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The void was silent, and the once prosperous Great Domain was now dead silent.

Originally, there should have been a few Universe Worlds in the nearby void, but when the Black Ink Clan’s army invaded, those Universe Worlds had already been destroyed and turned into floating continents.

For so many years, apart from a few Black Ink Clan who occasionally came to investigate the situation, no one else had come. Even the Black Ink Clan who had come to investigate the situation were unwilling to stay here for long.

Wind Mist Territory…

After the devastating battle in the spatial Territory, the two remaining Ninth Order Human Race masters had been stationed here for more than five thousand years!

In front of Smiles and Wu Qing was a magnificent arm that seemed to hold up the sky. This arm extended from the Spatial Territory and broke through the barrier between the two great domains, creating a passage that connected the two great domains.

It was through this channel that the Black Ink Clan army was able to bypass the defenses of the Human Race and invade the 3000 Worlds.

It was also from the moment this arm penetrated the two great domains that the 3000 Worlds truly fell.

At this moment, a thick chain of Secret Techniques wrapped around the arm, firmly binding it. This was the Secret Technique of two Ninth Order Human Race masters, which was used to restrict the freedom of the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Spatial Territory.

In terms of strength alone, an Ink Giant Spiritual God was naturally not something that two Ninth Order masters could contend with, but after the great battle that year, this Ink Giant Spiritual God had suffered heavy injuries. Moreover, its arm had pierced through two great domains, making it difficult for it to display its full strength.

The two Ninth Order are indeed not opponents of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, but they can fight each other in such a way, under the premise that the other party is severely injured, restraining one of its arms and preventing it from getting out is enough.

However, as time passed, even such a simple binding seemed somewhat difficult.

Thousands of years had passed, and the strength of the Ink Giant Spiritual God had almost fully recovered. The two Ninth Order Human Race masters could clearly feel that the difficulty of restraining it was becoming greater.

Nearly a hundred years ago, the other party’s rebellion had nearly allowed this Ink Giant Spiritual God to escape.

They didn’t know how long they could last, but they knew that they couldn’t let this Ink Giant Spiritual God escape so easily.

Being here, they were almost isolated from the outside world. They didn’t even know what had happened to the Human Race, nor did they know what the situation in the 3000 Worlds was like, or whether the Human Race was doing well…

The world seemed to have forgotten them.

This kind of solitary torture far exceeded the pressure the Ink Giant Spiritual God gave them.

Over the years, Yang Kai had visited them twice and informed them about the situation of the Human Race, but after those two visits, they had never seen Yang Kai again.

During the great battle in the Spatial Territory, almost all of the Human Race’s veteran Ninth Order masters had been wiped out, leaving only the two of them alive.

Those who died are gone, but those who survived had to shoulder more.

The resources Yang Kai had given them back then had almost been used up, so now they could only reduce the consumption of their strength as much as possible in order to last longer.

In this extremely quiet environment, the two of them closed their eyes to rest. In fact, most of the time, they had been like this, only acting when the Ink Giant Spiritual God tried to break free.

At a certain moment, both of them sensed something and opened their eyes simultaneously, turning their heads in a certain direction.

From that direction, a figure slowly walked over. His figure was elegant, his posture relaxed, and he didn’t even try to conceal his awe-inspiring might.

Royal Lord!

Wu Qing raised his brow slightly and said lightly, “How strange…”

For so many years, they had been stationed here, entangled with the Ink Giant Spiritual God, and other than Yang Kai who had visited them twice, no one from the Black Ink Clan dared to approach.

The main reason was that there weren’t many masters on Black Ink Clan's side, and the only Royal Lord had to guard the No-Return Pass all year round, so how could these Innate Territory Lords dare act so presumptuously here?

Therefore, even though they knew that there were two Ninth Order Human Race masters restraining the Ink Giant Spiritual God, the Black Ink Clan had never had any thoughts about it.

But now, the situation was different. The number of Black Ink Clan masters had increased dramatically. Not only had a new Royal Lord appeared, but a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lord had also been born. The Ink Giant Spiritual God's injuries had also improved, so under the current situation, the Black Ink Clan naturally had some ideas.

“Mo Yu?” Smiles looked at this Black Ink Clan Royal Lord who had come alone and asked.

She had heard from Yang Kai that the Black Ink Clan’s only Royal Lord was called Mo Yu, and he had spent most of his time guarding the No-Return pass, so Yang Kai had fought with him several times.

Although Yang Kai spoke of this matter casually, Smiles knew that the truth was that he had been chased by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord…

Since this person was the Royal Lord, Smiles naturally thought of Mo Yu.

The newcomer stood in front of the two Ninth Order Human Race masters and maintained a relatively safe position. Smiling slightly, he asked in surprise, “Senior Smiles actually knows the name of Sir Mo Yu?”

It wasn’t strange for him to call out Smiles’s name. Over the years, the number of Human Race who had fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Clan was not small. Once they were turned into Black Ink Disciple, they would be able to obtain some basic information.

There were only two Ninth Order Human Race masters here, one male and one female, so it was naturally easy to distinguish them.

Smiles looked at him coldly and said, “Senior? I dare not accept such praise. Our clans are different, and we are enemies, so how can we compare?”

The newcomer didn’t seem to mind and simply smiled.

