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Ever since the Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3000 Worlds and invaded the various Great Domains, before the appearance of the Universe Furnace, the Ninth Order Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had never fought.

Because of the devastating battle in the Spatial Territory back then, almost all of the top forces of the two races had fallen, leaving only Mo Yu, the sole Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, guarding the No-Return Pass all year round.

The situation on the Human Race’s side was slightly better. There was also Smiles and Wu Qing, two Ninth Order powerhouse. But they need to contain the Ink Giant Spiritual God, unable to attend to other things, naturally there wil be no battle between the top powerhouse.

The older generation’s cultivators were better off, they had witnessed the intensity of this level of battle before, but how could the new generation of Human Race cultivators have the opportunity to witness such a scene? In their growth, the Ninth Order Human Race was only a legendary existence!

On this day, the struggle between the Royal Lord and Ninth Order erupted. First, it was Ouyang Lie against Xiao You, then Yang Xue against Mo Na Ye.

At this moment, Yang Kai took Yang Xue’s place and began fighting with Mo Na Ye.

The shockwaves from the battle swept out in all directions, causing the surrounding space to become unstable.

Only now did the Human Race’s masters saw the true might of a Ninth Order master. The strength Yang Kai displayed was obviously much stronger than Yang Xue’s, and as soon as he clashed with Mo Na Ye, he was completely suppressed. The Azure Dragon Spear flew back and forth, the Space-Time River swirling around it, the power of 3000 Great Daos, and all kinds of unfathomable methods appeared, causing even a Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye to be unable to resist.

The Human Race’s morale soared!

The moment of crisis had passed, and Yang Xue, a Ninth Order, had personally come to their aid. Although it was difficult for the Human Race to turn the tide, at the very least, the situation on the defensive line had not worsened.

With Xiang Shan and many other veteran Eighth Order attacking, the Black Ink Clan’s forces would not be able to break through the Human Race’s defensive line so easily.

When Ouyang Lie saw this, he quickly calmed down and stabilized his state of mind. He had been fighting with Xiao You and the eight Territory Lords all this time, he hadn’t suffered any losses or taken too much advantage of them. The main reason was because the Human Race’s situation had been quite bad and all kinds of unforeseen events had occurred, making it difficult for him to focus on settling his battle and defending against the enemy wholeheartedly.

At this moment, he calmed his mind and found a way to break through the enemy, leaving a small portion of his attention to deal with Xiao You while the other half focused on dealing with the eight Territory Lords who had formed two battle formations.

As long as he could break through these Territory Lords’ battle formations and kill them one by one, Xiao You alone wouldn’t be his opponent. After all, this guy had been seriously injured by Yang Xue before, so it was difficult for him to fully display his strength.

On the various battlefields, the intensity of the battle became even more intense than before.

Suddenly, a light laugh rang out from somewhere in the void, carrying a hint of surprise and relief.

Mo Na Ye was laughing!

No one knew what he was laughing about. He was clearly in a bad situation, and under Yang Kai’s violent attacks, his life was in danger, but he was still able to laugh.

Opposite him, Yang Kai’s attacks were relentless as he coldly said, “Funny? Be careful not to lose your teeth!”

Mo Na Ye defended himself while slowly shaking his head, “Brother Yang, you’re very strong, but… you’re weaker than I thought!”

These words sounded somewhat contradictory, but it was true.

When Yang Kai broke through the Eighth Order and promoted to the Ninth Order, Mo Na Ye thought he was dead for sure!

Facing a Ninth Order Human Race master, even if he couldn’t defeat him, Mo Na Ye was confident he could escape, but against someone like Yang Kai who was proficient in the Space Principle, if he couldn’t defeat him, he would only lose.

So when he saw Yang Kai advance to the Ninth Order and kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord with a single spear strike, Mo Na Ye was prepared to die at any moment.

However, after this exchange, he was surprised to discover that Yang Kai was not as powerful as he had imagined!

It had to be known that when Yang Kai was an Eighth Order, he had slaughtered those Promoted Territory Lords and Innate Territory Lords like slaughtering chickens and dogs. When the Black Ink Clan’s Promoted Territory Lords and Innate Territory Lords encountered him, they didn’t even have the strength to fight back and were often killed before they could even see his face.

