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In the E-5 Domain, a great battle erupted.

More than a decade ago, the Chi Huo Army had advanced at a rapid pace, and after conquering many great domains, they had broken through to the E-5 Domain. At that time, the Black Ink Clan had already made arrangements here, and the two armies had begun fighting in the vast void.

During these ten years, large-scale collisions occurred every three or five days, and each time, both races would suffer losses. Although the Chi Huo Army’s momentum was unstoppable, they were still unable to recover this territory as easily as before.

The Black Ink Clan army had changed their declining momentum after hundreds of years, displaying unimaginable combat strength and tenacity, restricting the Chi Huo Army here.

With so many Pseudo-Royal Lords joining the battle, the Chi Huo Army’s masters felt a great pressure.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord was already at the level of a Royal Lord and a Ninth Order, so an Eighth Order Human Race master was no match for them. At the very least, they would need to form the Five Elements or even Six Directions Array in order to confront a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

As for the Black Ink Clan army on the E-5 Domain, there were nearly twenty Pseudo-Royal Lords!

This was an extremely terrifying number. On the other battlefields, unless there were Ninth Order Human Race masters present, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t send so many Pseudo-Royal Lords to participate in the battle.

The Black Ink Clan’s intentions were clear, they wanted to rely on these Pseudo-Royal Lords to deal a heavy blow to the Chi Huo Army. The Chi Huo Army was also targeted by the Black Ink Clan and was used as an example to others!

Facing such a powerful lineup of enemies, the Chi Huo Army also displayed extraordinary decisiveness. In the great battles, many Eighth Order masters were willing to sacrifice their flesh, blood, and even their lives in order to fight against the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

Their actions had only one purpose.

Even if they couldn’t kill these Pseudo-Royal Lords, they would at least injure them and weaken their strength!

The Black Ink Clan had relied on the large number of Innate Territory Lords that had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to create a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords. This was indeed an advantage that the Human Race was temporarily unable to compensate for, but the Black Ink Clan had always had a weakness that was difficult to resolve.

It was difficult to recover from injuries.

It was fine if their injuries were light, but the strength of the Pseudo-Royal Lords was too great, so it wouldn’t affect them too much. However, if their injuries were serious, their strength would drop drastically, and if they wanted to recover, they would have to enter the Black Nest to hibernate.

Many Eighth Order Human Race masters had sacrificed themselves over and over again, causing the injuries of many Pseudo-Royal Lords to accumulate, forcing them to leave the battlefield and return to the No-Return Pass to recuperate.

If it weren’t for the fact that the No-Return Pass had constantly sent out a number of Pseudo-Royal Lords to assist them, the battle over the E-5 Domain would not have been so intense, and the Chi Huo Army would likely have been able to defeat the enemy.

All of this was the result of a large number of Eighth Order master falling.

Not to mention, in order to balance the disparity in strength between the various great armies, the Head Office Division had deliberately transferred the Holy Spirits to the armies without a Ninth Order master.

It was the same for the Chi Huo Army. Although there weren’t many Holy Spirits, there were still more than thirty of them. Even the Dragon Clan’s Ancient Dragon Elder had two of them guarding this place, as well as the Phoenix Clan and other Holy Spirits.

These Holy Spirits who had lived for countless years were undoubtedly stronger than the Eighth Order Human Race. Although there was still a gap between them and the Pseudo-Royal Lords, the unique Natal Divine Ability of these Holy Spirits made up for this gap to a large extent. Often, when two or three Holy Spirits joined forces, they would barely be able to contend with a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

It was because of this decision that the Chi Huo Army had persisted.

The situation was still not optimistic. The Chi Huo Army was the target of the Black Ink Clan, so naturally, they would not allow Chi Huo Army to continue living freely. In recent years, the Black Ink Clan had been constantly increasing their forces, causing great pressure on the Chi Huo Army.

Anyone with eyes could see that the E-5 Domain's war would ultimately end with the loss of the Chi Huo Army.

The Human Race wanted to kill the high-end battle strength of the Black Ink Clan, but how could the Black Ink Clan not do the same? Not to mention that there were still a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords waiting to be dispatched to the battlefield in the No-Return Pass. If Mo Na Ye were to risk everything and send out all of his Pseudo-Royal Lords, the Chi Huo Army would have no way to resist.

The reason he didn’t do so was because he wanted to slowly weaken the strength of the Human Race. Over the past ten years, although the Pseudo-Royal Lord had suffered heavy injuries, not a single one of them had died. On the contrary, countless Eighth Order Human Race cultivators had fallen.

But even if they knew this, what could they do? It was impossible for the Chi Huo Army to retreat, so they could only grit their teeth and persevere. It was even more impossible for them to ask for reinforcements from the outside. The various armies were all dealing with their enemies, so no one had the strength to help others.

If it had been hundreds of years ago, when the Human Race had been guarding the dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields, they might have been able to call for reinforcements, because at that time, the Great Domain Battlefields weren’t very far from each other, allowing them to finish the battle quickly and return quickly.

However, with the Human Race’s frontline stretched out and the various armies coordinating their forces, it was difficult for them to support each other.

Mo Na Ye’s scheme had finally paid off, and the Black Ink Clan’s continuous retreat proved that it was not completely meaningless.

