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Now, even if the Human Race had a new Open Heaven Stage cultivator, very few of them were below the Fourth Order. The Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World, these two Open Heaven Stage cradle, had given the Human Race a great deal of benefits.

As a result, materials below the fourth grade were no longer of much use to the Human Race cultivators. On the other hand, the Black Ink Clan didn’t have a high requirement on the quality of their materials, so they could only throw them into the Ink Nest and use low-grade materials.

When Yang Kai made this request, Mo Na Ye only hesitated for a moment before agreeing. After that, he signaled with his eyes and a dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords dispersed, returning to the No-Return Pass to collect their supplies.

As for the other Black Ink Clan masters, they continued to confront Yang Kai from afar.

Since he had nothing else to do, Yang Kai simply waved his hand and took out a set of tables and chairs from his Small Universe and placed them in front of him. He then took out a tea set and used his strength to boil the tea before turning to Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu, “Would the two of you like to sit down?”

Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu glanced at each other and snorted lightly. The next moment, the two figures flew over and sat opposite Yang Kai.

The Pseudo-Royal Lords who were watching from afar couldn’t help secretly circulating their strength, preparing to lend a hand at any time, but the three Supreme-level powerhouse just sat there quietly, none of them showing any intention of attacking.

This scene was extremely strange, causing many of the Pseudo-Royal Lords to feel complicated emotions.

After a short while, the tea was ready, and Yang Kai poured a cup for each of the two Royal Lords in front of him before pouring a cup for himself. Taking a small sip, he put down the teacup and said, “I don’t have a deep understanding of Tea Making, I haven’t had the time to play around with such trivial matters over the years. However, there are many good teas in the Human Race, and this is also a skill. The Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds, causing countless people to wander about, causing many Great Domains to fall into a dead silence. Perhaps many of their skills will be lost because of this, so it’s quite a pity.”

Mo Na Ye picked up the teacup and took a sip before lightly saying, “I like the taste of your Human Race’s fine wine more, the taste of tea is a bit dull.”

Yang Kai raised his brow and said, “You’re quite picky, don’t drink if you don't like it! But speaking of which, with your Black Ink Clan’s characteristics, whichever world you invade will be destroyed. If you really want to unify the Heavens, you won’t even be able to drink tea.”

Mo Na Ye put down his teacup and said seriously, “Black Ink is the only eternal existence in this world!”

Yang Kai raised his hand and stopped them, “Don’t try to preach your ideals, we all walk different paths! Human Race are the masters of this world, you’re just a group of bandits who wantonly break into other people’s homes.”

Mo Na Ye said indifferently, “When the world was first born, this world was controlled by the Holy Spirit, followed by the Monster Race, and finally by your Human Race. With the changes of time, different races has ruled over the world, how could there be a true master in this world? If the Human Race can, so can the Black Ink Clan.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help glancing over at him, “You know quite a lot! The Holy Spirit, Monster Race, and Human Race ruled for three eras, and the Heavens were all well and good. If your Black Ink Clan really succeeded, what would it bring? Nothing but destruction. If one day, all of these Heavens died, would your Black Ink Clan still be able to survive? You’re just seeking your own destruction, but you’re still talking nonsense about eternity! Since you know so much, let me ask you, do you know how the Holy Spirit was born?”

Mo Na Ye frowned, “You know?”

Yang Kai smiled proudly, “Of course I know!”

Without giving Mo Na Ye a chance to ask, he continued, “But I won’t tell you!”

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help rolling his eyes at him, not showing any anger.

Yang Kai continued, “Your Black Ink Clan originated from Black Ink, and Black Ink’s philosophy and thoughts are the root of your actions. Although Black Ink himself is strong, ever since he was sealed in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he has been unable to escape. Even though he is trapped, he is unwilling to be left alone. In the end, he is nothing but a frog in a well. The vastness of this world is beyond imagination.”

Peng! Mo Yu, who had been silent all this time, suddenly put down his teacup and glared at Yang Kai, “How could you possibly understand the power of the Supreme Master?”

Yang Kai glanced at him, “What are you doing? Are you unhappy just because I said a few words? Drinking my tea and throwing a tantrum, who gave you the guts to do that!”

Mo Yu’s face sank, “Yang Kai, don’t think you’re invincible just because you’ve broken through to the Ninth Order. Mo Na Ye and I may not be your opponent, but how can you be an opponent when it comes to the clone of the Supreme Master?” The Supreme Master's Clone he spoke of was none other than the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Yang Kai sneered, “Why should I fight them? They have their own opponents.”

Mo Yu was at a loss for words.

Yang Kai curled his lips and said, “Forget it, I can’t be bothered to say these things to you. If arguing is useful, what’s the point of cultivating?” Yang Kai raised his brow towards Mo Na Ye, “Right?”

Mo Na Ye obviously didn’t want to dwell on this issue any longer, so he changed the subject and said, “Three days from now, the materials will be gathered and delivered to you, but I also have a small request.”

“Speak,” Yang Kai placed the teacup in his mouth and casually waved it around.

“You need to stay here and wait for all the Pseudo-Royal Lords return to the No-Return Pass before leaving.”

Having fought with Yang Kai so many times, although there was no precedent of him breaking the agreement, this time Mo Na Ye did not dare to trust him too much. If he handed over the supplies and Yang Kai left, he would definitely try to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lords. If he wanted to avoid this situation, he would have to wait until all the Pseudo-Royal Lords had retreated before letting Yang Kai leave.

