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Xiang Shan have the ability to break through, so it wouldn’t be long before he reached the Ninth Order.

On the Human Race’s side, most of them were recuperating. In the previous battle, everyone had been injured, but the severity of their injuries was different.

Ouyang Lie looked towards Fang Tianci who had taken over Yang Kai’s body and said, “You should also go heal your injuries, Junior Sister Xue and I will be the protector.”

He was also injured, but his injuries weren’t serious. As for Yang Xue, she was completely unharmed, just that she had consumed a great deal of energy in the previous battle, so she only needed to recover a bit.

Currently, many of the Human Race’s masters were recovering, and with two Ninth Order masters personally taking care of them, there should be no problem.

Fang Tianci nodded, “Good!”

He really did need to heal his wounds, and the wounds on his body were quite serious. Although Yang Kai had become a Divine Dragon and had outstanding healing abilities, his consciousness was still in a deep sleep, so Fang Tianci had to find a way to awaken his main body’s consciousness.

Immediately finding a secluded place, he sat down cross-legged and stuffed a handful of pills into his mouth.

The battlefield, which had been noisy for a long time, suddenly became quiet. Many of the Black Ink Clan masters had either died or fled, leaving behind traces of a great battle in the void. The corpses of the dead Human Race masters had been collected, but most of them had died without an intact corpse.

The number and quality of the masters who participated in this great battle were both extremely high, and it was extremely tragic.

“How many times has the Great Dao evolved?” Ouyang Lie suddenly asked.

When Yang Kai attacked and almost killed Mo Na Ye, the Great Dao of the universe furnace world had undergone a great change, but at that time, the battle had been quite intense and no one had paid any attention to it.

“It’s the eighth time,” Yang Xue stuffed some recovery pills into her mouth and replied.

Ouyang Lie slowly nodded, “The Universe Furnace is about to close.”

According to the information provided by Blood Crow, after this place underwent nine Great Dao transformations, the world inside the furnace world would close and everyone would be pushed out.

The place where he appeared was the same as the place where he entered.

In other words, when the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan entered the Universe Furnace, they would appear in the same place.

This information was extremely important and could be used by the Human Race.

If things went well, the Black Ink Clan would suffer a great loss. After all, the Black Ink Clan had no knowledge of this matter.

Now, they might know that the Black Ink Disciple couldn’t keep any secrets, but so what?

At that time, the appearance of the Universe Furnace had caused a great war to break out across the Great Domain Battlefield. Many of the Black Ink Clan masters had forced their way through the Human Race’s defensive line and entered the world inside the furnace world through the projection space. At that time, they had only wanted to destroy the Human Race’s lucky chance, but who would have thought that when the Universe Furnace closed, everyone would return to their original location!

At this moment, the locations where the Universe Furnace’s projection had appeared should have been heavily guarded by the Human Race’s army, waiting for the Black Ink Clan masters to appear and destroy them!

Of course, in places like the Spatial Territory and the Ink Battlefield, the Human Race had no way of interfering. After all, this was the territory controlled by the Black Ink Clan. From these two locations, the Black Ink Clan would be able to return safely, but it would be difficult to return to other locations.

It was foreseeable that the day this Universe Furnace closed would be the day the Human Race slaughtered all the masters of the Black Ink Clan. There would definitely be another glorious victory!

As time passed, everyone began recuperating.

With Yang Kai’s body, Fang Tianci immersed his consciousness and tried to awaken the main body’s consciousness with the Thunder Shadow. He had thought that it would be difficult, but who would have thought that after a brief attempt, Yang Kai’s consciousness would awaken!

“Boss, you’re finally awake!” Thunder Shadow’s surprised voice rang out in his mind.

Yang Kai couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, thinking that he was seeing things, but when he realized that something was wrong with his body, he finally reacted.

Inside his body, Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow’s consciousness had appeared.

What was going on?

As for Yang Kai, his thoughts were still focused on the moment he had injured Mo Na Ye and was preparing to pursue him, so he had no idea what had happened after that.

“Is Mo Na Ye dead?” Yang Kai asked.

“He ran away,” Fang Tianci replied, “At that time, your consciousness suddenly became dormant, and Third Brother’s consciousness awakened a step ahead of me and took over your body. He didn’t understand the Space Principle, so it was difficult for him to chase after Mo Na Ye.”

Thunder Shadow said somewhat unhappily, “There’s nothing I can do about it. After Boss's consciousness went silent, I suddenly woke up. I also chased after him, but he was too fast, so it was all Second Brother’s fault. If he had woken up earlier than me, perhaps Mo Na Ye would have died.”

Fang Tianci was also proficient in the Space Principle, and although his attainments weren’t as profound as Yang Kai’s, if he had been the one to take over this body at that time, Mo Na Ye would have been unable to escape.

It was just that at that time, Thunder Shadow had indeed awoken first, and by the time Mo Na Ye disappeared, Fang Tianci’s consciousness had awakened. At that time, it would be meaningless for him to take over his body.

Listening to their explanations, Yang Kai roughly understood what had happened. Although he felt a bit regretful, he still said, “As expected, a scourge will live for a thousand years.”

