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“Junior Brother can go by himself, Junior Sister Xue and I will take care of things here,” Ouyang Lie said. Many Human Race masters were currently recovering from their injuries and needed someone to look after them, so someone need to stay behind. Since Yang Kai had some ideas, he naturally let him be.

If he could really find the pill that the Chaos Spirit King had taken away, it would be a good thing.

Yang Kai nodded, “Then I’ll go.”

Saying so, Yang Kai didn’t stop and took a step forward, his Space Principle fluctuating wildly as his figure disappeared. In fact, his injuries had yet to fully heal, but he didn’t have much time left, so Yang Kai didn’t want to waste his remaining time on healing. Not to mention, these minor injuries weren’t a big deal to him. Now that he was a Ninth Order master, even if he were to encounter a Chaos Spirit King, he could still fight!

After he left, a figure suddenly appeared beside Yang Xue. It was none other than Yang Xiao, who had been pretending to be healing.

Yang Xiao’s face was slightly pale. He had consumed a great deal of energy in the previous battle and his injuries were not light, but he was still a Dragon Clan cultivator with a powerful physique and outstanding recovery ability. Compared to an ordinary Eighth Order, his recovery speed was faster.

Staring in the direction Yang Kai had left, Yang Xiao nervously asked, “Little Aunt, what did foster father say just now?”

Yang Xue slowly shook her head, “Nothing much.”

“Nothing much?” Yang Xiao’s eyes widened, “He didn’t ask me anything?”

How could he not have said anything? This made Yang Xiao feel even more uneasy.

Yang Xue thought for a moment before replying, “Big Brother wants you to become a Divine Dragon as soon as possible.”

Yang Xiao waited for a moment, but when he saw that Yang Xue had nothing else to say, he asked in surprise, “Is that all?”

Yang Xue couldn’t help glaring at him, “What else do you want to hear?”

“That’s all…” Yang Xiao couldn’t help frowning. Could it be that his foster father didn’t know anything? Impossible, Old Fang was his foster father’s clone, and now that his three bodies had combined, his foster father should know everything… that shouldn’t be the case!

Yang Xiao wore a distressed expression and thought for a moment before his eyes suddenly lit up and he laughed, “I understand!”

Yang Xue tilted her head to look at him with a dumbfounded expression.

‘What do you understand?’

Yang Xiao shouted towards the direction Yang Kai had left, “Don’t worry, foster father, the day I ascend to the Divine Dragon realm will be the day I go to the Yang Family to ask for Yang Xue's hands in marriage!”

Yang Xue’s face turned red as she stomped her foot, “What are you talking about!”

Ouyang Lie also couldn’t help turning his head to look at Yang Xiao in surprise before turning to look at Yang Xue, seemingly understanding something.

Yang Xue’s face became even redder as she glared fiercely at Yang Xiao before turning around and leaving.

Yang Xiao looked at Ouyang Lie innocently, “Did I say something wrong? Did foster father not mean that?”

Ouyang Lie laughed heartily, “That’s right, that’s what Yang Kai meant, you little brat, you really know what he’s talking about! Women are easily embarrassed, so why don’t you chase after her!”

“Oh, oh!” Yang Xiao suddenly came to a realization and bowed to Ouyang Lie before chasing after Yang Xue.

Gazing over, Ouyang Lie couldn’t help nodding, “Young and vigorous, hot-blooded and unyielding. Good, very good!”

He couldn’t help but think back to when he was young. At that time, he seemed to have dared to act like this, doing whatever he wanted, not caring about how others looked at him!

Turning his head, Ouyang Lie saw a figure walking over from the void. When he got close, Ouyang Lie sized him up, “You just broke through, don’t you need to stabilize your foundation?”

Xiang Shan shook his head and said, “There’s no time. If I continue to stabilize it, the Universe Furnace will close soon.” Turning his head to look in the direction Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had left, he asked in confusion, “What happened?”

Ouyang Lie immediately became spirited and explained what he had seen and heard.

Xiang Shan nodded in understanding, “Since they have feelings for each other, just go with it. It’s not like they're related by blood, for his relationship with Yang Kai, what does it matter? I’m sure Junior Brother Yang won’t mind.”

Ouyang Lie nodded, “That’s right, we cultivators don’t have so many worldly customs, and that little brat Yang Kai doesn’t seem to care about this matter.” Sighing, he continued, “Moreover, if the Human Race doesn’t win this time, I’m afraid they won’t have a future. If they act now, they’ll have no regrets.”

Xiang Shan nodded and didn’t say anything more about this matter. Instead, he said, “I’m going to kill the enemy, so I’ll have to trouble you here.”

Saying so, he turned into a streak of light and left, not caring if Ouyang Lie agreed or not.

Ouyang Lie’s jaw dropped, not having expected Xiang Shan to do such a thing. By the time he wanted to stop him, it was already too late, so he couldn’t help shouting, “Big Head Xiang, come back!”

How could he possibly return? The stream of light gradually disappeared into the distance, as if it hadn’t heard anything.

Ouyang Lie was enraged, “This is too much!”

He also wanted to kill the enemy. Originally, he had wanted to stabilize the Ninth Order on Xiang Shan’s side so he would stay here and watch over him, allowing him to go all out later, but who would have thought that Xiang Shan would beat him to it.

However, after thinking about it for a moment, he understood why Xiang Shan was so anxious.

