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The Ink Giant Spiritual God’s attacks were simple but violent, and even the two Ninth Order Human Race masters found it difficult to resist.

In the midst of her flight, Smiles threw out an object towards the Black Ink Clan’s masters.

In that instant, Mo Na Ye felt a great sense of danger and immediately felt that something was wrong. The only thing he could hear was the words ‘Yang Kai’…

Over the years, he had fought with Yang Kai in the open and in the dark, and after many confrontations, he had never been able to gain any advantage, especially in the last two exchanges. He had clearly held a great advantage and was about to kill Yang Kai, but in the end, Yang Kai had always managed to turn defeat into victory.

Previously, the Black Ink Clan had lost a large number of Innate Territory Lords.

On the last occasion, a true Royal Lord and even several Pseudo-Royal Lords had fallen!

It could be said that Yang Kai had long since become Mo Na Ye’s inner demon.

When he confirmed that Yang Kai was trapped inside the Universe Furnace and had yet to escape, Mo Na Ye felt both regret and joy.

Finally, he no longer had to face the Human Race’s Killing Star…

However, he never would have thought that in this situation, he would have to face Yang Kai’s trump card!

He didn’t know what the sphere that Smiles had tossed over was, but as long as it involved Yang Kai, he couldn’t ignore it.

The small sphere was extremely fast, and almost as soon as Smiles’s voice fell, it arrived in front of them and a Pseudo-Royal Lord raised his hand to punch the sphere.

“Don't!” Mo Na Ye shouted, but it was too late.

Under the bombardment of this violent power, the sphere seemed to freeze for a moment before it struck again without resistance.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s expression changed slightly. Others might not be able to understand the profoundness of this sphere, but he could feel something unusual about it. This small sphere had an unimaginable weight, and with the support of a Ninth Order Open Heaven, a single punch was actually unable to block it.

The sphere rapidly approached him, and although the Pseudo-Royal Lord had already heard Mo Na Ye’s shout, a great sense of crisis enveloped him at this moment, so he didn’t care about anything else and instead increased the strength in his hand even more, using his full strength.

With a loud bang, the void trembled and the Pseudo-Royal Lord let out a muffled groan before flying backwards.

At the same time, the sphere also shattered. After all, it was not a solid artifact, so how could it remain unscathed under the full force of a Pseudo-Royal Lord?

The moment the sphere shattered, the Space Principle around it fluctuated wildly. As the small sphere shattered, a large number of shattered floating continents suddenly appeared in the void. The size of these floating continents shot out in all directions, causing the group of Black Ink Clan masters to panic and fall into chaos.

“Universe World!” Mo Na Ye shouted, his eyes trembling slightly.

At this moment, how could he not understand that this sphere was not a sphere, but an entire Universe World. It was just that this Universe World had been refined by someone using some mysterious method to create this seemingly ordinary appearance!

Combined with Smiles’s previous words, Mo Na Ye immediately think of Yang Kai.

In this world, besides Yang Kai, who else could accomplish such an incredible feat?

Moreover, a few years ago, he seemed to have heard a rumor that a Human Race master had managed to refine and save many Universe Worlds from the Black Ink Clan’s army. Many of the Universe Worlds that had stood in the void for countless years had suddenly disappeared.

There was also a Black Ink Disciple who revealed the relevant information. Yang Kai had a method to refine Universe World into a small sphere, which seemed to be called the World Bead.

Combining all these pieces of information together, Mo Na Ye immediately understood that this was a World Bead that Yang Kai had refined.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s strength was great, so under his full strength, it was naturally not difficult for him to shatter a World Bead. However, the Pseudo-Royal Lord had also suffered some minor injuries because of this, mainly because he hadn’t expected such a small thing to have such great damage.

But what could a mere World Bead do to the Black Ink Clan? Was this the gift Yang Kai had left behind? If so, it would be too disappointing.

Mo Na Ye’s heart tightened, knowing that things weren’t as simple as they seemed. While resisting the impact of the shattered floating continents, he calmly observed his surroundings.

