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In the past, although Yang Kai’s troublemaking had given the Black Ink Clan a headache, there was still a way to suppress it, but now that Yang Kai had broken through to the Ninth Order, the Black Ink Clan seemed to have no way to resolve it, making them feel helpless.

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help feeling a bit regretful. He still didn’t pay attention to Yang Kai enough. If he had found a way to kill him a few years ago, he wouldn’t have been in so much trouble today.

However, according to the information he had obtained from the Black Ink Disciple in his early years, Yang Kai’s limit in this life was only an Eighth Order. No one had expected that during this time when the Black Ink Clan were preparing for war, the legendary Universe Furnace would suddenly open, allowing Yang Kai to break through to the Ninth Order.

In the end, he, Mo Na Ye, didn’t have the ability to predict the future. At that time, his only consideration was to wait until the Black Ink Clan had produced enough Royal Lords, then Yang Kai, an Eighth Order, would become less useful, so there was no need to deliberately target him.

Before the Universe Furnace appeared, he had paid a great price to target him, but all of his efforts had been in vain. On the other hand, the Black Ink Clan had suffered a great loss.

“He came here just to get beaten up?” Mo Yu stared in the direction Yang Kai had left, his brow wrinkled in confusion, “Why did he go to the Ink Battlefield?”

Mo Na Ye also couldn’t figure out what Yang Kai’s intentions were. Combining all of Yang Kai’s previous actions, this guy had always appeared and disappeared like a ghost…

“Not good!” Mo Na Ye quickly turned his head and shouted, “Domain Gate!”

Just now, he had been too focused on the battle with Yang Kai to think too much about it, but now that he had calmed down, Mo Na Ye suddenly discovered an extremely serious problem.

The Domain Gate had been sealed by Yang Kai’s Space Ability!

In fact, Yang Kai had done this once before. That time, he had returned from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea and gathered a group of Human Race remnants outside the No-Return Pass. When he lead them to attack the No-Return Pass, he had sent them to the Spatial Territory. After that, Yang Kai had rushed back and saved the captured Dragon Clan’s Ji Old Third.

When he returned from the Spatial Territory, Yang Kai had used his Space Ability to seal the Domain Gate. At that time, he had only just broken through to the Eighth Order, so whether it was his own methods or his attainments in the Dao of Space, they were far inferior to what they were now. At that time, he had even expended quite a bit of effort.

After rescuing Ji Old Third, Yang Kai took him to the depths of the Ink Battlefield and returned to the Black Territory through a secret passage in Blue Sky War Zone.

With the Domain Gate sealed, the Black Ink Clan had spent a great deal of effort to re-open it.

After that, Yang Kai never did such a thing again until today.

The No-Return Pass was now the foundation of the Black Ink Clan. At every moment, a large number of Black Ink Clan would be born here, and reinforcements would constantly be sent out to the front lines to assist in the battle. The injured Pseudo-Royal Lords would also return to the No-Return Pass to recuperate.

With the Domain Gate sealed, it was equivalent to cutting off the connection between the No-Return Pass and the 3000 Worlds. Not only would this cause the Black Ink Clan to lose a great deal of their advantage, but it would also be a fundamental threat to the Black Ink Clan’s army that was fighting in the 3000 Worlds.

Although the Black Ink Clan currently had many masters, and even if they forcefully tried to open the sealed Domain Gate, it would take time!

The front lines were constantly changing, so how could there be so much time to waste?

In an instant, Mo Na Ye thought about many things.

Suddenly realizing that perhaps this was the main reason why Yang Kai had come to the No-Return Pass this time!

However, even if he could see through this point, it was useless. The Domain Gate being sealed was a fact, so he had to find a way to break it as soon as possible.

Soon, under the leadership of Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu, many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters began to attack the Domain Gate. Wave after wave of powerful energy swept out, causing the Black Ink Clan masters to feel as if they had eaten flies.

In the void far away from the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai stopped on a floating continent to recuperate.

Fighting so many Black Ink Clan masters by himself, Yang Kai had suffered quite a beating. If it weren’t for his Holy Spirit Body, Yang Kai really would have been unable to resist. Although he had managed to injure some of the Pseudo-Royal Lords, he hadn’t been able to kill many of them, which was quite a pity.

It couldn’t be forced, human's manpower were sometimes poor.

Not to mention, he had already achieved his goal.

Destroying a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, sealing a Domain Gate, and killing a Territory Lord that had a chance of becoming a Royal Lord was just a warning to the Black Ink Clan, he hadn’t used any follow-up methods yet.

Right now, the Black Ink Clan should have already understood his attentions, and the sealed Domain Gate should be able to give them a headache for a while.

Then let them have a headache. The more headache they had, the easier it would be for him to carry out his next plan.

A few days later, Yang Kai stood up and once again became fierce and vigorous.

To the current Yang Kai, these minor injuries weren’t a big deal, and he could easily recover from them. Looking up in the direction of the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai turned around and rushed towards the depths of the Ink Battlefield, holding a Space Spirit Bead in his hand as he constantly urged his strength to sense it.

The entire Ink Battlefield could be said to be composed of numerous war zones. In this vast void, although the Ink Battlefield was vast, it was no different from a pond or an ocean.

