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Yang Kai’s killing intent soared as the Space-Time River sealed off the void, forcing Mo Na Ye into the river as he rushed in.

In an instant, the Space-Time River that had formed a circle and connected its head and tail began to shake violently. In the middle of the great river, waves surged, the power of the Great Dao fluctuated, and from time to time, the Ink Force leaked out.

Under the isolation of the Space-Time River, no one could see how intense the battle was, but from the feedback of the Space-Time River, it was clear how dangerous it was.

The Black Ink Clan masters’ hearts all jumped to their throats!

If Mo Na Ye were to be defeated and die here, the Black Ink Clan would not be able to survive much longer. After all, they would have to face the infamous Human Race's Killing Star!

With his methods and savagery, if he didn’t kill all of the Black Ink Clan here, he would never let this matter rest.

How could they break the situation?

Perhaps the Pseudo-Royal Lords could intervene and rush into the river to help Mo Na Ye, but at this moment, the many Pseudo-Royal Lords of the Black Ink Clan were unable to act freely, each of them having their own opponents.

This was especially true for the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were facing off against the Human Race’s masters. Once they withdrew, the Human Race would launch a counterattack. At that time, the number of casualties would be even greater, and once this advantage was lost, the Black Ink Clan’s side would no longer be able to turn the situation around.

What’s more, even if they really went over to help, it was uncertain how useful it would be. After all, this was Yang Kai’s Space-Time River.

Somewhere in the void, Tian Xiuzhu and the other Eighth Order Human Race masters formed a Six Directions Array and surrounded the Pseudo-Royal Lord Meng Que.

This was also one of the most peaceful battlefields. The number and strength of the two sides fighting was inferior to the other battlefields.

On top of that, the Eighth Order Human Race masters and Meng Que himself had suffered heavy injuries.

This was especially true for the Human Race’s Six Directions Array. Although it was barely able to maintain its operation, it was still somewhat difficult to display its full power. It couldn’t be helped, two of the Eighth Order masters had been removed from the original Eight Directions Array because of their injury. They had followed Yang Kai to fight against Mo Na Ye and had nearly exhausted themselves.

At this moment, they were still able to fight with all their might, and this was also the reason why they were able to maintain their faith.

After this battle, regardless of victory or defeat, these two Eighth Order masters would likely suffer heavy losses.

Facing a heavily injured Territory Lord like Meng Que, Tian Xiuzhu and the others only managed to gain a slight upper hand and were unable to kill him.

Amidst the fierce battle, Meng Que shouted angrily, “Human Race old dog, enough!”

He was a bit angry. Normally, when facing such a group of old, weak, and injured people, even if they formed the Six Directions Array, they would not be able to do anything. But now, his condition was quite poor, and he was actually being suppressed by the enemy.

If this situation continued, he would likely end up in a tragedy.

In this battle, two of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords had fallen, and both of them had been killed by Yang Kai. One of them had been killed by Yang Kai’s sneak attack, while the other had been killed after Yang Kai had broken through to the Ninth Order.

However, as a Pseudo-Royal Lord, he was likely to die at the hands of an ordinary Eighth Order Human Race master. If that was the case, it would be too embarrassing.

He was the third Pseudo-Royal Lord born on the Black Ink Clan’s side. If not for his bad luck, he would have become famous throughout the 3000 Worlds, standing on equal footing with Mo Na Ye!

For someone like him, even if he died, he should die in the hands of Yang Kai or Xiang Shan, these famous people. How could he allow these nameless people to take his life?

As he shouted angrily, his attacks became fiercer. He knew that his end wouldn’t be good, so he naturally didn’t care about his own safety.

“Old dog?” Opposite him, Tian Xiuzhu was covered in blood, his expression fierce as he shouted, “Today, I’ll let you know how many teeth this old dog has!”

Facing Meng Que’s powerful counterattack, not only did he not retreat, he instead led the battle formation and charged forward, seemingly intent on perishing together with his enemy.

Behind him, including Lin Wu who had joined later, several Eighth Order Human Race masters followed closely without hesitation.

Under the violent collision, the already unstable Six Directions Array was on the verge of collapse. Fortunately, Tian Xiuzhu quickly adjusted everyone’s Qi before allowing it to continue operating.

However, this collision caused everyone who was already injured to feel even worse. The two most severely injured Eighth Order masters almost fainted.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t obtained anything from this desperate attack. Meng Que was also seriously injured, his aura suddenly weakening as the Ink Force from his wounds began to leak out uncontrollably.

Looking at these fearless Eighth Order Human Race masters and the Human Race he called old dog, Meng Que couldn’t help being moved.

Human Race! What an incredible race!

He adjusted his somewhat chaotic aura and state of mind before suddenly laughing and pointing his halberd at Tian Xiuzhu, “What a sharp-tongued old dog. Come again, let’s see if you die today or I die!”

"I, Meng Que, am just unlucky. I am not inferior to you. Even if I die, I will still shine brilliantly!"

As soon as he finished speaking, his aura soared as he rushed towards the Six Directions Array.

How could Tian Xiuzhu and the others fear him? They quickly gathered their strength and rushed forward to meet him.

After several exchanges, Meng Que didn’t retreat in the slightest. His head was spinning and his body was on the verge of collapse. The Eighth Order Human Race’s battle formation was also unstable, and the group led by Tian Xiuzhu all suffered heavy injuries.

Life and death battle!

In the next clash, victory and defeat would be decided, life and death will be decided!

