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The Black Ink Clan’s base camp's rear has a Domain Gate that connected to a nearby great domain, and they were prepared to withdraw from this territory at any time. Now that many of the Pseudo-Royal Lords were intimidated by Yang Kai and had fled, the army naturally followed.

However, with the sheer number of Black Ink Clan soldiers, it was impossible for them to completely retreat in a short period of time, so even if they were separated by half a day’s journey, the Chi Huo Army would definitely be able to achieve great results.

Chi Huo Army didn’t care about the Black Ink Clan army that didn’t have a Pseudo-Royal Lord, so it could be seen that this would be a one-sided slaughter!

Looking in the direction where Chi Huo Army had left, Zuoqiu Yanghua and the other injured Eighth Order Eastern Army masters were all overjoyed. After ten years, Chi Huo Army had finally taken down the E-5 Domain, but that was not the main point. The main point was that Yang Kai’s appearance had caused a great loss to the high-level forces of the Black Ink Clan.

The deaths of the eight Pseudo-Royal Lords were enough to make the Black Ink Clan’s hearts ache.

Many years ago, after understanding the intentions of the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race had changed their strategy and no longer focused on recovering the Great Domain. Instead, their main goal in confronting the Black Ink Clan was to kill their masters. Only by doing so could they continuously weaken the Black Ink Clan’s strength.

As for the Chi Huo Army, all of this was brought about by a single person. Thinking about it, Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others became excited. Their Chi Huo Army was finally going to possess its own Ninth Order master, and it was such a powerful one at that.

“Sir, did the Head Office Division send you here to assist us?” Zuoqiu Yanghua withdrew his gaze and asked.

“That’s right,” Yang Kai nodded, “Senior Brother Mi said that the battle on E-5 Domain's side was quite intense and asked me to come over.”

Looking at the happy looks on the faces of these people, Yang Kai could guess what they were thinking and couldn’t help laughing, “But I won’t be stationed here at Chi Huo Army.”

A few of the Eighth Order masters’ faces filled with joy turned into shock as one of them asked, “What does Sir mean?”

It seems somewhat different from what they imagined…

Yang Kai explained, “The Human Race’s army has twelve main legions, but right now there aren’t many Ninth Order master, and we can’t take care of all the other armies, so I will act alone. The six main legions don’t have any Ninth Order guarding them, so no matter what difficulties you encounter, you can ask me for reinforcements. I will rush over as soon as possible. As you all know, I am proficient in the Space Principle and can run fast. This is my advantage, the other Ninth Order can’t do this.”

Hearing this, the several Eighth Order masters couldn’t help showing thoughtful expressions.

Although they really wanted Yang Kai to stay behind and lead the Chi Huo Army, if he really did so, it would be unfair to the remaining five armies that didn’t have a Ninth Order master. The pressure the other five armies were currently under wasn’t small.

After fighting with the Black Ink Clan for so many years, countless soldiers had sacrificed their lives and hated the Black Ink Clan to the extreme. Any force that could suppress the Black Ink Clan was indispensable.

So after hearing Yang Kai’s words, although they were somewhat disappointed, it wasn’t that they couldn’t accept it. After all, they were all high ranking members of the army, so they had some understanding of the situation.

Zuoqiu Yanghua nodded and said, “Sir’s words are correct. Only if Sir works a bit harder will the Human Race’s casualties be reduced.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “You don’t need to be so anxious. After so many years, the new generation of Ninth Order master should be born soon. In the future, the number of Ninth Order master will only increase.”

Speaking of this, everyone was quite excited. Just as Yang Kai had said, after so many years of fighting with the Black Ink Clan, it had given the cultivators who needed it enough time to accumulate and consolidate their strength. Now, in every army, there was a group of good seedlings who had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order.

Perhaps at some point, these good seedlings would suddenly become a pleasant surprise, and at that time, the number of Ninth Order Human Race masters would definitely increase dramatically. Not to mention the twelve great armies, even if there were twenty or more, there would still be enough Ninth Order masters. Naturally, this awkward situation of a lack of Ninth Order masters would not occur.

Zuoqiu Yanghua frowned and said, “Speaking of which, the Black Ink Clan should have a Territory Lord soon becoming a Royal Lord. The first batch of Black Ink Clan that came out from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was not just Innate Territory Lords, but also many ordinary Territory Lords. These Territory Lords all have the qualifications to become Royal Lords, the growth of the Black Ink Clan is much simpler than that of the Human Race. After so many years of accumulation, no one knows what kind of foundation they have. It’s just a pity that the Territory Lords who have a chance of becoming Royal Lords are all hidden in the No-Returrn Pass. With the help of those Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, the Human Race won’t be able to obtain any information.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai raised his brow, “What a coincidence, I was just about to go there.”

Zuoqiu Yanghua asked in surprise, “Does Sir want to go to the No-Return Pass?”

“Yes,” Yang Kai replied, “To get something back.”

Although he spoke casually, the several Eighth Order masters all looked at each other and secretly admired this man’s courage.

The other Ninth Order masters never dared to have such thoughts.

However, thinking about it carefully, when Yang Kai was an Eighth Order, he had gone to the No-Return Pass to stir up trouble. Now that he is a Ninth Order, he was like a fish in water, so there shouldn’t be much danger.

Moreover, the safety of a Ninth Order wasn’t something they needed to worry about.

