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In this great battle, Chi Huo Army felt a long-awaited victory, and even though there were many casualties, it could not conceal the joy of his soldiers.

The various forces issued orders and began to repair the floating continents in their original positions. One by one, the floating continents were dragged over and formed a temporary camp in the void. The army was stationed there, facing the Black Ink Clan’s base camp.

They were only half a day’s journey away from each other. Those who were slightly stronger and had better eyesight could even clearly see what the other party was doing.

It could be seen that the Black Ink Clan’s base camp was heavily guarded. From time to time, the aura of a Pseudo-Royal Lord would flash past, seemingly threatening, but the more this was the case, the more it showed that the Black Ink Clan’s side was putting on a brave front.

Along the way, the Chi Huo Army had taken back many Great Domains, and the E-5 Domain were the most tenacious Great Domains they had ever encountered. The main reason for this was because the frontlines of the Human Race had been stretched and the Black Ink Clan had begun their counterattack. The Great Domains they had taken back before had basically not engaged in any large-scale conflict with the Human Race, so it could be said that they had given up everything.

After ten years of fighting, Chi Huo Army’s losses were not small, but today’s battle had completely crippled the Black Ink Clan’s army. This was a great boost to the morale of the Chi Huo Army, but what made them even more excited was that they seemed to have a Ninth Order master!

For a long time, they and the other five legions without a Ninth Order master were extremely envious of the Azure Sun Army and Mysterious Nether army. An army with a Ninth Order master was completely different from an army without a Ninth Order master. The former was like having a parent watching over them, while the latter was like having a grandmother who didn't dote on them.

The army was preparing for the next battle.

On a floating continent less than five thousand kilometers away from the Human Race’s temporary camp, Yang Kai sat cross-legged with the Space-Time River swirling around him.

The waves in the long river were violent and the waves were turbulent.

There was no other reason than that there were a total of five Pseudo-Royal Lords sealed in this river. Even with Yang Kai’s current strength, he had reached the limit of his control.

In this battle, Yang Kai had first used the Space-Time River to trap Huo Yu, killing the heavily injured Ji Chi, and then using the Space-Time River to sweep up the three Pseudo-Royal Lords who had come to attack him. At that time, Yang Kai had felt a great deal of pressure. The Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been swept into the Space-Time River would not sit still, constantly struggling and resisting. In order to suppress them, Yang Kai had to spend a great deal of effort.

However, after sealing the three Pseudo-Royal Lords in one go, the remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords were all frightened and began to flee in all directions. In fact, if the Pseudo-Royal Lords had attacked him at that time, Yang Kai would have had no choice but to flee.

Almost seventy percent of his strength was focused on suppressing the turbulence in the Space-Time River. Even he couldn’t fight so many powerful enemies.

However, the masters of the Black Ink Clan had never seen such a bizarre method before. In just a single exchange, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords had disappeared, all of them frightened.

Due to Yang Kai’s fierce reputation, none of them dared to try to fight him and all escape.

In the end, the Pseudo-Royal Lord he had targeted was unable to escape, so Yang Kai deliberately delayed for a while to drag them into the river before the enemy fled back to their base camp.

At this moment, in the Space-Time River, there were a total of five Pseudo-Royal Lords. Yang Kai’s strength had been reduced to eighty percent, and if not for this, he would have long since charged into the Black Ink Clan’s camp. How could he give them any time to struggle?

A number of figures flew out from the Human Race’s temporary camp, led by Chi Huo Army’s four Regiment Commanders, along with a dozen or so Holy Spirits.

When they arrived here and saw Yang Kai and the Space-Time River coiling around him, all of them showed looks of admiration.

“Greetings, Sir!” Everyone bowed.

Yang Kai smiled and raised his hand, “No need to be so polite.”

Zuoqiu Yanghua’s face was pale. When Ji Chi and Huo Yu had attacked, he and the other Eighth Order masters had suffered some injuries. If Yang Kai hadn’t arrived in time, they would have died.

Now that Yang Kai called them here, he didn’t have the time to heal himself, he quickly led his people over.

In terms of seniority and age, Zuoqiu Yanghua was far superior to Yang Kai, but in this chaotic world where heroes rise, strength was everything.

Zuoqiu Yanghua first expressed his gratitude to Yang Kai for saving his life before asking, “May I ask what kind of instructions Sir has for us?”

“Kill the enemy!” Yang Kai smiled.

Zuoqiu Yanghua immediately raised his eyes and looked towards the Space-Time River. In fact, when he first saw the Space-Time River, he had already guessed that this was the case. Now that he heard Yang Kai’s words, he was quite certain.

He wasn’t the only one who noticed this, because the situation was quite obvious. From time to time, figures struggling and resisting appeared in the Space-Time River, obviously the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were trapped inside.

Everyone was enlightened. It seemed that this mysterious river was quite good at trapping enemies, but it didn’t seem to have enough destructive power.

Without any hesitation, the numerous Eighth Order and Holy Spirits immediately stood in formation.

Seeing that everything was ready, Yang Kai raised his hand and in the next moment, a figure shot out from the Space-Time River.

It was Huo Yu, who had been the first to be sealed inside. As soon as he appeared, he didn’t even understand what was happening before a series of fierce attacks came from all directions.

Huo Yu’s face paled as he hurriedly circulated his strength to resist, but how could he resist? Although the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s strength was extraordinary, the attacks of so many Eighth Order masters and Holy Spirits present were not to be underestimated.