Who would have thought that at such a critical moment, his consciousness would suddenly go haywire? Just like how all of Mo Na Ye’s schemes had come to nothing, Mo Na Ye had never expected that his scheme would cause so many changes.

“Then what about the three of us? What’s the situation now?” Yang Kai felt a headache coming on.

Originally, he had thought that after combining the three bodies, all of his clones would become one with him, but after waking up, he discovered that his body now had two more mind.

He couldn’t help thinking about what had happened to Bustling World Great Emperor all those years ago.

During the battle in the Star Fragments Sea, Bustling World Great Emperor had been schemed against by Wu Kuang and had almost been possessed. Although Wu Kuang had not succeeded, he had still managed to fuse with Bustling World Great Emperor's body.

The result was that these two Great Emperors had lived together for many years, fighting openly and secretly. Wu Kuang had also used Bustling World Great Emperor's body to accomplish many great things.

In the end, after killing Great Demon God Mo Sheng in the Star Boundary, Wu Kuang left and seized Mo Sheng’s body.

In any case, Duan Hongchen and Wu Kuang only had two souls, but now he had three souls…

The only thing that was better than Duan Hongchen’s situation was that the thoughts of these two clones would not oppose him. After all, these two clones originated from the main body and shared the same ideals as the main body.

But in the end, this wasn’t a good thing. If this went on, there really might be a problem.

“The current situation is probably a hidden danger brought about by the Three Parts Normalizing Art. Although Third Brother and I originated from you, we are still independent individuals. Perhaps because we are too independent, the three bodies unification is not complete,” Fang Tianci explained.

Strength, Source, and his own destiny had all been fused into his main body, but their thoughts had remained. This was the root cause of Yang Kai’s current situation.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, thinking that this should be the reason, and couldn’t help cursing in his heart. Wu Kuang, this bastard, he really harm him!

At that time, if he hadn’t cultivated the Three Parts Normalizing Art, he could have used the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill to break through to the Ninth Order, and this awkward situation wouldn’t have occurred.

But at that time, he had no other choice. Yang Kai wouldn’t place his hopes on the ethereal Universe Furnace. If he wanted to break through to the Ninth Order, he could only find another way out. Wu Kuang’s Three Parts Normalizing Art gave him hope.

“Actually, it shouldn’t be difficult to change it,” Fang Tianci suddenly said, “Third Brother and I have a relatively complete thoughts. As long as you cut off a portion of our Souls, Third Brother and I will be able to find a suitable physical body. It would be best if it was a newly born child.”

This was equivalent to cultivating them again, but this time, the goal was not to merge the three bodies.

Yang Kai had done this before, so it wasn’t difficult for him to do it again.

Wu Kuang could have used this method to separate himself from Duan Hongchen back then, but he wasn’t willing to do so, mainly because after separating, there would definitely be a period of weakness where he was afraid Duan Hongchen would suddenly kill him, so he had been entangled with him for many years.

Yang Kai nodded, “There’s no need to rush this matter, we’ll discuss it after we deal with the Black Ink Tribulation.”

Not to mention that after severing his Soul, he would definitely be weakened for many years. Now that the war between the Black Ink Clan and Human Race had broken out and he had reached the Ninth Order, how could he allow himself to become weak?

Moreover, he didn’t know if his consciousness would suddenly become dormant in the future. If it appeared again, having two clones to take over his body would be a way out. Regardless of whether these two clones could display their full strength, they wouldn’t be completely helpless against a powerful enemy.

“In any case, I’m not in a hurry. Boss, do as you see fit,” Thunder Shadow said indifferently. At the very least, he didn’t have to worry about killing his enemies.

“What’s going on over there?” Yang Kai looked up again.

There seemed to be someone breaking through on the other side, giving off a fierce aura and a familiar aura.

It was actually Xiang Shan!

Didn’t Xiang Shan fail to break through? Why was he breaking through again? Yang Kai couldn’t understand.

In his mind, Fang Tianci repeated what Xiang Shan had said before and Yang Kai suddenly understood.

In other words, Xiang Shan’s Best Quality Open Heaven Pill had not been wasted. He had been interrupted at the critical moment of his breakthrough. At that time, his Small Universe's Barrier had almost completely melted, and even if he was interrupted, he would still have the foundation to break through.

This was actually a good thing. In this way, the Human Race would be able to produce four new Ninth Order masters, which was in line with his initial expectations.

This time, the Universe Furnace had given birth to a total of nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pills. Yang Xue had obtained one, Xiang Shan had obtained one, and Yang Kai had obtained two. The main reason for this was because he had the Sun and Moon Marks, otherwise it would have been impossible to find the whereabouts of these two pills so easily.

Of his two pills, one of them had given birth to the Ninth Order Ouyang Lie while the other had drawn away the Chaos Spirit King.

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, Mo Na Ye obtained one while Xiao You obtained another. In other words, the whereabouts of the other three Best Quality Open Heaven Pills were unknown. If the Human Race and Black Ink Clan didn’t make any moves, there was a high chance they would fall into the hands of the Chaos Spirit Race. After all, the Chaos Spirit Race was a native race in this universe furnace world and had a massive number of them, giving them an advantage.


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