At the same time that Yang Kai’s claw grabbed the several Pseudo-Royal Lords, the attacks of the many Black Ink Clan masters also landed on him. Even with Yang Kai’s thick skin, his body was still violently shaken.

The Pseudo-Royal Lords were not to be trifled with, especially with the two Royal Lords’ attacks mixed together, making them appear especially sharp. Wherever their attacks landed, dragon scales would fly.

There were both advantages and disadvantages to having a massive physique. The advantage was that no matter what kind of technique he used, it would be astonishing and powerful. The disadvantage was that it would be difficult to avoid some attacks.

However, the body of the Divine Dragon was extremely powerful, and with the protection of the dragon scales, it was difficult to say how long it would take for these attacks to have any effects on Yang Kai.

When the Black Ink Clan’s masters attacked, the Pseudo-Royal Lords that Yang Kai had captured also began to exert their strength. Although they had been caught off guard and suffered a loss, they were still Pseudo-Royal Lords and wouldn’t die so easily. They each circulated their strength and released their Secret Techniques, bombarding their surroundings.

Another group of Black Ink Clan masters led by Mo Na Ye coordinated with each other, and after three breaths, they finally broke free from Yang Kai’s Dragon Claws and escaped.

However, all of them had a look of fear on their faces. When they had been caught just now, they had thought they were going to die. Although they had managed to escape, all of them had suffered injuries of varying degrees. Yang Kai’s strength was no joke.

High up in the sky, around the giant dragon’s body, figures flew about like flies. This battle that had erupted in the blink of an eye was extremely fierce.

This was the first time Yang Kai had transformed into a dragon after becoming a Divine Dragon. From the perspective of a Divine Dragon, everything around him seemed extremely small and insignificant, causing him to feel a sense of pride.

It was no wonder that the Holy Spirits were so arrogant. Firstly, they were the first generation rulers of the Heavens, so they had a natural sense of superiority. Secondly, most of the Holy Spirits were massive in size and possessed great strength, so those who weren’t Holy Spirits weren’t worthy of their attention.

This was the influence of the Holy Spirit power, and it had nothing to do with one’s temperament. Yang Kai secretly became vigilant. He really wanted to probe the limits of his strength, but that didn’t mean he would underestimate these Black Ink Clan masters. If he really treated them like flies, he might even lose his life.

As the battle raged on, even if Yang Kai used his Dragon Clan Secret Techniques one after another, the situation still didn’t look good. After all, he had faced too many opponents this time, and none of them were weak, so it didn’t take long before he was covered in blood.

In the midst of this fierce battle, Yang Kai was also observing his surroundings. At a certain moment, the giant dragon turned around and swept its huge dragon tail out. In that direction, a Pseudo-Royal Lord with a large array foundation was sent flying.

Mo Na Ye grit his teeth.

In order to deal with Yang Kai, the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array was indispensable. Although Yang Kai was currently being besieged, there was no Great Array to seal off the void, so he could leave whenever he wanted. No one could stop him.

As such, when the great battle had just begun, the Pseudo-Royal Lords responsible for setting up the Great Array had already begun making preparations. Now, they only needed one more Array Foundation to set up the Great Array, but all their efforts had been in vain.

He had long since noticed this and had been on guard against it!

In fact, this was indeed the case. When Yang Kai appeared from the Domain Gate, he had already noticed the existence of the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array. The reason he wanted to seal the Domain Gate was not because he was arrogant, but rather because he wanted to take the initiative.

If he didn’t seal the Domain Gate, no matter how many masters the Black Ink Clan had, they wouldn’t easily attack him and would only wait for him to enter the Great Array.

Sealing off the Domain Gate was akin to cutting off one’s own retreat and also giving the Black Ink Clan an opportunity to act. This way, the Great Array that the Black Ink Clan had set up in advance would be useless and would need to be re-arranged.

Right now, Yang Kai only needed to guard against the Black Ink Clan’s Great Array and prevent them from setting it up properly.

As the roar of a dragon rang out, a series of Secret Techniques flew out as the Pseudo-Royal Lords fought back and forth. In such a great battle, they didn’t dare give Yang Kai any opportunity to attack. Although their attacks could injure Yang Kai, it didn’t seem like they would be able to injure him, but once Yang Kai found an opportunity to attack them, he might be able to seriously injure them.

Only Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu, the two Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, could pose a real threat to Yang Kai, but even the two of them became more frightened as they fought.

Yang Kai looked like he was in a sorry state, but his aura didn’t weaken, instead becoming stronger as he fought.

Mo Na Ye had fought with Yang Kai in the Universe Furnace and suffered a great loss, but he also knew that at that time, Yang Kai wasn’t at his peak, so it was difficult for him to display his full strength. As such, this time he had tried his best to overestimate Yang Kai’s strength.

But now, he was shocked to discover that Yang Kai’s strength was stronger than he had imagined.

Ninth Order, Divine Dragon Body. From ancient times until now, no living being had ever been able to gather these two power together, not to mention that Yang Kai had fused with Fang Tianci’s Small Universe when he had broken through to the Ninth Order. The benefits he had obtained from the Universe Furnace had greatly increased his attainments in the Great Dao level, which was the foundation of his strength.

