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The pursuit of the Human Race’s masters was not without purpose, especially since there were more Black Ink Clan masters than the Human Race. If they were to pursue them without any plan, it was likely they would suffer some unnecessary casualties.

Fortunately, while the Black Ink Clan masters were fleeing, Xiang Shan had already made the necessary arrangements. All of the Human Race masters had gathered together to support each other, forming battle formations as they chased after the enemy. Although this would result in the wastage of some of their forces, it would also ensure the safety of their allies.

Moreover, before the chase, Xiang Shan had warned them not to pursue too deeply. This time, the number of Black Ink Clan masters who had entered the universe furnace world was definitely not limited to the ones who had appeared before. There were even more who were hiding in the shadows, careful not to fall into the Black Ink Clan’s trap.

In short, in this pursuit, if you could kill, you would kill. If you couldn’t kill, you wouldn’t force it.

This was something that couldn’t be helped. After the previous battle, regardless of whether the Human Race was strong or weak, whether it was the old or new Eighth Order masters, all of them were injured, but their injuries varied greatly, making it difficult for them to continue fighting.

Only the three Ninth Order were invincible. Whether it was Yang Xue, Ouyang Lie, or the Thunder Shadow that had taken over Yang Kai’s body, in this universe furnace world, there was no Black Ink Clan that could match them.

As the Thunder Shadow continued to rampage, all of the Black Ink Clan masters it encountered were killed, even the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

The chase continued for several days before everyone returned.

When the Thunder Shadow returned from the void with Yang Kai’s physical body, he saw a large group of Human Race masters gathered at the original battlefield. Sensing his aura, many Divine Senses instantly swept over.

The corner of Thunder Shadow’s mouth twitched as he muttered, “Second Brother, you go tell them, I’m not good with words.”

Saying so, his eyes suddenly became cloudy and dim. In the next moment, his eyes lit up again and a bitter smile appeared on his face as he slowly shook his head.

He couldn’t help cursing in his heart. When he was killing his enemies, he didn’t show any mercy, but now he was hiding. How hateful.

However, there were some things he had no choice but to face. After tidying up his clothes and circulating his Space Principle, he took a step forward and appeared in front of the Human Race masters.

“Big Brother?” Yang Xue, who had been on tenterhooks all this time, suddenly called out in surprise.

Previously, she had also witnessed the changes in Yang Kai’s situation, but at that time, she wasn’t too clear about what had happened and didn’t have the time to inquire about it. Only after listening to Ouyang Lie’s explanation did she learn that her Big Brother had cultivated a special technique that allowed him to split his Source and form two clones.

When the three bodies merged together, the Source fused together, allowing him to break through their shackles and ascend to the Ninth Order, turning the tide and turning the Human Race’s defeat into victory.

However, there seemed to be some kind of problem with this technique, causing Yang Kai’s consciousness to fall into a deep sleep and the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor’s consciousness to take over his body.

After listening to Ouyang Lie’s explanation, many of the doubts in everyone’s hearts became clear.

The reason why Yang Kai’s Small Universe was able to take in Fang Tianci, who was also an Eighth Order, and even a Thunder Shadow Great Emperor was because these two were his clones.

Mo Na Ye fled while Yang Kai pursued him, but to no avail, because the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor who had taken over his body was unable to use his Space Dao, making it difficult to pursue him.

Everyone was secretly shocked.

In this world, other than the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, there was actually such a profound method that could allow one to break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Method. This was definitely good news.

It had to be known that there were countless Human Race cultivators stuck at the peak of the Eighth Order. They had no chance of reaching the Ninth Order in their entire lives and had reached the limit of their Martial Dao. It was also difficult to find a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, so if they were to promote this technique, the Human Race might have many more Ninth Order in the future!

Although from Yang Kai’s previous performance, there were still some problems with this technique, but compared to advancing to the Ninth Order, what were these problems?

This was definitely a technique that could change the current cultivation system of the Human Race!

Thunder Shadow didn’t understand the Dao of Space, so Yang Kai using his Space Ability to move this time naturally caused Yang Xue to misunderstand.

Yang Kai gently nodded towards her and said, “Boss is still asleep, I am Old Fang.”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. First, the Thunder Shadow had taken over Yang Kai’s body, and now, it was Fang Tianci. It seemed that the Three Parts Normalizing Art was quite problematic.

A trace of disappointment flashed across Yang Xue’s eyes, but since she was old friends with Fang Tianci, she pursed her lips and asked worriedly, “Will he wake up?”

Fang Tianci replied, “Probably, there is no problem.”

“Probably?” Ouyang Lie frowned. This uncertain answer made him somewhat worried.

Fang Tianci said, “In order to kill Mo Na Ye as soon as possible, Boss summoned the Dragon Bead and broke through the Space-Time River, causing his Great Dao to become too turbulent. Moreover, the prolonged high-intensity battle caused his injuries to become quite serious, causing his consciousness to sink, but it hasn’t reached the point of being extinguished yet, so there’s a high chance he will wake up. As for when he will wake up, it’s hard to say.”