Originally, he was worried that Yang Kai wouldn’t agree, even considering whether he should detain a portion of the supplies and hand them over to Yang Kai after the Pseudo-Royal Lords returned.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai readily agreed, “Even if you don’t say so, I’m prepared to do so.”

Mo Na Ye stared at him in shock. What kind of logic was this?

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “I have to count the amount of resources you’ve handed over and the number of Pseudo-Royal Lords you’ve brought back. If you give me more resources, it’s fine, but if you give me less… hehe, I won’t show any mercy.”

Mo Na Ye’s face darkened as he replied, “Don’t worry, I know better than you how many Pseudo-Royal Lords there are in the outside world, the amount of resources will not be small.”

“That’s good,” Yang Kai nodded and poured a cup of tea for Mo Na Ye. As for Mo Yu, he ignored him, causing Mo Yu’s expression to turn ugly.

Mo Na Ye shook his head and laughed, personally pouring a cup of tea for Mo Yu and sighing heavily, “The Black Ink Clan’s thousands of years of advantage has been lost in a single day. After this matter, the Human Race will be able to easily reclaim the three thousand Great Domains.”

Originally, it wasn’t an easy task for the Human Race to take back the three thousand Great Domains. If they were to continue fighting for one Great Domain after another, it was unknown how many years and effort they would have to spend.

However, because of the great threat Yang Kai posed, the Black Ink Clan had no choice but to recall all of their high-level forces to prevent Yang Kai from taking advantage of them.

Because of this, the Black Ink Clan army was no longer able to resist the Human Race’s attacks on the frontlines, and the Black Ink Clan didn’t plan on sending any more reinforcements to the frontlines, so the Human Race only needed to spend some time to gradually take over the 3000 Worlds.

Yang Kai snorted lightly, “So what if we did? What your Black Ink Clan left behind is a complete mess. Retrieving the three thousand Great Domains is only symbolic to the Human Race, there’s no real help.”

After thousands of years of erosion and occupation, the various Great Domains had long since died and all the resources they could mine had been mined. Currently, most of the three thousand Great Domains were empty, so even if the Human Race managed to recover them, they wouldn’t be of much use.

“Even so, it is impossible for the Human Race to give up their easy victory.”

Yang Kai nodded, “In the future, I’m afraid that the Human Race will occupy the 3000 Worlds while the Black Ink Clan will dominate the No-Return Pass.” Speaking of this matter, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling curious, “When the Black Ink Clan conquered the No-Return Pass, how did they manage to enter the Spatial Territory?”

There was only one Domain Gate, so when the Human Race retreated to the Spatial Territory, they must have already set up an ambush there. If the Black Ink Clan wanted to attack the Spatial Territory, it would not be an easy task, and if they continued to increase their forces, they would only be gradually devoured by the Human Race.

Yang Kai hadn’t participated in that battle back then and hadn’t made any inquiries after that, so he was somewhat curious about how the Black Ink Clan was able to break through the Human Race’s defensive line and launch a large-scale invasion to the Spatial Territory.

Mo Na Ye replied, “Naturally, it’s all thanks to my Supreme Master Clone.”

Yang Kai understood, “I guessed so.”

Only with the appearance of the Ink Giant Spiritual God could this matter be accomplished. The Ink Giant Spiritual God had invaded the Spatial Territory and withstood the pressure from the Human Race, allowing the Black Ink Clan to mobilize their forces.

“The Human Race doesn’t have a third Giant Spiritual God, so it’ll be hard to overcome the No-Return Pass in the future,” Yang Kai rubbed his chin, looking somewhat troubled.

The corner of Mo Yu’s eyes twitched as he watched from the side. Everyone had a deep hatred for each other, so saying such words in front of them was simply too arrogant.

Mo Na Ye smiled meaningfully, “Brother Yang should have a secret passage from the 3000 Worlds to the Ink Battlefield, right?”

A long time ago, the Black Ink Clan had made this guess. After all, Yang Kai had not passed through the Domain Gate many times in the past, but he had suddenly appeared in the Ink Battlefield. Only a secret passage could explain this.

The Black Ink Clan had also inquired about the location of this passage, but unfortunately, they had not been able to obtain anything after so many years.

At this moment, Yang Kai had brought up the problem of overcoming the No-Return Pass. Obviously, he was deliberately mystifying things. With this secret passage, the Human Race could easily gather somewhere in the Ink Battlefield and attack the No-Return Pass.

If the Black Ink Clan was caught off guard, they would definitely suffer greatly.

Yang Kai’s words just now were obviously treating them as fools, so how could Mo Na Ye believe him!

“Now that things have reached this point, I just want to ask Brother Yang, which of the 3000 Worlds is the entrance to that secret passage?” Mo Na Ye asked sincerely. This was a question that had been bothering him for many years, but he didn’t ask where it was because he knew Yang Kai wouldn’t tell him, so he only asked about the entrance.

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “What a coincidence, I also have a question to ask.”

“Please speak, Brother Yang.”

“Is your Supreme Master about to wake up? When will he wake up?”

Back then, Mu’s trump card had been activated, causing Black Ink to fall into a deep sleep. Now that thousands of years had passed, Yang Kai estimated that Black Ink would soon awaken again, but now that the old tree had fallen into a deep sleep, it was impossible for him to go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to investigate at will, causing Yang Kai a headache.


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