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On the day the Universe Furnace closed, the masters of the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan returned to the dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields.

The Human Race had long been prepared to deal a heavy blow to the Black Ink Clan. The two territories that had already been conquered, the Azure Sun Territory and Wolf Fang Territory, most of the returning Black Ink Clan was almost killed and injured. Apart from a few Pseudo-Royal Lords who managed to escape with their lives, there were no survivors.

With Ouyang Lie and Xiang Shan returning to the Mysterious Nether Territory and Blood Flame Territory, both of them had broken through to the Ninth Order and caught the Black Ink Clan off guard. The two Ninth Order masters had slaughtered so many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters.

Afterwards, the two armies, under the leadership of the two Ninth Order, gathered the forces of the entire Great Domain and divided them into several groups to attack the Black Ink Clan’s camp!

The two sides engaged in a fierce battle, their blood and flesh cleansing the endless void.

Although the Black Ink Clan’s side had a number of Pseudo-Royal Lords, their numbers were still insufficient to deal with these two newly promoted Ninth Order. For a time, the forces of the Human Race from the Mysterious Nether Territory and Blood Flame Territory, the Human Race were like the sun in the sky, and the Black Ink Clan’s great army had collapsed, causing countless masters to fall.

At that time, the two great armies, the Azure Sun Army and Wolf Fang Army, had already finished their preparations and were now under the leadership of Luo Tinghe and Wei Junyang, deploying their forces in the nearby Great Domain Battlefield.

In the Great Domain Battlefield, the battles were all different. Some Great Domains’ Human Race were at a disadvantage, some occupied an advantage, and some were basically evenly matched.

However, no matter what the situation was, when the Human Race had a new force, the only thing waiting for the Black Ink Clan was defeat.

The Human Race’s army led by the Ninth Order was invincible!

In just three years, two other Great Domain battlefields had been settled.

At this time, the battle led by Ouyang Lie and Xiang Shan in the Mysterious Nether Territory and Blood Flame Territory had come to an end, and with the Black Ink Clan not having any Royal Lord-level to resist, it was difficult to resist the assault of the Human Race’s army.

Of the dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields, six had already been reclaimed, and news of this had spread from the Head Office Division to every corner of the Human Race's side.

When the great war began, the Star Boundary’s Human Race Military Recruitment Division was also filled with people. In fact, ever since the establishment of this Military Recruitment Division, there had been a constant stream of Human Race cultivators who had come to accept recruitment. However, the situation before was not clear, and the war between the two races had not completely broken out, so the Military Recruitment Division had a lot of restrictions on the number of new recruits they could recruit.

But now, the war between the two races had completely broken out. This was a war between the two races that concerned everyone. The result of this war would eventually be the destruction of one of the races, and once they recovered more of their lost territory, the battlefront would be extended, greatly reducing the requirements the Military Recruitment Division had for new recruits.

A large number of newcomers passed through this place and were sent out to fill up the losses.

After thousands of years of consolidation, the Human Race had indeed given birth to many masters, especially the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World. Because of the World Tree’s power, many talented individuals had been born. The newly promoted Fifth and Sixth Order massters might not be of much use on the battlefield, but if tens of thousands of them were to gather together and form an army, the power they could display would be unimaginable.

Inside the Head Office, Mi Jinglun was also constantly transferring various resources to various battlefields to ensure the logistics of the army.

Fortunately, there were many spoils of war during the recapture of these Great Domains. For the time being, although the Human Race’s resources were somewhat lacking, it was not to the point where they were stretched thin.

After recapturing the six Great Domain Battlefields, the six armies split up and moved closer to the remaining battlefields, gathering the original Human Race army from these Great Domain Battlefields to help resist the Black Ink Clan.

The battle became more intense. The advancement of the Human Race army made it difficult for the Black Ink Clan to resist, but soon the Black Ink Clan found a way to deal with the situation.

Right now, the Human Race’s advantage was mainly due to the presence of several Ninth Order leader, making it difficult for the Black Ink Clan to compete with them.

Although there were some Territory Lords in the Black Ink Clan who had the potential to become a Royal Lord, they needed time to settle down and could not be counted on for now.

However, the Black Ink Clan had a Pseudo-Royal Lord! Moreover, forging a Pseudo-Royal Lord didn’t take much time, only requiring a large number of Innate Territory Lords and Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

Back then, when the Universe Furnace appeared, in order to destroy the opportunities of the Human Race, Mo Yu from the Black Ink Clan endured the pain and ordered all the intact Innate Territory Lords to gather together in the No-Return Pass, all of them to create dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords!

At that time, the Black Ink Clan had suffered a great loss. It could be said that almost all of the Innate Territory Lords who had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction during the early stages of the Great War had been wiped out.

However, this action was worth it. The birth of dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords had indeed caused a lot of trouble and threat to the Human Race.

However, there were only less than twenty of these dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords left. With just these Pseudo-Royal Lords, it was difficult for them to contend with the Human Race.

The Black Ink Clan needed even more Pseudo-Royal Lords!

Fortunately, the Black Ink Clan had such capital.

A few years ago, a flaw had appeared in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and nearly two thousand Innate Territory Lords had escaped from it. These Innate Territory Lords who had escaped were all heavily injured and were unable to do anything for a time. After Yang Kai learned of this matter, he had pursued and killed many of these Innate Territory Lords. With these heavily injured Innate Territory Lords as bait, they had set up a trap to deal with Yang Kai, but in the end, they had failed and many of these Innate Territory Lords had fallen.

