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The battle between the Giant Spiritual Gods caused his blood to boil as Yang Kai finally managed to suppress his desire to intervene.

He still had some self-awareness. Although he had already broken through to the Ninth Order and his personal strength had reached the pinnacle of the Martial Dao, in front of a colossus like the Giant Spiritual God, it was still not enough.

If he rashly interfered, he would only end up in a miserable state.

What’s more, if he was right, the stage for him to perform should have already been set up in the No-Return Pass!

As such, Yang Kai decided not to interfere in the battle between these four Giant Spiritual Gods for the time being. Clasping his hands together, Yang Kai cupped his mouth and shouted, “A' Da, A' Er, good luck!”

His voice resounded like the roar of a dragon, spreading out in all directions.

A' Da, who was fighting against a powerful enemy, couldn’t help turning his head to look in the direction of the sound, but he was caught off guard by his opponent’s punch and staggered.

Enraged, A’ Da stabilized himself and bent down, grabbing his opponent by the waist and slamming his elbow into his knee, causing him to fall to the ground. He then mounted the Ink Giant Spiritual God and rained down his fists, each strike like a thunderclap, causing Yang Kai’s eyelids to twitch.

It was best not to disturb them…

Retracting his aura, he rushed towards the Domain Gate that led to the No-Return Pass.

The Domain Gate was guarded by Black Ink Clan masters all year round. On one hand, they control the Domain Gate itself, but on the other hand, they were also supervising the battles between the Giant Spiritual Gods. When they heard Yang Kai’s voice, they immediately turned around and rushed back into the Domain Gate.

Soon, the news of Yang Kai’s appearance in the Spatial Territory was reported to Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu. The two Black Ink Clan Royal Lords looked at each other with solemn expressions.

This guy really came! Although he had grown from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order, if he really dared to show up from the Domain Gate this time, they might have a chance to capture him.

The arrangements for dealing with Yang Kai had already been arranged. At this moment, Mo Na Ye gave the order and the many Black Ink Clan masters began to move.

After crossing the Spatial Territory, Yang Kai arrived at the Domain Gate that led to the No-Return Pass. Looking up for a moment, he stepped inside without stopping.

In the next moment, the Space Principle wrapped around his body and a faint feeling of being turn upside-down caused his vision to blur as he appeared in front of the No-Return Pass.

In an instant, dozens of powerful auras locked onto him from all directions, two of which were particularly prominent.

The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth curled up into a smile as he looked around, carefully sizing up Mo Yu and Mo Na Ye, these two Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, his mood somewhat delicate.

In the past, he had come to the No-Return Pass to stir up trouble several times, but each time he had done so, he had been careful and stealthy, trying his best not to be discovered. But now, he had the capital to openly enter the Domain Gate to No-Return Pass.

The Black Ink Clan didn’t immediately attack him because there was no point. Behind Yang Kai was the Domain Gate, allowing him to escape to the Spatial Territory at any time. Even if the Black Ink Clan gathered many masters, they wouldn’t be able to take him down in an instant.

As such, in this plan, Yang Kai’s appearance was not the best time to act, and every Black Ink Clan master was patiently waiting…

The situation was tense and the atmosphere was cold and murderous.

Mo Na Ye’s expression was extremely solemn. Although he had confirmed through the various reports he had received that the one who had appeared in the E-5 Domain and the other Great Domains was Yang Kai, he had not seen it with his own eyes, so he still harbored some hope that the information he had received from the frontlines was wrong. It was only now that he saw Yang Kai’s true self that his hopes were dashed.

This guy really came back…

As someone who had almost died at Yang Kai’s hands, Mo Na Ye had a deeper fear of Yang Kai than anyone else.

“Is that it?” In the midst of this confrontation, Yang Kai suddenly chuckled. He had thought that the moment he appeared, he would be besieged by the Black Ink Clan’s masters, but he didn’t expect these fellows to be so patient. However, he also knew why the Black Ink Clan didn’t take action. The Domain Gate was behind him, so if the Black Ink Clan really took action, he could retreat at any time.

The contempt in his smile angered many of the Black Ink Clan masters, causing a large portion of their attention on Yang Kai to become restless.

Since the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds, the Human Race had always been at a disadvantage. No human had ever acted so arrogantly in the Black Ink Clan’s headquarter, making them feel deeply humiliated.

Mo Na Ye coldly snorted, “Yang Kai, you are bold!”

Yang Kai looked him up and down, as if it was the first time he had seen him, but he didn’t answer, “You’re quite lucky!”

Mo Na Ye frowned and quickly understood what Yang Kai meant. When the Universe Furnace was closed that day, Mo Na Ye almost thought he would die. At that time, he had not fully recovered from his heavy injuries, so if Yang Kai returned with him in the entrance at that time, he would definitely not be Yang Kai’s opponent and would definitely be beaten to death.

For Yang Kai to be able to stand here in one piece was truly a stroke of luck. Although he didn’t know what had happened to Yang Kai and how he had only returned after so many years, no matter what, he had still managed to survive under Yang Kai.

