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No-Return Pass, the lofty mountain pass had already been occupied by the Black Ink Clan for many years. Since the Human Race’s army had retreated, it had been thousands of years. After so many years of management, the mountain pass that originally belonged to the Human Race had become the foundation of the Black Ink Clan.

This place had gathered all of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, countless Territory Lord-level Ink Nests, a large number of Black Ink Clan masters, and even the only two Royal Lords currently guarding this place.

Of the two Royal Lords of the Black Ink Clan, Mo Yu was the one who didn’t care about anything. Ever since Mo Na Ye had taken care of the affairs of the Black Ink Clan for him, he had spent almost all his time in his own Ink Nest, constantly borrowing its power to strengthen himself.

It had been many years since anyone had fought with him, so no one knew how much his strength had grown.

Information about the frontline battlefield was transferred from one Ink Nest to another, gathered in the No-Return Pass.

Inside a large hall, Mo Na Ye was examining the information he had received from the front, and after seeing the losses of the Human Race on various battlefields, his depressed mood finally relaxed.

The last time he had led a team to kill Smiles and Wu Qing, he had also helped the Ink Giant Spiritual God escape. Originally, he had thought it would be an easy task, but in the end, the Human Race had summoned a great killing weapon and released a true Giant Spiritual God.

As a result, not only had his mission failed, but even the two Ninth Order Human Race masters had been freed from their constraints. As for the Ink Giant Spiritual God he had placed high hopes on, it had been completely suppressed by the Giant Spiritual God Smiles had summoned.

Every time he thought about this matter, Mo Na Ye’s heart would ache slightly, as if no matter what he wanted to do, as long as he was involved with Yang Kai, nothing good would come of it.

When he returned from his failed mission, he was harshly reprimanded by Mo Yu. Fortunately, he was now the Royal Lord, so Mo Yu wouldn’t really do anything to him, but this was enough to make him depressed.

Over the past few years, he had not done anything but remain on guard in the No-Return Pass, controlling the Black Ink Clan army that was fighting against the Human Race’s army from the front lines and obtaining good results.

This was especially true for the E-5 Domain. Because they had been targeted by him, the Chi Huo Army had suffered great losses and many Eighth Order cultivators had died.

If this situation continued, in less than a hundred years, the Chi Huo Army would be destroyed by the Black Ink Clan.

He didn’t expect to become a fatty in a single bite. The Human Race’s army wasn’t easy to deal with. Even without a Ninth Order, there were still many masters among them, especially the Holy Spirits, all of whom were extremely difficult to deal with, so destroying Chi Huo Army had to be done slowly.

The Human Race’s current rising stars were truly endless, but as long as the Black Ink Clan’s side killed quickly enough, their losses would be greater than replenishment. One day, the Chi Huo Army would not be able to hold on.

In order to implement this strategy, the Black Ink Clan’s sacrifices weren’t small. Right now, whether it was the No-Return Pass or the frontline battlefield, there wasn’t a single Innate Territory Lord left. All of the Innate Territory Lords who had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had used the Fusion Technique under his and Mo Yu’s orders to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

The sacrifice of a large number of Innate Territory Lords had given birth to a massive number of Black Ink Clan’s current Pseudo-Royal Lords. This was the capital the Black Ink Clan had to contend with the Human Race. Otherwise, on the frontline battlefield, while the Human Race had a Ninth Order Sovereign, the Black Ink Clan didn’t have a Royal Lord, so how could they fight the Human Race?

Not to mention, after so many years of accumulation, the Black Ink Clan was finally about to have a new Royal Lord!

In the past, the Black Ink Clan that had slaughtered their way out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction not only had Innate Territory Lords, but also many ordinary Territory Lords. Innate Territory Lords were unable to become Royal Lords because their potential had been exhausted, but those ordinary ones were still qualified.

Early on when he was in charge of the Black Ink Clan, he had already selected a large number of Territory Lords who had a chance of becoming a Royal Lord from all over the world and had been carefully cultivating them in the No-Return Pass. Now, they were finally about to blossom and bear fruit.

As long as the Black Ink Clan produced more Royal Lords, they could make up for some of the disadvantages brought by the Ninth Order Human Race. At that time, the Human Race’s situation would only become worse!

Did the Human Race think they had won just because they had taken back a few Great Domains? How naive.

Putting down the report he had received from the front lines, Mo Na Ye leaned back in his chair and tapped his fingers on the table, a thoughtful look on his face.

He was considering whether he should increase the number of Pseudo-Royal Lords in the E-5 Domain to give Chi Huo Army even more pressure. The Black Ink Clan now had such capital, in the No-Return Pass, there would be many Pseudo-Royal Lords who couldn’t bear the loneliness and would come to ask for a fight from time to time, but they were all suppressed by him.

He was thinking about killing as many of the Human Race’s upper echelons as possible and weakening the overall strength of the Human Race. In order to deal with the Pseudo-Royal Lords, Chi Huo Army’s side often had Eighth Order masters willing to risk their lives just to cause some injuries to the Pseudo-Royal Lords and force them to leave the battlefield.

This kind of situation was something he was happy to see. On the Black Ink Clan’s side, no matter how many people below the Territory Lord level died, he wouldn’t feel any heartache. As long as the Territory Lord and the Pseudo-Royal Lords were able to preserve their lives, even if they were seriously injured, it wouldn’t matter. At most, they would be able to return to the No-Return Pass to rest for a few years before recovering.

