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Such a profound method could be called a work of art.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the dust settled and Yang Kai lifted his hand, pulling back a fist-sized ball.

In the distance, many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters were dumbfounded.

Mo Na Ye sighed in his heart, he had miscalculated! He had thought that Yang Kai was going to use his Small Universe’s power to absorb the Pure Yang Pass, but who would have thought that Yang Kai actually had such a method?

On the other side, Yang Kai played with the long river ball in his hand and secretly sneered.

If he could refine even the Universe World into World Bead, what was a Pure Yang Pass to him?

However, refining Universe World into World Bead was somewhat different from the current situation. The reason he was able to refine those Universe Worlds into World Beads in the past was mainly because the World Laws of the Universe World had yet to be destroyed. In other words, the Universe Worlds was still alive, so he had the space to refine those Universe Worlds and send them to the World Tree. It was also through this method that he was able to form a profound connection with the World Tree’s true body, allowing him to use the power of the old tree to travel through the void.

Pure Yang Pass was an inanimate object after all, so there was no way to communicate with it or refine it. Yang Kai could only use the Space-Time River to wrap it up, cut open the space where Pure Yang Pass was, and compress it with the power of the great river.

With his current attainments in the Space Great Dao, he was completely capable of doing such a thing. Moreover, he had also seen some extremely small Celestial Phenomenon existences in the Endless River of the Universe Furnace, so he was able to learn some of their mysteries.

It could be said that the Space-Time River was the foundation of all of this. Without it, it would be difficult for Yang Kai to separate this vast void.

Gently tossing the long river in his hand, Yang Kai raised his eyes to Mo Na Ye and asked, “How about I take another mountain pass and not come to the No-Return Pass for sixty years?”

“Scram!” Mo Na Ye shouted angrily, suddenly realizing that the stronger Yang Kai was, the thicker his skin became. He could actually say such shameless words.

Each of the Human Race’s mountain passes was a great killing artifact. It was one thing for Yang Kai to take one, but how could he allow him to take a second one?

As for thirty years and sixty years, there was not much difference.

“Don’t be so stingy!” Yang Kai curled his lips. He was just making a casual remark, he was certain that the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t agree. In fact, even if the Black Ink Clan really agreed, there was nothing he could do at this moment. After all, there was only one Space-Time River, so he couldn’t come up with a second one.

“Now that this matter is settled, quickly leave,” Mo Na Ye couldn’t help urging. Yang Kai's trip to the No-Return Pass this time, the result was that the Black Ink Clan had lost a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, and even the Pure Yang Pass had been taken away by him, so the losses were not small.

Fortunately, if Yang Kai really kept his promise, they wouldn’t be able to see him for at least the next thirty years. During these thirty years, the Black Ink Clan had to at least find a way to deal with this situation. Otherwise, if Yang Kai returned in thirty years, the Black Ink Clan would still be unable to deal with him.

“There’s no need to rush,” Yang Kai smiled slightly and looked at Mo Na Ye, “I have a second business to discuss with you.”

Hearing him say this, Mo Na Ye’s head hurt and he immediately raised his hand, “Forget it, you also said that the hatred between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan is as deep as the sea and cannot be reconciled. There is nothing to talk about, take your things and leave!”

In any case, there was nothing good about being associated with Yang Kai, so Mo Na Ye was vigilant and didn’t want to waste any more words with him.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai acted as if he didn’t hear him and said, “The two races’ battlefields are still the same as it was in the past. Now, there are twelve different battlefields, each one of which has a number of Pseudo-Royal Lords guarding it, as well as the army. Even if you don’t care about the life and death of your army, shouldn’t you at least consider the lives of your Pseudo-Royal Lords?”

Mo Na Ye’s heart skipped a beat and his face sank, “What do you mean?”

Yang Kai chuckled and took a step forward, activating his Space Principle and appearing in front of the Domain Gate. Looking down at the group of Black Ink Clan masters, he said mockingly, “Don’t you know what I mean? Or do you want me to make things clear?”

Mo Yu’s expression was gloomy, and Mo Na Ye’s expression was also quite ugly, but he still refused to admit it and stubbornly said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Yang Kai snorted lightly, “You won’t shed a tear until you see the coffin!” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Then let me guess, when I left the No-Return Pass that day, you forcefully broke the seal on the Domain Gate, so I’m sure you sent out a message immediately, telling the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were fighting on the front lines to withdraw, right? Oh, it shouldn’t be just the Pseudo-Royal Lords, there should also be Territory Lords and many other Feudal Lords. After all, these are the ones you painstakingly cultivated, so it wouldn’t be good if too many of them died. Counting the time, the batch closest to the No-Return Pass should almost reach the Spatial Territory. Perhaps I can go and intercept them?”

Mo Na Ye’s eyes burned as he listened, his killing intent rising as he grit his teeth and said, “You already knew!”

Originally, he had been hoping that Yang Kai wouldn’t think of this possibility, but when Yang Kai said these words, Mo Na Ye knew he had been hoping too much.

Thinking about it, with Yang Kai’s scheming brain, how could he not have thought of this? He had never shown any interest in this field before, so the Black Ink Clan has some expectations.

However, when Yang Kai pointed this out, Mo Na Ye knew that the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

On that day, when Yang Kai had left the No-Return Pass and fled to the depths of the Ink Battlefield, Mo Na Ye had immediately realized the seriousness of the situation. It wasn’t that Yang Kai had the capital to cause a big ruckus in the No-Return Pass, but rather that he had destroyed the Ink Nest and killed the Pseudo-Royal Lord who had been healing his injuries. Although this made the Black Ink Clan feel uncomfortable, it didn’t have any direct impact on the war.