In the void, a standard Battleship was moving about, but it was surrounded by countless Black Ink Clan. These Black Ink Clan weren’t too strong, most of them were just Low Rank Black Ink Clan, basically just cannon fodder for the Black Ink Clan. Occasionally, there would be a few High Rank Black Ink Clan, but they weren’t much of a threat to these groups.

However, in this vast sea of Black Ink Clan, this Battleship was in a precarious position and could be overturned at any moment.

There was no other choice. There were simply too many Black Ink Clan masters, and there was no way to kill them all. Moreover, not only were there only these Low and High Rank Black Ink Clan masters, there were also a few Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord masters who were secretly attacking.

Trapped here was a small team under the jurisdiction of the Chi Huo Army’s Kun Ding Garrison. The entire team consisted of eleven people, including Team Leader Wang Qian, Vice Team Leader Zhao Li, and the other team member was a Seventh Order Open Heaven while the others were only Fifth Order or Sixth Order.

Although the Human Race now had two Open Heaven Stage Cradles, the World Tree Subtree, the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World, which could produce a large number of good seedlings suitable for cultivation, not everyone had extraordinary talent. Compared to the geniuses who received great attention, most of them had ordinary aptitudes.

What’s more, even geniuses needed time to grow from Low Rank to High Rank.

As such, the Human Race’s armies were mostly comprised of Fifth Order and Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivators.

However, compared to thousands of years ago, the overall cultivation of the Human Race cultivators now was at least one or two grades higher.

In the Ink Battlefield, among all the Human Race teams in the various mountain passes, only the Team Leader was a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator. Although there were many Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivators, there weren’t many of them, and only those who had reached the Seventh Order were qualified to be the Team Leader.

However, in this current group, there were three Seventh Order master, so the difference was obvious. Such a group could be seen everywhere in the Chi Huo Army, and it could be said that the Human Race’s current small team, it's rare to only have one Seventh Order master, having two or three Seventh Order was a basic arrangement.

Some elite team's Team Leader even have Eighth Order master!

The number of Eighth Order Human Race cultivators had increased greatly. Not only had they accumulated a great deal over the years, but the Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill they had harvested from the Universe Furnace had also allowed the Human Race to reach the Eighth Order.

The increase in their overall cultivation also greatly increased the strength of the various Human Race armies.

Wang Qian’s team wasn’t in a very good situation at the moment. They had been separated from the garrison's main force during the large-scale confrontation with the Black Ink Clan, this situation wasn’t uncommon. When the two armies clashed, it was easy for some of the soldiers to be separated from the battle. After all, the void was boundless and the battlefield was vast, so there were bound to be some accidents.

When encountering such a situation, it was natural to quickly return to the garrison's main force and meet up with the people from the garrison. Otherwise, if they were to wander outside, it would be easy for them to be targeted by the enemy.

Wang Qian also wanted to lead his team back to his garrison, but his luck was bad. He had actually encountered an army from the Black Ink Clan here, so he had no choice but to fight and flee.

There were too many Black Ink Clan cultivators, so the team’s situation became more difficult. The three Seventh Order each occupied their respective Battleships, constantly activating their Secret Techniques and Artifacts to attack the Black Ink Clan cultivators.

Suddenly, a cry of surprise rang out, and one of the Sixth Order responsible for managing the Spirit Array called out, “Team Leader, the defense formation is unable to continue, it’s about to collapse.”

Another team member shouted, “The Tiger Roar is overloading, we can only use it three more times!”

Tiger Roar was the main battle artifact of this Battleship, and every Battleship was equipped with a few Spirit Arrays that had been set up in advance. The cultivator who had activated this artifact poured his strength into it, and each of its strikes was equivalent to the full strength of a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator.

However, the Artifacts and Spirit Arrays were inanimate objects after all, and once they were activated too many times in a short period of time, it would easily exceed the limits of what they could withstand.

The main battle artifact was overloaded, and the defensive formation was on the verge of collapse. This was simply adding insult to injury for the entire team. The former would greatly reduce the damage of the team while the latter would directly determine the safety of the team.

Team Leader Wang Qian roared as he killed the enemy, “Zhong Wu Yu!”

“Don’t shout, I’m already repairing it!” A response came from the side of the Battleship. It was the team’s third Seventh Order cultivator. At this moment, he rushed over to the Tiger Roar to investigate the situation of this artifact and quickly took out some materials to repair it.

Zhong Wu Yu was not only a Seventh Order master, but also an Artifact Refiner. Under normal circumstances, the minor damage to the Battleship wouldn’t even need to be sent to the logistics department to be repaired.

On the other side, Vice Team Leader Zhao Li’s face was covered in blood and he was in a sorry state. Just now, he had rushed out and slaughtered a number of enemies, greatly reducing the pressure on the team, but he had also suffered some injuries. At this moment, he cursed loudly, “Son of a bitch Mi Jinglun, is our Chi Huo Army raised by a step-mom? Why does Yun Xiao and Zi Hong have Ninth Order master while we don’t?”

It was no wonder he was so angry, many people from the Chi Huo Army were holding their breaths.

As the saying went, one could not help but suffer from scarcity. The Human Race currently had six Ninth Order masters, but they had twelve main army.

At the very beginning, Luo Tinghe had been in charge of the Azure Sun Territory, so it was understandable. It was the same for Wei Junyang who was in charge of the Wolf Fang Army. It could be said that for these two armies to be able to obtain a Ninth Order master is enviable, no one would say anything.


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