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After a few decades, when the Universe Furnace’s projection appeared again, the Human Race masters from the dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields had already made their preparations.

Not to mention the Azure Sun Territory and Wolf Fang Territory that had basically been pacified, even the Great Domain Battlefield, which was relatively under siege, the Human Race basically under control over this area.

The news immediately spread to the Human Race’s Head Office, causing Mi Jinglun to frown slightly.

It seemed a little early!

According to the information provided by Blood Crow, from the last time the Universe Furnace appeared until it closed, almost a hundred years had passed. Of course, this hundred years was the flow of time in the outside world. If one was really inside the Universe Furnace, they wouldn’t feel that much time had passed, because at the very beginning, time and space seemed to be extremely blurry and chaotic, making it difficult to determine how long they had spent inside.

But it didn’t matter.

All the necessary arrangements had been made, and the rest would depend on how effective these arrangements were.

Putting down the information in his hand, Mi Jinglun picked up another piece of information.

The emergence of the Universe Furnace had caused the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan to erupt. The Human Race was not fully prepared yet, but the Black Ink Clan was definitely not prepared at all.

The Azure Sun Territory and the Wolf Fang Territory, under the leadership of two Ninth Order Human Race masters, had basically been reclaimed. The Black Ink Clan masters who lived there had either been killed or had fled long ago. The various Domain Gates were now firmly controlled by the Human Race, and the only thing left to do was to clean up the mess.

Most of the other Great Domain Battlefields were occupied by the Human Race.

Not to mention the other Great Domain Battlefields, just the Azure Sun Territory and the Wolf Fang Territory alone gave the Human Race the capital to pursue their victory, but Mi Jinglun did not give the order to do so.

The total number of Human Race army was much smaller than that of the Black Ink Clan’s, and the number of masters was the same. If they continued to pursue the enemy, they might not be able to achieve much.

Once the front line was stretched too far, it would not be of much benefit to the Human Race.

If the Human Race wanted to take back the 3000 Worlds, they would have to take a steady approach, sweep through the Great Domains one by one, and drive the Black Ink Clan out of their homeland, where they had lived for hundreds of thousands of years.

As such, he was waiting for the Universe Furnace to close. Only by killing all the Black Ink Clan masters who had entered the Universe Furnace would the Human Race not have any worries.

Otherwise, if an expert was sent to the front lines and if a Black Ink Clan master were to stir up trouble, it would be quite troublesome.

At this moment, the time had come!

What he needed to consider now was how the Human Race would proceed after recovering more than a dozen Great Domain Battlefields.

When the giant Universe Furnace phantom appeared, apart from the Azure Sun Territory and Wolf Fang Territory, the Black Ink Clan masters from the other Great Domain Battlefields immediately took action.

Mo Yu had long since ordered that if there were any abnormalities in these space where the Universe Furnace’s projection had appeared, the Black Ink Clan’s army would immediately press forward. No matter what the Human Race was planning, they would not hesitate to attack.

A great battle instantly broke out, and this time it swept through more than ten Great Domain Battlefields.

Not long after the projection of the Universe Furnace appeared, a number of figures appeared in the projection space. These were the masters from the Black Ink Clan who had entered the Universe Furnace.

Most of the Black Ink Clan masters were still in a state of confusion. Not every Black Ink Clan master knew how to leave the Universe Furnace world, and that they will return to their original location, only a few knew about this.

Amidst this confusion, powerful attacks came from all directions!

The Human Race masters, who had long been prepared, immediately released their strongest Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques.

Not only that, but the Human Race masters who had appeared together with the Black Ink Clan masters from the Universe Furnace world also quickly formed their own battle formations to resist the aftershocks of their attacks while waiting for an opportunity to kill the powerful enemies around them.

One powerful aura after another was annihilated. At this moment, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords suffered heavy casualties, and even the Pseudo-Royal Lords found it difficult to protect themselves from this storm of attacks.

In the Azure Sun Territory, Luo Tinghe’s slender figure had already rushed in, as if she was unstoppable. Any Territory Lord she targeted would not survive more than three breaths.

In the Wolf Fang Territory, Wei Junyang was dressed in golden armor and holding a long spear, slaughtering until blood flowed like rivers.

The place where the two Ninth Order Supreme were stationed was basically a one-sided slaughter. Only a Pseudo-Royal Lord master would be able to hold out for a while.

Of course, if there were good times, there would naturally be bad ones.

The Mysterious Nether Territory Battlefield was once a Great Domain Battlefield that had Yang Kai personally overseeing it, so the Black Ink Clan had attached great importance to it. Over the past few decades, the Mysterious Nether Territory Battlefield had been extremely tense. If it weren’t for the help of the Holy Spirits, this side would have already been defeated.

Even with the help of the Holy Spirits, it was difficult for the Mysterious Nether Army to expand their combat strength. The main reason was that the enemy had a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords. Fortunately, after a series of large and small battles, the Mysterious Nether Army had managed to firmly control the space with the Universe Furnace's projection.

This time, when the Universe Furnace’s projection appeared again, the Black Ink Clan’s army rushed forward, making it difficult for the Mysterious Nether Army to resist.

It wasn’t that the Mysterious Nether Army couldn’t fight, but rather that it belonged to Yang Kai. In name, Yang Kai was still the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army. The entire Mysterious Nether Army was second to none in terms of military strength and morale.

