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Fang Tianci’s indifferent voice rang out, “If one day Boss’ consciousness falls silent again, do you think you’ll be the one to take over his body, or should I?”

Thunder Shadow immediately fell silent…

Inheriting Yang Kai's Great Daos was also beneficial. If one day Yang Kai’s consciousness became dormant again, it would naturally be better for Fang Tianci to take over his physical body, because he would be able to fully display Yang Kai’s strength.

Previously, when Thunder Shadow first took over Yang Kai’s body, it was also an accident. At that time, Yang Kai’s consciousness had suddenly become dormant and the Thunder Shadow had just awakened, so taking over was only natural.

Fang Tianci’s consciousness only woke up after it had chased down Mo Na Ye. If Fang Tianci had woken up first, Mo Na Ye might not have had a chance to escape.

That was why Yang Kai felt that Mo Na Ye had been a scourge who live for thousands of years, and his fate should not be destroyed.

“Second Brother, don’t jinx it!” After a moment of silence, Thunder Shadow said, “Be careful in the future, that kind of situation may not happen again.”

“There’s always a chance for everything to happen. This has already happened before, we have to guard against it!”

“How could there be so many…”

The two clones in his mind were making a lot of noise, so Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing. He didn’t feel any frustration, but instead, he felt a sense of novelty.

For so many years, whether it was facing a powerful enemy or exploring a foreign land, Yang Kai had often been alone, without anyone to rely on. Now that he had a Human Race Body and a Monster Race Body by his side, he would not feel too lonely.

Letting them continue to argue, Yang Kai calmly observed his surroundings.

When he first entered this universe furnace world, he found that this place was filled with extremely rich chaotic Dao Marks. The chaotic Dao Marks condensed into all kinds of geographical features, even condensing into Endless River, even giving birth to extremely special native creatures like the Chaos Spirit Race.

However, after experiencing the evolution of the Great Dao again, the omnipresent fragmented Dao Marks had become extremely thin, replaced by order and stability. At this moment, the environment of the universe furnace world was slightly different from the 3000 Worlds, but there wasn’t much difference.

Why was there such a Great Dao evolution inside the Universe Furnace? What did this mean?

After obtaining the information from the Human Race’s cultivators, Yang Kai began to consider this issue. Every time the Great Dao evolved, he would carefully perceive the changes in his surroundings, hoping to find some kind of pattern, but unfortunately, he had never gained much.

It wasn’t until he went deep into the Endless River and comprehended the mysteries of the convergence of Myriad Great Dao that he had some guesses, but it was difficult to be certain.

The Universe Furnace lived up to its name as a supreme treasure of the world. Just the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill it produced was a great opportunity. The world inside this Universe Furnace was a world of its own, and the Chaos Spirit Race it produced was an extremely large and complex group. The Chaos Spirit King’s strength was not inferior to that of a Ninth Order Human Race or Black Ink Clan Royal Lord.

Yang Kai had a faint feeling that the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was not the greatest opportunity inside the Universe Furnace. The Universe Furnace itself was a great treasure, and if he could find the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body, that would be the true harvest.

But from ancient times until now, no one had ever seen the real body of the Universe Furnace, let alone search for it.

If Yang Kai wanted to find the true body of the Universe Furnace, if he could accomplish this task, it would definitely be of great help to the Human Race. At the very least, in the future, there would be no need for them to compete for Best Quality Open Heaven Pills.

Of course, he knew that this was a difficult task. Since ancient times, so many great masters had failed to accomplish this task, so he might not be able to accomplish it.

As the saying goes, if you do your best, you must obey the will of Heavens!

According to the information he had gathered so far, the Endless River was a clue. This river that stretched across the entire universe furnace world must have some kind of connection to the Universe Furnace itself.

As for the evolution of the Universe Furnace’s Great Dao, it was nothing more than the process of the Primal Chaos transforming into the Myriad Great Dao. It was just that the mysteries of the Universe Furnace were divided into nine different processes, allowing one to feel it more clearly each time!

Yang Kai had a vague feeling that the essence of this Universe Furnace was perhaps the profoundness of transforming primal chaos into Myriad Great Dao. As for the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and the Chaos Spirit Race it gave birth to, they were just supplementary.

“Boss, Second Brother has ulterior motives and always wants to take your body!” Thunder Shadow didn’t bother Fang Tianci and simply reported.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, but just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed as he looked towards a certain direction, a look of surprise appearing on his face, “Found it!”

Saying so, he activated Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability and flew over.

In his mind, the two clones were still engaged in a verbal battle. After a moment, Fang Tianci, who had noticed the abnormality, shouted, “Shut up and get down to business.”

“Oh.” Thunder Shadow suddenly became silent, but after a moment, he said indignantly, “Look, it’s our Natal Divine Ability!”

Fang Tianci couldn’t be bothered with him.

A moment later, Thunder Shadow’s voice rang out again, “This Chaos Spirit King’s brain really isn’t very sharp. Why did it suddenly come back? It’s as if it’s afraid that others won’t be able to find it.”

What he saw in front of him made Thunder Shadow feel a sense of familiarity. It was the location where Yang Kai had fought with him over the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, a place where the Chaos Spirit Race gathered.

