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While Yang Xiao and Blood Crow were secretly communicating, Yang Kai had already broken through the Four Directions Array formed by the four Territory Lords.

At this moment, Yang Kai and Mo Na Ye were engaged in a fierce battle. Although they were both exhausted, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. With the body of a Divine Dragon and the cultivation of a Ninth Order, how could the four Territory Lords be able to resist?

On top of that, Yang Kai’s fierce reputation also made the Territory Lords extremely fearful. Seeing Yang Kai arrive, whether it was the Territory Lords or Xiao You who was fighting Ouyang Lie, all of them were somewhat fearful.

As such, how could the Four Directions Array stop his rampage? With just a few attacks, he was able to break through.

Without the support of the battle formation, four Territory Lords were quickly killed by Yang Kai.

However, Yang Kai frowned and put the Azure Dragon Spear back into his Small Universe, muttering, “Not good!”

Saying so, Yang Kai’s body suddenly fell to the ground, his killing intent surging like a ferocious beast that had been trapped for ten thousand years!

He raised his head slightly and stared at the other Four Directions Array. Mysterious energy surged around his body and suddenly disappeared, as if he was never here.

Inside the Four Directions Array, the four Territory Lords were like frightened birds. After all, they had just witnessed their four companions being easily killed by Yang Kai. Now that it was their turn, how could they remain indifferent?

Before Yang Kai could appear again, the four Territory Lords who had been struggling to maintain their battle formation began to stir.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning appeared as Yang Kai’s figure suddenly appeared behind a Territory Lord, his hand suddenly stretching out like a beast’s claw, lightning flashing across his palm.

By the time Yang Kai pulled his hand back, the Territory Lord’s body had already opened up a huge hole, and at the edge of the wound, lightning flashed and the violent power of lightning caused the Territory Lord’s body to tremble violently!

Yang Kai laughed, “That’s more like it!”

Ouyang Lie’s eyes narrowed!

He suddenly realized something.

On the other side, Yang Xiao’s eyes also widened as he blurted out, “Thunder Shadow Great Emperor!”

The strange offensive stance, the brutal way he killed his enemies, the concealment of his Divine Ability, and the violent Thunder Attribute Principle were exactly the same as the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor Yang Kai had taken in his Small Universe!

Blood Crow was also shocked beyond words.

The other Human Race masters who saw this scene were also puzzled.

What was happening?

How did Yang Kai suddenly become the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor? Was he possessed by the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor?

However, they also finally understood why Yang Kai had failed to kill Mo Na Ye. Indeed, in the face of a Space Ability, fleeing was meaningless, but what if the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor had seized Yang Kai’s body? It was not proficient in the Space Principle, so if Mo Na Ye wanted to escape, it would likely be helpless.

Amidst everyone’s shock, the Thunder Shadow that had occupied Yang Kai’s body had already killed the four Territory Lords like cutting vegetables. At this moment, it had once again concealed itself in the void, and with the Ninth Order Open Heaven foundation, its concealment became even more mysterious and unpredictable. Even Ouyang Lie couldn’t detect much of it.

Xiao You was even more depressed!

Originally, he had been seriously injured by Yang Xue’s sneak attack and was no match for Ouyang Lie. The only reason he had been able to resist until now was all thanks to the eight Territory Lords who had formed a battle formation to assist him. Now that all eight Territory Lords had been killed by Yang Kai, if it weren’t for Ouyang Lie having some doubts, he would definitely have been at a disadvantage.

On top of that, with a powerful enemy like Yang Kai lurking nearby, ready to attack at any moment, Xiao You’s heart was in his throat. Even if he was on full alert, he didn’t feel safe at all.

“Thunder Shadow, where did Yang Kai go!?” Ouyang Lie grit his teeth and shouted, not letting down his guard just because the Thunder Shadow had killed the eight Territory Lords. He knew that the Three Parts Normalizing Art was the key to Yang Kai’s breakthrough to the Ninth Order, but now it seemed that there was something wrong with this Three Parts Normalizing Art, causing the Thunder Shadow to occupy Yang Kai’s body.

Of course, Thunder Shadow was also one of Yang Kai’s clones, but he was not Yang Kai, so Ouyang Lie had to ask.

With a flash of lightning, Yang Kai’s figure appeared and he ruthlessly sent a palm towards Xiao You’s head. Xiao You had been on guard this entire time, so when he sensed danger, he immediately turned around and threw a punch towards Yang Kai, barely managing to resolve this crisis. However, Ouyang Lie took advantage of this opportunity to strike, causing his body to tremble violently.

Thunder Shadow couldn’t help but click his tongue as he once again concealed himself and sent a voice transmission, “Previously, the power of the Great Dao fluctuated and Boss consumed too much of it. His injuries were too severe and he fell into a deep sleep, but don’t worry, he should be able to recover after a while!”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Don’t waste your breath, kill this guy first.”

Ouyang Lie nodded slightly. In other words, Yang Kai’s problem wasn’t very big, but the so-called Three Parts Normalizing Art was indeed a bit problematic.

Now was not the time to think about this. Wether Yang Kai will have an accident, it would only be revealed in the future. The most important thing right now was to deal with these Black Ink Clan masters.

Immediately, he focused his attention and attacked.

With him creating an opportunity to suppress Xiao You, the Thunder Shadow’s sneak attack became easier. Every time Xiao You was caught off guard, the Thunder Shadow would suddenly appear and launch a fierce attack, causing Xiao You to suffer great pain and his injuries to gradually worsen.

