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“Five hundred years, do you know how I came here in these five hundred years?” The deep voice was filled with a sense of oppression and grievance, as well as a trace of anger, clearly showing the inner turmoil of the speaker.

But there was no response.

On top of the Soul Warming Lotus, Fang Tianci looked at Thunder Shadow as if he was looking at an idiot. Thunder Shadow instantly broke through and said unhappily, “You already said it…”

"If you don’t even ask, how am I supposed to continue?"

“Childish!” Fang Tianci casually commented.

Receiving this blow, Thunder Shadow wore a helpless look on his face, “It’s too boring to be with someone like you, no woman has ever liked you.”

Fang Tianci chuckled, “I have many descendants!”

Thunder Shadow turned around and asked, “Boss, how is this Universe World?”

Soon, Yang Kai’s response came, “The World Laws have been perfected, and there are also some tiny life forms that have been born. This can already be considered a newly born Universe World. Perhaps in a few years, a true life form will appear.”

Thunder Shadow suddenly became excited, “Doesn’t that mean we’re getting closer to the 3000 Worlds?”

According to Yang Kai’s previous speculations, by investigating the Universe World along the way and observing the speed at which the World Laws were perfected, he was able to determine if the direction he was traveling in was wrong.

The closer he was to the 3000 Worlds, the more perfect the World Laws in Universe World would become. Relying on this method, Yang Kai had been constantly adjusting his direction for the past five hundred years. Along the way, he had found that the Universe World’s World Laws were constantly improving.

It wasn’t until reaching this Universe World that they found a perfect World Laws and a tiny life forms.

If there was a life form that could be born, it meant that this Universe World possessed the qualifications to have life. Perhaps after thousands or even tens of thousands of years of evolution, some unique lifeforms that belonged to this Universe World would appear.

The direction was correct, all that was left was time.

After all, he had rushed back from World's End this time, so it had taken him quite a bit of time. It had already been five hundred years, but he still had no way to return.

It had been five hundred years since the Universe Furnace closed, and it was unknown how the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan was progressing. He had to hurry back.

Yang Kai didn’t linger on this Universe World any longer and continued on his journey.

After another hundred years, when Yang Kai once again fell into a Universe World to investigate the situation, he was surprised to find that there were already living creatures in this Universe World.

Most of these creatures lived in the vast ocean, and there were very few living creatures on the continent. Not only that, but the entire Universe Wrodl was covered in green vegetation, and as far as the eye could see, it was filled with lush greenery. The birth of a living creature meant that the Universe World was full of vitality, and in the future, it might be able to produce a Human Race or other race like the Star Boundary.

Yang Kai tried again to connect with the World Tree, but he couldn’t sense anything.

The many Universe World in the 3000 worlds were interdependent with the World Tree. The World Fruit on the World Tree could be said to be the reflection of the Universe World. If the Universe World died, the corresponding World Fruit would also completely wither.

This Universe World was obviously full of vitality, but it had no connection to the World Tree. In the end, it was because the World Tree’s power had not covered this place.

This place was too far from the 3000 Worlds.

Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking back to his previous conjectures about the world. Thunder Shadow’s casual words at that time had given him a lot of thought.

The Universe Furnace opened up the world, and the 3000 worlds, along with the Ink Battlefield, and even deeper into it, was it really the only world?

Was there any other unknown world outside this world?

Or could it be that the 3000 worlds were one world and the Ink Battlefield was another?

The current location should be deeper into the Ink Battlefield, a place that neither the Human Race nor the Black Ink Clan had ever set foot in. If it really was the same world, why couldn’t the World Tree’s power cover this place when the World Laws of this world had been completely perfected and there were even living creatures born here?

Yang Kai couldn’t help sinking into contemplation.

Perhaps… he could think of a way to connect this Universe World to the World Tree? If he could do that, he could borrow the power of the old tree to return to the Great Ruins Boundary, saving him the time and effort needed to continue on his journey.

The road ahead was long, and Yang Kai had used his Space Ability to travel for six hundred years, but he still couldn’t see where he was going. Even if he continued, he didn’t know when he would be able to see the familiar scenery again.

Thinking so, Yang Kai’s heart jumped.

He happened to have something in his possession that he could use to verify.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai leapt up and soon arrived above the Universe World. Looking down, he found a mountain valley filled with the fragrance of flowers.

Immediately, the Small Universe’s door opened and a towering tree was teleported out.

World Tree!

This was not his own tree, but Fang Tianci’s.

With his three bodies combined, Fang Tianci’s Small Universe had completely integrated into Yang Kai’s Small Universe, strengthening its physique and increasing his foundation, allowing the Subtree to enter Yang Kai’s Smile Universe.

