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At the end of the world was chaos, and as the Universe Furnace swallowed and spewed out cycles of reincarnation, the world’s size continued to expand.

The creation of the Universe Worlds came from the Universe Furnace, and the majestic Celestial Phenomenon also came from it.

On the way back, there were countless different kinds of Celestial Phenomenon, each of which contained great danger. Fang Tianci, who controlled his physical body, naturally avoided them as much as he could.

However, there was always a moment of negligence.

This was a Celestial Phenomenon that resembles a black hole, and just by looking at its size, it wasn’t too big, seemingly not much bigger than an ordinary Universe World, but it is hidden enough.

Fang Tianci was caught off guard and flew past this Celestial Phenomenon, involuntarily attracted by it. By the time he realized something was wrong, it was already too late.

This seemingly ordinary Black Hole Celestial Phenomenon exuded a powerful suction force, and with this Black Hole Celestial Phenomenon as the center, more than half of the void was collapsing in that direction.

Fang Tianci tried several times to use his Space Principle to escape, but to no avail. Even after Yang Kai took over his body, he was still unable to escape.

Under this terrifying suction, the surrounding void became extremely viscous, greatly reducing the effects of the Space Dao.

The current Yang Kai was like a fallen leaf that had been swept into a giant whirlpool in the middle of a vast ocean. As the whirlpool spun, it constantly revolved around the black hole, and with each rotation, it became closer to the black hole.

No one knew what kind of dangers the Black Hole Celestial Phenomenon contained, but it was undeniable that once one fell into it, there would be no good outcome.

Since he couldn’t escape by force, Yang Kai could only follow the direction of the suction force at full speed. Only by doing so would he be able to escape the pull of the Black Hole Celestial Phenomenon and survive.

Round after round, with the guidance of the Black Hole Celestial Phenomenon and Yang Kai’s own actions, his speed became faster, far exceeding Yang Kai’s speed.

Moving at such a terrifying speed was extremely taxing on one’s physical body. If one’s physical body was slightly weaker, before they could escape, their physical body would collapse.

Fortunately, he now had the body of a Divine Dragon and the power of the Dragon Vein, so even if he felt immense pressure, he could still endure.

Thunder Shadow constantly encouraged him. If he was killed while fighting with a Black Ink Clan master, it would be a worthy death, but if he died here, it would be too difficult to accept.

After circling a few more times, Yang Kai’s speed became even faster, and when his speed reached a critical point, Yang Kai suddenly felt his body relax. The pulling force from the Black Hole Celestial Phenomenon was no longer able to restrain him, and his figure flew out in a beautiful arc, gradually distancing himself from the Black Hole Celestial Phenomenon.

As Thunder Shadow cheered, Fang Tianci, who had been tense all this time, also let out a sigh of relief.

Only when he was far away from the Black Hole Celestial Phenomenon and could no longer feel the pulling force behind him did Yang Kai slow down and look around.

He didn't let Fang Tianci to take over his body again, he had spent many years cultivating in seclusion, allowing him to fully digest his gains from the Universe Furnace.

“These Celestial Phenomenon are really strange and difficult to guard against,” Thunder Shadow’s voice rang out, “Fortunately, Boss is quick-witted, otherwise, we three brothers would have died. Second Brother, learn from him.”

Fang Tianci didn’t say anything. He felt that since everyone here was the main body’s clones, praising the main body like this was like boasting…

However, along the way, he had seen too many Celestial Phenomenon, all of them grand and magnificent, but all of them strange and mysterious. These were the wonders of creation, and they were truly not something that a Human Race could resist.

Perhaps only those who had reached the level of the Creation Realm could understand the mysteries behind it. What kind of magical realm was the Creation Realm?

“Boss, did we go in the wrong direction? Why haven’t we found our way home after running for so long?” Thunder Shadow asked again.

Yang Kai shook his head, “The Universe Furnace is located at the edge of the world. Since this world was created by the Universe Furnace, going in the opposite direction shouldn’t be wrong. It’s just that this world seems to be bigger than we thought.”

“It's almost a hundred years of time, right?”


In this void, although it was impossible to calculate the time it took to escape, from the traces of the passage of time in his Small Universe, it had indeed been over a hundred years.

A hundred years had passed, yet he was still treavelling through the void using his Space Ability. This showed just how vast this world was.

Over the past hundred years, although Fang Tianci had been in charge of traveling with his physical body, Yang Kai had tried to connect with the World Tree from time to time to see if he could contact the old tree. Unfortunately, he had not made any progress.

One had to know that it had only taken him a few dozen years to rush back from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

At this moment, his current position was undoubtedly deeper in this world.

At times, Yang Kai also wondered if he had taken a wrong direction, but in this silent void, without a suitable reference, how could he determine the correct direction?

After walking for a while more, Yang Kai passed through a Universe World and rushed into it.

Carefully sensing his surroundings.

Thunder Shadow was confused and didn’t know what Yang Kai was doing, so he quietly asked Fang Tianci, “Is Boss looking for something?”