Zuoqiu Yanghua said seriously, “Then please be careful Sir.”

Yang Kai nodded and turned around to remind them, “After taking down the E-5 Domain, rest here for a few days and wait for orders from the Head Office to decide what to do next.”

“Yes!” The few of them agreed. Even if Yang Kai didn’t say anything, they wouldn’t act on their own. The Head Office Division was coordinating all of their armies, and although each army seemed to be fighting on their own, there's actually some support. If they rashly went too deep, they would be separated from the other armies, and once the Black Ink Clan found an opportunity, it would not be a joke.

Without saying anything more, Yang Kai leapt into the air, Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others send him off.

At the Domain Gate, the Black Ink Clan’s army hurriedly retreated while the Pseudo-Royal Lrod were the first to flee. Many Territory Lords saw the situation was bad and also fled. The Black Ink Clan’s army was like a dragon without a leader, and even if many Territory Lords remained behind to maintain it, it would still be difficult for it to have any effect.

After discovering that the Chi Huo Army was attacking, the situation became even worse. They were only half a day’s journey away from each other, and the passage to the Domain Gate was only so big. Only a few people could pass through each time, half a day wasn’t enough time for the entire Black Ink Clan to retreat. At the very least, half of their forces would be needed to restrain the Human Race in order to give the other Black Ink Clan a chance to escape.

Under the mobilization of some Territory Lords, a large number of low level Black Ink Clan were left behind to guard the rear while the elite teams retreated.

As soon as this arrangement was completed, a majestic aura rapidly approached.

Accompanied by this aura, a figure shot through the sky like a rainbow, leaving a bright mark in the dark void.

“Yang Kai!” One of the Territory Lords shouted in horror.

There wasn’t a single Black Ink Clan member who wasn’t afraid of this Human Race’s Killing Star. Just now, he had come here to launch a sneak attack, in the end, the two Pseudo-Royal Lords had been captured. It had only been a short time, but now he had actually come here again.

Realizing this, the Territory Lords who had stayed behind to maintain order couldn’t sit still any longer. How could they care about others? All of them rushed towards the Domain Gate to escape.

For a time, the already chaotic Black Ink Clan army seemed even more miserable.

As Yang Kai rushed forward, he summoned the Space-Time River, causing the power of the Great Dao to surge as it crashed into the Black Ink Clan army.

Wherever it passed, there was no obstruction, and the densely packed Black Ink Clan forces were swept up into the Space-Time River and instantly destroyed.

As he charged forward, the Space-Time River trembled and the Black Ink Clan members who fell into it were thrown back, all of them losing their vitality.

In this Black Ink Clan army without a Pseudo-Royal Lord or even Innate Territory Lord, the destructive power of a Ninth Order was unimaginable.

Although the Black Ink Clan had launched a counterattack, it was completely useless. The attacks could not even touch Yang Kai's body. Some were swallowed up by the Space-Time River, while others were distorted by it.

A moment later, Yang Kai rushed to the Domain Gate and plunged inside.

The moment his figure fell into the Domain Gate, the originally stable Domain Gate suddenly shook and showed signs of collapsing as Void Cracks filled the space around it.

Many of the Black Ink Clan cultivators who wanted to escape were unable to stop in time and were instantly cut into pieces by the Void Crack.

More and more Black Ink Clan rushed over, but the moment they came into contact with the Domain Gate, all of them died.

One of the Territory Lords suddenly realized that Yang Kai had probably done something to the Domain Gate, causing it to be impossible to pass through.

If it were anyone else, it would indeed be difficult to accomplish such a feat. The Domain Gate had existed since ancient times and was connected to two great domains, so it was extremely stable. However, for Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Space Principle, turning the Domain Gate into a life-devouring trap was extremely simple. Now, his attainments in the Space Great Dao had improved greatly compared to before he entered the Universe Furnace.

This was a sure-kill method!

The Territory Lords who had stayed behind were now filled with regret. If they had known this was going to happen, they would have just escaped with the Pseudo-Royal Lords.

However, at that time, they were still hoping to get lucky. Moreover, it wasn’t easy for them to accumulate some troops, so they weren’t willing to give up. Who would have thought that they would encounter such a fate in the end?

The Domain Gate was no longer accessible, and Chi Huo Army was already on their way. Aside from the Black Ink Clan who had escaped through the Domain Gate, the remaining Black Ink Clan army had nowhere to run.

Although their numbers were still massive, without the support of a Pseudo-Royal Lord, with the number of Territory Lords greatly reduced, how could they be a match for the Chi Huo Army? It was only a matter of time before they were destroyed.

For a time, countless Black Ink Clan masters were filled with grief. The Human Race’s Killing Star is only using an extremely simple method, yet it had caused the death of tens of millions of Black Ink Clan soldiers. What a ruthless man!

In the distance, the Chi Huo Army’s higher-ups also saw this scene from a distance. Originally, they had been rushing forward, afraid that before they arrived, the Black Ink Clan’s army would retreat from the Domain Gate. But now, it seemed that the Domain Gate had become a deadly trap, and the Black Ink Clan had no way to retreat. They swarmed around the Domain Gate like a swarm of bees, creating quite a mess.

In such a situation, the Human Race didn’t need to be too anxious, immediately stabilizing their forces and launching a surprise attack.


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