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When the news of the fall of the five Pseudo-Royal Lords spread, the surviving Pseudo-Royal Lords on the floating continent of the Black Ink Clan’s base camp were all confused. Shouldn’t this Killing Star be trapped inside the Universe Furnace? How did he suddenly appear here? How did he escape?

However, no matter what method he used to escape from the Universe Furnace, Yang Kai, who was now a Ninth Order, was destined to be a great enemy of the Black Ink Clan. Moreover, his appearance this time had affected the entire E-5 Domain, causing great damage to the Black Ink Clan’s army.

The deaths of their clansmen caused a sense of crisis to arise in the hearts of the Black Ink Clan’s masters. The Ox-Headed Pseudo-Royal Lord waved his hand and shouted, “Yang Kai has returned. We are no match for him in a one-on-one battle. Even if we form a battle formation, we may not be able to gain any advantage against his strange river. Now that Huo Yu and the others are dead, Yang Kai will definitely come looking for us again. From now on, we must act together and not be left alone. We must not give him any opportunity to take advantage of us. As for the future… we will wait for Sir Mo Na Ye's orders. What do you all think?”

None of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had any objections, all of them nodding in agreement. Facing such a strong opponent like Yang Kai and his strange methods, only by banding together could they feel a sense of security.

After reaching a consensus, the group of Pseudo-Royal Lords no longer dared to split up and gathered together, using their Divine Sense to monitor their surroundings and guard against Yang Kai.

On the other side, after killing the five trapped Pseudo-Royal Lords, Yang Kai shook the Space-Time River, and in the blink of an eye, countless corpses were pulled out.

These were the Black Ink Clan that had been sucked into the Space-Time River.

When the Pseudo-Royal Lords fell into the Space-Time River, they could still rely on their own strength to resist the attacks of the thousands of Dao Concept, barely surviving, but the Black Ink Clan below the Pseudo-Royal Lord realm didn’t have this ability. Even if the Territory Lords fell into the Space-Time River, they would only be able to survive for a short time. As for the Black Ink Clan below the Territory Lord realm, the moment they were swept into the river, they would basically be wiped out.

When Yang Kai was fighting on the battlefield, the number of Black Ink Clan members who had been swept into the Space-Time River probably numbered in the millions. At this moment, a mountain of bones was piled up in front of him, causing many Eighth Order masters and Holy Spirits’ scalps to tingle.

All of them couldn’t help but sigh. This man was already famous when he was only an Eighth Order, but now that he had broken through to the Ninth Order, he was probably the strongest master of the Human Race. This kind of killing method was something the other Ninth Order masters couldn’t match.

“Wait here for a moment, I’ll be back soon,” As Yang Kai spoke, he put away the Space-Time River, stood up, took a step forward, and disappeared.

Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others had originally wanted to ask Yang Kai what he planned to do next, but seeing this, they could only swallow their curiosity, not knowing what he was planning.

But soon, they understood what Yang Kai was doing.

In the direction of the Black Ink Clan’s base camp, a chaotic energy fluctuation suddenly erupted. Everyone turned their heads and saw violent Secret Techniques exploding, seemingly mixed with Yang Kai’s laughter and the terrified roars of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord…

Everyone was stunned!

Had he killed his way to the Black Ink Clan’s base camp? What kind of fierce person was he?

For a time, everyone couldn’t help sweating for Yang Kai. Although Yang Kai had displayed his unparalleled strength in the previous battle, killing a Pseudo-Royal Lord and capturing five of them, the Black Ink Clan still had more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords. Now that they had gathered in the Black Ink Clan’s base camp, they would definitely be on guard. If he were to charge in alone, would there be any consequences?

The Pseudo-Royal Lord was not a soft persimmon that could be easily bullied. The reason why he had been able to achieve such great results before was largely because the Black Ink Clan had not taken any precautions against Yang Kai. Moreover, this was their first time fighting Yang Kai, who had broken through to the Ninth Order, so they did not have much experience dealing with this strange river.

Now that the Black Ink Clan had taken precautions, he might not be able to succeed.

Although he didn’t have much hope for Yang Kai’s trip, his actions were still quite tempting. Among the many Ninth Order masters of the Human Race, perhaps only this person had such courage.

At the same time, on the floating continent of the Black Ink Clan’s base camp, the Space-Time River danced wildly.

Even after losing the six Pseudo-Royal Lords, there were still more than a dozen from the Black Ink Clan’s side, all of them gathered together in one place, each of them strong and powerful, all of them deliberately guarding against Yang Kai’s sneak attack.

However, they had never expected that even under such tight security, Yang Kai would still appear like a ghost. The many Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been keeping a tight watch on him were like decorations. Before he appeared, no one had noticed him.

The Human Race’s Killing Star had suddenly appeared behind one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords, and it wasn’t until he summoned that strange river that all the Pseudo-Royal Lords suddenly realized.

However, it was already too late. The long river swept out and the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was targeted was directly swept into it. The river water surged and the waves crashed down. The Pseudo-Royal Lord only managed to struggle for a moment before he disappeared. In the next instant, along with a roar of shock and anger, powerful attacks came from all directions.

Less than half an hour after the Black Ink Clan army fled back to the base camp, another great battle erupted.

This battle had erupted suddenly and ended quickly. In less than ten breaths, Yang Kai, who had launched a sneak attack, had grabbed the strange river and escaped.

Together with them were the two Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been swept into the river and disappeared!