Fang Tianci pondered for a moment before saying, “He should be checking if there are any changes to this Universe World.”

“What changes?” Thunder Shadow was even more confused.

Fang Tianci explained, “When the Universe Furnace split the heaven and earth apart, it constantly expanded the size of the world. The Universe World that spewed out from the furnace was only in its embryonic form. It was completely desolate, and even the most basic of World Laws didn’t exist. However, after countless years of accumulation, the Universe World’s embryonic form would eventually undergo some changes. The World Laws would gradually be perfected, and the barrenness and deathly stillness would gradually be replaced by vitality, giving birth to some living creatures. Every Universe World in the 3000 Worlds was probably born in this way.”

“So what?” The more Thunder Shadow listened, the more confused he became.

Fang Tianci almost choked to death, not knowing how to explain himself.

Yang Kai chuckled lightly, “The more perfect the World Laws of the Universe World are along the way, the closer we are to the 3000 Worlds. Perhaps the 3000 Worlds were the first batch of Universe Worlds to be born from the Universe Furnace, which is why they gave birth to so many wonders and life forms.”

Thunder Shadow finally understood, “So it’s like that…” He couldn’t help rebuking Fang Tianci, “Second Brother, you’re really stupid. If you can’t even explain such a simple thing, what use do you have?”

Fang Tianci wanted to beat him up!

Thunder Shadow asked again, “What about this Universe World? Are the World Laws perfect?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Naturally, it’s not perfect. If the World Laws were perfected, it wouldn’t be so barren and desolate, but… there are already traces of the World Laws being born here. Perhaps in a few dozen or a million years, this place will become a land filled with vitality.”

Thunder Shadow said excitedly, “That means our direction is correct!”

“That’s right!” Yang Kai replied with a smile before soaring into the sky and continuing on his way back.

He suddenly discovered that it was a good thing that the will of the Human Race Body and Monster Race Body had not been destroyed when the three bodies merged. At the very least, he would not be too lonely on his way back!

Although he didn’t know how many years it would take to return, as long as the direction was right, he would eventually return.

“Boss, do you think our world is not the only world?” After a moment, Thunder Shadow’s voice rang out in his mind again.

Yang Kai used his Space Ability to travel while casually asking, “What do you mean?”

Thunder Shadow said, “Think about it, our world was created by the Universe Furnace in the Primal Chaos. According to what Boss said, the 3000 Worlds were the first to be born. Could it be that before the 3000 Worlds were born, the Universe Furnace had already opened up another world in the Primal Chaos? It’s just that because the Primal Chaos is so far away, we don’t know each other.”

Yang Kai smiled and replied, “About that…”

He wanted to say that this was probably impossible, but after thinking about it, he suddenly realized that what Thunder Shadow said was not impossible.

The Primal Chaos was boundless, and the void was boundless. If the Universe Furnace really had opened up another world somewhere in the Primal Chaos, with the Primal Chaos separating them, it would be difficult to detect each other’s existence.

For example, back in the Star Boundary, when one’s vision was limited to the Star Boundary, one would assume that the Star Boundary was the entire world, but after jumping out of the Star Boundary, one would discover that there was a wider world outside.

Putting everything else aside, Yang Kai had no idea what lay beyond the Ink Battlefield, because no one had ever explored it.

The unknown represented infinite possibilities.

Thunder Shadow had been talking non-stop and didn’t like using his brain, so when he suddenly asked this question, Yang Kai fell into deep thought.

“Did I say something wrong?” Without waiting for Yang Kai’s answer, Thunder Shadow asked curiously.

Inside the Soul Warming Lotus, Fang Tianci glanced at it leisurely, “Third Brother, you can occasionally say some profound words.”

“What?” Thunder Shadow was unhappy, “Don’t think I don’t know you’re calling me stupid.”

“You said so yourself.”

“Second Brother Fang, come fight me! I’ve tolerated you for a long time!”

With all the noise in his mind, Yang Kai simply smiled and ignored it.

Was there really another world?

If there was, what kind of scene would that be?

However, regardless of whether there really was another world or not, the only thing he needed to do right now was to hurry back as soon as possible. The Universe Furnace had already been closed, and the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had erupted. Although the Human Race had obtained a great harvest from the Universe Furnace and their strength had greatly increased, the Black Ink Clan was not a pushover.

Yang Kai still remembered that before the appearance of the Universe Furnace, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had revealed a flaw and a large number of Innate Territory Lords had escaped from it. At that time, these Territory Lords had been severely injured and were unable to use their full strength, but now they should have recovered and these Innate Territory Lords would definitely bring great trouble to the Human Race.

In this battle, it was unknown who would win or lose.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 19, 2023

So this place is at the World's end... Then probably one of those celestial phenomenon, A braided pirate might still be trapped there pulling a black colored ship in the middle of the desert , talking to crabs and eating unlimited peanuts.

Also if his horcruxes are not there to talk to. He could simply refine a dead planet the size of a volleyball and name it Wilson. He could paint it with a face also to make himself feel better. 😉

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