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Along the way, every few years, Yang Kai would look for a Universe World to investigate the situation, using the perfection of the World Laws born from this Universe World to determine the direction.

This way, he could ensure that he didn’t make any mistakes.

This vast world had too many unknown wonders. If he wasn’t in a hurry to return and participate in the battle, Yang Kai would definitely explore it.

Time continued to pass, and after another hundred years, the distance to the 3000 Worlds should be getting closer, because the World Laws of the Universe World he encountered along the way were gradually becoming more complete.

Perhaps one day, when he found a World Laws that was truly perfected, he would not be far from the 3000 Worlds.

3000 worlds. Since the appearance of the Universe Furnace, the war between the two races had been in full swing for almost three hundred years. During these three hundred years, many great domains had been successfully reclaimed.

The reason why the Human Race was able to make such rapid progress was partly because of the massive accumulation of resources they had accumulated over thousands of years, but also because the Black Ink Clan had taken the initiative to avoid them.

As a result, although the Human Race had managed to recover many Great Domains over the years, the number of experts that had fallen on the Black Ink Clan’s side was not high. Even if a Ninth Order Open Heaven personally took action, it would be difficult for them to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had already come up with a plan.

After so many years of battle, the Human Race’s upper echelons had noticed something was wrong. The Black Ink Clan’s side was deliberately allowing the Human Race to extend their battle lines, using the captured Great Domains to weaken the Human Race’s forces and wait for an opportunity to break through.

But just as Mi Jinglun had said back in the Head Office, this was an open and aboveboard plan. The Black Ink Clan had thrown out the bait, so the Human Race could only swallow it!

These 3000 worlds and the vast Great Domain belonged to the Human Race in the first place. Facing these easy victories, it was impossible for the Human Race to remain indifferent. In this war, the ultimate goal of the Human Race was to expel the invader.

Because of this, the Human Race had come up with many countermeasures.

First of all, for every Great Domain they conquered, the Human Race would seal the Domain Gates, leaving behind only one necessary passage.

The Great Domains were interconnected by Domain Gates. Apart from a few Great Domains that only had one Domain Gate, most Great Domains had several Domain Gates that connected to many other Great Domains.

Although these Domain Gates could guarantee a connection with the outside world, they could also become a breakthrough point for the Black Ink Clan.

In order to prevent this from happening, the Human Race had no choice but to completely seal off the remaining Domain Gates.

Fortunately, there were many cultivators who were proficient in the Dao of Space. These people all came from the Void Dojo and had inherited Yang Kai’s legacy. With the help of the Phoenix Clan, it wasn’t difficult for them to seal the Domain Gate, but they would need to pay some resources.

As such, after subduing the various Great Domains, apart from leaving behind a single Domain Gate, the other Domain Gates were all sealed off by some kind of method to ensure that no Black Ink Clan army would suddenly attack from one of the Domain Gates.

Moreover, the masters of the various great armies had also made some new arrangements.

Although there weren’t many Ninth Order masters on the Human Race’s side, there were still nine of them.

Yang Kai’s whereabouts were unknown, Wu Kuang and Yang Xue were guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Smiles and Wu Qing were holding back the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Wind Mist Territory, Ouyang Lie commanded the Mysterious Netther Army, Xiang Shan commanded the Blood Flame Army, Luo Tinghe commanded the Azure Sun Army, and Wei Junyang commanded the Wolf Fang Army.

Of the more than ten legions, only four of them were led by Ninth Order, so there was no way they could manage all of them.

Under the leadership of the Head Office Dicision, the army led by a Ninth Order had all transferred a large number of powerful masters, including a large number of Holy Spirits, to ensure the combat power of the various Great Armies. At the very least, each of these armies had the qualifications to fight against the Pseudo-Royal Lords.

A large number of Battleships and even the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance were deployed to the front lines of the battlefield. Under these various measures, the Human Race’s forces were able to maintain a steady pace and not act rashly, slowly eradicating the forces of the Black Ink Clan from the various great domains.

After so many years, they had not given the Black Ink Clan any opportunities.

However, as more Great Domains were being reclaimed, the forces of the Human Race’s great army also began to weaken.

If someone were to remain behind to guard the Great Domains that had been conquered, they would definitely have to split up their forces.

At the moment, the number of Great Domains they had conquered wasn’t much, so the Human Race was still able to withstand it, but there was still a limit to how much they could endure. Once this limit was broken, no matter how the Human Race tried to deal with it, there would definitely be flaws in their long line of defense.

In fact, it was very simple to solve this problem as long as they had enough troops.

With enough Human Race armies, no matter how many of them split up, they would be able to fight the Black Ink Clan.

Where did these forces come from? Naturally, they came from the bottom.

In fact, many years ago, the Human Race’s upper echelons had realized this problem, because during that great migration, too many Human Race masters had been wiped out in the flames of war, many of them from ancient families, sects, and some of them had been wiped out by the Black Ink Clan!

These Human Race weren’t strong, so even if they were transformed into Black Ink Disciples, they wouldn’t be of much use, so the Black Ink Clan naturally wouldn’t show any mercy.

