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Zuoqiu Yanghua was born in the Profound Sword Paradise, and when he reach Sixth Order Open Heaven, he went to the Ink Battlefield to kill his enemies. After spending tens of thousands of years in the Profound Sword Pass, his strength gradually increased from the Sixth Order to the Eighth Order, and he displayed extraordinary talent in military strategy.

When Profound Sword Pass was still around, he had been the Regiment Commander of the Eastern Army of the Profound Sword Army. Later on, the Human Race had embarked on an expedition and suffered a defeat outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, causing the army to retreat. Profound Sword Pass had been left behind as a rear guard, but it had been destroyed by the Ink Giant Spiritual Guard, and the Ninth Order Old Ancestor of Profound Sword Paradise had died on the spot.

Zuoqiu Yanghua was lucky enough to escape this calamity, and with the help of his other fellow disciples, he was able to preserve his life and retreat to the No-Return Pass. Afterwards, the No-Return Pass was also lost, and the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds.

It could be said that Zuoqiu Yanghua was an extremely experienced Eighth Order Open Heaven master. In the current Human Race, there weren’t many who were more experienced than him.

He was in charge of the Chi Huo Army’s Eastern Army, so it was only right and proper.

All these years, he had lived up to the expectations of his soldiers, and under his leadership, the Chi Huo Eastern Army had killed countless enemies and achieved great achievements.

However, now that he had been targeted by two of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords, Zouqiu Yanghua knew he had no chance of surviving. After tens of thousands of years of fighting, he had long since grown accustomed to life and death. At this moment, he didn’t feel any fear or panic, only a slight sense of regret. After all, the battle with the Black Ink Clan had covered most of his life, and now he had no chance to witness the Human Race’s final victory.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t anticipated this situation. In fact, as a qualified Regiment Commander, he had long anticipated this situation. Sooner or later, the Black Ink Clan would rely on the overwhelming strength of a Pseudo-Royal Lord to carry out this plan, so he had been prepared.

The Jade Plan was a method to deal with this situation.

When a powerful enemy attacked, if they couldn’t win, then they would die together!

The speed of the two Pseudo-Royal Lords became faster as they drew closer, their powerful auras firmly locking onto Zuoqiu Yanghua, who remained unmoved, saying, “Everyone, it is this one’s honor to be able to fight side by side with all of you in this life. After today, you and I will join forces to fight in the underworld!”

An Eighth Order smiled, “Naturally!”

Someone else also said, “Unfortunately, we can’t see the final result.”

Someone shouted, “Kill them!”

Although the remaining Eighth Order masters knew that they would be doomed, none of them showed any fear. Instead, under this powerful pressure, their fighting intent soared.

Zuoqiu Yanghua’s usually cold face flashed a smile as he slowly said, “Since that’s the case, then… let’s crash into them!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Eighth Order masters who were already in position began pouring their strength into the Spirit Array. The next moment, the massive Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship, which had been quietly floating outside the battlefield, trembled slightly before quickly rushing forward.

The two Pseudo-Royal Lords who were charging towards them were originally calm and composed, but after seeing this scene, they couldn’t help being stunned.

The tenacity of the Human Race was something they had long experienced, but under their boundless might, the fact that the other party still dared to act in such a manner was somewhat surprising.

Huo Yu, who was slightly taller and had a pair of fleshy wings on his back, coldly snorted, “You overestimate yourself.”

He had seen this kind of situation many times before. In the face of an absolute disparity in strength, the Human Race would often respond in a more aggressive manner, and what drove them to make such a choice was often unrealistic fantasies.

If he was still just an Innate Territory Lord, he would naturally have to avoid such a situation, but ever since he had become a Pseudo-Royal Lord, there were very few masters in the Human Race that could catch his eye.

Ji Chi, who was flying side by side with him said, “Don’t be careless!”

Although he said so, his speed didn’t decrease in the slightest. Originally, they had brought some Territory Lords with them, but along the way, they had gone to intercept the invading Eighth Order Human Race masters, so at this moment, only the two of them, the Pseudo-Royal Lords, relied on their powerful strength to brazenly rush towards the Ink Battleship.

From afar, on the Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship, a number of large-scale artifacts had been set up, and under the control of the Eighth Order masters who had been stationed here, they were able to display a great deal of power. However, these artifacts were still inanimate objects, even with the support of the Spirit Array, it was still difficult for them to injure the two Pseudo-Royal Lords.

Under the barrage of powerful attacks, the two Pseudo-Royal Lords continued to dodge while approaching the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

When the distance between them reached its limit, Huo Yu and Ji Chi both attacked at the same time, sending out a powerful force towards the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

A dazzling light curtain appeared in front of the Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship. Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others had activated the power of the Protective Array.

The black light continued to bombard the Protective Array, causing ripples to spread out. Under the powerful attacks, the light of the Protective Array quickly dimmed.

Before they could even get close to each other, the Protective Array shattered.

It wasn’t that the Protective Array of the Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship wasn’t strong enough, but rather that the Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship didn’t have enough manpower to activate the power of the Spirit Array. With only an Eighth Order Open Heaven controlling it, it was difficult for it to display its full power.