“Your luck isn’t bad either!” Mo Na Ye replied indifferently. He had studied Yang Kai’s growth and discovered that this fellow was most likely the so-called Human Race’s lucky man. He had cultivated and had many opportunities along the way, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to grow to his current state.

Yang Kai grinned, “Luck is also a part of strength.” Saying so, he no longer paid any attention to him and turned his head to look around, mocking, “What? Everyone has been waiting for me. Now that I’m here, aren’t you going to attack?”

Attack my ass! Mo Na Ye cursed in his heart. If you have the guts, take a few more steps forward. In this plan, they must find a way to keep Yang Kai away from the Domain Gate so that the plan can be carried out perfectly. Otherwise, as long as Yang Kai doesn’t want to fight with them, all of his efforts will be wasted.

“I understand,” Yang Kai added, “Are you afraid I’ll run away?”

Saying so, Yang Kai suddenly waved his hand, causing the Space Principle to surge and the Domain Gate behind him to ripple. Immediately after, the Domain Gate began to solidify like a lake in the middle of winter. In the blink of an eye, the Domain Gate that had been steadily rotating for countless years completely froze, and the surface of the Domain Gate began to have ripples like ice patterns.


Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu both stared with their eyes wide open, while the group of Pseudo-Royal Lords stared in shock.

What was this guy doing?

“How about this?” Yang Kai smiled playfully at the group of Black Ink Clan masters.

“Attack!” Mo Na Ye shouted.

Although Yang Kai’s actions were difficult to understand, taking the initiative to cut off his own retreat was a bit too reckless. The original plan was to draw Yang Kai away from the Domain Gate so that he could not retreat at any time, but now that this concern was no longer present, how could Mo Na Ye hesitate?

Yang Kai took the initiative to hand over the opportunity, so Mo Na Ye would not disappoint him.

The moment this shout rang out, a powerful aura burst out and from all directions, nearly twenty figures rushed towards him, each of them a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

However, this was not all. There were still twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords, each of them holding their own Array Foundation as they quickly surrounded Yang Kai from the outside, wanting to set up a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array. Once they did so, they would be able to seal off this entire space, making it impossible for Yang Kai to escape.

Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu also attacked at the same time. Against a great enemy like Yang Kai, the two Royal Lords would not show any mercy and immediately went all out.

In an instant, the Ink Force surged as a series of pitch-black Secret Techniques flew towards Yang Kai.

A resounding dragon roar rang out as a golden light flashed and a series of crackling sounds rang out. When the group of Pseudo-Royal Lords arrived in front of Yang Kai, they were shocked to discover that the little man had transformed into a giant monster.

His entire body was covered in golden dragon scales and his dragon beard fluttered in the wind. On his forehead was a pair of majestic dragon horns and a biting cold dragon might that seemed to have solidified the air.

“Divine Dragon?”

Mo Yu, who was using his Secret Technique to attack Yang Kai, was extremely surprised.

He knew that Yang Kai had advanced to the Ninth Order, and he also knew that Yang Kai could transform into Dragon form, but when had this guy become a Divine Dragon?

He had once participated in an offensive and defensive battle in the No-Return Pass, so Mo Yu’s memory of the Divine Dragon’s power was still fresh in his mind. It was an existence even stronger than an ordinary Ninth Order master, and he had once suffered a loss at the hands of the previous Dragon Clan Patriarch.

Not only was he a Ninth Order, but he was also a Divine Dragon. Just how deep was his foundation?

“Let me see just how strong you are!” Yang Kai transformed into a dragon and roared, his battle intent soaring!

Ever since he had broken through to the Ninth Order, he had only fought against Mo Na Ye with all his strength. Although he had won that battle, it was not his peak.

At that time, he had already been seriously injured, and after using the Three Parts Normalizing Art and fusing with his two clones, he hadn’t even had time to stabilize his cultivation, so the strength he could display was naturally not at its peak.

After several hundred years, his Ninth Order cultivation had stabilized and he was now at his peak. In this world, besides the No-Return Pass to test his limit, he could only fight with the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

However, the latter’s strength was too strong, so Yang Kai estimated that there was no way he could be an opponent, so the best target is the No-Return Pass.

It was also because of this consideration that Yang Kai had not deliberately concealed his whereabouts along the way.

He wanted to see what his current limit was! Moreover, for some purpose, this battle was unavoidable.

With a roar, Yang Kai stretched out his claw and grabbed towards a certain direction. With Yang Kai’s current physique, even if it was just a dragon claw, it was enough to cover the sky.

In that direction, the several Pseudo-Royal Lords instantly lost the light in front of them as a huge shadow loomed over them, accompanied by a powerful pressure that caused them to tremble in fear. This was the Dragon Prestige belonging to the Divine Dragon, so much so that they could barely stand straight.

The power of the Great Dao of Space and Time spread out, causing the vast void to become chaotic and space to solidify. The senses of the several Pseudo-Royal Lords became extremely chaotic, and for a time, they were unable to avoid being caught by the dragon claw.

Yang Kai clenched his fist and pressed hard, causing the sound of bones breaking and a muffled groan to ring out.


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