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Inside the meeting hall, Mi Jinglun looked at Yang Kai apologetically, “Although I know you'll have a hard time traveling, there isn’t much time for you to rest and cultivate at the moment. I’ll leave the Chi Huo Army to you.”

Yang Kai chuckled, “I haven’t fought in so many years, it’s a good time to stretch my muscles.”

Saying so, he stood up and walked out. When he reached the door, he suddenly tossed something towards Mi Jinglun.

Mi Jinglun caught it and heard Yang Kai’s voice, “I brought a small gift for Senior Brother, please accept it.”

When he raised his head to looke over, Yang Kai had already disappeared.

Looking in the direction Yang Kai had left, the anxious advisors finally let out a sigh of relief. Since this man had returned and was heading towards the E-5 Domain, the war over there should be stable.

Currently, the Black Ink Clan knew nothing about this person’s return, and if nothing go wrong, they would suffer greatly.

“Commander Mi, since this Lord has returned, why don’t you gather all of the Ninth Order masters and attack the root of the problem directly?” Someone suggested.

The Black Ink Clan’s current advantage was not only in their numbers, but also in their endless supply of troops. For the Black Ink Clan, as long as they had enough Ink Nest and resources, they could continuously produce an army.

If they attack the No-Return Pass and destroy the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord-level Ink Nest from the source, they would be able to completely cut off the Black Ink Clan’s army supply. At that time, the pressure the Human Race would have to bear would be much smaller.

Right now, the Black Ink Clan’s army was inexhaustible, but if the Black Ink Clan lost their Ink Nest, would they still be able to spent their troops carelessly? Sooner or later, all of the Black Ink Clan would be eradicated.

Five hundred years ago, the Human Race had once done such a thing, but at that time, only four Ninth Order masters had been able to mobilize. Unfortunately, the Black Ink Clan had been on guard and had failed.

But now, including Yang Kai, who had just returned, there were seven of them, almost twice as many as before. If they really did this, there was still a chance they could succeed.

Mi Jinglun tightened his grip on the box in his hand and slowly shook his head, “It’s too risky, not to mention whether this plan will succeed or not, even if it succeeds, I’m afraid they won’t be able to destroy all of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. If we don’t completely eradicate them, this kind of action will be meaningless and will instead cause the various armies to take unnecessary risks.”

Today was different from the past. The Human Race’s twelve main armies were fighting outside, and the Black Ink Clan’s forces had their own ways of dealing with this situation. If the Ninth Order masters guarding the place suddenly disappeared, the Black Ink Clan would definitely take advantage of this situation. Without the Ninth Order masters holding down the fort, perhaps the originally evenly matched situation would become the Black Ink Clan’s triumphant advance. At that time, the Human Race would definitely suffer heavy casualties, and all of their previous gains would be lost.

The advisor who spoke carefully thought for a moment before nodding slightly, “What Commander Mi said is true, I was too naive.”

Mi Jinglun said, “With the current situation between the two races, my Human Race can only play it safe and not give the Black Ink Clan any opportunities to take advantage of. All of you must remember this.”

“Yes,” everyone agreed.

Mi Jinglun withdrew his gaze and casually opened the box Yang Kai had tossed out.

Before Yang Kai left, he had tossed this thing to him, saying that it was a small gift he had brought back. Mi Jinglun didn’t think much of it and simply opened it, his expression suddenly stiffening.

Not only him, but several Eighth Order Open Heaven masters in the hall were also attracted by the box.

Inside the box lay a glowing Spirit Pill. Under this strange aura, whether it was Mi Jinglun or the other Eighth Order masters, they all felt that the bottleneck they had been stuck in for so many years was about to loosen.

Even though they had never seen such a pill before, the Eighth Order masters who noticed this pill’s abnormality immediately recognized it.

“Best Quality Open Heaven Pill!” Someone exclaimed.

Mi Jinglun was even more stunned.

The small gift Yang Kai brought back was actually a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill? He couldn’t believe his eyes.

However, just by relying on this strange movement, it was able to draw upon the shackles of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master. In this world, there was probably nothing other than a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill that could do this.

This was a treasure that many peak Eighth Order masters dreamed of, an opportunity to help others break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Method. A single pill represented the birth of a Ninth Order!

With Mi Jinglun’s many years of accumulation, if he were to refine it, breaking through to the Ninth Order was certain.

In an instant, Mi Jinglun understood.

This Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was probably taken from the hands of the Chaos Spirit King.

Previously, in order to inquire about Yang Kai’s whereabouts, he had spoken with many cultivators who had returned from the Universe Furnace and obtained some information about him.

Some people had felt Yang Kai’s aura from afar, but it quickly disappeared, and at that time, Yang Kai seemed to be being pursued by the Chaos Spirit King.

At that time, Mi Jinglun had guessed that Yang Kai had gone to find trouble with the Chaos Spirit King and snatched back the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill he had thrown out during the battle.

However, after not seeing Yang Kai for so many years, this matter could not be verified.

At this moment, the Spirit Pill in his hand proved that his guess was correct. Yang Kai had really managed to snatch this Spirit Pill back. No wonder the Chaos Spirit King had been chasing after him.