After saying this, he chuckled lightly, “Everyone, there is no need to worry. Whether it is me or the Thunder Shadow, both of us originate from the main body. In the end, we are only the main body’s clones. Although we have our own thoughts, we will not harm the main body.”

He could also tell that the masters of the Human Race were worried that Yang Kai wouldn’t wake up again, or that his clones would take over his place, so he explained.

Yang Xiao, who was hiding behind Yang Xue, nodded heavily, “Old Fang, I trust your character.”

Fang Tianci glanced at him and smiled.

Yang Xiao’s face twitched, feeling somewhat guilty, wishing he could tear open a Void Crack and crawl inside…

Old Fang knew many of his secrets, many of which were secrets he had never told anyone before, but how could he know that the seemingly honest Old Fang was actually just a clone of his foster father!

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have revealed his private thoughts all these years…

'It’s over, it’s over. I’m afraid I won’t have the face to see foster father again.'

Now that he thought about it, Old Fang’s performance over the past few years had indeed been a bit strange, occasionally giving him a meaningful smile…

“Junior Brother Fang, do you think the Three Parts Normalizing Art can be promoted?” Xiang Shan asked.

The group of old Eighth Order cultivators who had been cultivating for a few days and had been scattered around waiting for the results couldn’t help pricking their ears…

This matter was of great importance and was related to whether they could advance to the Ninth Order in the future!

Fang Tianci said, “This Three Parts Normalizing Art was passed down by Wu Kuang. Wu Kuang can be said to be the reincarnation of Shi, and this Secret Technique was also derived from Shi. This Secret Technique may seem profound, but it actually has a lot of limitations. First of all, if you want to cultivate a clone, you need to cut off your own Soul. This alone is difficult for ordinary people.”

“Splitting one’s Soul?” Ouyang Lie couldn’t help exclaiming. Although Yang Kai had told him about the Three Parts Normalizing Art, he hadn’t told him exactly how to use it. Now that he had heard Fang Tianci talk about it, he understood how dangerous it was.

Severing one’s Soul was no joke, especially if one’s Soul was damaged, it would be difficult to recover.

Fang Tianci nodded, “When one’s Soul is divided into two, the pain and injury is not something an ordinary person can endure. The lightest is the loss of one’s Spiritual Energy, the most severe is the destruction of one’s Soul and death. This process must be repeated twice!”

Because in order to cultivate two clones, one naturally had to sever their Soul twice, and at the same time, the risk of dying on the spot had to be borne twice.

“The reason why Boss can bear this pain is because after fighting with the Black Ink Clan’s masters for so many years, he has often used the Soul Shattering Spike to resist his enemies, so he is used to the pain of his Soul being torn apart. Moreover, he has the Soul Warming Lotus that can nourish his Soul, so even if his Soul is split into two, he can slowly restore it. Of course, the Soul Warming Lotus can be lent out, so if someone is willing to try it, I think Boss won’t mind.”

Ouyang Lie suddenly understood, “No wonder Yang Kai had been in seclusion for so many years, it turns out he was recuperating, and the time between you and Thunder Shadow appear also have a long gap.”

Fang Tianci said, “First, Boss nurtured me in his Small Universe, then after repairing his Soul, he nurtured Thunder Shadow. Of course, Soul severing isn’t the most difficult part. Comparatively speaking, the other difficulty is something the Human Race cannot solve.”

“What difficulty?” Xiang Shan asked.

Fang Tianci explained, “The Three Parts Normalizing Art requires one to have a Holy Spirit Body, a Monster Race Body, and a Human Race Body. Only by combining these three bodies can one break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Method. On the Human Race’s side, the Human Race Body is already available, and it’s not difficult to obtain a Monster Race Body. There are many Monster Race in the Myriad Monster World now, so it’s easy to find a newborn Monster Race youth, but where can one find a Holy Spirit Body?”

The current world was not the Ancient Era where the Holy Spirit ruled the Heavens. The Holy Spirit of that era could be found anywhere.

As the world changed and the universe evolved, the number of Holy Spirits decreased and many of the Holy Spirit Race had been wiped out in the river of time.

Although there were still a few remaining Holy Spirits, many of them had already reached the point where their bloodlines were difficult to pass down and they were on the verge of extinction.

The Dragon Clan had a stronger bloodline, but in the entire Dragon Clan, there were only two hundred.

The Monster Race Body could go to the Myriad Monster World to find the Monster Race’s younglings to cultivate, but what about the Holy Spirit Body? Was he going to ask the Holy Spirits for their young?

Who would dare to do this? Who could?

The Holy Spirits would definitely not agree. Forcefully doing so would only enrage the Holy Spirits, and the gains would not make up for the losses.

The difficulty of tearing apart the Soul and the difficulty of the Holy Spirit Body made it difficult for the Three Parts Normalizing Art to be promoted.

“Sigh,” Ouyang Lie sighed heavily. Although he had expected this, he still couldn’t hide his disappointment, “It really isn’t that easy.”

If it was really that easy, even if there was a slight hope, with Yang Kai’s personality, it would be impossible for him to keep it for himself. He would have long since passed it on, so how could he have waited for them to come and ask for it?


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