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Hearing Blood Crow’s words, the veteran Eighth Order leader was puzzled, “Didn’t you say that after the ninth evolution, there would be some time?”

Blood Crow shook his head, “The last time was like this, but this time is different. Perhaps it won’t be the same every time.”

He had only participated in the emergence of the Universe Furnace once, so how could he have figured out the correct pattern? Judging from the current situation, the Universe Furnace would soon close.

At that time, all outsiders would be expelled from this world and returned to their original location.

At that time, another great battle was about to begin, and this time, the Human Race had long since made preparations to cause the Black Ink Clan to suffer heavy losses!

After the last great battle, the group of six had finished recuperating and had set up a battle formation. During this time, they had also gained some benefits and encountered some fleeing Black Ink Clan masters.

Originally, he had thought that there was still some time before the Universe Furnace closed and he would be able to make some progress, but at this moment, he decided not to think about it.

The six Eighth Order masters came from the various entrances of the Universe Furnace. Once the Universe Furnace was closed, they would have to return to different places. Immediately, each of them cupped their fists and greeted one another before calming down and restoring their strength.

Not only that, but at this moment, all of the Human Race masters who were still active seemed to have noticed something, all of them paying close attention.

In comparison, the Black Ink Clan masters who were relatively well-informed were somewhat uneasy. Although they knew that this day would eventually come, when it did, they discovered that they had not been prepared.

The news they had received from the Human Race’s Black Ink Disciple had left them deeply worried. They didn’t know what kind of terrible situation they would face after the Universe Furnace closed.

In the end, they had to return to the Great Territory Battlefield. After the Universe Furnace closed, whether they lived or died would all depend on the strength of the Black Ink Clan outside.

Many of the Black Ink Clan masters were unaware of this…

As the undercurrents surged, Yang Kai used the Space-Time River to protect himself and followed the flow, not knowing where he was going or whether his actions were meaningful, but now that things had reached this point, he could only follow the flow.

This stream was filled with an extremely rich and pure power of Myriad Great Dao, condensing into a tributary of river water that flowed out.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but fall into deep thought. Because of his own actions, a strange change had occurred in the Universe Furnace, causing the entire Universe Furnace world to be instantly filled with spiderweb-like tributaries.

The reason he was able to enter this place was because he had used his own comprehension of the Great Dao to stimulate the Myriad Great Dao and transform them into Primal Chaos. If the tributary was a sealed door, then his method was to open this door, allowing him to enter this tributary.

Even if others saw this tributary, without the corresponding means, they could forget about entering.

Although he had used this opportunity to escape the pursuit of the Chaos Spirit King, he didn’t know what would happen next, so he could only focus on sensing the changes in his surroundings.

The flow of the Great Dao’s power was extremely fast, and when it came to the tributary, it was like the river water was gasping violently.

Being in such a tributary, whether it was time or space, everything became extremely chaotic. Although the surrounding was filled with extremely rich Great Dao power, one’s vision was filled with strange and unusual lines.

Yang Kai suddenly understood that the Universe Furnace was about to close!

The information he received from Blood Crow was that after the Ninth Great Dao evolution, the Universe Furnace would close after a period of time, but this time it seemed to close very quickly, perhaps because of him.

At this moment, Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to think about these things. All he wanted to know was where he would eventually end up if he allowed himself to wander like this!

Perhaps the end of this tributary would allow him to discover some unknown mysteries!

Time and space became even more chaotic, and Yang Kai found it difficult to even calculate how long he had been inside this stream. At a certain moment, the Space-Time River around him seemed to have suffered a huge impact, causing it to tremble and destabilize his body, the huge impact causing his Qi and blood to tumble.

Yang Kai’s expression changed.

With his current cultivation, such an impact was no less than a Black Ink Clan Royal Lord attacking him with full force.

Sensing the source of the impact, Yang Kai instinctively reached out and grabbed something.

It was a very small object. Opening his palm, Yang Kai stared at it with a strange expression.

It was a grain of sand!

Moreover, he had seen this thing before…

At the bottom of the Endless River, above the riverbed, countless streams of sand were gathered.

These weren’t river sands at all, but rather some kind of embryonic Universe World. However, because of the massive pressure and rich Great Dao power from the Endless River, this Universe World that was only in its embryonic form and looked like a river sand.

Such a thing actually appeared in this tributary…

The Endless River that ran through the entire Universe Furnace world was the main river road, and all the tributaries were part of it. Now that the sand that should have existed in the depths of the main river road had appeared, didn’t that mean that something inside the main river road had been forced out?

Realizing this, Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly. The tributary he was in… was probably not as safe as he had imagined.

He clearly remembered that inside the Endless River, there was a large number of Celestial Phenomenon. These Celestial Phenomenon looked tiny and exquisite in the Endless River, but in reality, there were all kinds of them.

