The battle report had shown that the five Pseudo-Royal Lords, including Huo Yu, had been captured. Their fate? Mo Na Ye could easily guess.

As such, he quickly issued an order, “Send orders to E-5 Domain, all Pseudo-Royal Lords to gather together and watch Yang Kai closely. Don't give him any opportunity to take advantage of them.”

The Territory Lord immediately accepted the order and left.

But a moment later, he rushed back, and when Mo Na Ye saw his expression, he felt something was wrong, gritting his teeth and asking, “What happened?”

The Territory Lord lowered his head, his hands trembling as he handed over a jade slip and said in a trembling voice, “E-5 Domain sent a second report…”

Mo Na Ye glanced at the jade slip but didn’t immediately examine it, slowly taking a deep breath.

Since a second battle report had arrived so quickly, there was no need to investigate. Mo Na Ye also knew that something had happened on E-5 Domain’s side, and the situation was extremely unfavorable for the Black Ink Clan. Otherwise, there was no reason for two battle reports to arrive so quickly.

The situation was worse than he had imagined!

After taking a seat, Mo Na Ye took the jade slip and read it carefully. Even though he was mentally prepared, he still couldn’t help feeling a bit confused.

According to the previous battle report, Yang Kai had appeared and killed Ji Chi, capture Huo Yu including five Pseudo-Royal Lords.

This battle report showed that in the face of the remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords, Yang Kai had once again appeared like a ghost, forcefully resisting the attacks of the many Black Ink Clan masters and using the Great Dao River to sweep away two Pseudo-Royal Lords. Before the other party appeared, there had been no warning at all and none of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had noticed.

In just half a day, the Black Ink Clan of the E-5 Domain had lost a total of eight Pseudo-Royal Lords. Although there were many Pseudo-Royal Lords over there, they still couldn’t bear such a loss.

As a result, after the remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords realized that the situation was not good, they quickly retreated from the E-5 Domain, along with many other Territory Lords.

As for E-5 Domain’s Black Ink Clan’s army, although the battle report didn’t mention them, it didn’t make any difference.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord and a large number of Territory Lords had already fled, why would the army stay and wait for death? They must have already been defeated and fled, and the Human Race definitely wouldn’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip by. It could be predicted that this would be an all-out pursuit. Without so many Black Ink Clan masters, the Black Ink Clan army wouldn’t be able to do anything in front of the Human Race.

On the chair, Mo Na Ye’s expression constantly changed as the jade slip containing the battle report was crushed by him.

The Territory Lord who had sent the message carefully observed his expression and asked, “Sir, should we withdraw the army from E-5 Domain?”

He also knew that the current situation was not good for the Black Ink Clan, so he was somewhat worried about the situation of the army.

Mo Na Ye took a deep breath and slowly shook his head, “We can’t withdraw them.”

Others might not know about Yang Kai, but how could he not know? The Black Ink Clan’s base camp rear has a Domain Gate, and their original strategy was to either attack or retreat. Even if they were not an opponent, they could retreat through the Domain Gate and try to preserve their strength.

However, in front of Yang Kai, this kind of retreat had been completely sealed off. As someone proficient in the Space Principle, Yang Kai must have immediately sealed the Domain Gate.

Right now, E-5 Domain was probably engaged in a massacre!

He didn’t know how many Black Ink Clan had managed to escape this time, but the only thing that made Mo Na Ye rejoice was that the Pseudo-Royal Lords had fled as fast as they could when they saw that the situation wasn’t looking good. Many of the Territory Lords had also escaped. Although the losses were great, at least they hadn’t been wiped out in one fell swoop. Moreover, the ones who had managed to escape were all high-level combatants, which was a blessing in disguise.

However, Yang Kai would definitely chase after them. Even if the Pseudo-Royal Lords escaped, they might not be safe.

Calming himself down, Mo Na Ye ordered, “Send out a message to closely monitor Yang Kai’s movements. If there is any movement, report immediately!”

“Yes!” The Territory Lord nodded before turning to leave.

Soon, a series of messages were transmitted to the No-Return Pass.

Yang Kai set out from E-5 Domain and arrived at Silver Frost Domain…

Yang Kai appeared in Thunderbolt Domain and discovered the Black Ink Clan’s base, quickly approaching…

A mining team from the Candle Dragon Domain had lost contact with them and was suspected to have been killed by Yang Kai…

As the information gathered in Mo Na Ye’s hands, he stared at the Universe Chart in front of him and used his mind to outline Yang Kai’s recent movements, quickly determining his true purpose.

No-Return Pass!

He is on his way here, he is heading straight to the No-Return Pass!

Mo Na Ye's face suddenly sank. This situation was not something he had not anticipated. When Yang Kai had just broken through to the Eighth Order, he had often come to the No-Return Pass to stir up trouble. It could be said that he is the epitome of a bold and skilled cultivators. Now that this fellow had broken through to the Ninth Order, it was likely he no longer placed the Black Ink Clan in his eyes. Sooner or later, he would come to the No-Return Pass.

However, Mo Na Ye didn’t expect this fellow to be so eager to come here. After lending Chi Huo Army a helping hand, he had rushed straight to the No-Return Pass. According to the information from the various Great Domains, he had not made any delays along the way and had only conveniently cut off some of the Black Ink Clan forces he had encountered along the way.

This guy is so bold!

While Mo Na Ye was secretly shocked, he also felt a faint sense of anticipation.

