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Regardless of whether the Chaos Spirit King was unlucky or not, its anger was obvious at this moment. The last time it had lost its Spirit Pill, it had chased after Xiao You to kill him, but Xiao You had spent a great deal of effort to get rid of it. From this, it could be seen just how persistent the Chaos Spirit King was towards the Spirit Pills.

For Yang Kai, now that he had obtained the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, it wasn’t difficult for him to escape from this Chaos Spirit King. How can he not be able to do what Xiao You can do? He only needed to use his Space Ability a few more times to ensure that this Chaos Spirit King wouldn’t be able to find him.

However, he didn’t do so. Instead, he kept the Chaos Spirit King far behind him, occasionally using his Space Ability to increase the distance between them, even taking the initiative to expose his aura so that the other party could pursue him.

Thunder Shadow couldn’t understand what was going on, “Boss, why are you borrowing the hands of the Chaos Spirit King?”

If he didn’t have such a plan, why would he keep it at a distance? He could just shake it off.

Before Yang Kai could answer, Fang Tianci understood and explained, “It’s just to prevent others from encountering this Chaos Spirit King and suffering some kind of accident.”

In the previous battle, the Black Black Ink Clan’s masters in the universe furnace world had suffered great losses. Of the two Royal Lords, one had died and one of them had been seriously injured. Even the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had escaped were not in perfect condition.

As long as the Human Race masters were careful enough, even if they encountered other Black Black Ink Clan masters, it wouldn’t be too dangerous.

The only person who could pose a threat to the Human Race was an expert on the level of the Chaos Spirit King, especially the one who was chasing after Yang Kai. This was the time when it was enraged, so if Yang Kai were to shake it off now, if any other Human Race master were to encounter it, they would be doomed!

That was why Yang Kai had kept it at a distance so that it wouldn’t escape his control. This was also a form of protection for other Human Race.

As long as it was within his power, Yang Kai would naturally do it. In any case, it wouldn’t hinder him from doing other things.

After listening to Fang Tianci’s explanation, Thunder Shadow suddenly understood, “Boss is very thoughtful.” He couldn’t help muttering, “You humans really think too much…”

For example, most of the Monster Race in the Myriad Monster World were ruthless, and they only had one principle when they encountered a crisis. They were indifferent to life and death, and if they weren’t convinced, they would fight, so how could they consider too many twists and turns?

No wonder the ancient Monster Race had fallen and the Human Race had gradually risen.

Ignoring its unspoken criticism, Fang Tianci suddenly asked, “Boss, did you notice something strange?”

Yang Kai asked back, “What is it?”

“There seems to be something wrong with the number of Chaos Spirit King inside this Universe Furnace.”

“You noticed it too?” Yang Kai raised his brow. He had also noticed this problem before, but he hadn’t thought about it too deeply.

“What’s wrong with the number of Chaos Spirit King?” Thunder Shadow interrupted, confused.

Fang Tianci didn’t explain anything and instead said, “According to the information Boss obtained this time, when the Universe Furnace opened, nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pills were born. Including the one in Boss' possession, six of them have been settled, and the remaining three are missing.”

“That’s right,” Inside the Soul Warming Lotus, Thunder Shadow’s Soul Avatar wore a thoughtful look.

“The Universe Furnace has undergone eight Great Dao transformations, so the ninth one should be arriving soon. After nine Great Dao transformations, the Universe Furnace will close,” Fang Tianci continued.

Thunder Shadow nodded again.

“Once the Universe Furnace is closed, the three missing Spirit Pills will not fall into the hands of the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, but will instead fall into the hands of the Chaos Spirit Race. It can even be said that the three Spirit Pills are currently in the hands of the Chaos Spirit Race, but we don’t know where they are.”

Thunder Shadow frowned and looked at him blankly, “What are you trying to say?”

Yang Kai chuckled, “Second Brother is saying that since these three Spirit Pills are now in the hands of the Chaos Spirit Race, shouldn’t three Chaos Spirit King be born?”

“Could it be… not?” Thunder Shadow’s voice gradually became softer.

Fang Tianci said, “If that’s the case, then when the Universe Furnace open this time, there will be three Chaos Spirit Kings. What about the past? Each time, there will be some Chaos Spirit King being born, but since we entered the Universe Furnace, how many Chaos Spirit King have we seen?”

It was just one of them!

However, according to Fang Tianci’s calculations, the number of Chaos Spirit King in this Universe Furnace was not a small number, but at least several dozen.

However, judging from the current situation, this universe furnace world definitely didn’t have that many Chaos Spirit King, otherwise he wouldn’t have only encountered one.

“Perhaps there are other Chaos Spirit King, but we haven’t discovered them yet, but the number of Chaos Spirit King in this universe furnace world is definitely not high,” Fang Tianci concluded.

Thunder Shadow thought for a moment before asking, “What does this have to do with the current situation?”

Fang Tianci laughed, “It doesn't matter, we were just casually discussing.”

Thunder Shadow couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief, thinking that these two were talking about something he hadn’t expected. He had always thought he wasn’t stupid…

Yang Kai said, “Perhaps the effects of the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill on the Chaos Body aren’t as great as we think. Even if those mindless Chaos Body can refine the Spirit Pills, they may not be able to immediately grow into a Chaos Spirit King, or they may just become a relatively powerful Chaos Spirit Race!”

The strength of the Chaos Spirit Race varied greatly. Some were as strong as an Eighth Order Human Race while others were only at the Second or Third Order. The gap between them was huge.

