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Before the Black Ink Clan’s invasion, the 3000 Worlds had flourished and each of the Great Domains had its own style. The Great Domains were connected to each other by Domain Gates, forming an extremely complicated yet connected Great World.

Human Race had lived in such a Great World for countless years, eventually becoming the ruler of these heavens.

However, outside this Great World, there was also an Ink Battlefield, which was originally the frontline battlefield for the Human Race’s various great passes to resist the Black Ink Clan.

The Ink Battlefield was vast and boundless.

The deepest region the Human Race had reached was the location of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Yang Kai could have run a bit farther. When he was chased by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, he had fled into the depths of the void, eventually hiding in a Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

What was behind the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?

What was further behind the Celestial Phenomenon Sea?

Where was the end of the world?

Yang Kai had thought about these questions before, but there was no answer to them.

Until today, his actions had allowed him to see the real body of the Universe Furnace, allowing him to find the answer to his question.

The end of the world was primal chaos!

It could also be said that there was no end to the world, because chaos itself was disorderly and chaotic.

If the 3000 Worlds and the Ink Battlefield were said to be a single entity, then outside this whole entity, it should be wrapped in endless primal chaos.

The great eruption of the Universe Furnace caused this chaos to become a part of the world, expanding the original size of the world and increasing its vastness.

Realizing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing. No wonder no one had been able to find the core of the Universe Furnace for so many years. This thing really did exist, but it was at the end of the world. Who would have thought that he would come here to find it?

So what if he found it?

Yang Kai had previously considered whether he would have a chance to refine the Universe Furnace if he could find its true form, but from the current situation, this idea was completely impossible.

Such a World Treasure was not something that a Human RAce could control. It was the origin of the world, the source of everything. Compared to refining such a thing, it was more practical to kill Black Ink.

Just as Yang Kai’s thoughts were racing, the Universe Furnace in the sky suddenly changed again.

A powerful suction force came from the furnace and in an instant, all the chaos in the surrounding void was swallowed by it.

The massive and majestic Universe Furnace seemed to have transformed into a bottomless pit as the primal chaos continued to flow into it and disappear. On the other hand, whatever had been spewed out earlier, whether it was the embryonic form of the Universe World, the various Celestial Phenomenon, or even the invisible Myriad Great Dao Force, it was completely unaffected.

As time passed, this kind of swallowing became more intense, and the mouth of the Universe Furnace seemed to form a giant vortex that swallowed a massive amount of chaos.

Watching this scene from afar, Yang Kai felt relieved, not too surprised.

When he was in the Universe Furnace world, Yang Kai had discovered that whether it was the Endless River that ran through the entire Universe Furnace world or the nine Great Dao evolution of the Universe Furnace, all of them contained the mysteries of the Primal Chaos and the Myriad Great Dao.

When they entered the Universe Furnace, that world was also filled with a rich Primal Chaos, and it was in that kind of environment that all kinds of strange features were born, even the Chaos Spirit Race.

Inside the Universe Furnace, where did the chaos come from?

It come from here!

The Universe Furnace was located at the end of the world, swallowing chaos and filling itself. When it reached its limit, it would transform into the power of Myriad Great Dao.

When the chaos swallowed by the Universe Furnace reached its limit, it would appear!

When the Primal Chaos inside the Universe Furnace completely evolved into Myriad Great Dao Force or something else, the Universe Furnace would close and everything inside would be spewed out, causing the world to expand.

This was a cycle of reincarnation, a cycle of life…

It could be said that regardless of whether it was the world that the Human Race had explored or not, all of them had been created by the Universe Furnace over and over again.

This process had been going on for countless years, and perhaps it would continue until the Primal Chaos was completely destroyed and there was an end to the world.

Such a scene was like a scene from ancient times to the present, grand and magnificent. Compared to this, the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan was somewhat lacking.

Yang Kai followed the Universe Furnace and stared at it, his heart beating rapidly.

After a long time, he suddenly stopped.

There was no need to follow any further. After witnessing the entire process of the Universe Furnace expanding the world, Yang Kai had figured out the origin of this world’s birth and had witnessed the cycle of the Universe Furnace swallowing and spewing. It could be said that many of Yang Kai’s doubts had been answered.

However, no matter how one looked at such a painting, it was still shocking.

His original intention was to find the body of the Universe Furnace and try to refine this World Treasure to see if he could use it for himself.

Yang Kai had indeed found the real body of the Universe Furnace, but he no longer had any thoughts about it, because after witnessing everything, such thoughts were too unrealistic.

“Boss, how do we go back?” After a long silence, Thunder Shadow suddenly asked a crucial question.

Yang Kai had been sent out by the Universe Furnace along with the tributary. Now that the Universe Furnace was swallowing the Primal Chaos, it had obviously closed down. In other words, the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan inside the Universe Furnace had already left, so how could he return?

