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Separated by a great domain, the appearance of the Universe Furnace had caused some disturbance, but Smiles and Wu Qing were unable to sense it clearly, so they didn’t pay too much attention to it.

However, a few dozen years later, a similar commotion once again broke out in the Spatial Territory, with some traces of Black Ink Clan masters appearing.

Smiles and Wu Qing hadn’t been able to figure out what was happening in the Spatial Territory until this time, when Mo Na Ye suddenly appeared with the appearance of a Royal Lord, Smiles suddenly connected all of this together.

She stared at Mo Na Ye and explained to Wu Qing, “The Universe Furnace contains a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill that was born from the Heavens and Earth. This Best Quality Open Heaven Pill is not only useful to the Human Race, it is also useful to the Black Ink Clan!”

Wu Qing couldn’t help turning to look at her, a trace of surprise flashing across his eyes.

In terms of age and seniority, Wu Qing was far inferior, so although the two of them were both Ninth Order, there were many things Wu Qing did not understand.

Smiles knew all this because she had heard about it from other Ninth Order Human Race masters.

Wu Qing finally reacted, “In other words, he was able to become a Royal Lord because he obtained an opportunity in the Universe Furnace?”

Smiles nodded, “Otherwise, how could an Innate Territory Lord become a Royal Lord!”

For an Innate Territory Lord to become a Royal Lord, the two seemingly unrelated events that had occurred in the Spatial Territory over the past few decades could be combined to deduce the truth.

Wu Qing secretly let out a sigh of relief. The Human Race’s intelligence should have been correct. An Innate Territory Lord was unable to advance to the Royal Lord-level, so if it was because he had obtained the opportunity to obtain the Universe Furnace, it would make sense.

“Your luck is quite good,” Smiles looked at Mo Na Ye and suddenly smiled like a flower, “My Human Race should have many Ninth Order masters, right?”

Over the years, every time the Universe Furnace was opened, the Human Race would more or less obtain some harvest, so after realizing that the Universe Furnace had appeared, Smiles was certain that the Human Race had already produced a Ninth Order.

The smile on Mo Na Ye’s face had already disappeared, and after a moment of silence, he said, “In the Universe Furnace, there are a total of four new Ninth Order!”

These words were true, but he didn’t say that before this, the Human Race already had two Ninth Order masters, Luo Tinghe and Wei Junyang.

“Yang Kai should be one of the four!” Smiles nodded lightly, not asking a question, but instead speaking in a certain tone.

The corner of Mo Na Ye’s mouth twitched slightly. The other party trusted Yang Kai so much, so it was obvious this Ninth Order had great expectations for him.

Good, the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment!

Clearing his mood, Mo Na Ye smiled lightly, “Brother Yang… is truly an extraordinary genius. I have always respected Brother Yang greatly and had many dealings with him.”

“It seems you’ve suffered quite a bit,” Smiles smiled.

Mo Na Ye pretended not to hear her ridicule and continued, “The two of you may not know this, but Brother Yang’s breakthrough to the Ninth Order was not with the help of that Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, but rather because he cultivated an extremely profound Secret Technique. Inside the Universe Furnace, my Black Ink Clan’s army was extremely powerful and had already set up an ambush, waiting for him to fall into the trap. However, Brother Yang was still Brother Yang, and even in such a desperate situation, he was still able to turn the tide and break through. Not only did he ruin my plan, but he also managed to kill one of my Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords. During that battle, my Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties, and after that battle, my Black Ink Clan no longer had any strength to resist. The survivors could only hide, not daring to show their faces. This one also knows that my days are numbered, and since Sir Smiles knows some of the secrets of the Universe Furnace, it’s only right that you should know that after entering the same entrance, you will return to the same place!”

With just a few words, he had witnessed the power struggle within the Universe Furnace, not holding back his praise and admiration for Yang Kai at all. This caused Smiles and Wu Qing to frown as they faintly felt something was wrong.

Even after hearing that Yang Kai had cultivated a mysterious Secret Technique that allowed him to break through to the Ninth Order and that he had killed a Royal Lord, they're not too happy.

Sure enough, Mo Na Ye suddenly changed the subject, “With the Universe Furnace closed, I am prepared to fight to the death with Brother Yang. With such a character like Brother Yang, if I, Mo Na Ye, were to die at his hands, it wouldn’t be an injustice, but can you two guess what happened afterwards?”

Smiles and Wu Qing both remained silent.

Since Mo Na Ye hadn’t died, it meant that Yang Kai hadn’t been able to kill him at the time, so there must have been some kind of accident. There was naturally no need to tolerate Mo Na Ye.

He didn’t insist and simply continued, “The Universe Furnace was closed and I returned from it, but I didn’t see Brother Yang anywhere. Hehe, that was how I managed to survive for a hundred years before recovering. Of course, that’s not the main point, the main point is… until today, Brother Yang has disappeared without a trace!”

“On the day the Universe Furnace closed, I didn’t see Brother Yang, so I felt it was strange. At that time, I didn’t pay too much attention to it, because at that time, my Black Ink Clan didn’t have much information about the Universe Furnace, but now, after so many years, Brother Yang still hasn’t appeared. Isn’t that too strange!?”

Smiles’s expression became somewhat ugly, “What are you trying to say?”

Mo Na Ye smiled as he stared into Smiles’s eyes and said, “I’m afraid Brother Yang is trapped somewhere in the Universe Furnace, unable to escape!”