However, there were still many Innate Territory Lords who were still alive and had been recuperating all these years!

The Black Ink Clan didn’t lack supplies. With a massive supply of resources, after several decades of rest and recuperation, most of these Innate Territory Lords had already recovered from their injuries.

The six Great Domain Battlefields had been breached and Mo Yu was furious, once again bringing up the plan to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

On this day, inside the No-Return Pass, one Innate Territory Lord after another walked into the Ink Nest under Mo Yu’s orders, each of their powerful auras annihilated. However, death was not the final outcome, the price of life was a moment of rebirth!

One by one, the Black Ink Clan's Royal Lord-level Ink Nest collapsed under the violent turbulence as one powerful Pseudo-Royal Lord after another emerged from the collapsed Ink Nest.

On this day, on the Black Ink Clan’s side, fifty Pseudo-Royal Lords were born!

Without any delay, these fifty newly born Pseudo-Royal Lords immediately left under Mo Yu’s orders and went to reinforce the various Great Domain Battlefields.

With the addition of fifty Pseudo-Royal Lords, the Human Race immediately felt the pressure.

The momentum of the Human Race army’s ferocious advancement was actually stopped!

Originally, it had only taken three years for four great domains to be reclaimed, but most of the Human Race believed that the coming war would be as smooth as the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves.

Every time a Ninth Order fought, there would be at least three Pseudo-Royal Lords opponent. For the Ninth Order master, it is difficult to do anything in this kind of situation.

After several years of war, countless masters from both sides had lost their lives in the abyss of this war, and it was unknown how long this war would last.

A few years later, the Human Race’s side stopped attacking and instead sent out their masters to find an opportunity to kill the Black Ink Clan masters.

On the other hand, there were some results. Several Pseudo-Royal Lords were lured out one after another, and the Ninth Order hiding nearby appeared and killed them in one fell swoop.

After suffering a few losses, the Pseudo-Royal Lords became more cautious and no longer dared to act alone, lest the Human Race take advantage of them.

The stalemate had not been broken and was still continuing. Battles of all sizes erupted from time to time, and in general, no one was able to gain much advantage.

This situation continued for several decades!

Over the past few decades, after the Human Race had taken back six Great Domain Battlefields, no one had been able to make any progress. Everyone had been holding back their strength, but now they had nowhere to go.

Many people had already realized what the problem was. Although the Human Race had several Ninth Order masters, they lacked a method to quickly kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord. It could also be said that they lacked a master who could break through the ranks of ten thousand troops and strike fear into the hearts of the Black Ink Clan.

The Human Race’s Ninth Order masters were powerful enough to kill a single Pseudo-Royal Lord, but the Pseudo-Royal Lords had never acted alone, and the Ninth Order masters didn’t have any good methods to deal with them.

If there was a master who could quickly kill a few Pseudo-Royal Lords in a big battle, he would definitely be able to defeat the Black Ink Clan’s forces!

Xiang Shan’s strength may be higher than the others, but it was impossible for him to accomplish such a feat.

There was only one person who could do such a thing!

The Master of the Star Boundary, the Regiment Commander in name of the Mysterious Nether Army, the one who was best at creating miracles, the invincible Yang Kai!

When he was a Seventh Order, he had killed Territory Lords like cutting melons and cutting vegetables. When he was an Eighth Order, he had slaughtered Territory Lords like slaughtering chickens and dogs. If those Innate Territory Lords were targeted by him, they wouldn’t be able to escape death. Now that he was a Ninth Order, dealing with a few Pseudo-Royal Lord wasn’t a big deal.

However, no one knew where Yang Kai was now.

The Human Race knew that Yang Kai had entered the Universe Furnace from the entrance outside the Ink Battlefield. In other words, when the Universe Furnace closed, he should have appeared outside the Ink Battlefield.

Even so, he should return soon.

In the beginning, no one had paid much attention to him. After all, it would take some time to rush back from the Ink Battlefield, but now, after several dozen years, there was still no trace of him.

This was a problem.

Had something happened to Yang Kai? If not, how could he have disappeared after so many years?

If he were to return from the Universe Furnace, the Black Ink Clan would have made preparations and set up an ambush in the projection space, perhaps catching him off guard.

However, the Black Ink Clan knew nothing about this information, so how could they have set up an ambush in advance? Moreover, with his current strength at the Ninth Order Open Heaven, even if the Black Ink Clan had set up an ambush, there was a high chance they wouldn’t be able to kill him.

On top of that, the Human Race was certain that Yang Kai had not been ambushed. At the very least, he had not died at the hands of the Black Ink Clan.

Over the past thousands of years, Yang Kai’s name had been a symbol of faith among the Human Race, but to the Black Ink Clan, it was synonymous with disaster, an existence they hated greatly. If Yang Kai really died at the hands of the Black Ink Clan, it would be impossible for the Black Ink Clan to keep it a secret, so they would definitely make a big fuss about it and publicize it to attack the morale of the Human Race army.


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Ben Grem
Ben Grem
Mar 23, 2023

"When he was a Seventh Order, he had killed Territory Lords like cutting melons and cutting vegetables." There is a mistake here. You should change it to:

"When he was a Seventh Order, he had killed Feudal Lords like cutting melons and cutting vegetables."

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