Originally, he was not Ouyang Lie’s opponent because of his heavy injuries, and with an expert like Thunder Shadow hiding in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to attack and restrain most of his attention, it would be difficult for him to survive this time.

In comparison, Thunder Shadow in the shadows posed a greater threat to him.

Defeated! The Black Ink Clan was completely defeated this time!

Originally, the situation had been quite good, but it had been completely ruined, and the turning point was that Yang Kai had suddenly broken through to the Ninth Order.

Mo Na Ye’s escape at the last moment had ruined the Black Ink Clan’s last hope of victory, but Xiao You also knew that if Mo Na Ye didn’t run, he would be the first to die!

At that time, escaping was the best and only option.

As such, although Xiao You had some resentment towards Mo Na Ye, he didn’t have any hatred towards him. If he was in Mo Na Ye’s position, he would have made the same choice.

Now that he was being targeted by two Ninth Order Human Race masters, it was impossible for him to survive, so it was best to die with more value.

The Black Ink Clan still had many masters, they couldn’t be wiped out here!

“Run!” Xiao You suddenly shouted at the Black Ink Clan masters who were besieging the Human Race’s defensive line.

With this order, the Black Ink Clan masters immediately scattered, not hesitating at all, as if they had been waiting for this order.

The Black Ink Clan’s momentum had been completely destroyed. Anyone could see that Mo Na Ye had already fled, and Xiao You’s fate was uncertain. If these Territory Lords and Pseudo-Royal Lords didn’t run, when Xiao You was killed and the two Ninth Order Human Race masters took action, none of them would be able to escape.

Previously, they hadn’t fled because they didn’t dare to. Now that Xiao You had ordered them to, how could they hesitate?

The Black Ink Clan masters all fled, and the Human Race masters who were originally in a difficult situation were suddenly freed. Yang Xue coldly snorted, stared at a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and chased after him to kill them.

She also knew that it was impossible to kill all of the Black Ink Clan, so she had to find a more powerful Pseudo-Royal Lord and kill as many as possible.

“Chase after them!” Xiang Shan shouted. He had led the army for many years and was well versed in the art of war. When a great army fought, the easiest time to achieve victory was when the enemy was being chased down. Usually, when a great battle broke out, half or even more of the results would be obtained during this time when the two armies were confronting each other, it is difficult for them to make a difference in many cases.

The Black Ink Clan masters fleeing at this time was naturally a good opportunity for the Human Race to pursue and kill them. As for how many Black Ink Clan masters they could kill, that would depend on luck and methods.

The faster they ran, the faster the Black Ink Clan powerhouses would disappear, and the slower ones would naturally suffer.

Since the beginning of this great battle, the Human Race had always been the one suppressed. After experiencing so many hardships, the anger they had been suppressing had finally been released.

In the void, great battles broke out one after another, and from time to time, the sound of Territory Lords falling could be heard.

On the other side, Ouyang Lie said anxiously, “Quickly kill him!”

If Xiao You didn’t die, it would be difficult for him and Thunder Shadow to free themselves. They had to kill Xiao You as soon as possible so that they could pursue the Black Ink Clan masters.

This was a rare opportunity. If they could kill more than half of the Black Ink Clan masters gathered here, the pressure the Human Race would face in the future would be greatly reduced.

With two Ninth Order Human Race masters working together, one in the open and one in the dark, even if Xiao You was a Royal Lord, it would be difficult for him to survive.

Under the repeated sneak attacks of the Thunder Shadow, Xiao You’s injuries gradually became more serious, but he still tried his best to hold on, just to buy more time for the Black Ink Clan masters to escape.

However, there was still a limit.

Thunder Shadow once again appeared and punched Xiao You’s head, causing lightning to flash and the power of thunder to erupt, almost blowing his head apart.

Xiao You, who was wrapped in lightning, trembled violently as he watched Ouyang Lie’s long blade swing towards him, but he was unable to defend himself.

“Die!” Ouyang Lie roared as he used all the strength in his body to cut Xiao You in half.

The aura of a Royal Lord suddenly disappeared!

In the two halves of his body, the Ink Force mixed with black ink blood gushed out.

Ouyang Lie held his saber and did not dodge, allowing the black ink blood to stain his body as he shouted, “Good!”

Thousands of years had passed since the terrible battle in the Spatial Territory. This was the first time a Royal Lord-level powerhouse had been killed, and it was by Ouyang Lie!

Supreme glory merged with his body!

On the side, Yang Kai, who had been crouching like a beast the entire time, also appeared.

Ouyang Lie turned his head and glanced over, the corner of his mouth twitching. He didn’t know what kind of expression Yang Kai would have after he regained consciousness.

However, this couldn’t be blamed on the Thunder Shadow. The Thunder Shadow had always lived in the Myriad Monster World, cultivating the Ancient Technique and polishing its Monster Core. It had never transformed into a human form, nor did it have the ability to do so. It had always maintained its beast-like appearance, so suddenly taking over Yang Kai’s body and allowing it to act as a human was something it was not used to, so it was better to return to its original nature.

“Don’t just stand there, kill!” Thunder Shadow shouted, his entire body flashing with lightning as he transformed into a streak of light and chased after the fleeing enemy.

Ouyang Lie followed closely behind.

A short while later, an intense battle erupted in the distant void.


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