It could be said that during that great migration, the number of Human Race in the entire 3000 Worlds had sharply decreased by seventy to eighty percent, and most of the survivors were just lucky.

If the Human Race’s population was larger, they would naturally be able to produce more masters to fill up the various armies.

As such, after realizing this problem, the Head Office Division began to encourage the Human Race to reproduce in order to give birth to more clansmen.

It didn’t matter if no one in this generation had the aptitude to cultivate. The next generation, and the next generation after that, there would eventually be some. Perhaps some geniuses would be born at some point.

Over the years, it had more or less had some kind of effect. In the Star Boundary, it was common for an ordinary married couple to have five or six children, and because of the actions of the Head Office, many families had become prosperous.

However, the Star Boundary was still just one Star Boundary. This place was guarded by High Heaven Palace, the Training Hall of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, and with the World Tree’s support. The war that swept through the 3000 Worlds did not have much of an impact on the Star Boundary. On the contrary, because of the outbreak of the war, the Star Boundary gained more attention and more resources.

The Sects and clans that had migrated from different Great Domains were not so lucky. During the chaos of war, who would have the mood to reproduce?

Before the new Great Domain was completely opened, these people who had migrated here had been living in a constant state of panic. They could only live on the floating continent in the void, unable to see the light or the future.

It wasn’t until the new Great Domain opened and these people migrated to the Universe Worlds of the new Great Domain that the situation improved slightly.

Now, in order to supplement the strength of the Human Race’s army, the Head Office Department issued a new order, announcing to their clansmen that they would wantonly encourage reproduction. For this reason, they had specially set up a set of reward measures.

Every time a newborn was born, they could obtain a corresponding amount of battle merits. If this newborn had the aptitude to cultivate, they could obtain even more battle merits.

During the chaos of war, battle merits were undoubtedly hard to obtain. Someone had once calculated that if a new child could cultivate all the way to the Emperor Realm, the battle merits they would obtain would be enough to exchange for a fifth grade resource.

Such a reward was quite generous, enough to tempt many small families and small Sects.

As a result, over the past hundred years, the Human Race had given birth to many newborns, greatly supplementing their numbers.

In many of the Universe worlds, there were even some men from ordinary families who had many wives and concubines. Every day, their faces were pale and their vitality was weak…

The Head Office Division's decision had nothing to do with right or wrong, but because of the current situation, it was impossible to say how many years this war would last. If they wanted to increase the strength of their army, they would need to increase the population.

In short, the Human Race had prepared for this war to last tens of thousands of years or even longer.

The biggest problem was the supply of materials.

The Human Race’s current resources were limited, and this was the case when they had defended more than ten Great Domain Battlefields a few years ago, so the current situation had not improved much.

Fortunately, after subduing a number of great domains, they would be able to mine the resources left behind by the Black Ink Clan, and when attacking the Black Ink Clan’s army, they would be able to obtain some.

The mining of resources in the new Great Domain had never stopped, so they were barely able to supply the needs of the army and the rear.

After so many years of fighting, the two Royal Lords of the Black Ink Clan had never appeared on the battlefield.

A few years ago, when the Black Ink Clan only had one Royal Lord, it was normal for them not to participate in the war. In the No-Return Pass, the Black Ink Clan’s base is located there, and the injured Black Ink Clan masters would go back to rest and recuperate. The resources mined from the Ink Battlefield would be concentrated in the Ink Nest, and there was also a large number of Ink Nests there.

It could be said that the No-Return Pass was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan.

Mo Yu didn’t dare to leave at will. Under all kinds of restrictions, he could only stand guard all year round to prevent the Human Race masters from causing trouble, especially Yang Kai.

Although the Black Ink Clan now had two Royal Lords, they still didn’t dare to casually leave the No-Return Pass. The reason for this was because several decades ago, the Human Race had gathered four Ninth Order masters to carry out a decapitation plan.

At that time, the four Ninth Order from four different battlefields joined forces to go to the No-Return Pass, trying to kill Mo Na Ye or Mo Yu.

That battle had caused the No-Returtn Pass to tremble and the universe to flip upside down.

However, in the end, they failed. Whether it was Mo Na Ye or Mo Yu, neither of them was easy to kill. Moreover, the Black Ink Clan seemed to have anticipated this and had even prepared an ambushed with more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords in the No-Return Pass.

Three Pseudo-Royal Lord using the Three Directions Array were enough to contend with one Ninth Order Human Race master. With only four Ninth Order Human Race masters, it would be difficult for them to win.

The biggest result of that battle was that the aftermath of the battle had destroyed several Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, which was also a small harvest.

Seeing that the situation could not be resolved, the four Ninth Order masters could only retreat for the time being. It was impossible for them to continue fighting. Without them, the Black Ink Clan would definitely take the opportunity to attack the four corresponding Human Race Army.

Since then, the Human Race had temporarily given up on the idea of killing Mo Na Ye or Mo Yu, and under the leadership of the Head Office Department, they had steadily taken over more Great Domains.


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