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“Mo Na Ye is probably out of seclusion!”

Inside the Head Office's Discussion Hall, in front of a giant Universe Chart, Mi Jinglun said.

The Universe Chart was specially created by the Human Race and was used to deduce the situation of the various Great Domains. This Universe Chart contained all the Great Domains and even the Ink Battlefield that the Human Race knew of and was presented to everyone in a translucent manner.

Nearly ninety-nine percent of the region was filled with black ink, representing the place occupied by the Black Ink Clan.

Only a few of these locations were not covered in black ink, and these were the Great Domains currently under the control of the Human Race, including the few Great Domain Battlefields they had already conquered.

As he spoke, Mi Jinglun raised his hand and circulated his strength. The Universe Chart in front of everyone seemed to undergo some kind of change and soon, the black ink color of a Great Domain began to fade.

Everyone could clearly see that it was the location of Yu Lin Territory.

Those who were here were all talents selected from all over the world, and all of them were under Mi Jinglun’s command, the Human Race’s thinking master.

These people’s strengths ranged from high to low, with some being at the Eighth Order while others were only at the Fourth or Fifth Order. Although they didn’t need to fight on the battlefield, it was undeniable that they had contributed greatly to the Human Race’s resistance to the Black Ink Clan’s invasion.

The orders for battle were all carefully discussed with Mi Jinglun.

Seeing Mi Jinglun act like this, someone exclaimed, “Yu Lin has been subdued?”

Only when a great domain was taken over would Mi Jinglun be able to change some things on this Universe Chart.

Mi Jinglun nodded and handed over a jade slip in his hand, “This is a battle report from the front lines. The Azure Sun Army has joined forces with the Yu Lin Army to attack the Black Ink Clan’s main camp three days ago and take the Yu Lin Territory.”

A group of people immediately gathered around and began reading. Many of them revealed looks of joy, but there were also some who frowned, faintly feeling that something was wrong.

Nearly a hundred years ago, the projection of the Universe Furnace appeared once more, and the Human Race, who had long since been prepared, gave the Black Ink Clan a good beating and killed many of their masters.

With the return of Xiang Shan and Ouyang Lie, who had broken through to the Ninth Order, each of the two armies under their command, the Mysterious Nether Territory and Blood Flame Territory, it only took them a few years to conquer the two Great Domains.

Over the past few years, the Human Race’s armies had been unstoppable, quickly recovering the lost Great Domains, including the two Great Domains, Azure Sun Territory and Wolf Fang Territory, which had basically been pacified. Of the dozen or so Great Domain battlefields, the Human Race had already recovered six of them.

However, after their glorious days, they had experienced many hardships and battles.

Over the past hundred years, the Black Ink Clan had produced dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords out of thin air, erasing the advantages brought about by the Ninth Order Human Race. During this time, the Human Race had not made any progress and had been unable to take back more Great Domains.

However, in such an intense battle, the Yu Lin Territory had been recaptured, which was quite strange.

Moreover, the information from the battle report was somewhat problematic. Those with sharp minds had already noticed that something was wrong.

Combined with what Mi Jinglun had said at the beginning, someone couldn’t help asking, “General Mi, why are you so certain that Mo Na Ye has come out?”

Mi Jinglun looked at the Universe Chart in deep thougt, and asked after hearing the question, “Tell me about this battle report first, what do you think?”

The person who had spoken just now said, “At first glance, the Human Race won a great victory and killed countless enemies, so there shouldn’t be any problems, but upon closer inspection, the number of masters killed in the Black Ink Clan’s side is too small, and not a single Pseudo-Royal Lord has died.”

Many people nodded in agreement, and those who hadn’t realized what the problem was also suddenly awakened.

This was a battle that concerned the gains and losses of a territory, so the Black Ink Clan had to use all their strength. If that was the case, it was impossible for only so many masters to fall.

In all the previous battles they had fought in the various great domain that had been conquered, which one of them didn't have any Pseudo-Royal Lord dying?

But this time, none of them had fallen. The Pseudo-Royal Lords had formed a simple Three Directions Array, allowing them to contend with the Ninth Order Human Race, while the Three Directions Array formed by the Pseudo-Royal Lords often required the Human Race’s Eighth Order masters using Six Directions Array to resist.

“Did the Black Ink Clan hold back?” Someone shouted.

Mi Jinglun rubbed his forehead and nodded, “From the looks of it, the Black Ink Clan should have long since decided to withdraw from the Yu Lin Territory, just taking advantage of the Human Race’s invasion. If I’m not mistaken, the other Great Domains should be recovered soon.”

Although recovering the lost land was a cause for celebration, the Human Race had been working hard for many years to achieve this goal. Only by recovering the lost land would the sacrifices of countless soldiers be meaningful.

However, the current situation was not what the Human Race wanted to see.

“Withdrawing to defend and lengthening the battlefront, it really does smell like Mo Na Ye,” A voice came from the corner.

For many years, under Mi Jinglun’s leadership, everyone had fought against Mo Na Ye's schemes many times over the past few years, and had even fought a battle of wits and courage with the two great armies. Everyone was quite familiar with Mo Na Ye.

For the past hundred years, the Black Ink Clan had been stubbornly resisting and defending the various Great Domain Battlefields, but now they had suddenly changed their strategy. It was obvious that there was a master behind this, and this master could only be Mo Na Ye.

In fact, long ago when the Human Race had reclaimed six Great Domain Battlefields, Mi Jinglun had said that recovering the lost territories was not entirely a good thing.

