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Ten years might be a long time for an ordinary person who had never cultivated before, but for the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan, especially those who had reached the level of Mo Na Ye and Yang Kai, it was like the snap of a finger.

Mo Na Ye naturally wasn’t satisfied with Yang Kai’s proposal and immediately began bargaining with him, like a shrewd merchant in a market.

However, now that the initiative was on Yang Kai’s side, Mo Na Ye could only helplessly say, “Since you want to do business, you should at least show some sincerity. With your attitude, I can’t see any sincerity at all. Admittedly, you have quite a bit of capital now, but it’s impossible for your luck to always be so good. Yang Kai, the Human Race has a saying, if you walk by the river often, you won’t be able to walk without wetting your shoes. It’s not like you can’t be killed. What’s more, if we take precautions in the future, how many opportunities do you have?”

These words hit the nail on the head. After this incident, the security on the No-Return Pass' side would become even tighter. Yang Kai knew that even if his strength increased dramatically, if his luck wasn’t good, he would still be in a lot of trouble.

It was also because of this that Yang Kai was willing to negotiate with the Black Ink Clan. If he really had the confidence to destroy all the Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, why would Yang Kai waste his breath on them? Even if he had to spend a lot of time, he would still destroy all of these Royal Lord-level Ink Nests in the No-Return Pass.

This was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan. If the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was destroyed, the Black Ink Clan would no longer have a source to replenish its forces, nor would a new generation of Royal Lords be born.

With the Black Ink Clan’s current strength, without any reinforcements or more Royal Lords, the Human Race only needed to fight steadily and would be able to exterminate all of the Black Ink Clan sooner or later.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but click his tongue. This Mo Na Ye really wasn’t easy to deal with. After pondering for a moment, he said, “How about this, thirty years, I won’t come to the No-Return Pass for thirty years. This is also my bottom line. If the Black Ink Clan doesn’t agree, then there’s no need to negotiate.”

Mo Na Ye was just about to speak when Yang Kai looked at him solemnly and said, “Before you open your mouth, think carefully. If you say no, I’ll turn around and leave!”

Mo Na Ye’s mouth opened and closed for a moment…

Glaring hatefully at Yang Kai, Mo Na Ye’s Divine Sense surged as he began discussing with Mo Yu.

Yang Kai waited calmly, his eyes occasionally sweeping over the various Pseudo-Royal Lords, his eyes filled with malicious intent, causing all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords to shiver…

A moment later, Mo Na Ye spoke, “This matter is settled. You will take a mountain pass and will not come to the No-Return Pass for thirty years. I hope you can keep your promise.”

Yang Kai grinned, “Don’t worry, I’ve dealt with you so many times, when have I ever broken my promise?”

Mo Na Ye didn’t comment.

Although Yang Kai hadn’t broken the agreement, the situation was different from before. In the past, the two races had been enemies, but because they had to accumulate their strength, they had restrained themselves. This was also the reason why Yang Kai wouldn’t act recklessly, but now it was different. The war between the two races had erupted, and it was a fight to the death. To be honest, Mo Na Ye didn’t have much confidence in Yang Kai’s credibility, even if Yang Kai really didn’t intend to abide by the agreement, there was nothing the Black Ink Clan could do.

The reason why he agreed was because he had no other choice, but also because he wanted to test the waters.

“There are a total of forty-nine mountain passes left here, which one do you want to take?” Mo Na Ye asked.

“I’ll take a look first,” Yang Kai replied. If he wanted to take it, he naturally had to take the one with the least damage. Otherwise, even if he brought it back, he would need to spend a great deal of resources to repair it. The Human Race didn’t have many resources to squander right now.

Saying so, Yang Kai walked towards the No-Return Pass, and the Black Ink Clan masters all retreated in unison.

It wasn’t until the No-Return Pass were close enough that Yang Kai stopped and looked around.

Although he had been here many times before, he had always been here to stir up trouble, so he didn’t pay too much attention to these mountain passes that had been left behind. Now that he was carefully examining them, he immediately felt the danger and intensity of that battle.

When the battle happened on the No-Return Pass in the past, Yang Kai was still inside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. By the time he escaped from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea and rushed back, the No-Return Pass had been lost and the Human Race had retreated to the Spatial Territory.

As such, he had not participated in that battle, only knowing that the Human Race had suffered heavy casualties, and even more than ten Ninth Order Old Ancestors had fallen.

The Black Ink Clan wasn’t having a good time either. One of the Ink Giant Spiritual Gods was killed by the Human Race when they were storming the No-Return Pass. If it weren’t for that, there would have been more than two of them.

Of the many mountain passes left behind in the No-Return Pass, not a single one was intact. On each mountain pass, traces of the great battle from the past could be seen, as well as many dark bloodstains.

In the end, Yang Kai set his eyes on one of the mountain passes and raised his hand, “This one.”

On one of the walls of the mountain pass, there were two large words, but because it had been too long and the destruction of the great battle back then, it was difficult to see them clearly. However, from the shape of the words, one could vaguely make out the words Pure Yang.

This should be Pure Yang Pass!

