ink Clan causing trouble, won’t all the good things be ours?”

Zhan Tianhe and the others also nodded in agreement, “Senior Brother Ouyang is right.”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and could only say, “If this thing was useful to me, I would have refined it long ago, how could I keep it until now?”

Ouyang Lie was stunned for a moment before asking in confusion, “What do you mean? This thing is useless to you… Isn’t this what I thought it was?” He hadn’t sensed wrongly, this should be a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill. Was he mistaken?

Yang Kai replied, “It’s something Senior Brother wants, but unfortunately it’s useless to me.”

Ouyang Lie frowned, “Since it’s that thing, how could it be useless to you? Don’t try to trick me, I won’t believe anything you say.”

Yang Kai didn’t know what to say, so he helplessly said, “That’s why I said Senior Brother should listen to what I have to say…” Saying so, he turned to a voice transmission and told him about Wu Kuang’s Three Parts Normalizing Art. Ouyang Lie’s expression couldn’t help changing as he glanced back and forth between Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow.

This Thunder Shadow Great Emperor from the Myriad Monster World was a clone created by Yang Kai using a Secret Technique? There was also a Human Race Body that could break through one’s shackles and repair the flaws of the Open Heaven Method to reach the Ninth Order?

This kind of matter sounded bizarre, but Yang Kai had said it so seriously that Ouyang Lie didn’t know whether to believe him or not.

He didn’t see any trace of Yang Kai from the Thunder Shadow, how could this be considered a clone?

A moment later, Yang Kai continued, “Senior Brother, I know the situation of the Human Race better than you do. If I can use this pill to break through to the Ninth Order, I won’t hesitate at all. To put it bluntly, if I break through to the Ninth Order, it will be far more valuable than any Eighth Order breakthrough. With such a great momentum, if there is an opportunity, how could I just give it up? But Senior Brother, this pill is indeed useless to me. When Senior Brother saw this pill, did your Small Universe barrier have any unusual reaction?”

Ouyang Lie nodded lightly.

Just now, when the dense light had spread out, the barrier that had shackled him for so many years had indeed showed signs of loosening. It was because of this that he was able to determine that it was a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

In this world, only Best Quality Open Heaven Pills had such miraculous effects.

Yang Kai said, “But I don’t have it, so it’s useless to me.”

These words caused Ouyang Lie’s expression to become extremely complicated. After a long silence, he asked, “You’re not lying to me?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Since I’ve said so much, how could I possibly deceive Senior Brother? I hope Senior Brother can quickly refine this treasure and break through to the Ninth Order. Only then will we be able to strengthen our Human Race’s prestige and kill the Black Ink Clan’s enemies.”

Just as Yang Kai had said, if this thing was really useful to him, whether it was for personal considerations or for the greater good of the Human Race, he would never give it up.

However, in reality, this thing really was useless to him.

The two of them kept pushing each other, causing Zhan Tianhe and the other two to stare dumbfounded.

Although they didn’t know what Yang Kai had told Ouyang Lie through voice transmission, no matter what he said, it was still a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill. No Eighth Order cultivator would be able to remain indifferent to such an item.

The opportunity to reach the Ninth Order was right in front of them, yet these two were still modestly offering it to each other. Zhan Tianhe and the other two could only praise their Senior Brothers for their noble characters…

The wooden box containing the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was held in Ouyang Lie’s hand. Although it was only a small object, Ouyang Lie felt it was unusually heavy.

After a moment of silence, he said, “Junior Brother, I don’t know if I can break through to the Ninth Order with this treasure, you should know about Senior Brother’s situation. After so many years of battle, he has suffered many hidden injuries, and his Small Universe is in a mess. If he can’t break through to the Ninth Order by refining this treasure, wouldn’t it be a pity?”

Yang Kai said in a low voice, “The Universe Furnace was born and formed by the Heavens and Earth. Its wonders are beyond the scope of human comprehension. Senior Brother, it’s worth a try!”

Ouyang Lie shook his head, “There are still some risks. This is an opportunity to create a Ninth Order master, I don’t want to waste it, even if it is just a small possibility.”

Saying so, he handed the wooden box to Zhan Tianhe, “Tianhe, come here!”

Zhan Tianhe was stunned, “I… I’ll do it?”

As he watched from the side, how could such a great opportunity suddenly fall upon him? Was there something wrong? That was a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, the greatest opportunity in this world, the goal of the Human Race this time. Why didn’t he refine it…

Ouyang Lie’s expression became serious as he said, “You come, I don’t have complete confidence. Xiong Ji is from Bright King Heaven, so even if he has broken through to the Ninth Order, he is still just a brute. The amount of help he can provide to the Human Race is limited, and Junior Sister Liu’s accumulation is still lacking. You are the most suitable candidate, you come!”

