If that was the case, it would be much more convenient for him to move about in the future. Even if he were to encounter the same situation as before, he wouldn’t need to spend too much time traveling. If he needed to, he could simply open up his Small Universe and borrow the connection between the Subtree and the World Tree’s main body to return.

Although he said so, Yang Kai still felt that something was wrong. Things weren’t as simple as he thought.

The old tree didn’t directly answer this question, instead asking, “Think about it, what is the root cause of why I was able to bring you to the Great Ruins Boundary and the various Universe worlds in front of you?”

“Root cause?” Yang Kai couldn’t help falling into deep thought.

Thinking about it carefully, he was able to use the World Tree’s power to enter the Great Ruins Boundary because he had refined more than two thousand Universe Worlds, each one of which had a World Fruit imprinted on the old tree’s body. Because of this, there was an inseparable connection between him and the old tree.

Therefore, no matter where he was, he needed a Universe World that had yet to die as a medium to enter the Great Ruins Boundary.

It was also for this reason that he had deliberately refined the Universe World from the 3000 Worlds and brought it to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction so that he could go there at any time to investigate.

Every time he left the Great Ruins Boundary, he would need to use the World Fruit as a medium. For example, if he wanted to go to the Star Boundary, he would need to find the World Fruit corresponding to the Star Boundary. If he wanted to go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he would need to find the World Fruit corresponding to the Universe World he had left behind…

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “The root cause is the World Fruit.”

On top of the tree, Old Tree nodded, “It can also be said to be the living Universe World.”

“So my idea won’t work.”

His Small Universe did not have the corresponding World Fruit, when he returned, he had only used his own Subtree to strengthen his connection with the old tree. After all, each Subtree was a clone of the old tree, so there was an inseparable connection between the two.

Realizing this, Yang Kai was slightly disappointed.

“I may not be able to bring you to the Great Ruins Boundary in the future,” The Old Tree suddenly said.

Yang Kai was startled and quickly realized the problem, “Is this time’s consumption too great?”

He had just discovered that the old tree’s condition was worse than the last time he had seen it. The leaves on its huge crown were somewhat yellow and showed signs of withering.

The old tree nodded, “It’s too far away. Although I have the Subtree to establish a connection, my power has yet to reach that range. I’m afraid I’ll fall into a deep sleep soon.”

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Yang Kai asked. Since the old tree is falling into a deep sleep, he would definitely lose his ability to teleport him. At the very least, he wouldn’t be able to go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

The old tree pondered for a moment before shaking the tree, “You probably won’t be able to help much, unless there are more Universe World to establish contact with me.”

However, this was also unrealistic. The remaining Universe World from the 3000 worlds had all been corroded and killed by the Ink Force, so how could there be more Universe World?

On the way back, Yang Kai had seen many new Universe Worlds, but the power of the old trees couldn’t cover such a great distance. Using the Subtrees was possible, but how could the old tree have so many?

In the past, when the three Subtrees were separated, the old tree had lost a great deal of vitality.

It could be said that this time, it was extremely likely that he would never wake up again. Only after the Human Race had completely defeated the Black Ink Clan and the 3000 Worlds had experienced countless years of rest and recuperation would he have a chance to regain his vitality.

Yang Kai was silent. Ever since he had formed a connection with the old tree, he had received the old tree’s help and it had helped him a lot, but now he was unable to provide any assistance to the old tree, making him feel somewhat helpless.

“Where do you want to go now?” The old tree asked, “Before I fall asleep, I can give you one last ride.”

“Star Boundary,” Yang Kai slowly stood up, looked at the old face of the old tree on the tree, and cupped his fists, “Old Tree, please rest well, leave the matter of the Black Ink Clan to me. When you wake up, it will be time for the Black Ink Tribulation to be settled!”

Old Tree chuckled, “I’ll wait for that day!”

He hoped that day would come.

Yang Kai nodded and rushed towards the World Fruit corresponding to the Star Boundary. The old tree exerted its strength at the same time and in the blink of an eye, a Universe World appeared in Yang Kai’s vision.

In the Great Ruins Boundary, the old tree used its last bit of strength and its appearance slowly disappeared. The moment before its consciousness went silent, it suddenly realized something.

This time, Yang Kai seemed to have reached the Ninth Order… He had been too weak to notice it before.

In the Star Boundary airspace, Yang Kai arrived.

As usual, the moment he appeared, a powerful Divine Sense stretched out from a certain part of the Star Boundary. This was the Divine Sense of the masters who had been guarding the Star Boundary.

Ordinary masters naturally wouldn’t have such sharp senses, not even an Eighth Order, but Great Emperors born from the Star Boundary could. These Great Emperors were closely related to the Star Boundary and had been recognized by the World Great Dao here. As long as they were willing, any suspicious situation would not escape their senses.

With a touch of his Divine Sense, the other party clearly noticed Yang Kai’s identity and quickly withdrew it.

In the next moment, a figure flew up from somewhere in the Star Boundary and silently arrived in front of Yang Kai.

Looking at this person, Yang Kai smiled, “Senior Iron Blood, long time no see!”