If it was an ordinary Ninth Order, how could they have such ability?

Mo Yu’s mood was also not as calm as it seemed on the surface. Not long ago, Yang Kai had been chased around like a rabbit by him, not daring to fight him head on, but after so many years, his strength had grown to such a degree.

With Yang Kai’s current strength, in a one-on-one fight, Mo Yu was no match for him.

Wasn’t it said that after the Human Race advanced, they would need a long time to accumulate their own foundation? This fellow had advanced to the Ninth Order in the Universe Universe, and it had only been a few hundred years since then, so he was still a newly promoted Ninth Order.

With his current strength, if he was given a few more years to accumulate, what kind of scene would that be?

It could be said that the more powerful Yang Kai’s performance was, the more the powehouses of the Black Ink Clan feared him.

Several more Pseudo-Royal Lords were sent flying, but Mo Yu and Mo Na Ye’s eyes lit up at the same time as they found an opportunity to attack. In the next moment, the two of them attacked together and launched a violent Secret Techniques towards the giant dragon.

The Ink Force exploded and more than a dozen dragon scales were lifted, revealing the flesh and blood hidden beneath the dragon scales. The ten thousand zhang long dragon body was also sent flying by this attack.


The two Royal Lords were both overjoyed, but in the next moment, their joy froze on their faces as they watched Yang Kai’s massive body crash into one of the Ink Nests.

As for the Ink Nest, it was a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest…

Rumble! How could the towering Royal Lord-level Ink Nest withstand such a collision? It directly collapsed.

Golden light flashed as Yang Kai transformed into his human form and stood up awkwardly. The next moment, he stretched out his hand and grabbed a figure from the collapsed Ink Nest.

This person was none other than the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord. His aura fluctuated wildly as he was caught off guard by this sudden change.

It wasn’t until he saw Yang Kai’s face that the Territory Lord’s expression changed drastically.

Staring at him for a while, Yang Kai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, his eyes flashing as he looked towards the pursuing Black Ink Clan masters.

With the two Royal Lords leading the way, the many Pseudo-Royal Lords followed close behind, only a few dozen kilometers away from each other.

With the strength of everyone present, a few dozen kilometers was almost equivalent to being directly face to face.

Mo Na Ye pursed his lips, his expression extremely ugly. He could tell that Yang Kai had just taken advantage of the situation and deliberately crashed into this place, destroying one of their Royal Lord-level Ink Nests. The Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan, and although the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction's Territory Lords had brought out many Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, a large number of them had been used to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. Right now, each of these Royal Lord-level Ink Nests was extremely precious, so there was no way to replenish their losses.

During this confrontation, the Black Ink Clan’s masters did not take action again. Whether it was Mo Na Ye or Mo Yu, both of them knew that their plan to kill Yang Kai had failed again. With the strength Yang Kai had just displayed, they had no way of restricting him and could not easily arrange the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array. Since that was the case, there was no need to continue fighting.

“Let him go!” A moment later, Mo Na Ye shouted.

Yang Kai raised his hand and knocked his head, showing a mocking look on his face, “Are you still asleep?”

Saying so, he exerted some force and the Territory Lord he had captured exploded into a bloody mist.

Mo Na Ye’s expression became angry, but in the end he endured it.

Yang Kai glanced around, his eyes sweeping over the various Royal Lord-level Ink Nests as he chuckled, “It seems your Black Ink Clan is about to give birth to a new Royal Lord, congratulations.”

The Territory Lord he had captured just now was clearly not an ordinary Territory Lord, but someone the Black Ink Clan had placed high hopes on and had the qualifications to promote to a Royal Lord, so he had been arranged to cultivate in a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

But whether he had the qualifications or not, he was already dead at this moment.

In the No-Return Pass, there were still quite a number of Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, at least three or four hundred of them. Among them were some Pseudo-Royal Lords who were healing their injuries, but there were definitely many Territory Lords who were cultivating inside. If he could destroy all of them, the future of the Black Ink Clan would definitely be bleak.

Seeing Yang Kai’s unfriendly gaze, the group of Black Ink Clan masters also became nervous. In the battle just now, they had already witnessed Yang Kai’s strength. If Yang Kai insisted on attacking those Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, they really didn’t have a good way to stop him. In a great battle, there would always be a time when they couldn’t guard against him, and perhaps even more Royal Lord-level Ink Nest would be destroyed.

Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t have any intention of continuing the battle. He simply clapped his hands as if he wanted to wash off the stains on his hands, looked at Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu, and said, “Today’s battle ends here. I can’t do anything to you, and you can't keep me here either. I’ll take my leave first!”

Saying so, he cupped his fists and turned to leave.

The group of Pseudo-Royal Lords couldn’t help looking at the two Royal Lords, waiting for instructions.

Mo Na Ye endured, but in the end, he still didn’t say anything. He was beaten to such a state after making a scene at the No-Return Pass, he had also destroyed a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest and killed a good seedling who had a chance of becoming a Royal Lord. But the enemy had simply left, now his heart is filled with grievances and helplessness.


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