What hit him just now was only a grain of sand. If it was a Celestial Phenomenon… Yang Kai immediately felt a headache.

Although he was in a crisis, he was still extremely excited. The existence in the main river channel had been pushed out and flowed into the tributary, indicating that the Great Dao’s turbulence had swept through the entire Universe Furnace and even the Endless River had been unable to avoid it. He couldn’t help looking forward to what astonishing discovery he would find at the end of this tributary.

Realizing that the environment he was in wasn’t so safe, Yang Kai became more cautious as he scanned his surroundings, lest he be caught up in some strange Celestial Phenomenon.

Fortunately, such a thing didn’t happen, and there was indeed quite a bit of sand rushing towards him. Yang Kai, who was already prepared for this, easily resolved it.

As Yang Kai followed the tributary to the unknown future, the Universe Furnace world violently shook and closed, the figures of the survivors disappearing under the great repulsive force could be seen outside.

The Azure Sun Territory was the frontline battlefield where the Human Race fought against the Black Ink Clan. Over the past thousands of years, countless masters had died, some from the Human Race and some from the Black Ink Clan. In every corner of this void, blood had flowed and lives had fallen.

However, although there had been battles in the Great Territory Battlefield for thousands of years, it was still under control.

However, a few decades ago, when the Universe Furnace suddenly appeared, a true war broke out!

The intensity of that battle was unprecedented for thousands of years.

In that battle, the Black Ink Clan’s masters had gathered together, and there were several Pseudo-Royal Lords, while the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters had personally fought.

In that battle, both sides suffered heavy casualties, but after a large number of Black Ink Clan and Human Race masters entered the Universe Furnace, the situation gradually stabilized.

More than half of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had entered, but the Human Race’s Ninth Order had not. As such, how could the Black Ink Clan be their opponent?

Over the next twenty years, under Luo Tinghe’s leadership, the Human Race swept through the entire Azure Sun Territory, killing the Black Ink Clan until they were completely helpless.

The current Azure Sun Territory was basically under the control of the Human Race. Although there were still some scattered resistance from the Black Ink Clan in some places, they were no longer a threat and would be wiped out sooner or later.

These Black Ink Clan also wanted to escape from the Azure Sun Territory, but the various Domain Gates had already been sealed off by the Human Race, so they had nowhere to run.

Originally, the Black Ink Clan had thought that after the Human Race seized the Azure Sun Territory, they would launch a massive counterattack. Because of this, the Black Ink Clan’s army had already spread out across the nearby Great Domain, preparing for battle.

However, to the Black Ink Clan’s surprise, the Human Race army from the Azure Sun Territory did not pursue them, and even the Ninth Order Luo Tinghe had no intention of leaving the Azure Sun Territory. She simply stood guard, not knowing what she's doing.

Unable to guess the enemy’s intentions, the Black Ink Clan’s side felt somewhat uneasy.

Not only was the Azure Sun Territory like this, but most of the other Great Territory Battlefields were also like this. In the Wolf Fang Territory, Wei Junyang had basically led the Human Race’s army to sweep through this Great Domain Battlefield and also remained motionless.

When the news reached the No-Return Pass, Mo Yu, who was guarding it, felt both uneasy and puzzled, wondering what these two Ninth Order Human Race masters were up to.

He missed Mo Na Ye a little. If he had been here, he might have been able to see some clues, but unfortunately, since Mo Na Ye had entered the Universe Furnace world, he no longer had any available subordinates under him.

With the exception of the Great Domain Battlefield that has the two Ninth Order masters, where the battle already settled, the rest of the Great Domain Battlefield is still fighting. The Human Race and Black Ink Clan were constantly pouring in their forces, and large and small battles broke out almost every few days.

The Black Ink Clan’s losses were massive, and the Human Race’s losses weren’t small either.

Among the many pieces of information, there was one that Mo Yu was extremely concerned about.

No matter which Great Territory Battlefield it was, the Human Race seemed to care a great deal about the space that used to have the Universe Furnace projection. Even if they had the advantage, they would only arrange their forces at the location of the projection space, strictly guarding it and preventing the Black Ink Clan from approaching.

What was so special about the location of this projection space?

The Human Race’s response gave Mo Yu a bad feeling. If the situation was really as he had guessed, then all of the Black Ink Clan masters who had entered the Universe Furnace this time would likely die!

For this reason, he secretly sent out several orders to all the Black Ink Clan masters in the various Great Domain Battlefields to pay close attention to the locations where these projections had appeared.

When the ninth Great Dao evolution of the Universe Furnace appeared, the Universe Furnace world shook, a scene that had occurred several dozen years ago once again appeared. The space that was heavily guarded by the Human Race suddenly became distorted and chaotic, and soon after, the image of a massive furnace appeared!

The projection of the Universe Furnace appeared again!


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