When the Chaos Spirit King met Yang Kai, it was also quite unlucky. A single pill had changed hands several times…

Gently closing the wooden box in his hand, Mi Jinglun paused for a moment before saying, “I need to go into seclusion for a while, so I’ll leave this matter to you. If it’s not an urgent matter, you can discuss it yourself.”

Everyone agreed.

Mi Jinglun stepped out of the hall and gripped the box tightly.

On the Human Race’s side, there were many peak Eighth Order cultivators, many of whom had made great contributions to the Human Race. It could be said that all of these people who had fought on the battlefield with their lives on the line were worthy of respect.

They also needed Best Quality Open Heaven Pill to break through.

However, there was only one Spirit Pill.

Mi Jinglun was not a selfish person. If things had been peaceful, he might not have had any ideas about this Spirit Pill. He was not the kind of person who was determined to break through to the Ninth Order.

But this was a war! He was also the Chief of the Head Office and was in charge of coordinating the twelve Human Race main armies.

The various armies advanced in unison, taking back more than two hundred Great Domains over the past six hundred years. The battlefront here was long, so logically speaking, it was no longer appropriate for the Head Office Division to be set up here. After all, once the battlefront was extended, the information from the front line would not be able to be delivered in time, affecting some decisions and responses.

He had also thought about moving the Head Office closer to the battlefield, but he didn’t dare to do so because he was only an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator. The manpower left behind on the Head Office wasn’t enough to deal with the sneak attack of a Black Ink Clan powerhouse.

If the Black Ink Clan were to find the Head Office's location and launch a surprise attack with their powerhouse, the Head Office's situation would definitely be dire.

It didn’t matter if he died alone, but if the Head Office Division was completely wiped out by the Black Ink Clan, it would inevitably affect the morale of the Human Race’s army. At that time, without the Head Office Division to coordinate with the various armies, the various armies fighting outside would have to fight on their own.

In terms of information transmission, the Human Race was not as convenient as the Black Ink Clan. Without the Head Office Division, it was extremely disadvantageous to the overall situation.

However, if he could break through to the Ninth Order, all of his previous ideas could be put into action. The Head Office could mobilize their forces in the direction of the battlefield and obtain information about the frontline battle in time.

Therefore, when he saw that Spirit Pill, Mi Jinglun hesitated for a moment before deciding to use it to break through to the Ninth Order.

After Mi Jinglun left, the group of advisors gradually came back to their senses. Although they might not be able to obtain a Ninth Order cultivation in their lifetime, and they wouldn’t be able to obtain a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, it was still an honor for the Human Race to have a new Ninth Order.

One of the Eighth Order masters said, “Chief Mi’s breakthrough is a top secret and cannot be leaked.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

The Black Ink Clan now had a deep understanding of the Human Race, with six Ninth Order Open Heaven masters commanding six armies. Now that Yang Kai had returned, the Black Ink Clan probably had no idea that a bloody storm was about to break out in the E-5 Domain.

If Mi Jinglun broke through to the Ninth Order, the Human Race would have eight Ninth Order masters on the main battlefield. If they hid the fact that Mi Jinglun had broken through to the Ninth Order, they might be able to make use of this opportunity in the future. Everyone was a quick-witted person, so how could they not have thought of this?

Therefore, even without Mi Jinglun’s instructions, they knew they should keep this matter a secret.

The E-5 Domain was a Great Domain with only a single number of Universe Worlds. It had always been barren and there were only a few Universe Worlds in the entire territory. The level of its Martial Dao was even lower than that of the Star Boundary in the past.

Looking across the 3000 Worlds, there were actually quite a number of such barren Great Domains.

When the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds, they had easily taken over this Great Domain. The creatures on the Universe Worlds here didn’t even know what had happened, so they were completely wiped out.

After taking down this Great Domain, the Black Ink Clan did not leave too much power here, because not only would the Black Ink Clan not pay attention to such a Great Domain, even the Human Race would not pay much attention to it.

But ten years ago, the E-5 Domain had become the battlefield between the Human Race’s Chi Huo Army and the Black Ink Clan’s army.

Just as Mi Jinglun had said, over the years, the Black Ink Clan had deliberately given up more than two hundred Great Domains to force the Human Race to extend their line of defense. Sensing that the time was right, they intended to attack the Chi Huo Army.

Their retreat was not from a failure, it was only to create a better opportunity to counterattack. Over the years, under the leadership of Mo Na Ye, although the Black Ink Clan had lost many Great Domains and lost some of their forces, their high-end combat strength was still intact.

This loss also caused the Black Ink Clan to suppress their anger. After hundreds of years of accumulation, once this anger erupted, it was unstoppable.

As long as they could defeat the Chi Huo Army, the Black Ink Clan’s years of forbearance would be worth it, so the Black Ink Clan was determined to win this battle.

The reason why they had chosen Chi Huo Army was naturally because they didn’t have a Ninth Order guard, so their bones were easier to chew.

There were only a few Ninth Order Human Race masters, but the main army was divided into twelve different territory, so there was no way to take care of all of them.


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Speaking of the pills, the people who went in the furnace should've saved and given the low quality pills to those 8th orders who are direct 7th promote to avoid bottlenecks thus promoting more 9th orders.

Hoping to see these words in the future remaining chapters or else they just wasted all low quality pills just to promote 8th levels from 7th.

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