In the next moment, he seemed to have seen something terrifying and his expression changed drastically.

In his field of vision, a giant floating continent that covered the sky suddenly began to emit a terrifying aura. As this aura appeared, a figure slowly stood up from the void. This figure was majestic, and its bald head was like a great sun illuminating the sky. Its appearance was fierce and filled with a strange simplicity.

It seemed to have just woken up from its sleep, its eyes still filled with a trace of confusion and drowsiness, but the expression on its face was somewhat unhappy. Anyone who was forcefully awakened in their sleep would probably be like this.

Mo Na Ye’s soul nearly left his body as he shouted, “Giant Spiritual God!”

How could there be a Giant Spiritual God here?!

Mo Na Ye immediately realized that there was a Giant Spiritual God sealed inside this small World Bead, and he finally understood that this World Bead was not the gift Yang Kai had left for the Black Ink Clan, but the Giant Spiritual God!

Although this Giant Spiritual God seemed to have just woken up from its sleep, no one dared to underestimate its power.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God was created based on this unique race, and because of Black Ink's Soul, each Ink Giant Spiritual God could be regarded as Black Ink's Clones.

In this world, apart from Black Ink, it was difficult to find a creature more powerful than this strange race.

All this time, the Black Ink Clan had always regarded this Ink Giant Spiritual God as their most powerful trump card, not forgetting it after so many years, but waiting for a good opportunity.

Now that the opportunity had presented itself, Mo Na Ye led the many Pseudo-Royal Lords to Wind Mist Territory to kill the two Ninth Order Human Race masters, taking advantage of this opportunity to help the Ink Giant Spiritual God escape. After this matter was completed, the Black Ink Clan would have the power and capital to sweep through the Human Race.

This Ink Giant Spiritual God was their greatest reliance, and it was difficult for the Human Race to contend with it.

However, he never imagined that Yang Kai would have a way to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s hidden trump card.

Moreover, he already had a way to deal with it!

Mo Na Ye didn’t know when Yang Kai had given the World Bead to Smiles, but it was definitely not recent. Perhaps a thousand years ago, perhaps two thousand years ago, perhaps even earlier!

Had Yang Kai already anticipated this scene from the beginning?

Mo Na Ye quickly dismissed this thought. Although Yang Kai was difficult to deal with, it was impossible for him to have foreseen such a situation. He had handed over the World Bead with the sealed Giant Spiritual God to Smiles to prevent the Ink Giant Spiritual God from escaping one day.

He knew that the Ink Giant Spiritual God would definitely escape. In this world, only the real Giant Spiritual God could resist the Ink Giant Spiritual God!

His actions this time could only be said to have coincided with his plan, and sooner or later, it would happen.

Realizing this, Mo Na Ye’s mouth filled with bitterness. He had thought that Yang Kai would be trapped in the Universe Furnace and he would never have to face such a powerful enemy again, but who would have thought that even if he was trapped, he would still fall into his trap.

This Killing Star was indeed his lifelong enemy!

While his thoughts were in a state of chaos, he heard Smiles shout, “A' Da, kill the enemy!”

She had learned the name of this Giant Spiritual God from Yang Kai. Now, in this world, the Giant Spiritual God Race only had two clansmen left. One was A’ Da and the other was A’ Er. Their names were simple and easy to distinguish. A’ Da’s head was completely bald while A’ Er’s head was covered in a clump of hair.

When the Black Ink Clan’s army had broken through the No-Return Pass, the Human Race had found A’ Er, who was currently wandering the 3000 Worlds, and brought him to the Spatial Territory to fight against the Ink Giant Spiritual God. The Human Race in the Spatial Territory had suffered a great defeat and retreated, but A’ Er had not left.

For thousands of years, it had been fighting with another Ink Giant Spiritual God, causing the void to collapse.

In the current Spatial Territory, there were two Giant Spiritual God and two Ink Giant Spiritual God.

In fact, many years ago, the Human Race had also wanted to find A’ Da, but unfortunately, they had been unable to find his whereabouts and had eventually given up.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai returned from the Ink Battlefield and refined and saved the Universe Worlds that he found the sleeping A' Da among the dead Universe World.

