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In just a short time, this Pseudo-Royal Lord who had been trapped in the Yin-Yang Fish had lost his vitality and died on the spot.

Just as the attention of many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters was drawn to this side, Wu Qing’s figure also appeared on the battlefield like a phantom, and with a burst of World Force, he swung his halberd towards a target he had chosen.

The aura of the Pseudo-Royal Lord he had chosen was unstable, and his aura was weak. It was obvious that he had suffered heavy injuries, allowing him to escape from the Giant Spiritual God’s attack. Now, facing this silent sneak attack, he was actually unable to detect it.

It wasn’t until the crisis arrived that he realized it was too late.

In his hasty exchange with Wu Qing, Wu Qing had seized the opportunity and split him in half.

Ink blood poured down and the Ink Force dispersed.

The two Ninth Order Human Race cultivators who had managed to escape were like tigers amongst a flock of sheep, each of them searching for a target. The Yin-Yang Great Dao power fluctuated wildly as the halberd slashed out with endless sharpness.

Mo Na Ye’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. This time, he had brought a lot of Pseudo-Royal Lords with him, but four of them had been killed by the Giant Spiritual God, and now two of them had been killed by Smiles and Wu Qing. In just a short time, he had lost six people.

These Pseudo-Royal Lords were the backbones of the Black Ink Clan’s resistance against the Human Race, they didn’t suffer too many losses on the real battlefield. However, he didn’t expect to lose so many here, so how could he not feel distressed?

This operation was supposed to be foolproof. If everything went smoothly, not only would he be able to kill two Ninth Order Human Race masters, but he would also be able to help the Ink Giant Spiritual God escape.

However, this plan, which should not have any flaws, was completely flawed after Yang Kai’s last resort was used.

Mo Na Ye roared as he charged towards Wu Qing.

After experiencing the initial panic, the Pseudo-Royal Lords hurriedly formed their own battle formations to resist the two Ninth Order Human Race masters, barely managing to stabilize themselves.

After noticing Mo Na Ye’s movements, Wu Qing immediately rushed towards Smiles, completely ignoring Mo Na Ye’s attack behind him as he ferociously thrust his halberd towards the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was being suppressed by Smiles.

Smiles understood Wu Qing’s intentions and naturally cooperated with him fully. The power of the Great Dao surged, suppressing the Pseudo-Royal Lord until he was unable to move.

With two Ninth Order Human Race masters working together, how could a Pseudo-Royal Lord be a match for them? In his shock, the Pseudo-Royal Lord could only watch as Wu Qing’s halberd pierced through his body!

At the same time, Wu Qing’s body shook violently as he spat out a mouthful of blood. It was Mo Na Ye’s attack.

From all directions, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had stabilized their position quickly gathered together, and Mo Na Ye also flew over.

Smiles grabbed Wu Qing’s shoulder and wrapped her Yin-Yang Fish around him and herself, forcing her way out of the encirclement of enemies.

Numerous powerful Secret Techniques bombarded them, but all of them were neutralized by the Yin-Yang Fish. Smiles’s Great Dao energy fluctuated as she expended a great deal of energy.

After a while, the chaotic battle suddenly calmed down and both sides stood in the air, facing each other from a distance. In the midst of this strange and silent stalemate, the only sound was the fierce shockwaves from the battle between two Giant Spiritual God.

Smiles’s chest heaved up and down, Wu Qing’s face was pale and there was even a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. On the opposite side, Mo Na Ye and the twenty or so Pseudo-Royal Lords stared at them coldly, their eyes filled with unwillingness and anger.

However, no matter how much unwillingness and anger he felt, it was useless in this situation.

This plan had completely failed!

Although the Ink Giant Spiritual God had managed to escape, the Human Race now had another Giant Spiritual God to assist them, so the Black Ink Clan’s plan to use the Ink Giant Spiritual God to wipe out the Human Race had completely failed.

The two Ninth Order Human Race masters weren’t able to be surrounded and killed, they could escape at any time because they were currently at the entrance to the Wind Mist Territory.

It could even be said that because of this plan, the Human Race had managed to free two Ninth Order masters!

Mo Na Ye clenched his fists tightly, his heart bleeding.

Originally, the Black Ink Clan was inferior to the Human Race when it came to the Royal Lord and Ninth Order level powerhouses. The Black Ink Clan only had two Royal Lords, while the Human Race had four!

The Black Ink Clan’s advantage was mostly on the level of a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

Smiles and Wu Qing had been trapped in the Wind Mist Territory for so many years. Although they had been suppressing the Ink Giant Spiritual God, the situation on the battlefield had not been favorable.

But now, they were free…

On the main battlefield, there would be anpther two Human Race armies with a Ninth Order master in charge. Such an outcome was a nightmare for the Black Ink Clan.

And the reason for this result was actually because of Yang Kai’s trump card!

Mo Na Ye couldn’t figure out why Yang Kai hadn’t come out in the first place and had instead hidden himself until now.

In any case, this time the Black Ink Clan were defeated. He had thought that since Yang Kai was trapped in the Universe Furnace, things would not be too difficult and he would be able to completely get rid of this heart demon, but who would have thought that he would still be shrouded in its shadow?