In comparison, Yang Kai being able to seal the Domain Gate at any time and place was his greatest trump card!

The Black Ink Clan’s current foundation was the No-Return Pass, but with the two Royal Lords guarding it, as well as the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest here, most of the forces supporting the frontline battlefield had been nurtured here, so even if the Pseudo-Royal Lords were injured, they would need to return to the No-Return Pass to recuperate.

As such, the Domain Gate of No-Return Pass that connected to the Spatial Territory was extremely important!

Once the Domain Gate was sealed, the Black Ink Clan’s side would not be able to support the front line battlefield, and even the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were fighting outside would not be able to return.

Yang Kai could even seal off all of the battlefield’s Domain Gates to catch a turtle in a jar!

With his current strength, without a true Royal Lord overseeing the various battlefields, who could be his opponent?

In the past, Yang Kai had also sealed the Domain Gate, but at that time, Yang Kai was only an Eighth Order, so even if he had sealed the Domain Gate, he didn’t have any powerful methods to kill the Black Ink Clan masters. Relying on the Soul Shattering Spike alone was far too inefficient.

The current situation was different. He was a Ninth Order and a Divine Dragon, and the battle two months ago had allowed Mo Na Ye to deeply understand how tyrannical Yang Kai's strength was.

It could be said that such an expert, coupled with the shameless method of sealing the Domain Gate, was simply impossible to deal with. He had also thrown the situation the Black Ink Clan had worked so hard to maintain into the abyss.

When Yang Kai used the method of sealing the Domain Gate, it was a sign that the Black Ink Clan had suffered a great loss on the front line battlefield.

In order to avoid any serious injuries, while forcefully breaking through the Domain Gate’s blockade, Mo Na Ye sent out a message, telling the Pseudo-Royal Lords on the various battlefields to quickly escape and return to the No-Return Pass as quickly as possible.

This was a decisive action. After all, while the Pseudo-Royal Lords could escape, the Black Ink Clan army that was fighting outside could not. It could be foreseen that in the future battlefield, the Human Race would sweep away all evils.

Although he had made the appropriate arrangements, when Yang Kai revealed his true intentions, Mo Na Ye still found it difficult to accept.

This time’s loss was definitely the greatest in so many years, but for the Black Ink Clan, it was unavoidable. Corrosion of the 3000 Worlds was their sole objective, so they would definitely have to fight deep into the 3000 Worlds.

“Since you thought of this, why didn’t you act?” Now that things had reached this point, Mo Na Ye calmed down.

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“After taking down the E-5 Domain, you can support the next battlefield and use the method to seal the Domain Gate to help the Human Race win!”

This was also something Mo Na Ye couldn’t understand. Yang Kai had attacked the E-5 Domain, helping the Chi Huo Army kill a total of eight Pseudo-Royal Lords, but after doing so, he had actually rushed straight to the next battlefield. In his opinion, Yang Kai could have simply gone to the next battlefield to continue his plan. In this way, the Black Ink Clan on the battlefield he had set his sights on would definitely be defeated, and a few of the Pseudo-Royal Lords there would also die.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “This way, although we can take down another battlefield, once the news is sent back, you will also make the same arrangements. Compared to now, I can only kill a few more Pseudo-Royal Lords at most, so there’s not much point.”

Mo Na Ye thought about it for a moment before nodding slightly. In fact, when the news from the E-5 Domain came, Mo Na Ye had thought about withdrawing all the Pseudo-Royal Lords. After all, Yang Kai was keeping an eye on them, and their safety is not guaranteed, it's unknown when they will be killed by Yang Kai.

However, according to the information he received, Yang Kai didn’t go to the other battlefields and instead went straight to the No-Return Pass, so Mo Na Ye didn’t give the order.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai left the No-Return Pass that Mo Na Ye looked towards the sealed Domain Gate and realized the seriousness of the situation.

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became solemn as he said, “The current situation in the 3000 Worlds is too chaotic. The armies from all over the world are splitting up and fighting. Your Black Ink Clan has bases in all the great domains, don’t you think it would be better to make the situation clearer?”

Mo Na Ye understood; “So you chose this method!”

Yang Kai nodded, “It won’t be long before the Human Race fully recover the 3000 Worlds, while the Black Ink Clan will gather in the No-Return Pass. In that case, the Human Race won’t need to split up to deal with you. All they need to do is keep an eye on you.” As for the few Pseudo-Royal Lords he could kill, they would die sooner or later.

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help praising, “This is indeed a great thing for the Human Race,” He sighed, “The Human Race is fortunate to have you, Yang Kai!”

Yang Kai chuckled lightly, “Don’t think I’ll show mercy just because you say so.”

Mo Na Ye shook his head with a desolate expression, “Is this the second business you mentioned?”


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Boban Germanovic
Boban Germanovic
Jan 26, 2023

He can also just take a pass in a world bead. There is plenty of space and it wouldnt take much spiritual energy. If he had a world bead refined from an inamate object, like an asteroid or some shit, like in the past. Also how was A'da put in a world bead? If i remember correctly it was a world bead made from a Universe World so it can be possible but that dynamic was never explained by the Author or how it works. With that being said as well i have no idea why u wouldnt release A'da while that inked god is restrained and have A'da take advantage of that, even if the Inked god can break…

Eddy Medeiros
Eddy Medeiros
Jun 27, 2023
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