“So what?” Smiles looked at him coldly. Regardless of whether what Mo Na Ye said was true or not, so what?

Mo Na Ye sighed lightly, “It’s nothing, it’s just that for a character like Brother Yang, being trapped in the Universe Furnace is a pity. Normally, I can’t tell anyone about this matter, but now that I’ve met the two Seniors, I can’t help saying a few things, I hope you can forgive me.”

“I’m afraid you didn’t come here just to talk about this, right?” As Wu Qing spoke, he turned his head and looked around. From the beginning, there had been some faint movements around him and a powerful aura was faintly discernible. It was obvious that the Black Ink Clan was arranging something.

He immediately understood that this day had finally arrived!

The Black Ink Clan wanted to help the Ink Giant Spiritual God escape!

He and Smiles both knew this day would come.

“Of course not.” Mo Na Ye’s expression became solemn as he declared, “Seniors, the Human Race is about to be destroyed, and only Black Ink Clan will live. I don’t have much time, so I only have one purpose for coming here!”

Pausing for a moment, he shouted loudly, “Two Seniors, please quickly die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Ink Force around his body surged as he charged towards Smiles and Wu Qing.

At the same time, more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords appeared from all directions, each of them forming their own battle formations and using their own Secret Techniques to attack.

Not only that, but the moment these Black Ink Clan masters attacked, the giant arm that had remained motionless all this time also began to shake violently, and the thick chains binding this arm suddenly tightened, seemingly on the verge of breaking free.

“In your dreams!” Smiles shouted as she stood up and a huge Yin Yang Fish pattern appeared beneath her feet, enveloping all the Black Ink Clan masters.

Wu Qing also raised his hand and summoned a large halberd, brazenly charging towards Mo Na Ye.

In the next instant, the two figures collided, causing Wu Qing’s figure to falter slightly and his attacks to become even fiercer, instantly sending Mo Na Ye tumbling.

In terms of strength alone, Wu Qing was much stronger than Mo Na Ye. After all, it had been thousands of years since Wu Qing had broken through to the Ninth Order, and his foundation had grown significantly over the years. Mo Na Ye had only recently become a Royal Lord, so naturally he was no match for him.

Mo Na Ye also knew about this matter, so he didn’t pay it any mind. His main objective this time was to help the Ink Giant Spiritual God escape and kill the two Ninth Order Human Race masters. For this reason, he had brought along the Great Array he had used to deal with Yang Kai and had chatted with Smiles and Wu Qing just to buy time to set up the Great Array and seal the Heavens and Earth.

This world had been completely sealed off, and the two Ninth Order Human Race masters had no chance of escaping. In the end, they were going to be killed by him and the many Pseudo-Royal Lords!

After this battle, the Human Race would no longer be able to resist. Ink Giant Spiritual God without any opponents would eventually lead the Black Ink Clan to eradicate the Human Race!

After repelling Mo Na Ye, Wu Qing didn’t pursue him, instead immediately retreating to Smiles’s side and joining forces with her to fight the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords.

In order to ensure that he could kill these two Ninth Order Human Race masters, Mo Na Ye had brought more than just a few Pseudo-Royal Lords with him this time. There were also more than ten of them presiding over the Great Array.

However, with a Royal Lord and a dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords, with the two Ninth Order Human Race masters not having any outside help, it was enough to take them down.

The giant Yin Yang Fish pattern continued to rotate, the Yin and Yang within it mixing together as the power of the Great Dao filled the air. Smiles and Wu Qing each took one side of the Yin and Yang, making it difficult for the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were trapped inside to do anything. Even if they formed a battle formation, they would not be able to break through the Yin and Yang barrier.

Mo Na Ye rushed over, gritting his teeth as he shouted, “As I said, we don’t have much time, why are you two so stubborn!”

This time, he had secretly brought many Pseudo-Royal Lords with him to bear some risks. If many forces were drawn out from the No-Return Pass, if the four Ninth Order Human Race masters were to join forces to attack the No-Return Pass again, it would be impossible for them to resist with just Royal Lord Mo Yu alone.

Therefore, before executing this plan, Mo Na Ye had ordered the various armies of the Black Ink Clan to attack the Human Race and restrain Xiang Shan and the others.

Right now, Xiang Shan and the others were unable to attend other things, so the risk wasn’t too great. Otherwise, Mo Na Ye wouldn’t have done so.

However, once this matter was completed, the benefits would not be small. Not only would it allow the Ink Giant Spiritual God to escape, but it would also be able to deal with the two Ninth Order Human Race masters. At that time, the situation of the Black Ink Clan would be completely opened.

His Divine Sense surged and under his command, six more Pseudo-Royal Lord Lords formed their respective battle formation and charged out from the void.

The pressure on Smiles and Wu Qing greatly increased!

They had never fought against a Black Ink Clan master at the level of a Pseudo-Royal Lord before, they had heard Yang Kai mention Pseudo-Royal Lords before, but at that time, the Black Ink Clan only had a few Pseudo-Royal Lords, so it was quite surprising that a dozen or so of them had appeared.

These Pseudo-Royal Lords all had the aura and momentum of a Royal Lord, but it was difficult for them to display their full strength. However, if they were to fight alone, it would be difficult for them to hold on for too long.

What was even more frustrating was that their energy was being restricted, and the Ink Giant Spiritual God was also trying to break free. The chains that had bound its arm for thousands of years were quickly breaking!


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