The newcomer was none other than the Iron Blood Great Emperor, Zhan Wuhen. He looked at Yang Kai in surprise before gently nodding, “You’re back?”

When the Universe Furnace closed, Yang Kai disappeared without a trace. Not only did the Black Ink Clan speculate that Yang Kai was trapped inside the Universe Furnace, but the Human Race’s upper echelons also had this guess. Although they didn’t know why Yang Kai was trapped inside the Universe Furnace, at this point, they had no way to save him, so they could only let it be.

On the other hand, there were a few people who firmly believed that even if Yang Kai was trapped inside the Universe Furnace, he wouldn’t be trapped for too long. One day, he would escape and return, never waiting for the next time the Universe Furnace opened.

As such, when Zhan Wuhen saw Yang Kai, he wasn’t too surprised. Yang Kai had practically grown up under his watch. This was a man who could do things that ordinary people couldn’t, so what did it matter if he escaped from the Universe Furnace?

“Injured?” Yang Kai frowned slightly.

Zhan Wuhen was obviously injured and his injuries were not light. At this moment, his face was pale and his aura was unstable. With his current cultivation of Eighth Order Open Heaven, to receive such a serious injury, it was obvious how intense the battle had been.

Yang Kai was not surprised that Zhan Wuhen was able to break through to the Eighth Order. The various Great Emperors of the Star Boundary had all been able to break through to the Sixth Order directily in the past, and their cultivation in the Star Boundary had given them a unique advantage. Many years ago, these Great Emperors had all broken through to the Eighth Order.

At this moment, Zhan Wuhen had already reached the peak of the Eighth Order, but because of the innate limitations of the Open Heaven Method, it was difficult for him to break through.

When the Universe Furnace was opened, Yang Kai didn’t enter, nor did he see anyone from the Star Boundary inside.

Zhan Wuhen indifferently replied, “We’re fighting outside, so what’s so strange about getting injured?”

If it weren’t for his serious injuries, he wouldn’t have returned to the Star Boundary to recuperate. To him, fighting was the essence of life.

After a moment of silence, Zhan Wuhen said, “Ice Feather and Heaven's Revelations are dead.”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly as he lowered his eyes.

In war, there had never been a case where the is no casualties. In the countless years of war with the Black Ink Clan, when had there not been a single death? Whether it was the Ink Battlefield or the Great Domain Battlefield, the destruction of one’s life had long since become a common occurrence.

Even the Dawn Squad he had led many years ago, several members had died under his watch.

Ice Feather and Heaven's Revelation were the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary and had long since broken through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven, but in this calamity that swept through the world, so what if they were Eighth Order? Facing the masters of the Black Ink Clan, it was sometimes difficult to preserve their own lives.

To be honest, Yang Kai wasn’t too familiar with these two Great Emperors, but because they came from the same Star Boundary, he felt a greater sense of familiarity with them compared to those who came from the Cave Heaven Paradise.

However, when he heard that these two Great Emperors had died in battle, his heart sank.

“Is the battle very intense?” Yang Kai asked with a frown.

Zhan Wuhen nodded slightly, “You need to go to the Head Office Division to inquire about the specifics. They are in control of the overall situation, so they know more about the situation.” After pausing for a moment, he continued, “Their deaths weren’t a loss, they didn’t lose the Star Boundary's face, and even if they died, they could still make room for successors. A few new Great Emperors have been born, all of them directly advancing to the Seventh Order, with a chance of reaching the Ninth Order.”

Every Universe World had its own bottleneck, and depending on the size of the Universe World, it could give birth to different size of Great Emperors. In the early years of the Star Boundary, the limit was ten Great Emperors, but with the Subtree’s constant feedback, the Universe World’s quantity had increased. Now, it could give birth to about twelve Great Emperors, and if the older generation’s Great Emperors didn’t die, it would be difficult for new people to ascend.

With the fall of Ice Feather and Heaven's Revelation, the position of the two Great Emperors had been vacated from the Star Boundary. Now that the Star Boundary had a large number of talents, it was easy for them to obtain the recognition of the Star Boundary’s Great Dao and become Great Emperors, allowing them to cultivate in the Star Boundary with twice the result with half the effort.

However, Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s not much time for them to grow.”

From the Seventh Order to the Ninth Order, it would take an extremely long time. Even if one became a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, it would take them several thousand years to fully mature.

Rather than relying on them, it would be better to rely on the current number of Eighth Order masters.

The first generation of good seedlings who had reached the Seventh Order directly had now reached the Eighth Order Open Heaven. Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before they reached the Ninth Order.

On the Human Race’s side, as long as there was a new generation of Ninth Order masters, more Ninth Order masters would be born in the future. Over the past thousands of years, the Human Race’s strength had accumulated to a certain point, and when the time came, countless masters would be born on the Human Race’s side.

This was the future strength of the Human Race, and also the origin of the Star Boundary’s Open Heaven Stage Cradle.

As he spoke, Yang Kai connected his consciousness to the Void World and projected it into the Void Dojo. Soon, the Small Universe’s door opened and several figures emerged from it.

Over the years, the Void Dojo had accumulated a large number of good seedlings that could advance to the Open Heaven Stage.


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