Yang Kai’s arrogance had given the Black Ink Clan a slight chance. When he come to the No-Return Pass, he had to pass through the Domain Gate. The Black Ink Clan could easily ambush him at the Domain Gate, and as long as he showed himself, they would be able to catch him off guard. If he gathered all the high-level forces in the No-Return Pass to the Domain Gate, it was not impossible to capture him.

The Black Ink Clan had plotted this before, setting up the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array at the Domain Gate in advance to seal off the void. In the end, Yang Kai didn’t appear from the Domain Gate but instead used some unknown method to appear from the direction of the Ink Battlefield.

However, things were different now. Back when Yang Kai was an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, he had acted cautiously, but now that he was a Ninth Order, his strength had risen dramatically, so it was likely he had become a bit arrogant. Moreover, judging from his route, he would definitely enter the No-Return Pass from the Domain Gate, which gave the Black Ink Clan an opportunity.

Thinking so, Mo Na Ye quickly went to see Mo Yu, who was cultivating in seclusion, and reported to him about Yang Kai.

When he heard that Yang Kai had appeared and killed several Pseudo-Royal Lords, and that the Black Ink Clan army on the E-5 Domain’s side had been defeated, Mo Yu couldn’t help feeling shocked, angry, and distressed.

It didn’t matter how many casualties the Black Ink Clan’s army suffered, but the number of Pseudo-Royal Lords they had lost is not small and it has decreased. The Innate Territory Lords who had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had all been transformed into Pseudo-Royal Lords, so the Black Ink Clan could no longer increase the number of Pseudo-Royal Lords.

For hundreds of years, there had been no news of Yang Kai, so Mo Yu had thought he wouldn’t have to see him again. Who would have thought that Yang Kai’s appearance would cause such a huge loss to the Black Ink Clan?

Everything was just as Mo Na Ye had said before. If Yang Kai didn’t advance to the Ninth Order, then so be it, but if he did, he would become the greatest enemy of the Black Ink Clan.

However, after Mo Na Ye explained his plan, Mo Yu saw an opportunity and naturally agreed.

For a time, in the No-Return Pass, including Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu, many of the Pseudo-Royal Lords also appeared and arranged themselves outside the Domain Gate.

While this side was busy setting up traps, Yang Kai was leisurely making his way over. In the various domains he passed by, all of them were covered in a black ink aura, seemingly devoid of life.

He knew he couldn’t hide this trip from the Black Ink Clan, but he didn’t plan on concealing himself, otherwise, as long as he used Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to find him.

This time, he was not going to the No-Return Pass to wreck havoc, but to bring back some things.

After crossing one Great Domain after another, Yang Kai conveniently cut down some of the Black Ink Clan bases he had encountered. After more than a month, Yang Kai stepped out of the Shattering Heaven’s Domain Gate and entered the Spatial Territory.

This was a vast and empty Great Domain that had always been regarded as an important strategic location by the Human Race. The Human Race’s wise sages had long since been prepared for the collapse of the No-Return Pass. Once the No-Return Pass was breached, the Spatial Territory would become the new battlefield between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan.

In the past, the Human Race’s army had attacked the invading Black Ink Clan here, and the results were remarkable. If it weren’t for the interference of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, which had broken through the barrier between the Spatial Territory and Wind Mist Territory, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t have been able to invade the 3000 Worlds so easily.

In the past, the battlefield had buried the corpses of countless soldiers of the two races, as well as numerous Ninth Order and even the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords. These were the graves of true masters.

As soon as Yang Kai stepped into the Spatial Territory, he noticed the terrifying shockwaves of the battle sweeping over from the depths of the Void. This kind of shockwave was not very frequent, but each time, it felt like a powerful heart was violently beating, and the tremors were extremely obvious.

As he focused his gaze, he saw four massive figures fighting in the depths of the void, causing the surrounding space to collapse and become unstable.

The battle between the Giant Spiritual God and the Ink Giant Spiritual God wasn’t particularly fancy, nor did it have any special Secret Techniques. The two side fought like hooligans, exchanging punches and blows…

However, because both sides had grasped the power to destroy the world, the aftermath of such a simple battle was extremely terrifying.

It was no wonder Mi Jinglun had said that the battle in the Spatial Territory had caused the Black Ink Clan to suffer a great loss. If the Black Ink Clan’s army in the No-Return Pass want to go to the front lines, they would have to pass through the Spatial Territory, and under such violent shockwaves, some of the weaker Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to withstand it unless they were escorted by powerful masters.

This was quite a pleasant surprise. When he had left the World Bead for Smiles, he had only done so in order to protect her from the Black Ink Clan, but he had not expected that it would cause such a happy situation for the Human Race.

At this moment, the four Giant Spiritual God were divided into two battlefields. Yang Kai saw the bald A’ Da and the crew cut A’ Er.

As for the two Ink Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai was able to identify them for a while.

The one fighting with A' Da should be the one who had awakened from the Ancient Battlefield, while the one fighting with A' Er should be the one who had awakened from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. The two Ink Giant Spiritual God didn’t look any different, but if one looked closely, they would be able to see some differences.

In fact, the Black Ink Clan originally had a third Ink Giant Spiritual God that had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but it had been bombarded by the combined forces of many Human Race masters in the No-Return Pass and killed in the last battle. Otherwise, the Black Ink Clan's side will have another Ink Giant Spiritual God, which is bad for the Human Race.


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