Looking at the direction in which Yang Kai had fled, the remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords were both shocked and angry, but none of them dared to pursue him, afraid they would end up in the same fate as their companions.

The Ox-Headed Pseudo-Royal Lord had a look of lingering fear on his face. Just now, he had also been swept up by Yang Kai’s Space-Time River and had almost been unable to escape. Fortunately, the fierce attacks of the other Pseudo-Royal Lords had given Yang Kai a lot of pressure and he didn’t have the energy to suppress him, allowing him to escape from the river. Otherwise, this time, it wouldn’t have been two Pseudo-Royal Lords being captured but three!

This hasty battle caused the expressions of all the Pseudo-Royal Lords to become solemn.

They knew a lot about Yang Kai.

When Yang Kai was an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, his greatest strength was his Space Ability. If he couldn’t win, he could run.

Now that he had broken through to the Ninth Order, he was able to fight and run, but the key was that this guy had appeared out of nowhere. Even now, the Pseudo-Royal Lord still couldn’t figure out how Yang Kai had avoided their surveillance.

Before Yang Kai attacked, none of them had even noticed anything unusual.

To be able to fight and run, as well as have an extremely profound concealment technique… Such an enemy was truly terrifying!

Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability was able to avoid the detection of the Royal Lord and the Chaos Spirit King to a large extent, so now that it had been activated by Yang Kai, it was like adding wings to a tiger. It would be strange if the Pseudo-Royal Lords could detect his whereabouts.

“Withdraw your forces,” The Ox-headed Pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly said.

It was no longer safe for them to remain here. No matter how tight their defenses were, as long as Yang Kai came here a few more times, all of them would die. The only thing they could do now was run as fast as possible.

The remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords didn’t have any objections and all nodded. Originally, they had wanted to wait for Mo Na Ye’s orders, but now they didn’t have to wait any longer. If they continued to wait, it was likely they would all die.

On the floating continent, Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others stared dumbfounded at Yang Kai, who had just returned. Even though Yang Kai was in a sorry state, it didn’t affect the admiration in their eyes.

With more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords joining forces, even Yang Kai would find it difficult to fight them head-on. Fortunately, with his Divine Dragon physique, his skin and flesh were quite tough, allowing him to resist a few attacks without much difficulty. However, after trapping three Pseudo-Royal Lords, one of them had escaped, much to his disappointment.

“Sir!” Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others came up to greet him, their eyes constantly scanning the Space-Time River hovering around Yang Kai as they asked.

Yang Kai nodded, “As usual!”

Everyone was overjoyed. He had succeeded again.

There was no hesitation, all of them gathering their strength and preparing for battle.

Just like before, when Yang Kai released the Pseudo-Royal Lord trapped in the Space-Time River, they met a violent attack.

The two trapped Pseudo-Royal Lords didn’t even have a chance to resist before they fell one after another.

All the Eighth Order masters were overjoyed. Counting the previous six, the Black Ink Clan had lost as many as eight Pseudo-Royal Lords!

It had to be known that since the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan began, the total number of Pseudo-Royal Lords killed by the twelve armies combined was not as many as today.

It wasn’t that the other Ninth Order Human Race masters weren’t strong enough. The Pseudo-Royal Lord is not weak, even if they were facing a Ninth Order Human Race master, they still had the ability to protect themselves. What’s more, the other Ninth Order Human Race masters lacked Yang Kai’s miraculous methods.

If Yang Kai were to kill them alone, it would be difficult for him to kill so many Pseudo-Royal Lords in such a short period of time, but with the help of the Space-Time River, he could bring the Pseudo-Royal Lords back and let everyone kill them together.

Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others all felt a sense of surrealism in their hearts. They had never imagined that one day, killing a Pseudo-Royal Lord would be as easy as cutting melons and vegetables…

Feeling everyone’s eyes on him, the meaning couldn’t be more clearer. Obviously, they wanted Yang Kai to go to the Black Ink Clan’s base camp a few more times. Even if he could only bring two at a time, after running six or seven times, he would be able to kill all of them.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “There’s no chance. The Black Ink Clan seems to be withdrawing their forces, the remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords should have already fled.”

“Withdrawing their forces?” Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others all turned to look in the direction of the Black Ink Clan’s base camp, and as expected, they saw a large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators rushing towards the Domain Gate and retreating towards the nearby Great Domain.

How could they tolerate this?

The armies of the two races had fought for more than ten years in the E-5 Domain, during which countless Human Race soldiers had died. With such a blood feud, how could the Chi Huo Army allow the Black Ink Clan to retreat so easily?

Moreover, the large-scale retreat of the Black Ink Clan army was the perfect opportunity for the Human Race army to hunt them down and expand their battle results.

Realizing this, the several Regiment Commanders glanced at each other, each of them seeing through the other’s thoughts.

The Southern Army Regiment Commander patted Zuoqiu Yanghua’s shoulder and gave him a meaningful look, “Senior Brother is still injured, so you should stay here to recuperate. It’s a good opportunity to chat with Sir Yang. Leave the killing to us.”

Zuoqiu Yanghua understood and nodded, “Good, the Eastern Army will cooperate with you.”

Orders were quickly issued as the Human Race army, which had just set up camp not long ago, once again set out. The four armies rushed towards the Black Ink Clan’s base camp as another great battle began.


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Yang Kai at the moment is definitely stronger than most MC is other cultivation stories

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They would have to go in the celestial Phenomena or Universe Furnace river and that would be difficult without DOA of time

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