Even if he were to rush into the Universe Furnace now, it would be meaningless. Not to mention whether he could enter or not, even if he did, there was a high chance he would be trapped inside and unable to escape. He could only wait for the next time the Universe Furnace opened.

As for when the Universe Furnace would open again, who knew? Perhaps ten thousand years, perhaps even tens of thousands of years, no one could say for certain.

Hearing Thunder Shadow’s question, Yang Kai didn’t answer, instead silently urging his strength to try to connect with the World Tree.

Being outside the 3000 Worlds and even the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Yang Kai only needed to connect with the World Tree and receive its guidance to enter the Great Ruins Boundary.

However, this time there was no response.

Although he had expected this, after confirming it, Yang Kai was still somewhat disappointed.

The reason he was able to connect to the World Tree was because he had refined and saved thousands of Universe Worlds back then. Each of these Universe Worlds had a corresponding World Fruit on the old tree’s body, allowing him to form a close connection with it.

So when he needed it, he could use the World Tree’s power to enter the Great Ruins Boundary.

It could be said that the World Tree itself was connected to the location of all the Universe Worlds. Back then, Yang Kai had left behind a Universe World outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction so that he could easily investigate the situation inside.

However, this place was already the end of the world, and the connection with the World Tree couldn’t reach such a profound location, so it was naturally impossible to connect.

“If we go in the opposite direction, we’ll eventually find our way back,” Yang Kai sighed.

Perhaps it would take a long time for him to return to the 3000 Worlds, but this was the only way.

Although this time’s action was somewhat miscalculated and didn’t yield much result, being able to witness the Universe Furnace swallow and refine the primal chaos and open up the world was not a waste of time.

This might not be able to enhance his strength, but it would have a profound impact on his future path.

After taking one last deep look at the rapidly departing Universe Furnace, Yang Kai turned around and set off!

In his mind, Fang Tianci sighed, “It’s really too easy for Mo Na Ye!”

Thunder Shadow was stunned for a moment before quickly responding, “Right, this guy’s life is really tough.”

Originally, if nothing unexpected happened, when the Universe Furnace closed, Yang Kai and Mo Na Ye would definitely appear in the same place. With Yang Kai’s current strength, the heavily injured Mo Na Ye, who was unable to recover, would definitely not be his opponent. There was a high chance that he could kill him on the spot and also eliminate a strong enemy of the Human Race.

However, Yang Kai’s actions gave Mo Na Ye a chance to survive.

At this moment, the Universe Furnace had already been closed, and Mo Na Ye had most likely escaped into the No-Return Pass. Yang Kai didn’t know how long it would take for him to return, but by the time he did, Mo Na Ye’s injuries would have already healed, so it wouldn’t be easy to kill him.

However, thinking about this now was useless. As long as he was strong enough, there was always a chance he could kill Mo Na Ye.

As he hurried along, Yang Kai looked into the distance and calmed his mind. When the Universe Furnace appeared, the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had already broken out, so it should be in full swing now.

However, in the Universe Furnace, the Human Race had produced four Ninth Order masters. In addition to him, there was also Xiang Shan, Yang Xue, and Ouyang Lie.

Yang Xue should've return to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so he couldn’t rely on her for now.

Xiang Shan and Ouyang Lie, on the other hand, could command an army to kill enemies. In addition to Luo Tinghe and Wei Junyang, who had just advanced to the Ninth Order, the Human Race now had four Ninth Order masters.

As long as they didn’t act rashly, dealing with the Black Ink Clan shouldn’t be a problem.

What slightly worried him was Smiles and Wu Qing’s side. These two Ninth Order had been suppressing the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Wind Mist Territory, so when the war between the two races erupted, the Ink Giant Spiritual God would definitely not stand by and watch, so there was a high chance it would act.

If it insisted on escaping, there was nothing the two Ninth Order Human Race masters could do.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had left a trump card for Smiles Old Ancestor in the past, so even if the Ink Giant Spiritual God managed to escape, the Human Race would still be able to restrain it.

Hopefully, when he returned, the situation wouldn’t be too bad.

Thinking so, Yang Kai ordered Fang Tianci, “Second Brother, you take charge.”

Fang Tianci nodded, took control of his body, and activated his Space Principle before flying off.

If it had been anyone else who had wandered to the end of the world, even if it was a Ninth Order Open Heaven, it would have taken them a long time to find their way back. However, Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Principle after all, so even if he was at the end of the world, he would still be able to return after spending some time.

He still had Fang Tianci to assist him.

At this moment, Fang Tianci had taken control of a portion of his body while Yang Kai was fully focused on digesting the gains he had obtained from the Universe Furnace.


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