It was also because of this that so many Best Quality Open Heaven Pills had fallen into the hands of the Chaos Spirit Race, but not many Chaos Spirit King had been born!

As for the exact truth, Yang Kai didn’t dare to jump to conclusions, but this conjecture was likely very close to the truth.

Thunder Shadow said, “Then, that Chaos Spirit King chased us all the way here just for this pill that might not be able to allow his Chaos Body to advance to the Chaos Spirit King?”

Yang Kai chuckled, “In the end, we were the ones who snatched it. If it wants to pursue us, let it.”

Saying so, he suddenly turned around and flew off in a certain direction, the Chaos Spirit King following behind him like a shadow.

In that direction, a Black Ink Clan Pseudo-Royal Lord who was flying through the air suddenly felt his body tense up as a sense of alarm rose in his heart. In that instant, a powerful and sharp aura locked onto him.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly turned his head and saw a stream of light rushing towards him from the void. This stream of light flickered as ripples appeared around it.

Feeling this somewhat familiar aura, the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s soul nearly left his body as he shouted in panic, “Yang Kai!”

What bad luck!

This Pseudo-Royal Lord couldn’t figure out how he had encountered such a Killing Star in such a place!

In the previous battle, Mo Na Ye had fled while the Black Ink Clan had been routed, fleeing in all directions.

Fortunately, the Human Race didn’t have enough manpower to stop them, so his luck wasn’t bad. At that time, he hadn’t been targeted by Yang Xue, allowing him to escape the calamity ahead of time. During this time, he had been constantly on the run, not daring to stop. Even if he encountered some Human Race cultivators along the way, he would try his best to conceal himself so as to avoid exposing himself.

According to the information he had obtained from the Black Ink Disciple, the Universe Furnace would close soon. He had entered the universe furnace world from the Spatial Territory, so as long as he waited for the Universe Furnace to close, he would be able to safely return to the Spatial Territory. At that time, no matter how many Ninth Order Human Race there were, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

The journey had been smooth and uneventful. He had thought that after such a long time, the storm had passed.

At this point in time, he had actually encountered the most difficult Human Race to deal with, and also the one the Black Ink Clan feared the most.

In the previous battle, he was also injured, but his injuries weren’t too serious, so at this moment, his strength wasn’t affected too much. After a brief moment of fear, the Pseudo-Royal Lord became serious and shouted, “What do you want!”

In front of such a Human Race master who was proficient in Space Ability, escaping was unrealistic. This Pseudo-Royal Lord immediately made the most appropriate response, showing his stance, letting Yang Kai know that even if he killed him, he would have to pay a huge price!

A Pseudo-Royal Lord was also a Royal Lord, only slightly weaker than a true Royal Lord. How could he allow himself to be trampled upon?

Seeing this Pseudo-Royal Lord in front of him show such a tyrannical stance, Yang Kai was slightly surprised and didn’t pay too much attention to it. Under the other party’s angry roar, he quickly closed the distance between them, and after reaching a certain point, he raised his hand and made a grabbing motion, causing the Great Dao power around him to tremble.

Amidst the sound of flowing water, the Space-Time River shot out like a whip and was caught in Yang Kai’s palm before he swung it towards the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

For the Black Ink Clan masters who had participated in the previous battle, the Space-Time River were still fresh in their minds. There was once a Pseudo-Royal Lord who had been swept into the river. At that time, Yang Kai, who had yet to break through, had also rushed in and killed that Pseudo-Royal Lord.

Although at that time Yang Kai succeed due to a sneak attack, it also showed how strange this river was.

Mo Na Ye also suffered a great loss in this strange river.

Seeing Yang Kai use this rolling river again, the Pseudo-Royal Lord immediately became vigilant. With a furious roar, the Ink Force around his body surged as he punched towards the river.

The great river shook and the waves surged, almost breaking the river in half.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s face lit up with joy, but in the next moment, his expression changed drastically, because although the river seemed to be broken, it was actually not. The river was like a whip, bending a few times before ruthlessly lashing out at him.

The power of the Great Dao surged violently as the Dao Concept was displayed. The Pseudo-Royal Lord was struck so hard that he became dizzy. In an instant, he lost his consciousness as a whip-like river wrapped around him.

Caught off guard, the Pseudo-Royal Lord was swept up by the Space-Time River. The river seemed to contain an extremely strange power, causing his mind and heart to become unstable.

He immediately understood why his companion had been killed by Yang Kai, who had yet to break through at that time, and why he had fallen in this great river. His strength must have been greatly suppressed, making it difficult for him to display his full strength.

He wanted to struggle free, but an irresistible force swept over and dragged him along.

“Go!” Yang Kai shouted, and with a flick of his wrist, the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was bound by the long river whip was sent flying. However, he didn’t even look back as he flew forward at an extremely fast speed.

In the back, the Pseudo-Royal Lord was completely dumbfounded, unable to react to what had just happened. Did Yang Kai come here just to humiliate him? If that wasn’t the case, why had he not killed him?


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
May 18, 2023

This is so dumb! What if the guy had collected pills too? Instead of sending him flying toward the spirit king, just kill him quick and rob... I mean, collect his stuff 😅

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Now that would be dumb, the whole point is to keep the Chaos King from killing the Human , housing a PRL as a bait is really smart+ if a PRL had a UF pill he would find somewhere to hide and be promoted RL like Mo Na Ye at least he would have more protection.


Mar 30, 2023

Pseudo royal lord - I choose you!

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