The main reason for this was because the Mysterious Nether Army had deployed a large number of masters to guard the space around the Universe Furnace’s projection, causing the forces in the other areas of the army to become slightly weaker, allowing the Black Ink Clan to take advantage of this.

When the great battle broke out, the Mysterious Nether Army maintained a principle of minimizing losses and fighting while retreating. This response was fed back to the Black Ink Clan, causing them to misunderstand that the Mysterious Nether Army couldn’t withstand a single blow, causing the Black Ink Clan’s momentum to soar.

Amidst this pulling, a number of figures appeared in the projection of Universe Furnace.

Immediately after, just like in the other Great Domain Battlefield, the Human Race masters who had long been prepared released their Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques to attack the Black Ink Clan masters who had suddenly appeared.

A powerful aura suddenly appeared, shaking the heavens and earth, and a furious roar resounded throughout the entire Mysterious Nether Territory, “Ouyang Lie is here, little bastards from the Black Ink Clan, quickly come and receive your death!”

A few decades ago, Ouyang Lie had entered the Universe Furnace through the Mysterious Nether Terriotry’s entrance!

“Ninth Order!” Behind the Black Ink Clan’s army, the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s face suddenly changed and his entire body trembled.

When he noticed that Ouyang Lie’s aura had reached the Ninth Order, he knew that the Mysterious Nether Territory was in big trouble.

Compared to the panic of the Black Ink Clan masters, the Human Race’s morale was soaring!

Before Yang Kai had taken control of the Mysterious Nether Army, Ouyang Lie had massacred everyone in the Mysterious Nether Territory, so his name was quite famous in the Mysterious Nether Army.

At this moment, hearing him announce his name and feeling the awe-inspiring might of his Ninth Order cultivation, many old Eighth Order masters were both envious and gratified.

Ouyang Lie had advanced to the Ninth Order!

He must have obtained his own opportunity in the Universe Furnace and obtained a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill. Now that a Ninth Order had suddenly appeared, it was definitely a decisive factor in the battle.

Since Yang Kai began to build his Human Race Body and went into seclusion to cultivate, the Mysterious Nether Army had been lacking a backbone. Fortunately, the war hadn’t been too intense these past few years, so it didn’t matter if Yang Kai wasn’t present.

Now that Ouyang Lie had returned, it was undoubtedly injecting new vitality into the entire Mysterious Nether Army!

Their morale soared as they swept through the Great Domain!

On the other side of the Great Domain Battlefield, a Pseudo-Royal Lord roared, “Be careful of Xiang Shan, he has already broken through to the Ninth Order!”

Opposite him, Xiang Shan had a fresh blood on his body, but his expression didn’t change as he sent a punch towards the Pseudo-Royal Lord who had been seriously injured by him, coldly snorting, “You talk too much!”

With a single punch, the Pseudo-Royal Lord was forced to cough up blood.

A few dozen breaths later, under Xiang Shan’s torrential attacks, the aura of this Pseudo-Royal Lord who was fighting against him suddenly disappeared!

This was the first Pseudo-Royal Lord that had fallen in this Great Domain, but it was definitely not the last.

With Xiang Shan’s strength, it was still possible for him to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but if he hadn’t caught his opponent off guard, he wouldn’t have been able to act so quickly.

This Pseudo-Royal Lord was also quite miserable. He led his troops and rushed over, immediately seeing Xiang Shan who had just appeared. Many years ago, they had fought against each other and knew how powerful Xiang Shan was.

However, at that time, this Pseudo-Royal Lord was only an Innate Territory Lord. Now that he was a Psesudo-Royal Lord, he immediately had the intention to kill Xiang Shan.

However, as soon as they made contact, he was stunned by Xiang Shan.

He had indeed become a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but Xiang Shan had also advanced to the Ninth Order!

Moreover, Xiang Shan, a Ninth Order, did not hesitate at all, nad he insist on exchanging injuries and hit him hard.

Originally, he had been caught off guard, but now that Xiang Shan was putting his life on the line, with the gap between their strengths, how could this Pseudo-Royal Lord be his opponent?

After killing this Pseudo-Royal Lord, Xiang Shan did not stop and instead rushed towards the second Pseudo-Royal Lord. The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s soul almost left his body as he turned around and fled, not caring if this action would affect the morale of his army.

With the appearance of these two Ninth Order Human Race masters, their act of killing powerful enemies had stabilized the situation of the two Great Domains. It was foreseeable that before long, these two Great Domains would be under the complete control of the Human Race, and the Black Ink Clan who lived in them would either be killed or driven away.

Aside from the Great Domain under these four Ninth Order, the other Great Domains didn’t have any obvious advantages or disadvantages. Even if one side had a slight advantage, it wouldn’t be able to affect the overall situation.

But as time passed, this situation quickly changed.

With the Universe Furnace closed, the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan returned to their original location. The Human Race, who had been prepared for this, attacked the returning masters of the Black Ink Clan and caught them off guard, causing many Territory Lords and even Pseudo-Royal Lords to fall.

On the Human Race’s side, no matter which Great Domain they were in, a large number of Eighth Order masters had returned. When they entered the Universe Furnace, they were only Seventh Order masters, inside the Universe Furnace, Best Quality Open Heaven Pills were difficult to find, but Lower Quality Open Heaven Pills were easy to find.

Therefore, with the help of the Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill, most of the Seventh Order masters had been upgraded to the Eighth Order. Those who hadn’t been able to advance were simply too weak.

Many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had fallen, and many of the Eighth Order masters had returned. As such, the balance of victory and defeat was slowly tilting.


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