This guy had probably eaten his fill and was sleeping soundly, unaware that the outside world had been turned upside down.

At that time, Yang Kai had visited almost all of the 3000 Worlds and had personally investigated every single Universe Worlds. After finding A' Da, he didn’t immediately awaken him, but instead refined the entire Universe World and left it as a backup. When he went to visit Smiles and Wu Qing, he secretly gave this World Bead to Smiles for safekeeping, waiting for the day when she could use A' Da’s strength to resist the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Just as Mo Na Ye had thought, he knew that one day, the Ink Giant Spiritual God would break free, and the Black Ink Clan would use this Ink Giant Spiritual God as a trump card. At that time, Smiles would be able to summon the World Bead and awaken A' Da.

No matter what the Black Ink Clan was planning, A' Da’s appearance could catch them off guard.

However, Yang Kai probably didn’t expect that the sleepy A' Da’s reaction would be so slow. Although he was forcefully awakened, he didn’t act immediately.

This guy had always been naive…

It wasn’t until Smiles called out that A' Da’s sleepy eyes gradually began to focus. He rubbed his bald head and slowly turned his head to look around.

With a single glance, his already unpleasant mood became even worse.

“Black Ink Clan!” A’ Da shouted, his voice like a great bell, his voice causing the surrounding space to tremble, his expression irritated and angry, “The little thing said he wanted to kill the Black Ink Clan!”

The little thing he was talking about was undoubtedly Yang Kai. As he slept in the World Bead, his consciousness became blurry. More than once, he heard Yang Kai’s voice echoing in his ears. When he woke up and saw the Black Ink Clan, he must kill them all.

He was very annoyed, but he remembered these words.

After waking up from a dream that had lasted for thousands of years, he saw the Black Ink Clan. A’ Da slowly walked towards the place with the largest number.

If the little thing want to kill them, then he would just kill them!

Moreover, there was an irreconcilable grudge between the Giant Spiritual God and the Black Ink Clan.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 19, 2023

Yes this is truly a fxking idiotic move. He should've released Ah Da while BGSG is still not recovered and still restrained by the 2 9th order. But b4 that at least weaken it more by letting it bathe with light using mountains of yellow and blue crystals like he did last time. Then release Ah Da near Ah Er to let them kill the other BGSG first then ask both to kill the trapped BGSG.

But as you said this is the world of the author and treats every one dumb except for him/herself. He/she can forget or add things up according to the convenience of his/her story. At least there's less than 200 chapters to tolerate this. So…


Hiroki Sluope
Hiroki Sluope
Jul 04, 2023

Bruh, I thought Ah'Da was in the Primal Chaos


Kida Masaomi
Kida Masaomi
May 29, 2023

Iirc, it was stated before that YK secretly gave the world bead to Smiles the second time (last time) he visited Smiles and Wu Qing. Thousand years ago before that, he already refined 2k worlds. Moreover, he once asked Smiles during one of his visits if she knew about another GSG but to no avail. How is it that now in this chapter, YK found Ah da while he was refining universe worlds in the past during that great migration? Then why not give it the first time he visited them? What's the point of asking Smiles about the GSG if he already found Ah Da even before his first visit? Are we considered as DUMB readers in author's eyes?!…

Replying to

Man you have been reading so long, you must be confused, he did ask Smile about the Ah da but he was disappointed in the answer, he visited Smiles more than once, 1st time is when he ask the question which means that he had not found Ada and went to continue search for other universe world that he might have missed while searching for Ada which he had stated, that's when he also found a few universe world which was like 95% inked, it was also then that he found something in one of the dead universe world but never stated what it was keeping us in suspense but I guess people forgot about that. one of those mostly…


Koko Branford
Koko Branford
May 11, 2023

Go big guy beat him up🤛🤛🤛


Harsh Khobra
Harsh Khobra
Apr 17, 2023

For some reasons i heard A Da voice as of puca from one piece 😭🤣

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