At that time, Xiao You had distracted the Chaos Spirit King and was about to ask a Pseudo-Royal Lord to snatch the pill from him, but Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow had taken the initiative to do so, leading to a chase. Yang Kai was seriously injured and had no choice but to bring Thunder Shadow along to hide in the Endless River.

After that, Yang Kai appeared and, in order to resolve the Human Race’s crisis, he used the Spirit Pill to lure away the Chaos Spirit King. The Human Race and Black Ink Clan masters engaged in a bloody battle and no one paid any attention to the whereabouts of the Chaos Spirit King, but in the end, Yang Kai found it again.

“Boss, did you know this guy would return?” Thunder Shadow asked.

As Yang Kai quietly approached like a shadow, he casually replied, “You said it wasn’t smart, so it’s worth a try.”

There was no trace of communication between them, so the outside world naturally couldn’t investigate.

Although this was his answer, Yang Kai was actually quite confident, otherwise, he wouldn’t have come straight here.

The intelligence of the Chaos Spirit Race was truly worrying, even the powerful Chaos Spirit King was no exception.

As far as the eye could see, a large number of Chaos Body had gathered in the area where the Chaos Spirit Race had gathered previously, as well as a small number of them who had already taken on physical forms.

At this moment, these Chaos Spirit Race cultivators had gathered in a large circle and surrounded a mass of flowing Chaos Body. As the Chaotic Force flowed, one could vaguely see traces of the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

The Chaos Spirit King stood nearby.

Seemingly because it had suffered a loss once, the Chaos Spirit King was extremely vigilant at this moment, its powerful Divine Sense constantly sweeping through the surrounding space. Any slight abnormality would attract its attention.

To be honest, if it weren’t for the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, Yang Kai really wouldn’t have been able to sneak over. Even with the help of the Thunder Shadow’s Concealment Dao, Yang Kai was still extremely careful.

He slowly approached it, trying his best not to leak any aura.

Now that he had reached the Ninth Order, he naturally didn’t fear a Chaos Spirit King, but Yang Kai really had no intention of competing with it. The other party wasn’t from the Black Ink Clan, even if he won it wouldn't do anything, the result would be even worse if he lose. It could be said that once they fought, Yang Kai would always suffer a loss.

Therefore, he made up his mind to snatch the pill and flee!

If you eat my pill, you must spit it out. Although this pill was originally his, since it had flowed through his hands once, it was his!

Stealthily approaching, Yang Kai pushed Thunder Shadow’s Concealment Dao to its limit.

At a certain moment, the Chaos Spirit King who was observing the surroundings suddenly turned around and looked in the direction Yang Kai was hiding.

In front of such a vigilant master, there was no such thing as a perfect concealment technique. When the distance between them reached a certain limit, Yang Kai’s existence was finally exposed.

Yang Kai was already prepared for this. The moment the Chaos Spirit King noticed this anomaly, Yang Kai activated his Space Principle and stepped forward, instantly arriving at the place where the Chaos Spirit Race was gathered. With a loud splash, he summoned his Space-Time River.

Just like last time, the great river swept up the Chaos Body that were refining the Spirit Pill and the several nearby Chaos Spirit Race beings into the great river.

A violent roar mixed with a terrifying chaotic shockwave rushed into Yang Kai’s mind.

The Soul Warming Lotus blossomed with seven colored light, blocking the impact of this energy.

“Not good…” The Thunder Shadow cried out in alarm, but it didn’t move again. It was obvious that it had been shocked by this roar.

Fang Tianci also felt extremely uncomfortable. The Chaos Spirit King hadn’t even made a move yet, but his voice was already so powerful.

Suppressing his discomfort, he wrapped himself around the Thunder Shadow’s Soul and rushed into the Soul Warming Lotus.

While the two clones were protecting themselves, the Chaos Spirit King’s attack arrived as scheduled. At this moment, Yang Kai had just swept the Chaos Spirit Race into the Space-Time River and was about to escape.

A world-destroying Chaotic Force suddenly swept out, causing the void to crack and the four directions to become unstable. Yang Kai let out a muffled groan as he summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and thrust it towards the Chaos Spirit King.

In this brief confrontation, Yang Kai’s figure was sent flying while the Chaos Spirit King couldn’t help taking a few steps back.

In the next moment, Yang Kai grabbed the Space-Time River and fled, activating his Space Principle and taking a step forward, appearing far away.

An extremely angry roar came from behind him as a powerful aura rushed towards him at an extremely fast speed. Obviously, the Chaos Spirit King was already chasing after him.

Yang Kai finally experienced Xiao You’s helplessness. Being chased by such a master was not a good experience, but what made him feel even more helpless was that he couldn’t really fight with him.

As they fled, the Space-Time River trembled, and under the impact of the Myriad Great Dao force, the Chaos Body and Chaos Spirit Race beings that were caught up in it quickly disappeared.

After a short while, Yang Kai picked up the Spirit Pill, put it away, and fled.

Inside the Soul Warming Lotus, the Souls of the two clones also recovered, and the Thunder Shadow wore a look of lingering fear, “This Chaos Spirit King is really powerful! However, it is quite unlucky to have encountered you, Boss.”

Two times in a row, the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill had been snatched away by Yang Kai. The Universe Furnace had appeared so many times, but it was likely that such a thing had never happened before. From this point alone, this Chaos Spirit King was truly unlucky.


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