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When this roar of surprise and shock rang out in all directions, all of the Black Ink Clan masters panicked.

Of all the Ninth Order Human Race masters, the one they feared the most was Yang Kai, who should have been trapped in the Universe Furnace.

Although they didn’t know how he managed to escape, he had indeed appeared here.

As this roar rang out, the aura of another Pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly disappeared. This disappearance did not mean that he had died, but rather that he had been trapped somewhere. All of his aura instantly disappeared.

“Form the battle formation, quickly form the battle formation!” A Pseudo-Royal Lord shouted as one figure after another rapidly separated from the battlefield and began moving towards each other.

The Chi Huo Army didn’t have a Ninth Order guarding them, so the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords wouldn’t set up a battle formation to act. Although the Pseudo-Royal Lords could form their own Three Directions Array, there was often a need for external pressure to force them to make such a choice. In an environment like the E-5 Domain where there was no threat, they were basically fighting alone. This way, they would be able to tie down more Eighth Order Human Race masters, allowing them to move more freely.

However, at this moment, the pressure and threat were already present, so the Pseudo-Royal Lords naturally began to connect their auras with one another and quickly formed their respective Three Directions Array, allowing them to relax slightly.

In the entire E-5 Domain, the Black Ink Clan had sent in nearly twenty Pseudo-Royal Lords, a great number of them. If not for this, the Chi Huo Army would not have been unable to take down this domain with their powerful forces and the help of so many Holy Spirits. At this moment, many Pseudo-Royal Lords had formed their own forces, but only two of them remained alone, making the situation awkward.

The two Pseudo-Royal Lords were unable to form a battle formation, but right now, there were no more Pseudo-Royal Lords to join forces with them. For a moment, these two seemed to have been abandoned by their companions, resentful that their movements were too slow.

However, they were quite smart. Since they couldn’t form a battle formation, they quickly retreated from the battlefield and hid in the back.

With the current situation, the Pseudo-Royal Lords calmed down and looked forward, but when they saw what was happening, all of them were shocked.

In the middle of the battlefield, Yang Kai appeared, a winding river swirling around him like a giant dragon. Wherever he went, the great river would sweep up the countless Black Ink Clan soldiers, causing them to disappear without a trace. On the contrary, the Human Race who were participating in the battle were completely unaffected.

No one could block the path ahead, not even the Territory Lord-level powerhouse.

With just his own strength, he had actually pierced through the raging battlefield!

What the hell was that!

Looking at the river that coiled around Yang Kai, all the Pseudo-Royal Lords were shocked. All of them had extraordinary strength, but even with the strength of these Pseudo-Royal Lords, none of them had the confidence to easily penetrate the entire battlefield. Human Race cultivators were not pushovers.

However, Yang Kai managed to do so, not stopping or making any unnecessary movements. The only reason he was able to accomplish this was because of the strange river!

The Pseudo-Royal Lords couldn’t help recalling some of the information that Mo Na Ye had provided them. Yang Kai had used this strange river in the Universe Furnace, and it was through this river that he had killed several Pseudo-Royal Lords. This river seemed to be formed from the power of many Great Daos, and once one fell into it, it was difficult to say if they would survive.

Seeing Yang Kai’s figure rapidly approaching, seemingly heading straight towards them, the many masters of the Black Ink Clan couldn’t help feeling nervous.

They didn’t know if they could block Yang Kai’s attack, but as Pseudo-Royal Lords, it was impossible for them to run away as soon as they saw Yang Kai. Now, they more or less had the capital to compete with him!

Focusing their thoughts, the Pseudo-Royal Lords quickly came to a decision.

On the other side, Yang Kai, who was riding on the battlefield, felt somewhat helpless. His original intention was to use Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability to secretly kill the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord. With the gap between his current strength and the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s, coupled with Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, he would definitely be able to kill one person at a time. As long as he targeted someone, no one would be able to escape.

There was no need to kill too many, just killing five or six or seven was enough.

However, in order to save Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others, he had no choice but to expose himself. Now that the Space-Time River had appeared, he could no longer conceal himself.

However, in this kind of battlefield where both sides had invested a massive amount of forces, the Space-Time River was quite useful. Although the size of his Space-Time River couldn’t be compared to the endless river that ran through the entire Universe Furnace world, it was still quite impressive. Wherever he went, with a single thought, he cleared out a large area and swept all of the Black Ink Clan into the river.

In the Space-Time River, the power of many Great Daos converged, and most of the Black Ink Clan lost their lives after falling into it. A few of the more powerful ones were barely able to survive.

Not long after, Yang Kai crossed the entire battlefield and saw the three Pseudo-Royal Lords in front of him forming a battle formation to attack him while more Pseudo-Royal Lords surrounded him.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had come in a roundabout way and directly faced the three enemies in front of him.

The three Pseudo-Royal Lords all felt their scalps go numb. Facing this Human Race’s Killing Star required a great deal of courage. It was also because they had advanced to Pseudo-Royal Lords and had a large number of them that they had the courage to fight against Yang Kai. Seeing Yang Kai rushing towards them, all of them resisted the urge to flee and instead used their powerful Secret Techniques to attack him.

Yang Kai didn’t try to dodge at all, and the series of jet black attacks fell towards the Space-Time River around him, causing it to tumble about. The waves were fierce, but they were unable to harm him in the slightest.

