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The blooming of the old tree was something that had never happened before.

It really wanted to understand what was happening to its body, so after carefully examining it, it followed the vague sense of this flower bud and sensed an extremely distant location.

He immediately understood that the feeling he had felt several years ago was not an illusion.

Right now, this feeling was still quite vague, sometimes intermittent, but it did exist.

However, the old tree was also confused as to why he had such a strange feeling from such a distant place.

The situation was abnormal, so the old tree remained vigilant and didn’t dare fall into a deep sleep for the next few years, constantly checking the situation of the flower bud.

As time passed, the small bud gradually blossomed…

The flower bud completely bloomed, and as the petals fell off, a small World Fruit appeared!

The old tree was completely shocked. For countless years, the World Fruit on its body had only withered and fallen, never giving birth to a new World Fruit. The key was that it had never understood what was happening.

The only thing it knew was that the birth of this World Fruit was not detrimental to it, because as this new fruit was born, a faint vitality was poured into its old body.

A few decades later, when the World Fruit grew to the size of a fist and completely solidified, it suddenly felt a faint summoning.

It had experienced this many times, and every time Yang Kai needed to borrow its power, it would be like this…

Inside that Universe World, under the World Tree Subtree, Yang Kai’s face was filled with joy.

He had finally made contact with the old tree, and although this connection seemed a bit unstable, the current result confirmed his previous guess.

Over the past few decades, Subtree’s form had undoubtedly grown a lot and had completely integrated with this Small Universe World. After absorbing a large amount of World Force from this world, the Subtree had also begun to feed this world.

Over the years, Yang Kai had tried to connect with the World Tree every now and then, but he had never made any progress, making him think that his previous thoughts were wrong.

At this moment, he finally made contact with the World Tree in the Great Ruins Boundary.

How could he not be happy?

In the Great Ruins Boundary, the old tree also roughly understood what had happened. Strictly speaking, this Subtree was its clone. Previously, it had not understood the situation because the Subtree had yet to completely merge with the Universe World. Now, even though they were separated by an endless void, the old tree could vaguely sense the situation with the help of this Subtree.

It couldn’t help but click its tongue in wonder… because even it was unaware of such things.

The connection between them wasn’t very clear yet, but the old tree clearly understood Yang Kai’s intentions. For so many years, every time he sensed Yang Kai's summoning, he needed to enter the Great Ruins Boundary.

As such, the old tree didn’t even bother thinking about it and immediately urged its strength, causing the huge and majestic tree to shake.

The next moment, the old tree’s face suddenly changed…

In the middle of the Universe World, under the Subtree, when the old tree began to act, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly disappeared, as if he had entered an indescribable space.

He had experienced this many times, so he was already familiar with it.

However, Yang Kai soon realized that something was wrong.

Every time he connected with the World Tree and borrowed its power to enter the Great Ruins Boundary, it would only take an instant, but this time… it seemed a bit long!

After traveling through this strange space for a long time, Yang Kai was still unable to escape, and even his connection with the World Tree became more vague.

Yang Kai was slightly surprised. He was able to use the World Tree’s power to enter the Great Ruins Boundary because he had saved and refined more than two thousand Universe Worlds. These Universe Worlds were later placed on the corresponding World Fruits of the old tree, so it could be said that these Universe Worlds and corresponding World Fruits all had his mark.

It was with the help of these makrs that he had an inseparable connection with the old tree, allowing him to borrow its power to enter the Great Ruins Boundary.

Only when there was a connection could they sense each other.

At this moment, the connection between the two of them was almost cut off. To Yang Kai, this was simply bad news. If the connection was really cut off, he didn’t know what would happen to him.

There was a high chance that he would lose his way into the Great Ruins Boundary. At that time, not to mention finding his way back, even escaping would be difficult.

Fortunately, the faint sensation that was about to come to an end was quickly reestablished. Obviously, Old Tree had also noticed this and was using his full strength.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to delay, immediately activating his Space Ability and quickly rushing forward.

However, it was still useless…

The road ahead was long, and there was no end in sight. Even though the old tree was doing its best, the connection between them was rapidly weakening.

Yang Kai panicked, realizing that he was too far away from the old tree this time. Even with the old tree’s strength, it was impossible for it to easily draw him into the Great Ruins Boundary.

Once their connection was completely cut off, it was highly likely he would never be able to find his way back.

At such a critical juncture, Yang Kai quickly immersed himself in his thoughts and rushed forward while thinking of a countermeasure.

After so many years of adventuring through the world, he had encountered many dangerous situations that were difficult to resist, which had also developed his calm temperament.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai suddenly had an idea.

He quickly opened the door of his Small Universe and a towering tree appeared inside. It was his World Tree Subtree.

The reason he was able to contact the old tree in the Universe World was because he had borrowed the power of the Subtree. Since the Subtree he had planted had such an effect, then his Subtree must also have it.