In the past, the one who had presided over Pure Yang Pass was a Ninth Order Old Ancestor from Pure Yang Cave Heaven. This Ninth Order Old Ancestor was also one of the strongest Ninth Order Old Ancestors of that era.

Yang Kai had long heard of this man’s great name, but unfortunately, he had never seen him before. He had heard that he was the one who had initiated the final battle in the Spatial Territory, leading many Ninth Order Old Ancestors to launch the final assault on the Ink Giant Spiritual God and the various Royal Lords, ultimately sacrificing his own life.

Yang Kai couldn’t help staring at Mo Na Ye coldly, “Take away your Ink Nest!”

Pure Yang Pass had four Ink Nests, one of which was a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest while the other three were Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, with many Black Ink Clan members moving about inside.

Letting the Black Ink Clan move the Ink Nest away was a pre-arranged decision. Although Yang Kai was filled with murderous intent, he didn’t want to have any conflict with Mo Na Ye at this time.

Mo Na Ye waved his hand and more than a dozen Territory Lords immediately gathered together, vigilant of Yang Kai’s movements as they began moving the Ink Nest.

During this process, Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu used their Qi to lock Yang Kai in place and were extremely vigilant.

Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t show any abnormalities. After all of the Ink Nest had been moved away and all of the Black Ink Clan had left, Yang Kai’s figure flashed and landed on the Pure Yang Pass.

“Can he take it away?” Mo Yu quietly asked Mo Na Ye.

Mo Na Ye shook his head, “I don’t know, but since he has such a proposal, he should be confident.”

If he wasn’t confident, Yang Kai wouldn’t have said anything.

“What a terrifying enemy,” Mo Yu said with a complicated expression.

The reason why these mountain passes had been left behind was mainly because they were too grand, even the Ninth Order Old Ancestors of the past were unable to easily store them in their Small Universe.

A top Ninth Order cultivator like Pure Yang Old Ancestor might have the ability to do so, but when the Human Race had been forced to retreat from the No-Return Pass back then, the situation had been quite tense, so how could he have had the time to use his methods? Moreover, if Pure Yang Pass was really taken into his Small Universe’s territory, it would greatly affect his own strength. Under such circumstances, he had to maintain his peak strength, so how could he ignore the big picture just because of a mountain pass?

If Yang Kai could really bring such a mountain pass into his Small Universe’s territory, wouldn’t that mean that his foundation was even thicker than those old Ninth Order masters?

How many years had it been since Yang Kai broke through to the Ninth Order? He still had a lot of room to grow. Thinking of this, Mo Yu was secretly shocked. This person’s talent was truly terrifying!

“Follow the plan,” Mo Na Ye whispered to everyone.

Agreeing to let Yang Kai take away a mountain pass was both a compromise and a test. After fighting with the Human Race for so many years, the Black Ink Clan was no stranger to the mysteries of Open Heaven Stage's Small Universe.

With such a huge mountain pass, even if Yang Kai had the ability to take it away, it would definitely affect his strength. At that time, if Yang Kai’s performance wasn’t good enough, the Black Ink Clan’s side could attack him together and try to eliminate him!

If not for this expectation, the previous negotiations would not have gone so smoothly.

The Black Ink Clan’s masters were all staring at him like a tiger eyeing its prey. Yang Kai suddenly raised his head and smiled at them. Having dealt with Mo Na Ye for so many years, how could he not know what he was up to?

In his heart, he was secretly amused. If Mo Na Ye really had such plans, he would be disappointed.

With a single thought, Yang Kai summoned the Space-Time River, causing many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters to stare blankly. In their minds, if Yang Kai wanted to take away this Pure Yang Pass, he would need to borrow his Small Universe’s strength. After all, only a Ninth Order's Small Universe would be able to contain such a huge artifact.

Why did he suddenly summon this Great Dao River?

Mo Na Ye’s face sank as he realized he had made a mistake…

The sound of flowing water rang out in the depths of everyone’s hearts as the Space-Time River continued to spread out. Under Yang Kai’s control, it circled the Pure Yang Pass until it was completely wrapped up.

Inside the great river, the power of space and time interweaved and everything was calm.

At a certain moment, the river water suddenly began to churn and a rich power of Space Principle spread out from the river, causing the space wrapped in the river to become unstable.

Yang Kai raised his hand and grabbed towards the direction of the Space-Time River before turning to Mo Na Ye, “If you don’t act now, it will be too late.”

Mo Na Ye stared at him expressionlessly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Yang Kai snorted and ignored him, slowly exerting his strength.

The void trembled and the space around them was torn apart.

The space around Pure Yang Pass was like a piece of tofu being cut apart by a sharp weapon, separated from the surrounding space by the Space-Time River.

The Black Ink Clan’s masters were all shocked, and the two Black Ink Clan Royal Lords’ eyes flashed with disbelief. Even with their strength and vision, the methods Yang Kai had displayed at this moment were somewhat incredible.

The flow of the Space-Time River became more rapid, and the Space Great Dao became violent, causing the great river to surge violently.

Yang Kai’s large hand slowly clenched into a fist, and as he did so, the void he had separated seemed to be under great pressure and began to shrink.

Every time the Space-Time River circulates, the space it separated from became smaller, as if the entire void was being compressed by it.


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