If they had enough manpower to maintain the Spirit Array, even if the Protective Array of the Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship couldn’t withstand the bombardment of the two Pseudo-Royal Lords, it wouldn’t have been broken so quickly.

Without the protection of the Spirit Array, the huge Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship was like a naked woman, completely unable to resist the two fierce Pseudo-Royal Lords.

A violent force swept over and the front section of the Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship exploded, causing the many artifacts on it to shatter.

The Eighth Order masters who had stayed behind had no choice but to form a battle formation to defend themselves, but even if a few Eighth Order masters were to form a battle formation, it would still be difficult for them to fight against two Pseudo-Royal Lords.

In an instant, Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others had fallen into a desperate situation!

Ji Chi and Huo Yu laughed and rushed forward.

At this moment, Zuoqiu Yanghua’s eyes flashed sharply as he held a Formatoin Jade in his hand and poured his strength into it.

In the next moment, the already tattered Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship suddenly exploded, and the powerful force behind it caused all the Eighth Order cultivators to lose their footing.

The two Pseudo-Royal Lords who had just rushed forward had already lost their playful expressions and were now filled with endless fear.

Ji Chi's eyes widened, and Huo Yu’s expression changed drastically.

Dazzling pure white light burst out like an exploding sun as the Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship exploded, filling the entire sky.

“Light Of Purification!” Ji Chi shouted as he and Huo Yu both retreated.

However, Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others were waiting for this moment, so how could they allow them to retreat so easily? Under the control of the Spirit Array, they launched a barrage of attacks towards Ji Chi.

These Secret Techniques didn’t have much destructive power, but they had one thing in common, which was that they had a binding effect.

They didn’t expect to be able to restrain a powerful Pseudo-Royal Lord, their goal was only to delay for a moment.

Under the effects of this Secret Technique, Ji Chi's body suddenly froze and was swallowed up by the Light of Purification. In the next moment, the dazzling white light emitted a miserable scream.

Huo Yu’s luck was a bit better, allowing him to avoid being targeted by Zouqiu Yanghua and the others, but even so, he still suffered a loss when the Light of Purification exploded. Although he was only enveloped by the dazzling light for a brief moment, he still felt as if his entire body was being roasted by fire, causing him extreme pain.

Quickly escaping the range of the Light of Purification, he turned around and looked back, his face filled with fear.

The Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship contained a massive amount of Light Of Purification, which was not a secret to the Black Ink Clan. Over the years, many Human Race had fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Clan and had been transformed into Black Ink Disciples, so they were able to obtain some basic information.

The Human Race also had a kind of artifact known as the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, which was used to seal the Light of Purification to deal with the Black Ink Clan masters.

However, no one had ever used the Light Of Purification sealed inside the Ink Battleship to deal with the Black Ink Clan, so they had never expected the Human Race to have such methods.

After all, every Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship was expensive to build, and on the battlefield, Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleships were often the strategic locations of the Human Race’s high-level leaders. If the Human Race didn’t suffer a massive defeat, the Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleships would generally not be destroyed.

Until today, Huo Yu saw it.

When the large amount of Light Of Purification sealed inside the Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship exploded, even a Pseudo-Royal Lord like him would find it difficult to resist.

'What happened to Ji Chi, he's not dead... Right?'

Thinking so, the dazzling light slowly dissipated, revealing Ji Chi's figure, looking at him, Huo Yu was stunned.

At this moment, Zouqiu Yanghua and ther other Eighth Order masters' battle formation were besieging him, causing him to suffer greatly.

This is a serious injury! Such an injury could only be healed after entering the Ink Nest.

Huo Yu couldn’t help secretly rejoicing that the Human Race’s Eighth Order hadn’t targeted him just now, otherwise his fate wouldn’t have been any better than this.

At this moment, Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others were giving it their all. Two Pseudo-Royal Lords had attacked, and one of them had been injured by the Light of Purification, so this was a good opportunity to beat up a drowning dog. If they couldn’t kill this Pseudo-Royal Lord in a short time, once the other came to his aid, they would definitely be no match for him.

With such considerations, how could Zuoqiu Yanghua and the others hold back? Even if they had to sacrifice themselves, they would not hesitate to use their Secret Techniques.

Under this barrage of attacks, Ji Chi was actually struck dumb, and for a time he was filled with danger.

Fortunately, Huo Yu quickly came to support him and helped him bear most of the pressure.

The two of them had come together just to kill Zuoqiu Yanghua. Although they had accidentally suffered a loss, he was not willing to abandon Ji Chi and flee.

The Human Race’s Expelling Black Ink Clan Battleship had already exploded and no longer had the ability to resist them.

With the addition of Huo Yu, the pressure on Zouqiu Yanghua and the other Eighth Order masters increased greatly. All of the Eighth Order masters knew that they had lost their chance to kill Ji Chi.

However, this only served to strengthen everyone’s determination to fight to the death. Originally, if they joined forces, they would at most be able to fight against a single Pseudo-Royal Lord. At this moment, Ji Chi's condition wasn’t good, but Huo Yu doesn't suffer much damage. However, both of them knew that once the Human Race’s Eighth Order masters were unable to use their Secret Techniques, they would be doomed.


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