Under this fierce attack, Huo Yu didn’t even have time to scream before he exploded into a bloody mist.

Many people were stunned by this scene. After fighting with the Black Ink Clan for so many years, this was the first time they had killed a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and it was in such a relaxed manner, they couldn’t help feeling a sense of surrealism…

But on second thought, even a Ninth Order Human Race master might not be able to withstand being surrounded by so many masters, let alone a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

Huo Yu was killed, but Yang Kai didn’t stop. The Space-Time River trembled again, and another figure fell out of it, receiving a barrage of attacks from all directions.

At the Black Ink Clan’s base camp, atop a giant floating continent, where the Ink Nest stand, their army gathered, everyone in panic.

The Human Race Killing Star had returned!

After this battle, the Black Ink Clan had lost a total of six Pseudo-Royal Lords, and their army had suffered countless casualties.

Even though they had escaped back to this place, the Pseudo-Royal Lords didn’t have much of a sense of security. Thinking back to Yang Kai’s previous actions, the Pseudo-Royal Lords were filled with dread.

This strange river seemed to have some kind of mysterious power, and it was not something these Pseudo-Royal Lords could deal with. Now that their army had suffered a crushing defeat, where would they go in the future? This made these Pseudo-Royal Lords anxious.

Originally, nearly twenty Pseudo-Royal Lords had gathered here under the orders of Mo Na Ye to attack the Chi Huo Army and kill as many Human Race masters as possible while also defeating the Human Race army.

Originally, everything had been going well, with the help of the many Pseudo-Royal Lords, the Black Ink Clan had gained the absolute initiative, so it wouldn’t be long before they achieved their goal.

However, all of this was blown away by the appearance of a single person!

After a brief discussion, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had fled back to this place quickly decided to send word of Yang Kai’s appearance back.

In fact, they wanted to flee, but without Mo Na Ye’s orders, they didn’t dare to leave their posts. Right now, they could only gather together to guard against possible sneak attacks.

“When Sir Mo Na Ye returned from the Universe Furnace, he brought back some information about Yang Kai, including that strange river. Sir Mo Na Ye said that this river seems to be the manifestation of Yang Kai’s Great Dao, and it can both attack and defend. Moreover, it has an extremely strong ability to restrain enemies, so although those few people were captured, they may not have died,” In the silence, a Pseudo-Royal Lord with two horns, ox headed, and a human body suddenly spoke.

“If we fall into the hands of that Human Race’s Killing Star, what difference does it make whether we die or not?” A Pseudo-Royal Lord’s will replied gloomily.

The Ox-Headed Pseudo-Royal Lord said, “What I mean is, since they aren’t dead, should we go save them?”

On the side, several Pseudo-Royal Lords stared at this Ox-Headed Pseudo-Royal Lord as if he was a madman. Everyone had managed to escape from this Killing Star with great difficulty. It was one thing if he didn’t come looking for trouble, but now he wanted to find trouble with him? Was he tired of living?

The Pseudo-Royal Lords were created by the Innate Territory Lords using the Fusion Technique. It could be said that every single Pseudo-Royal Lord had experienced a near-death crisis when they were born, so they valued their lives more than the average Black Ink Clan. Hearing the words of the Ox-Headed Pseudo-Royal Lord, how could they dare agree?

The Ox-Headed Pseudo-Royal Lord frowned and said, “Although that Yang Kai is strong, with so many of us Pseudo-Royal Lords working together, we may not necessarily have to be afraid of him. I observed earlier that the river is indeed strange, but it’s not impossible to break it. Yang Kai has trapped five Pseudo-Royal Lords, so he should have reached his limit. Right now, besides Ji Chi who were killed, the others are still alive. If we don’t save them, how could we explain this to Sir Mo Yu and Sir Mo Na Ye?”

The group of Pseudo-Royal Lords were annoyed by his words, but none of them could refute him, mainly because none of them were willing to face the Human Race’s Killing Star.

The Ox-Headed Pseudo-Royal Lord continued, “In addition, saving them is also a form of self-preservation. Only by saving them can we have more strength to deal with Yang Kai.”

A Pseudo-Royal Lord chimed in, “You’re right, if we don’t go and save them, once we’re defeated by Yang Kai one by one, I’m afraid we won’t be able to survive.”

For a time, the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords were in a dilemma. They didn’t have the courage to try and save them. The strange methods Yang Kai had used just now were quite frightening. If they didn’t try to save them, those captured Pseudo-Royal Lords would definitely die. Once Yang Kai took care of them, he would definitely turn around and deal with them.

However, before these Pseudo-Royal Lords could come up with a suitable plan, from afar, the sound of a powerhouse's vitality being extinguished could be heard.

Even though they were separated by quite a distance, these Pseudo-Royal Lords could clearly feel it.

“It’s Huo Yu…” The Ox-Headed Pseudo-Royal Lord looked towards the direction of the sound and couldn’t help sighing, “There’s no need to go.”

The other party had already begun to kill, so it was too late to go now.

Sure enough, from that direction, one after another, the sounds of the fall of the Pseudo-Royal Lords could be heard, a total of five times…

This meant that the five captured Pseudo-Royal Lords had all been killed.

For a time, the surviving Pseudo-Royal Lords couldn’t help feeling a sense of grief.


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