As the distance between them grew closer, Yang Kai suddenly took a step forward and appeared not far away from the three Pseudo-Royal Lords. Staring at them coldly, he shouted, “You really have guts!”

Saying so, Yang Kai raised his hand and grabbed at the air, seemingly grasping the Space-Time River in his hand. With a violent shake, the river swept towards the three Pseudo-Royal Lords like a whip.

The Pseudo-Royal Lords had not expected the Space-Time River to have such an unpredictable change. Caught off guard, all of them were affected by the river’s power and many Great Daos burst forth, causing their bodies and minds to be overwhelmed. The three Pseudo-Royal Lords’ originally weak battle formation instantly collapsed!

As the waves swept over, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords were directly swept into the Space-Time River.

Shocked, they immediately tried their best to resist, wanting to escape from the Space-Time River. However, the Space-Time River was like a swamp, so no matter how they struggled, it was useless. Waves slammed down one after another, each one containing the power of a Great Dao, drowning out the struggling figures.

In the blink of an eye, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords had disappeared without a trace, their fate unknown…

This scene was imprinted into the eyes of the other Pseudo-Royal Lords, causing all of them to feel a chill run down their spines.

Three Pseudo-Royal Lords forming a battle formation and being able to fight against a Ninth Order Human Race master was the conclusion that the Black Ink Clan had reached after many years of practical action. Among the current Ninth Order Human Race masters, whether it was the newly promoted or the two old masters, none of them had any good ideas when facing three Pseudo-Royal Lords forming battle formation.

Although the Pseudo-Royal Lords was still no match for a Ninth Order, they could still easily restrain them.

Although Yang Kai was famous for his viciousness, they had already tried their best to overestimate his strength, so when they realized he had appeared, all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had abandoned their original opponents and gathered together, intending to gather the strength of all the Pseudo-Royal Lords to deal with Yang Kai.

Yang Kai possessed a Space Ability, so even if he couldn’t defeat them, he could still escape. This result is still acceptible to them.

The Pseudo-Royal Lords had never imagined that Yang Kai’s terror and difficulty had reached such an unfathomable level.

In just a single exchange, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords had fallen into the river, their fate unknown…

Was such an enemy really something they, the Pseudo-Royal Lords, could deal with?

Seeing Yang Kai turn around and rush towards the group of three Pseudo-Royal Lords, how could the three Pseudo-Royal Lords dare to face him head-on? Their companion’s previous mistake was right in front of them, so they didn’t want to face it head-on.

Therefore, after a brief hesitation, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords split up and fled in three different directions!

Seeing this, Yang Kai laughed and shouted, “Where do you think you’re going?!”

Saying so, he dragged the Space-Time River and chased after a Pseudo-Royal Lord. The Pseudo-Royal Lord looked back and immediately panicked.

The three of them each fled, not knowing why they were so unlucky to be targeted by this Killing Star. Not daring to hesitate any longer, they hurriedly activated their life-saving Secret Techniques, spitting out blood as they ran even faster.

The attacks of the Pseudo-Royal Lords were instantly destroyed, and their courage was also shattered after the first batch of Pseudo-Royal Lords fell into the Space-Time River. Not only were the Pseudo-Royal Lords targeted by Yang Kai fleeing, but the other Pseudo-Royal Lords were also fleeing, afraid that Yang Kai would come back and find trouble with them.

Yang Kai continued his pursuit, occasionally using his strength to suppress the unrest in the Space-Time River.

On the battlefield, without the support of the Pseudo-Royal Lords, the strength of the Black Ink Clan’s high level masters had been greatly reduced, and many of the Human Race’s Eighth Order and Holy Spirits had seized this opportunity to slaughter their way through.

Soon, the originally evenly matched situation became a one-sided slaughter, the morale of the Human Race soaring, and the Black Ink Clan’s forces collapsing.

The upper echelons of the Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern Armies were all taking advantage of this opportunity to pass down their orders. The Chi Huo Army’s four armies crossed each other on the battlefield, constantly creating a situation where they were outnumbered and rapidly devouring the Black Ink Clan’s forces.

In just half a day, the Black Ink Clan army had been completely routed and scattered in the direction of their base camp. How could the Human Race miss such an opportunity?

With the mobilization of the higher-ups, the Chi Huo Army began their pursuit. Countless corpses were scattered along the way, and the scattered Ink Force almost filled half of the void.

In this battle, Chi Huo Army won a great victory, only withdrawing their troops half a day after approaching the Black Ink Clan’s base camp.


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These Black Ink Clan are stupid, If they gather like 9 PRL to attack YK with the 3 trapped inside trying to escape while the other and the other 5 grouped together support the battle field not to far away in the and start slaughtering 8th order that would easily restrain the YK, They don't make this fun that is why I appreciate Mona Ye even though he kept losing to YK at least he put up a fight and make YK think twice.

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19 jun 2023

The story arcs where YK gets overpowered after a long period of weakness and running away are always so satisfying.

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"Next" and "previous" chapter buttons would be nice.

Having to edit the link everytime is a real pain in the ass

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Ben Grem
Ben Grem
07 mar 2023

I kinda feel sorry for the Black Ink clan due to the fact that Yang Kai who is the strongest human race cultivator is personally taking action against them

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31 mar 2023
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