On the side, Liu Feifei nodded lightly. Among the three of them, she had broken through to the Eighth Order recently, so her accumulation was indeed a bit lacking. Her need for this Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was not so urgent.

Although Xiong Ji was called a brute by Ouyang Lie, he only scratched his head and smiled foolishly.

“Senior Brother, you… I…” Zhan Tianhe was at a loss.

“I don’t need it, I don’t need it.” Ouyang Lie placed the wooden box in Zhan Tianhe’s hand, “Quickly refine it, we will protect you.”

Grasping the wooden box, Zhan Tianhe’s entire body went stiff as if he had been struck by a spell. Even when he was facing the Pseudo-Royal Lord, he had never lost his composure like this…

Instinctively opening the wooden box, the dense light once again blossomed, causing his heart to race. The barrier that bound his Small Universe's expansion was also gently shaken by the blossoming of the light and the circulation of the Spirit Pill aura.

This greatest opportunity was in his hands. As long as he could absorb it, he would be able to break through the barrier in his Small Universe and reach the Ninth Order!

However, Zhan Tianhe didn’t move…

“Why aren’t you refining it yet? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the Black Ink Clan masters to arrive?” Ouyang Lie couldn’t help reprimanding.

Zhan Tianhe’s struggling expression suddenly calmed down and he seemed to have made a decision. With a wry smile, he closed the wooden box again and handed it back to Ouyang Lie.

Ouyang Lie couldn’t help glaring, “What are you doing?”

Zhan Tianhe smiled bitterly, “Senior Brother, don’t make things difficult for me.”

Ouyang Lie shouted, “Difficult? This old master gave you an opportunity, but you call this difficult?”

Zhan Tianhe took a step back and respectfully bowed to Ouyang Lie, “Senior Brother, please forgive me. I cannot accept this item, nor am I qualified to accept it! Please refine it yourself, Senior Brother.”

On the side, Yang Kai, who had been silent all this time, raised his brow slightly. He had given the Spirit Pill to Ouyang Lie, but Ouyang Lie had not been completely confident, fearing that he would fail to live up to his expectations, so he had instead given this Spirit Pill to Zhan Tianhe. This was not because Ouyang Lie lacked a sense of responsibility, but rather because the situation was too big. Now, in this furnace world, if there is a new Ninth Order master. The situation may be completely different.

If he were to hand it over to Zhan Tianhe, he would definitely be able to produce a Ninth Order.

As such, Yang Kai didn’t try to stop him, for the Human Race's overall situation. After obtaining this Spirit Pill, he had planned to find an Eighth Order Human Race master to refine it, but before he made this decision, he hadn’t expected to encounter Ouyang Lie.

However, people were still somewhat selfish. Compared to Zhan Tianhe and the other rookie Eighth Order masters he had never met before, Yang Kai and Ouyang Lie had some kind of friendship. Naturally, Yang Kai was more willing to give the Spirit Pill to Ouyang Lie, so his first choice was Ouyang Lie.

As for whether or not Zhan Tianhe and the others would have any ideas, Yang Kai couldn’t care less. The Spirit Pill belonged to him, so it was his freedom to give them to anyone.

But he really hadn’t expected that Zhan Tianhe would still be able to resist such an opportunity. This kind of moral character was truly dazzling.

Yang Kai suddenly felt that after fighting for so many years for the Human Race, it was finally worth it.

Zhan Tianhe’s low voice entered his ears, “Since Junior Brother entered the Sect to cultivate, the Elders of the Sect have been constantly talking about Senior Brothers. The Human Race is now able to occupy a corner of the 3000 Worlds, continue their bloodline, and struggle to survive under the pressure of the Black Ink Clan. We, the later generation, are able to peacefully cultivate and grow in the Star Boundary. We do not lack cultivation resources, nor do we lack the guidance of famous masters. It is all thanks to Senior Brothers and the ancestors who risked their lives for us.”

“It can be said that everything about us was given to us by the ancestors with their lives and blood. This time, when we entered this furnace world to explore and seek opportunities to break through, it was all thanks to the hard work of the ancestors. If we had obtained something on our own, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, since the opportunity was mine, Tianhe naturally wouldn’t have been polite. As cultivators, we should strive to improve ourselves. If we were to cower in front of such an opportunity, what would be the point of cultivating? However, this item was brought by Senior Brother Yang. Compared to the efforts the two Senior Brothers have made to the Human Race, we, as descendants, are not qualified to receive it, nor do we dare to accept it.”

Saying so, he bowed deeply, “Tianhe thanks Senior Brother Ouyang for his kind intentions, but… Senior Brother Ouyang, you have fought for the Human Race on the Ink Battlefield for many years and fought with the Black Ink Clan’s masters in the various Great Domain Battlefields. This is why you have so many hidden injuries. We juniors can’t do anything for you, but at the very least… we can’t rob you of your opportunities, otherwise our Dao hearts will be filled with guilt.”


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