Wu Qing asked solemnly, “You’re not Mo Yu? Then who are you?”

They had never met Mo Yu before. Although they had participated in the Spatial Territory's Great Battle, at that time, Mo Yu had been in charge of the No-Return Pass, so they had never met. How could they know what Mo Yu looked like?

However, from his tone, it was obvious he wasn’t Mo Yu.

The man cupped his fists and shouted, “Black Ink Clan’s Mo Na Ye greets the two Human Race Seniors!”

“Mo Na Ye… you’re Mo Na Ye?” Smiles’s brow wrinkled slightly, and as she spoke, her Divine Sense surged out like a tidal wave, probing Mo Na Ye without the slightest bit of concealment, as if she was trying to determine whether his strength was truly at the realm of a Royal Lord, but from what she could see, the other party really was a Royal Lord.

Smiles were puzzled.

Mo Na Ye was also somewhat surprised, “Has Senior Smiles heard of me?”

Only after hearing it did he become surprised.

After asking this question, Mo Na Ye showed a look of enlightenment, seemingly muttering to himself, “It should be Brother Yang who told the two Seniors, right?”

He was originally just an Innate Territory Lord, so he naturally couldn’t enter the eyes of a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator. Over the years, only Yang Kai had been here, and since these two Ninth Order cultivators knew of his existence, he must have mentioned him before.

Mo Na Ye smiled happily, “Brother Yang and I became friends after a fight, and I consider him my greatest opponent. It seems he didn’t underestimate me, it’s truly an honor.”

The way he addressed them as "Senior" and Yang Kai as "Brother Yang" made Smiles and Wu Qing feel awkward. They had never seen such a polite and courteous Black Ink Clan master before. If they didn’t consider his status as a member of the Black Ink Clan, this fellow’s performance was no different from that of a Human Race.

Sure enough, anyone who Yang Kai mentioned was not easy to deal with.

The only reason they knew about Mo Na Ye was because Yang Kai had mentioned it in the past. Of course, he had only mentioned it casually, saying that there was a talent named Mo Na Ye from the Black Ink Clan who was somewhat intelligent. At that time, they had not paid much attention to him, but now that Mo Na Ye had introduced himself, they suddenly remembered Yang Kai’s evaluation of him.

“No! You’re not Mo Na Ye,” Wu Qing suddenly said coldly.

Mo Na Ye raised his brow, “Sir Wu Qing… what do you mean? If I’m not Mo Na Ye, who else can I be?”

Wu Qing snorted, “As far as I know, Mo Na Ye is an Innate Territory Lord. Although an Innate Territory Lord is much stronger than an ordinary Territory Lord, they have a natural limitation, making it difficult for them to reach the Royal Lord-level in their lifetime. You are a Royal Lord, how could you be Mo Na Ye!”

Mo Na Ye chuckled, “Sir Wu Qing’s words are reasonable. It is true that it is difficult for an Innate Territory Lord to become a Royal Lrod, but there are still some exceptions. The Human Race’s understanding of the Black Ink Clan is not as comprehensive as you think, and the two of you have been here alone for thousands of years, how much information can you obtain?”

These words caused Wu Qing’s face to sink. It was common knowledge among the Human Race that it was difficult for a Innate Territory Lord to become a Royal Lord, but if this knowledge was wrong, the situation would be far worse. The Black Ink Clan had many Innate Territory Lords.

Mo Na Ye continued, his expression proud, “I, Mo Na Ye, don’t need to pretend to be anyone, I will always be me. Of course, my identity isn’t important, what’s important is that I’m here…”

“Universe Furnace!” Before he could finish, Smiles suddenly interrupted him.

Mo Na Ye’s words were stuck in his throat as a look of surprise flashed across his eyes. Obviously, he hadn’t expected Smiles’s quick thinking to see through the truth.

Smiles, on the other hand, had been staring straight into Mo Na Ye’s eyes ever since she spoke the words ‘Universe Furnace’. Although the strange light in his eyes flashed for a moment before quickly returning to normal, she still caught it.

“So that’s how it is! Three hundred years ago, the disturbance in the Spatial Territory was caused by the emergence of the Universe Furnace?” Smiles asked.

Wu Qing couldn’t help sinking into contemplation.

Mo Na Ye smiled but didn’t say anything, silently cursing in his heart. These Human Race really weren’t easy to deal with. Originally, he had wanted to use words to attack the minds of these two Ninth Order masters, hoping to shake their minds, but who would have thought that with just a few words, the other party would be able to see through something.

“The Universe Furnace really has appeared!” Seeing Mo Na Ye’s reaction, Smiles immediately understood that her guess was correct.

Although she and Wu Qing had been stationed in Wind Mist Territory for many years, because the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s arm had penetrated the barrier between the two great domains, they were able to somewhat perceive the situation in the Spatial Territory. If the disturbance was small, they might not be able to detect it, but with the Black Ink Clan’s army gathering together and the endless number of masters, how could they not notice such an obvious disturbance?

At that time, the two of them had only thought that the Black Ink Clan was gathering their forces to attack the Human Race. Although they were somewhat puzzled, they didn’t really care.

But now, it seemed that things weren’t that simple.

Now that they thought about it carefully, before the Black Ink Clan’s army had gathered, there had been some unusual activity in the Spatial Territory.


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