For countless years, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan had fought fiercely in this pond known as the Ink Battlefield, but as the Human Race was defeated, this noisy battlefield gradually calmed down, no longer as lively as before.

At the moment, the Black Ink Clan was sitting on top of the mountain pass, using it as their foundation to look at the 3000 Worlds. Occasionally, only a few mining teams would enter the Ink Battlefield, but they wouldn’t go too deep.

In the Myriad Demons War Zone, near the space where the Ancient Battlefield was located, two figures were hiding their auras in a dead silence. Both of them looked old, both of them having the cultivation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, their old faces filled with worry.

After a long silence, an old man on the left wearing a black robe spoke up, “It’s been almost seven hundred years, but there’s still no news of Junior Brother Yang. Could something have happened?”

In the past, they had made an agreement with Yang Kai that he would come and collect the resources from them once every hundred years, but the last time they did so was almost seven hundred years ago. Since they had not seen Yang Kai for so long, it was inevitable that they would overthink things.

The other old man dressed in linen clothes said, “The battlefield is dangerous, anything can happen.” Although he didn’t have any intention of agreeing with the other party, he still guessed that Yang Kai had encountered some kind of accident, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to not come for such a long time.

“Then what should we do?”

This was a very deep location in the Ink battlefield. Without Yang Kai’s support, it would be impossible for them to return to the 3000 Worlds. They would not be able to return through the No-Return Pass.

“Junior Brother Zhao and the others have also sent a message to ask about this matter and feel it’s time to use that route.”

“Go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?” The old man in black robe frowned.

The old man in linen clothes nodded, “This is something Junior Brother Yang has warned us about before, and it is our only way out.”

“The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is a long journey, and this trip will take at least twenty or thirty years. You and I, as Eighth Order cultivators, may be fine, but there are many dangers along the way. Those Fourth Order and Fifth Order youths may not be able to survive, and the casualties may not be small.”

“This is indeed a problem, so Junior Brother Zhao and the others didn’t insist on setting out for the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction right now. Although seven hundred years isn’t a short time, it isn’t too long for a High Rank Open Heaven master. Perhaps Junior Brother Yang encountered some kind of problem and was delayed. Fortunately, we haven’t been discovered by the Black Ink Clan for so many years, so we’re still safe for now.”

“Then we’ll wait?”

“We can only do so.”

The two of them fell silent for a moment before the black-robed old man spoke again, “I wonder how the war in the 3000 Worlds is going.”

“I hope everything goes smoothly.”

Silence again.

For these people, they were all alone and helpless, unable to receive any news about the 3000 Worlds at all. They didn’t know how the war was going, so this situation was quite difficult.

However, they also knew that they had a mission to carry, and there were always some things that needed to be done, even if not many people knew about their sacrifices.

Time slowly passed by in this silence. A few days later, the old man in linen clothes suddenly opened his eyes and let out a light cry. Turning his hand over, a round bead appeared in his palm. It was a Space Spirit Bead.

Looking over, the Space Spirit Bead seemed to be making some kind of strange movement, and a mysterious power was spreading out from it.

“This is…” The old man was pleasantly surprised.

This situation had occurred many times before, and every time the Space Spirit Bead reacted, it meant that Yang Kai was coming. All these years, he had kept this Space Spirit Bead close to his body and had been waiting for this day to come.

The black-robed old man was also startled and stared at the Space Spirit Bead with a look of anticipation.

The Space Spirit Bead’s movements became more obvious until at some point, the linen clothed old man clearly felt that the Space Spirit Bead in his hand was connected to an unknown location.

In the next moment, the space in front of them rippled and a figure appeared in front of them.

Finally here, the two Eighth Order masters let out a long sigh and immediately sent out a message in all directions.

“Junior Brother Yang, can you be considered… hmm?” Before the old man could finish his words, he stared at Yang Kai in shock, as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight, “You’re… a Ninth Order?”

The black-robed old man also noticed this, but since Yang Kai had yet to display his full strength, he wasn’t too sure.

“Greetings, Senior Brothers. Sorry to keep you waiting,” Yang Kai greeted.

“Are you a Ninth Order?” The old man asked.

Yang Kai nodded, “Senior Brother’s vision is sharp, I have indeed broken through to the Ninth Order!”

The two Eighth Order masters couldn’t help exchanging a glance, both shocked and gratified as they whispered, “Good, very good.”

As they were speaking, the Space Principle around them fluctuated wildly and one figure after another appeared. They had received a message from this side and the scattered Eighth Order masters had gathered here.

When they saw Yang Kai, who they had been waiting for hundreds of years, all of them couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. To them, if Yang Kai didn’t show himself, they could only follow his instructions and head to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to meet up with the Withdrawing Black Ink Army. However, the journey to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was long and dangerous, and many people wouldn’t be able to survive it. This was a path filled with thorns, so if they could avoid using it, they would try their best not to.

Now that Yang Kai had appeared, there was naturally no need for them to go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

When they heard the linen-clothed old man say that Yang Kai had advanced to the Ninth Order, these old Eighth Order masters couldn’t help feeling shocked, almost suspecting that the old man had seen wrongly. However, upon closer inspection, Yang Kai was indeed a Ninth Order, which dispelled their doubts, but they still couldn’t figure out how Yang Kai had advanced.


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