Tian Xiuzhu shouted loudly, “It is this Tian’s fortune to be able to fight with all of you in this life. If there is a next life, I will fight together with all of you and kill the enemy!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Everyone’s eyes turned red, and although their momentum was unstable, their murderous intent soared to the sky.

For the last time, Tian Xiuzhu adjusted everyone’s scattered auras and stabilized himself. Letting out a long breath, he shouted, “Kill!”

The Six Directions Array transformed into a stream of light and rushed towards Meng Que.

Meng Que’s expression became dignified as he turned his head to glance at the Space-Time River and coldly snorted in his heart. Whether you see it or not, I, Meng Que, will not let down the name of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord!


As he shouted, Meng Que used his Ink Force to meet the Six Directions Array.

In this space filled with violent energy, the collision between an Eighth Order and a Pseudo-Royal Lord was far from spectacular, but this was the final result of the battle.

When the two streaks of light collided, the world seemed to freeze for a moment before seven figures were sent flying in different directions.

There was a collapse of a Small Universe, the dissipation of a World Force, the dissipation of vitality…

Of the six Eighth Order masters who formed the Six Directions Array, three of them died on the spot!

Meng Que’s vitality also dimmed and his strength dissipated. At this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger.

On this battlefield, there was probably no Black Ink Clan that could save him.

On his deathbed, he couldn’t help glancing over at the Space-Time River and mocking himself in his heart. He was the Black Ink Clan’s Third Pseudo-Royal Lord, but he had never imagined that he would become the third Pseudo-Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan to die today. It was truly ironic.

When the Human Race died in battle, there would be a Heroic Spirit Tablet, allowing future generations to remember the sacrifices of their ancestors. What could the Black Ink Clan possibly gain from dying in battle?

The Space-Time River continued to shake violently, the sound of two Supreme Masters fighting each other. As the waves surged, a faint dragon roar could be heard.

In the next moment, a shocking force suddenly burst out from a certain part of the Space-Time River, immediately opening a hole in the already unstable Space-Time River.

From the hole, a figure fell out. It was none other than Mo Na Ye. At this moment, Mo Na Ye was in an extremely sorry state. On his chest, there was a huge hole that ran from his chest all the way to his back. The Ink Force in his body surged and his face was filled with fear.

Yang Kai had gone mad. In order to kill him as soon as possible, he had resorted to every means possible.

In the Space-Time River, he was no match for him. All Yang Kai needed to do was stabilize himself and stabilize the power of the Space-Time River, which would most likely take his life.

However, Yang Kai didn’t do so. After gaining the upper hand, he immediately summoned the Dragon Bead.

One had to know that the current Yang Kai was no longer the 9999 zhang Ancient Dragon. With his three bodies combined and his Source fused together, he now had the body of a Divine Dragon.

With the strengthening of the Dragon Vein, the Dragon Bead was also the Divine Dragon’s Dragon Bead.

The Dragon Bead’s attack was the last desperate move of the Dragon Clan, so unless it was absolutely necessary, it would not be used so easily. Yang Kai had once used this method to join forces with Bai Yi to kill a Territory Lord when he was a Seventh Order Open Heaven.

His current strength was many times stronger than before, so how could the heavily injured Mo Na Ye be able to resist the Dragon Bead’s attack?

The wound on his chest was caused by the Dragon Bead.

Such an injury was enough to cause Mo Na Ye to lose half his life!

However, it was also the Dragon Bead’s fierce attack that allowed Mo Na Ye to escape.

The battle between the two Supreme Masters had caused the Space-Time River to become unstable, and the power of the Great Dao was shaken. The Dragon Bead’s attack had not only severely injured Mo Na Ye, but also caused a hole in the Space-Time River.

Although Yang Kai had expected this, he had no choice but to do so. Only by doing so could he quickly kill Mo Na Ye.

When Mo Na Ye escaped, he followed closely behind, but the turbulence in the Space-Time River caused his Great Dao to become unstable, making it difficult for him to gather his strength, so he could only stabilize his Great Dao first.

At this moment, an indignant roar suddenly rang out.

“Mo Na Ye, this old master won’t submit to you, he has never accepted you!”

It was Meng Que, who was on his deathbed, roaring.

Why is it that you have always been in charge of the Black Ink Clan’s authority, why is it that the Royal Lord never gave me a chance? Why must I hide in the No-Return Pass all this time just because you became the Pseudo-Royal Lord before me?

If I, Meng Que, could wield great power, I would not be worse than you!

With this roar, he used all his remaining strength to rush towards Mo Na Ye.

No one knew what he wanted to do, and even Mo Na Ye was stunned for a moment before sighing.

The others didn’t know what Meng Que wanted to do, but he did. He never thought that at the last moment, it would be Meng Que, who he had always looked down upon, who would come to his aid.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 18, 2023

It's hard to understand why YK didn't practice these thousands of years activating pure light while fighting to attack stronger enemies.

And still where are the stone races? 🤔


kiznaive 28
kiznaive 28
Jun 13, 2023

Plot armor 🙄 if Mo Na Ye was any other black ink, he would've die with huge hole through his

Replying to

That's not plot amor dude, He is now a Royal Lord not Just some Black Ink and he also happen to be the smartest black Ink in the story If he would die like that, the enemy he was portrayed as would all be a lie. I have seen Royal Lord even Territory lord with similar Injury and did not die and you believe one of YK greatest enemy would die from a hole in his chest lol.

Further more a stupid as the Black Ink Clan are, The know if Mo Na Ye die there is no hope for the Black Ink Clan in universe furnace. Meng Que is also doing for his own selfish reason as 1 of…

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