This time, when the Universe Furnace was activated, Xiang Shan didn’t even have time to do anything before he was drawn into the great battle between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan. Now that he had just broken through to the Ninth Order, he couldn’t wait to experience the new power he had gained.

Turning his head to look around, Xiang Shan had left and Yang Xue had also run away…

Only he, a Ninth Order, was left standing guard here, unable to leave at will. With so many injured Eighth Order Human Race cultivators here to treat their injuries, they would need someone to look after them.

What a miserable life! Ouyang Lie cursed in his heart. When the Universe Furnace closes, he will definitely find Big Head Xiang and settle the score!

Although the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s great battle had ended with the Human Race winning, it was far from over.

Not to mention that the number of Black Ink Clan masters who had entered the Universe Furnace was not limited to the ones who had appeared before, many of them had even managed to escape at the last moment.

Right now, the Black Ink Clan was in a state of decline. With the two Royal Lords dead and one seriously injured, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had managed to escape were all injured, so this was the perfect opportunity to kill them.

If he missed this opportunity, if he wanted to kill them again, he would have to wait until the Universe Furnace closed.

Now that they had eliminated some of the Black Ink Clan’s forces in advance, once the Universe Furnace was closed, the pressure on the Human Race would be lessened.

Perhaps he could also kill some of the Black Ink Clan masters who had entered the Universe Furnace from the Ink Battlefield and the Spatial Territory.

As time passed, more Human Race masters began to recover, but they didn’t stay for long. Ouyang Lie ordered them to gather their forces and spread out to search for the Black Ink Clan survivors.

By the time the last batch of Human Race cultivators had recovered, an unknown amount of time had passed before Ouyang Lie, who had been guarding this place, was finally able to move.

Naturally, he cursed Xiang Shan in his heart.

In the void, a great battle had just ended and Yang Kai stood alone, surrounded by the corpses of several Black Ink Clan masters.

Calling it a great battle was far from the truth, it's just a one-sided slaughter.

Even if these several Black Ink Clan Territory Lords had formed a battle formation, what could they do in front of the current Yang Kai? A Ninth Order with the body of a Divine Dragon, even if he hadn’t fully recovered, killing them would be as easy as cutting vegetables.

The advancement of one rank had brought about an earth-shattering change in strength, and the entire territory of the Small Universe had expanded several times over. Of course, this was partly due to the increase in cultivation, but also because of the integration of Fang Tianci’s Small Universe. Otherwise, how could Yang Kai, a newly promoted Ninth Order, have such a strong foundation?

Not only that, but the Small Universe also had a World Tree Subtree.

Yang Kai had left the Subtree to Fang Tianci in the past to help him grow rapidly, but now that Fang Tianci’s Small Universe had merged with his, the Subtree had also merged with it.

He already had a Subtree to begin with, so now that he had another one, there wasn’t much point.

When he returned to the 3000 Worlds, he might be able to find a suitable candidate to give it away. This way, they could save some time in their cultivation and allow them to advance to the Ninth Order.

After separating from Ouyang Lie and the others, Yang Kai began searching the void, mainly because he wanted to find the Beast Quality Open Heaven Pill he had thrown away.

Currently, there weren’t many Ninth Order in the Human Race, so a single Spirit Pill represented the birth of a new Ninth Order.

Yang Kai wanted to bring one back for Mi Jinglun, as the war would become more intense in the future. Mi Jinglun might not be able to control the overall situation in time when he sits in the rear, but his Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation was still a bit lacking. If he could break through to the Ninth Order, it would be of great use to the Human Race!

Unfortunately, after searching for so long, he didn’t find anything. Instead, he encountered some Black Ink Clan masters and naturally killed them.

Thunder Shadow’s voice rang out in his mind, “Boss, isn’t this Natal Divine Ability quite useful?”

Although Yang Kai’s strength was great and he had always been unrivaled among his peers, he was not proficient in stealth and assassination. Under normal circumstances, when he encountered an enemy, he would usually fight them head-on.

However, now that he had merged with his Monster Race Body, the Thunder Shadow’s Dao of Thunder and Concealment could also be used by Yang Kai.

Just now, he had used the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability to conceal himself, when he suddenly attacked, the Territory Lords hadn’t even have the chance to react. It could be said that they had no idea who had killed them.

Yang Kai chuckled lightly, “There must be a reason why the Monster Race can dominate the Ancient Era.”

The different types of Monster Race had different innate Divine Abilities. Thunder Shadow was one of the Shadow Leopard Race and was innately proficient in the Dao of Concealment, which was why Yang Kai chose it as his Monster Race Body.

At that time, Yang Kai had to go into seclusion to recuperate, so he didn’t have much time to take care of the Monster Race Body, and choosing Thunder Shadow would give him more opportunities to survive.

As for the Dao of Thunder, it was something that Thunder Shadow had cultivated on his own, so it was not an innate Divine Ability.

As for the title Thunder Shadow, it was also the title of a Great Emperor, not its race.

“In any case, I'm stronger than Second Brother!” Thunder Shadow said proudly.

This was also normal. Fang Tianci was someone Yang Kai had cultivated in his Small Universe, and the Great Dao he cultivated was basically inherited from Yang Kai. It could be said that the one he was proficient in was the same as Yang Kai, while the one he wasn’t proficient in, Yang Kai was proficient at it, so naturally there was nothing Yang Kai could take advantage of…

In comparison, Thunder Shadow felt a sense of superiority.


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