The Human Race’s goal was not just to recover their lost territory, but also to kill many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters. If they could recover their lost territory while also killing a large number of Black Ink Clan masters, that would be the perfect ending.

This was because there were simply too many Great Domains in the 3000 WOrlds.

The Black Ink Clan had lost a Great Domain, but they could still retreat to another one. As long as there weren’t many masters who died, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t suffer too great of a loss. They would just have to switch locations to fight the Human Race.

However, things were different for the Human Race. If these Great Domains were to be reclaimed, the battlefront would definitely be lengthened. At that time, not only would the supply of logistics be a problem, but once the battlefront was stretched, the armies fighting would likely be left alone, giving the Black Ink Clan an opportunity to seize them back.

The best method was naturally to maintain the current situation. The Human Race’s army would continuously destroy the Black Ink Clan’s forces until the Black Ink Clan no longer had the strength to resist the Human Race. At that time, the Human Race’s armies would be able to easily reclaim the 3000 Worlds and completely eradicate the Black Ink Clan.

Thus, for the past hundred years, although the Human Race had not been able to take back any more Great Domains, every time a great war broke out, the Human Race would do their best to kill as many Black Ink Clan masters as possible.

The Black Ink Clan fighting to the death in the Great Domain Battlefield was something the Human Race was happy to see.

But now, the Black Ink Clan had suddenly changed their strategy…

This was quite uncomfortable.

“The Universe Furnace has been closed for almost a hundred years, and Mo Na Ye has almost fully recovered from his injuries, so it’s not strange for him to come out at this time. Moreover, he already has experience controlling the Black Ink Clan, so now that he is the Royal Lord, Mo Yu will only value him more!”

Mi Jinglun’s heart was filled with regret. If Yang Kai hadn’t met with an accident, Mo Na Ye would have died without a doubt, and such a troublesome matter wouldn’t have occurred.

According to the intelligence, Yang Kai and Mo Na Ye had entered the Universe Furnace from the same place. After the Universe Furnace closed, they should have appeared at the same place at the same time. At that time, Mo Na Ye had been seriously injured, so how could he be Yang Kai’s opponent?

However, after the earth-shattering battle at the Universe Furnace, Yang Kai had disappeared, allowing Mo Na Ye to escape.

Now it seemed that when the Universe Furnace closed, Yang Kai had not appeared with Mo Na Ye. Could it be that he was really trapped inside the Universe Furnace?

If that was the case, who knew how long it would take to escape.

“Chief Mi, what should we do with the Black Ink Clan’s response?” Someone asked.

Mi Jinglun smiled bitterly, “This is a blatant scheme, we have no choice but to swallow the bait the Black Ink Clan threw out!”

Now that the Yu Lin Territory had been reclaimed, how could they not want it? It was the same for the other Great Domains.

It was easy to imagine that in the coming years, the Human Race’s side would definitely be able to reap successive victories, and many Great Domains would be conquered.

Once the Human Race took back more Great Domains, the battlefront would be constantly stretched. At that time, in order to defend the Great Domains they had taken back, the Human Race would have to leave behind some forces to defend.

With each new Great Domain, the strength of the Human Race army would weaken slightly.

Only when the front line was drawn long enough and the Black Ink Clan’s side was confident they could resist the Human Race would the Black Ink Clan’s counterattack arrive.

This was another battle of wits and courage.

As Mi Jinglun had expected, in the next few months, news of success from the front constantly spread to the Head Office Division.

The Divine Wind Territory had been subdued by the combined forces of the Twin Poles Army and the Divine Wind Army, and the Black Ink Clan’s main camp had been conquered.

The Zi Hong Territory had been subdued by the combined forces of the Zi Hong Army and the Mysterious Nether Army, killing countless enemies.

The Cloud Sword Territory had been subdued…

The Brahma Territory had been reclaimed…

Reports came one after another, and a year later, the dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields where the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had fought for thousands of years had all fallen into the hands of the Human Race. The Human Race’s armies were advancing with great morale.

The news spread to the Star Boundary, to the Myriad Monster World and even the various Universe Worlds in the new Great Domain, causing all the Human Race who lived in these Universe Worlds to rejoice.

Since the Black Ink Clan’s invasion of the 3000 Worlds, darkness and gloom had shrouded the Human Race for thousands of years. Today, everyone had finally seen a glimmer of hope, a glimmer of hope for victory. The Human Race’s army seemed to be able to sweep through the Great Domain and restore peace to the 3000 Worlds.

Only a few people understood that such beautiful expectations would never come true. The real war had just begun.

In this kind of war that concerned the fate of the two races, it was unknown how many people would have to die in order to fill this endless abyss.

At this moment, Yang Kai was working hard on his way back.

Thunder Shadow’s voice rang out in his mind, “Boss, you can do it! If you hurry up, we’ll be able to escape!”

The voice sounded panicked and obviously nervous.

Yang Kai was currently in a crisis.

Originally, he had thought that after breaking through to the Ninth Order, he would be able to travel the world freely, even if he were to encounter a powerful master, he could still escape.

However, this strange Celestial Phenomenon along the way still caught him off guard.

Along the way, he had been quietly digesting the insights he had gained from the Universe Furnace, allowing Fang Tianci to control his physical body. Under normal circumstances, he would avoid any Ceclestial Phenomenon he encountered.

However, the Ceclestial Phenomenon he encountered this time left him with no time to react.


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