Before he could think things through, one of the Territory Lords rushed in.

Mo Na Ye looked up at him and frowned. Just by looking at this Territory Lord’s expression, he knew that something bad had happened.

On the other hand, Mo Na Ye didn’t make a big deal out of it. On the battlefield, the situation was constantly changing. Although most of the information from the frontline battlefield was good news, there were still some unsatisfactory aspects.

After being in charge of the Black Ink Clan for so many years, he had long since acquired the bearing of a mountain collapsing before him.

His fingers, which were tapping on the table, suddenly stopped as he asked, “What is it?”

The Territory Lord glanced at Mo Na Ye, his face filled with anxiety as he held a jade slip in his hands, “E-5 Domain has sent a message, the battle has changed!”

Mo Na Ye’s eyes flashed with surprise, “E-5 Domain?”

The battle report he had just read had come from E-5 Domain's side. The battle report showed that the situation was quite good, and the Pseudo-Royal Lords were preparing to implement a plan to deal with the higher-ups of the Chi Huo Army. There was a high chance they would be able to kill one of Chi Huo Army's Regiment Commanders. Once they succeeded, Chi Huo Army’s side would not only lose a powerful veteran Eighth Order, but the Eastern Army would also lose their leader, making it easier for the Black Ink Clan to encroach on Chi Huo Army. How had things suddenly changed?

He raised his hand and grabbed the jade slip, immersing his consciousness into it.

In the next moment, Mo Na Ye suddenly stood up, his eyes wide with disbelief and shock as he cried out, “Impossible!”

Even when Smiles summoned the World Bead and released the sleeping Giant Spiritual God, Mo Na Ye had not lost his composure.

The main reason was because the contents of the battle report were too bizarre.

He almost thought he was seeing things, so he quickly took another look and confirmed that he was right. The battle report showed that Yang Kai had suddenly appeared in the E-5 Domain and captured Huo Yu, followed by four other Pseudo-Royal Lords. The Black Ink Clan’s army had been routed and had suffered heavy casualties, so they were currently on high alert.

Yang Kai appeared in the E-5 Domain?

What kind of joke was this? This guy was clearly trapped inside the Universe Furnace, so how could he appear in the E-5 Domain?

Mo Na Ye instinctively didn’t want to believe this, but after carefully reading the battle report, it was able to clearly describe Yang Kai’s ability. The reason he was able to capture five Pseudo-Royal Lords was because of a strange Great Dao river…

Mo Na Ye was naturally no stranger to this so-called Great Dao river. In the Universe Furnace world, he had fought Yang Kai head-on and deeply understood the power of this Great Dao river.

In that battle, if Meng Que hadn’t sacrificed his life to help him at the last moment, Yang Kai might have killed him on the spot. However, even with Meng Que’s help, he was only able to hold on for a moment before fleeing and luckily surviving.

In the entire world, besides Yang Kai who had such a Great Dao river, Mo Na Ye had never seen anyone else use it.

Was it really Yang Kai? Mo Na Ye’s heart trembled.

But how could it be Yang Kai? How could it be him?

Mo Na Ye couldn’t understand. Wasn’t this guy trapped in the Universe Furnace? Wasn’t he supposed to wait until the next time the Universe Furnace opened to get out?

It had only been a few hundred years, yet the Universe Furnace showed no signs of opening. How had he managed to escape?

Feeling uneasy, Mo Na Ye’s mind was in chaos.

After a while, he finally calmed down.

From the information he had received from the battle report, Yang Kai was undoubtedly the one who had appeared in the E-5 Domain. Only he had such a Great Dao river, and only he had the ability to capture five Pseudo-Royal Lords alive. No other Ninth Order Human Race master could do so.

Thinking about it carefully, there seemed to be no conclusive evidence that Yang Kai had been trapped in the Universe Furnace. He had such a thought because when the Universe Furnace was closed, Yang Kai, who should have appeared with him, had actually disappeared, allowing him to escape a calamity for no reason. On top of that, he had also obtained some information from the Black Ink Disciple.

The Human Race also seemed to have determined that Yang Kai was trapped inside the Universe Furnace, otherwise, there was no reason for him to remain hidden for so many years after the Universe Furnace closed.

But whether or not he was really trapped inside the Universe Furnace, no one could say for sure, and no one had seen it with their own eyes.

Moreover, even if he was trapped in the Universe Furnace, he wouldn’t necessarily have to wait until the next time it opened before he could escape… This guy always had some kind of profound method that allowed him to do things ordinary people couldn’t.

Mo Na Ye rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache coming on. His good mood was instantly ruined.

He had thought that he would never have to face this Heart Demon again, and for hundreds of years he had been able to accept the illusion that Yang Kai had been trapped in the Universe Furnace, but when this battle report was placed in front of him, the fear and dread in the depths of his heart surged like a tide.

There were many Ninth Order Human Race masters, whether it was the newly promoted or the two old masters, he was not afraid of them, but when it came to this Yang Kai who had made him suffer time and time again, he was afraid.

Thinking about anything else now was useless. Since Yang Kai had appeared in the E-5 Domain, it was likely that the E-5 Domain would be doomed. Having personally fought with Yang Kai in the Universe Furnace, Yang Kai’s strength was something he understood better than anyone else.


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