“Mo Na Ye,” In front of the entrance to the tunnel, Smiles said with an indifferent expression, “We’ll meet on the battlefield, sooner or later I’ll take your dog head!”

Wu Qing, who was standing next to her, even stretched out his hand and made a threatening gesture on his neck.

Immediately, the two of them turned around at the same time and leapt towards the entrance of the Wind Mist Territory, instantly disappearing.

Mo Na Ye just watched quietly, not stopping them.

In fact, it was impossible to stop them. These two Ninth Order masters had long since thought of a way to escape, unless Mo Na Ye set up an ambush in the passage ahead of time, it was possible that they would be caught off guard.

However, in the previous situation, he had thought that victory was already in his grasp, so how could he waste his forces to set up an ambush? After Smiles summoned the World Bead that sealed the Giant Spiritual God, the situation became even more chaotic. Under the rampaging attacks of the Giant Spiritual God, he could no longer think too much.

There was no point in pursuing them now, they might even be ambushed by two Ninth Order Human Race masters.

A crushing defeat!

From the beginning to the end, seven Pseudo-Royal Lords had fallen, and even more Pseudo-Royal Lords had been injured. Mo Na Ye didn’t know how to explain this to Mo Yu.

For so many years, Mo Yu had trusted him quite a bit, otherwise he wouldn’t have let him go so easily. However, thinking back to all the big plans he had managed over the years, it seemed that he hadn’t made much progress…

Before the appearance of the Universe Furnace, a large number of Innate Territory Lords had fallen in an operation against Yang Kai, but because of the sudden appearance of the Universe Furnace, all of their efforts had been in vain, allowing Yang Kai to escape.

Inside the Universe Furnace, the great battle that had engulfed the many masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan had caused the Black Ink Clan to lose a Royal Lord and many Pseudo-Royal Lords. If he hadn’t run away quickly, he might have died there.

He had thought that he had successfully prevented Xiang Shan from advancing to the Ninth Order, but in the end, Xiang Shan had succeeded…

This time, it was needless to say, the originally foolproof plan had caused the Black Ink Clan to lose seven Pseudo-Royal Lords and instead caused the two Ninth Order Human Race masters to jump out of the box that restrain them.

For a moment, Mo Na Ye felt somewhat disheartened.

In the end, Human Race were still the favored children of this world…

Roar! From the depths of the void came a furious roar that shook the void. Mo Na Ye instantly came back to his senses and turned his head to look in that direction. From afar, he seemed to see a massive figure floating about.

Immediately, he understood that the other two Giant Spiritual Gods who had been in a deadlock for many years had made a move.

After fighting for nearly a thousand years, these two Giant Spiritual Gods had locked each other down like children fighting.

At this moment, there was a sudden movement, obviously attracted by the fight here.

Soon, a shocking confrontation broke out in the depths of the void.

Mo Na Ye’s expression changed as he quickly composed himself and shouted, “Go!”

The Spatial Territory was quite vast, enough to accommodate two Giant Spiritual Gods wreaking havoc here, but if the four Giant Spiritual Gods were to fight like this, there would be no safe place in the entire Spatial Territory.

This kind of battle was no longer something these injured Pseudo-Royal Lords could intervene in. Even Mo Na Ye didn’t want to be involved in it, so after realizing what was about to happen, Mo Na Ye decisively led the Pseudo-Royal Lords away.

Not long after the Black Ink Clan masters passed through the Domain Gate and returned to the No-Return Pass, two massive figures appeared in the void. They entangled themselves as they approached the battlefield and soon arrived near A’ Da and his opponent.

“My brother!” A’ Da, who was engaged in a fierce battle with his opponent, saw A’ Er’s figure and his eyes lit up.

Giant Spiritual Gods were a strange race that had been sparsely populated since ancient times, and because of their massive size, they were usually either hunting for food or sleeping, so they rarely met.

A' Da had clearly not seen his clansmen for many years, so when he saw this person, he was immediately excited.

But soon, he became angry, “You dare hit my brother, I’ll beat you to death!”

Saying so, he directly abandoned his opponent and charged towards A' Er.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God that was fighting against A’ Er was stunned for a moment before quickly accepting the battle. Each of their movements seemed incredibly clumsy, but each of their strikes was earth-shaking.

At the same time, A' Er also met the opponent who originally belonged to A' Da.

A' Da had abandoned his original opponent, so the Ink Giant Spiritual God naturally chased after him.

In the blink of an eye, the four Giant Spiritual Gods fought fiercely in the Great Domain. As the four Giant Spiritual Gods clashed, the entire Great Domain was like a pond that was constantly throwing pebbles into the ground, causing ripples to spread out in all directions.

Wherever these ripples passed, the void would become unstable and countless tiny Void Cracks would flicker.

The Spatial Territory was in chaos.

Several months later, a notice was sent from the Head Office to the various frontline battlefields.

Smiles and Wu Qing, who had been in charge of Wind Mist Territory for thousands of years, had returned. The Human Race now had two more Ninth Order masters, Smiles had taken over the Yun Xiao Army, and Wu Qing had taken over the Zi Hong Army.

Not only that, but the Human Race also had a new Giant Spiritual God as a helper, restricting the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had been trapped for many years.

As soon as the news spread, the morale of the Human Race’s forces rose greatly, and the morale of the various frontline battlefields soared.


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