Sure enough, when Yang Kai did this, the vague connection between him and the old tree instantly became firm, and in the next moment, Yang Kai felt his Small Universe’s strength uncontrollably leak out, like a dam bursting, flowing down…

In the Great Ruins Boundary, the old tree’s old face was filled with a look of hardship, obviously reaching its limit. The huge World Tree was also shaking non-stop, until at a certain moment, a ripple appeared on the newly formed World Fruit and a figure emerged from it and fell in front of the old tree.

The swaying trunk gradually calmed down, and on the tree, the old face of the old tree became even more aged. Looking at the familiar figure that had suddenly appeared in front of him, he couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief.

It had tried its best…

Yang Kai was also gasping for breath, half-kneeling on the ground, his face slightly pale, a look of lingering fear on his face. This trip had been too dangerous. If he hadn’t suddenly remembered to use his own Subtree at the last moment, he really wouldn’t have been able to return to the Great Ruins Boundary.

Even though he had returned, the Small Universe’s strength had been greatly consumed. Now that he was a Ninth Order, the Small Universe’s foundation was extremely solid, but he had used up nearly half of his strength. If it weren’t for the Subtree suppressing his Small Universe, the Void World would definitely be in turmoil.

After calming down a little, Yang Kai stood up and looked up at the familiar World Tree, his heart filled with joy. He had finally returned!

“Where did you go?” The old tree suddenly asked. It had received Yang Kai before, so although it had used up some of its strength, it was still within acceptable limits. But this time, it had suffered a great loss and almost failed.

The old tree was very curious as to where Yang Kai had gone, and from what it could sense, its own Subtree had been left in an extremely distant place.

Yang Kai sat down in front of the old tree and let out a long sigh, “It’s a long story…”

He briefly explained what had happened to him and that the Universe Furnace had opened up a world in the Primal Chaos and that Yang Kai had returned from the end of the world. Even the old tree, which was born from with world, was amazed.

It knew about the Universe Furnace, but it really didn’t know that this world had been created by the Universe Furnace in the Primal Chaos. If that was the case, then its birth could be said to have originated from the Universe Furnace. It was the Universe Furnace that had given birth to these Universe Worlds and ultimately created this World Tree.

After saying this, Yang Kai couldn’t help grumbling, “Old Tree, why didn’t you tell me before that your Subtree had such a miraculous function?”

If he had known earlier, he might have been able to rush back earlier.

However, on second thought, even if he had known about this earlier, it would have been useless. Returning this time was his limit. If he had planted the Subtree further away on the Universe World, even if he had a connection with the old tree, he might not have been able to borrow its power to return to the Great Ruins Boundary.

Old Tree was silent for a moment before replying, “This is the first time I’ve heard of it!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help being speechless, but thinking about it, after so many years, the old tree might have given him some Subtrees, but which of these Subtrees hadn’t been refined by cultivators?

Before Yang Kai, there had never been a cultivator who was willing to plant a Subtree in the Universe World.

Although the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World had the Subtrees Yang Kai had planted, these two Universe Worlds had corresponding World Fruits on the World Tree, so they naturally couldn’t display the wondrous effects of the Subtrees themselves.

This time, Yang Kai suddenly had an idea and planted the Subtree far away, allowing the Universe World and World Tree to become inseparable.

It could be said that from ancient times until now, no one had ever done the same thing as Yang Kai, so how could the old tree know about this? When the branch suddenly blossomed, even the old tree was amazed.

The World Tree had existed for a long time and was indeed experienced and knowledgeable, but that didn’t mean it was omniscient. At the very least, it had never known it was created by the Universe Furnace.

The world and even the World Tree itself only thought that the Universe Furnace was an opportunity, but since ancient times, only Yang Kai had discovered its true mysteries.

“Old Tree, my Small Universe also has a Subtree. Doesn’t this mean that in the future, as long as I need it, no matter where I am, you can bring me to this place?” Yang Kai asked. He hadn’t thought of this before, but after today’s events, he had realized this point.


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DOESN'T MAKES SENSE!! AND TO TOP IT OF, NOW he is asking can he can come to him using his small universe subtree, no matter where he is?! If he didn't know that it had such effect?! Does it makes sense to try (what you don't now!!)


Old Tree, my Small Universe also has a Subtree. Doesn’t this mean that in the future, as long as I need it, no matter where I am, you can bring me to this place?


WHY YK DID PLANT SUBTREE WHEN HE DIDN'T KNEW HE COULD connect with world tree even from that distance?!


AND TO TOP IT OF, NOW he is asking can he can come to him using his small universe subtree, no matter where he is?!

If he didn't know that it had such effect?! Does it makes sense to try (what you don't now!!)

Replying to

Bro you complaining about non sense. It's already established that a lot of the thing YK is doing is innovative and have been done before plus a lot of the information from Cang era to now have been lost. They are many uses of the world tree that was slowly been discovered throughout the story this is one of them. There was no need to use his has a connection because he was always in the 3000 world and had connection to 2000 world fruit so it could use at anytime even then had when he was refining the universe world he did immediately figure out the uses. Finally it was stated a long time ago that their are uses…

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