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The war between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan suddenly became even more intense. In the midst of the battlefields, large and small battles broke out one after another, often taking months to stop.

In such a high-intensity battle, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, both suffered great losses, especially the Black Ink Clan. Although their numbers were much greater than the Human Race’s, it was precisely because of their numbers that after each great battle, the number of casualties was shocking.

However, the upper echelons of the Black Ink Clan would never feel distressed about this. The Black Ink Clan was different from the Human Race. The Human Race needed a lot of time and resources to cultivate a Open Heaven Stage, but the Black Ink Clan was bred from the Ink Nest, so as long as they had enough resources, the Black Ink Clan’s forces would be endless.

Below the High Rank Black Ink Clan, almost all of them were cannon fodder. In a great battle, they were often the first to be dispatched to exhaust the strength of the Human Race.

In Yu Lin Territory, a great battle broke out as numerous Human Race Battleships formed a massive fleet, dividing the battlefield and surrounding the Black Ink Clan’s army.

Outside the main battlefield, there was also a battlefield established by the higher-ups of the two races. The Human Race’s Eighth Order against the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, the Ninth Order Against the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

To a certain extent, the battle between the upper echelons of the two races would directly affect the outcome of the battle on the main battlefield, because once a powerhouse of one race gained the upper hand, they would be able to suppress the enemy on the main battlefield.

In the Yu Lin Territory, there were two Human Race armies fighting against the Black Ink Clan. One was the Azure Sun Army under Luo Tinghe, while the other was the original Yu Lin Army of the Yu Lin Territory.

After the Azure Sun Territory was taken over, the Azure Sun Army had moved to this territory to join forces with the army here, greatly increasing their strength.

Originally, recovering the Yu Lin Territory was not a difficult task, but with the birth of a large number of Black Ink Clan Pseudo-Royal Lords and the addition of them, the war became less obvious.

A mere Pseudo-Royal Lord Lord was indeed no match for a Ninth Order, but the number of Pseudo-Royal Lords in the Black Ink Clan was simply too great.

This was not the first time the two sides had fought. Over the past few years, both the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had already become familiar with each other.

However, something unexpected happened this time.

When the battle began, a powerful aura suddenly appeared from somewhere on the battlefield, and soon, the sound of a Black Ink Clan master falling could be heard.

This sudden turn of events caused many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters to be bewildered, thinking that another Ninth Order Human Race cultivator had appeared, but when they recognized that the one who had appeared was Xiang Shan, they were relieved.

The Human Race did not have a new Ninth Order, but Xiang Shan had come to support them.

The Black Ink Clan wasn’t completely unprepared for this. The leader of the Black Ink Clan’s forces stationed here immediately dispatched the Pseudo-Royal Lord to intercept Xiang Shan while sending out a message.

Xiang Shan’s appearance in the Yu Lin Territory meant that the Great Domain Battlefield he was originally in charge of no longer had a Ninth Order master. This was a good opportunity for the Black Ink Clan, perhaps they could use it to deal a heavy blow to the Human Race.

In this battle, the Black Ink Clan had suffered a great loss. With the cooperation of Xiang Shan and Luo Tinghe, the lives of several of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords were uncertain.

However, in the end, it failed!

As for Xiang Shan, he couldn’t stay here for long. After the battle ended, he immediately returned to the Great Domain Battlefield where the Blood Flame Army was located. There was still a battle that had broken out there, so without a Ninth Order like him, the situation was definitely not good.

This kind of battle continued to occur throughout the Great Domain Battlefield, and the two races' armies continued to pull back and forth, turning each Great Domain into a meat grinder.

Although the Human Race’s fierce attack had failed to recover their lost territory, it had caused an unimaginable loss to the Black Ink Clan. When the war broke out, the number of cannon fodder on the Black Ink Clan’s side had clearly decreased.

If nothing went wrong, this kind of crisis would likely continue for many years until one side was no longer capable of succeeding.

An accident soon came, followed by the awakening of an expert.

In the No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye, who had returned from the Universe Furnace world, finally recovered after resting in the Ink Nest for nearly a hundred years.

The first thing he did was pay a visit to Royal Lord Mo Yu and inquire about the current war between the two races. After learning that the Human Race had already reclaimed six Great Domains and was now fighting against the Black Ink Clan in the remaining Great Domain Battlefield, Mo Na Ye was slightly surprised.

When they were in the Universe Furnace, the Human Race had produced four Ninth Order and a large number of Eighth Order Open Heaven masters. Their strength had greatly increased, so it was not surprising that they had achieved such results.

What surprised him was that the Black Ink Clan was now able to defend the remaining Great Domain Battlefield without being broken through by the Human Race.

He had thought that all the Great Domain Battlefields had been lost.

“Sir, which battlefield is Yang Kai on now?” Mo Na Ye asked. Although he had already become a Royal Lord, facing Mo Yu, he still considered himself a subordinate and had no intention of competing with Mo Yu for power because of his own growth.

Hearing him call him that, Mo Yu was very satisfied. To be honest, when Mo Na Ye returned from the Universe Furnace, he was shocked because Mo Na Ye had actually become a Royal Lord. Although he looked extremely miserable, he was undoubtedly a Royal Lord.

Moreover, at that time, Mo Na Ye had looked flustered, as if someone was chasing after him.

Afterwards, he learned that Mo Na Ye was avoiding Yang Kai.