Since he already had a Subtree, this second one naturally wouldn’t be of much use to him. Originally, he had planned to find a suitable person to give it to so that it could help him grow faster, but he didn’t expect to use it here.

Activating his World Force, Yang Kai used his hand technique to dig a large pit in the valley and plant the Subtree.

However, there was no need to worry about the World Tree not being able to survive here. The World Tree itself was incomparably mysterious, and Yang Kai had planted a root in the Star Boundary and grown into a Subtree. Now, such a complete tree would naturally not wither.

After doing all of this, Yang Kai didn’t continue on his way, instead sitting down under a tree and quietly waiting. He didn’t know if his plan would work, but even if it did, he didn’t know how many years it would take.

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai decided that it would be best if it was effective in a hundred years, but if it was still useless after a hundred years, he would dig up the Subtree and continue on his way.

It would be a waste of a hundred years…

Moreover, he wasn’t prepared to just wait.

Although he had now broken through to the Ninth Order and had even integrated with Fang Tianci’s Small Universe, allowing him to advance a great deal in the Ninth Order, this did not mean he would be satisfied.

There was still room for him to improve! In the future, his enemies would no longer be limited to the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord. The Ink Giant Spiritual God needed to be dealt with, and even Black Ink, who was likely to reach the Creation Realm, needed to be dealt with. All of this required powerful strength.

The path of the Martial Dao was long and arduous, accumulating bit by bit.

He had a large number of cultivation resources on hand, so he could refine these materials and continuously strengthen his foundation.

As time passed, the materials in Yang Kai’s hands were reduced to dust.

In the Great Ruins Boundary, the World Tree was as majestic as ever. It was a supreme treasure that was born together with the world. It could be said that when the world was born, it was already born, almost at the same time as the World's First Light.

The source of its birth was the countless Universe Worlds scattered throughout the 3000 Worlds, so its existence was closely related to the 3000 Worlds.

The topmost World Tree was filled with World Fruits, each of its branches bending under the weight of the World Fruit.

However, as the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 worlds, the World Fruits began to wither and fall.

Until today, there were only two thousand fruits on the tree…

This was all thanks to Yang Kai. If it weren’t for him refining and saving a large number of the Universe Worlds, the World Tree would have already withered.

Even so, the World Tree still appeared old.

Many of the Universe Worlds in the 3000 worlds had died, causing the World Tree to lose its vitality. Over the years, besides occasionally receiving Yang Kai, it had spent most of its time quietly standing here.

It could not interfere in the tribulations of the 3000 Worlds. If the Human Race won, it could continue to survive, but if the Human Race lost, it would eventually perish.

At a certain moment, an old face suddenly appeared on the thick tree trunk, a look of surprise appearing on its face. Just now, it had faintly felt that in some distant place, there was a faint connection between it and something, but this connection had disappeared in a flash, making it difficult to determine whether it was real or fake.

After a moment of confusion, the old face on the tree gradually faded away and the World Fruit withered, causing its vitality to fall greatly. It no longer had much energy to think. For the past few years, it had spent most of its time sleeping, only waking up when Yang Kai needed it.

In the depths of the void, in a Universe World, Yang Kai sat cross-legged under a tree, constantly refining various resources to increase his strength.

The towering tree behind him danced in the wind, and in a place where the naked eye could not see, its massive roots began to wildly devour the Universe World's power, gradually fusing together.

A few years later, in the Great Ruins Boundary, the old tree suddenly woke up from its slumber, and the old face once again appeared on its sturdy body.

The old tree’s expression was obviously puzzled. It could clearly feel some strange changes occurring to its body, but because it had just woken up, it was unable to determine what these changes were.

After carefully examining himself, the old tree suddenly realized something.

A branch trembled as it fell. On the trunk, the old tree’s face revealed a look of surprise.

Because there was a small bud on the branch…

A look of shock appeared on the old tree’s face.

It had actually blossomed!

This was something that had never happened before. It was born from the world, and from the day it was born, the tree was filled with World Fruits. Each World Fruit corresponded to one of the 3000 worlds.

But blooming was something it had never experienced since ancient times. For a time, the old tree was somewhat confused.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 19, 2023

I Just remembered something. I wonder how many geniuses in his world died of old age. His world is now 10x faster so *500 years and from the time before he went in the furnace. Probably more or less 10,000 years passed and I believe emperors still have limited lifespan.

Now he can let some out to breakthrough and other mortal people to reside in this new universe. At least a back up plan if humanity failed against inkies. Just like what the scientist are trying to do now, populate other planets. Damn that would be nice as pioneers or founders.

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