Now that Mo Na Ye was asking about the Human Race’s Killing Star, Mo Yu frowned and said, “It’s strange, after you returned, I also ordered people to investigate Yang Kai’s whereabouts, but they didn’t find anything. Moreover, after all these years, we haven’t seen any trace of him. It seems that the Human Race is also looking for him, and according to some information obtained from Black Ink Disciple, after the Universe Furnace closed, Yang Kai disappeared.”

“Missing?” Mo Na Ye was stunned, “How did he disappear?”

Mo Yu’s face sank slightly, “Are you questioning me?”

Mo Na Ye quickly bowed, “This subordinate doesn’t dare! But… it’s very strange.”

Mo Yu took a deep look at him and nodded, “It’s indeed strange, I’ve also been guarding against him coming here to cause trouble this past year, but he has indeed disappeared. Otherwise, with his ability, it would be impossible for him to not appear.”

Mo Yu knew that Yang Kai had already broken through to the Ninth Order. When he had first heard this news, he had also been nervous for a while. After all, Yang Kai was quite difficult to deal with. When he broke through to the Eighth Order, he had caused a great ruckus several times, killing many Innate Territory Lords and destroying many Royal Lord-level Ink Nests.

Now that this Killing Star was already a Ninth Order, he would only be more difficult to deal with than he had been in the past. If he really showed up, Mo Yu wouldn’t be surprised.

Because of this, he had made many preparations, but none of them had come in handy.

Standing at the bottom of the hall, Mo Na Ye’s expression was extremely strange, as if he had just heard some unbelievable news. That man, the man who had pushed him to the brink of death, had actually disappeared?

Hahaha… Mo Na Ye couldn’t help laughing.

He finally understood why the Black Ink Clan was still able to defend those Great Domain Battlefields. It turned out that Yang Kai had never shown himself. If he had, no matter how many Pseudo-Royal Lords there were in those Great Domain Battlefields, it would have been useless. He would have found an opportunity to break through and kill them.

“The Universe Furnace is extremely dangerous, could he have encountered some kind of unpredictable crisis inside and died there?” Mo Yu asked.

Mo Na Ye shook his head and said, “With his strength, he shouldn’t have fallen, but there are indeed many inexplicable mysteries in the Universe Furnace. Perhaps… he was trapped?”

He couldn’t be certain, but it was strange that he hadn’t seen Yang Kai after returning from the Universe Furnace. However, at that time, he had been in a hurry to escape, so he hadn’t thought too much about it. After returning to the No-Return Pass, he had immediately entered the Ink Nest to rest and heal himself. From the looks of it, Yang Kai was most likely trapped inside the Universe Furnace, unable to escape. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to remain hidden for so many years.

Mo Yu said, “Whether he die or get trapped, it’s a good thing. It will save my Black Ink Clan a great enemy. Mo Na Ye, I know what happened to you in the Universe Furnace, but you don’t need to be frightened by him. You’re still a Royal Lord now, so even if you meet him, you’ll still have the strength to fight.”

Mo Na Ye respectfully replied, “Sir is right.”

Thinking back to the battle with Yang Kai in the Universe Furnace, he had long since lost his peak. Although Yang Kai had just broken through, his injuries were much better than Yang Kai’s, so he had taken advantage of him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been beaten so miserably.

What was undeniable was that Yang Kai’s strength was indeed formidable. If both of them were at the peak of their strength, Mo Na Ye was certain he wouldn’t be a match for him, but it wouldn’t be easy for the other party to kill him.

“Since you’ve come out of seclusion, just like in the past, the matters of the Black Ink Clan will be under your control. Back then, you were still a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but now that you are a Royal Lord, you have the qualifications to command the entire Black Ink Clan’s army, including this King!”

Mo Yu’s voice was firm and decisive.

Mo Na Ye’s expression changed slightly. For Mo Yu to say such words and make such a decision, it was indeed not easy. However, to be honest, Mo Yu might not have much talent in military strategy, but he has one advantage, and that was that he knew how to use people well.

These past few years, using Mo Na Ye was the best example.

Mo Na Ye had never intended to compete with him for power, so now that he had heard these words, he couldn’t even muster the slightest bit of dissent.

He immediately bowed, “Many thanks for Sir’s trust.”

Mo Yu slowly said, “Everything is for the great achievements of the Supreme Master, Black Ink Forever!”

Mo Na Ye also shouted solemnly, “Black Ink Forever!”

Soon, he summoned all of the No-Return Pass agents in charge of collecting information from all over the place and spent several days collecting information about the current Black Ink Clan.

Two days later, he went to see Royal Lrod Mo Yu again and told him his plan.

Mo Yu was slightly surprised and sighed at Mo Na Ye’s boldness, but after thinking about it carefully, his proposal was indeed reasonable, and the fact that he had come to ask for his opinion before taking action also made Mo Yu feel that he had not misjudged him, so he immediately nodded, “Since you think so, then do it.”

A month later, after a fierce battle, the Yu Lin Territory was finally subdued by the combined forces of the Azure Sun Army and the Yu Lin Army. The Black Ink Clan’s army retreated as they fought, leaving behind corpses that filled the void and retreating from the Yu Lin Territory.

When the news spread out to the Head Office Department, Mi Jinglun took this piece of information, but didn’t show much joy.

Sighing lightly, he knew that Mo Na Ye had probably come out of seclusion!


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