When he was at the Seventh Order, it seemed that killing the Feudal Lords was the same.

In Mo Na Ye's imagination, once Yang Kai advanced to the Ninth Order, any Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan would not be able to survive against him, so he had always regarded Yang Kai as a great threat. Between Xiang Shan and Yang Kai, he was more willing to eliminate him.

Before this, he had been waiting for Yang Kai to appear.

However, all of his schemes were useless. Yang Kai had still broken through to the Ninth Order.

In this exchange of blows, Yang Kai’s momentum was unstoppable and his killing moves were powerful, causing Mo Na Ye to be unable to even lift his head, but this kind of Yang Kai was still within the realm of normal strength, not ridiculously strong.

It had to be known that Mo Na Ye’s current condition was quite poor. Before arriving here, his injuries had not fully healed, and after fighting with Yang Kai’s Eight Directions Array for a long time, his injuries had accumulated and he had even fought with Yang Xue…

The current Mo Na Ye was not his peak.

However, even in the face of such a Mo Na Ye, Yang Kai was unable to quickly succeed. This was the problem.

So Mo Na Ye smiled, not because he thought he could escape this calamity, but because even if Yang Kai advanced to the Ninth Order, there were still people from the Black Ink Clan who could contend with him!

At the very least, an old Royal Lord like Mo Yu was definitely not inferior to Yang Kai! If these two were to meet now, it would probably be a tie.

Of course, he also knew that Yang Kai was not at his peak, but so what? In the Ninth Order, Yang Kai’s strength was not beyond his understanding, and that was enough!

Yang Kai roughly knew what he was laughing about, but he was also filled with helplessness.

Mo Na Ye had suffered heavy injuries and his strength had been damaged, so how could he not be the same?

At this moment, Yang Kai had just broken through to the Ninth Order and was no longer at his peak. Not to mention, he had been injured in the previous battle and had been seriously injured by Lin Wu’s sneak attack. Although he had used the power of the Space-Time River to restore about eighty percent of his strength, he had not fully recovered.

Moreover, the injuries of Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow were far more severe than his own. They had fused their body in an imperfect state, allowing them to break through their shackles and achieve limited improvements.

If his Human Race Body and Monster Race Body were all intact, Yang Kai would definitely be stronger now and could easily kill Mo Na.

However, at that time, Yang Kai had no choice but to use the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill in his hand to lure the Chaos Spirit King away. In his haste to activate the Three Parts Normalizing Art, he didn’t have much time to consider other things. He could only use this method to help the Human Race resolve their crisis.

In any case, Yang Kai and Mo Na Ye were not at their peak, so the intensity of this battle had been greatly reduced.

A fierce battle ensued!

Yang Kai quickly glanced over at the Human Race’s defensive line and found that even with Yang Xue’s help, it was difficult for them to gain the upper hand. There was nothing he could do about it, the number of Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords and Territory Lords was far greater than the number of Eighth Order Human Race masters. Moreover, after Mo Na Ye’s order, these Black Ink Clan masters no longer cared about their own casualties and were now using all means possible to break through the Human Race’s defensive line.

From time to time, Territory Lords and Eighth Order masters would die on the spot, their Ink Force would explode, their World Force would collapse, and the Small Universe would explode.

Everyone knew that in today’s battle, the outcome of any battlefield would affect the overall situation. As long as one side won, they would win everything!

Yang Kai knew he couldn’t delay any longer. He had some confidence in killing Mo Na Ye, and judging from the current situation, it wouldn’t take him more than half an hour to kill Mo Na Ye.

However, the variable of half an hour was too great, and no one knew if the Human Race’s defensive line would be breached.

After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai made his decision.

As soon as the Azure Dragon Spear appeared, the opposing Mo Na Ye retreated, wanting to avoid the might of this spear. However, he didn’t expect that this spear was just a cover. The Space-Time River that had been revolving around it suddenly flew out like a water dragon, and with a loud splash, the long Space-Time River suddenly expanded, transforming into a great river that pierced through the void.

As the huge river swirled towards Mo Na Ye, Mo Na Ye’s expression immediately changed.

He had previously suffered a loss because of the Space-Time River. At that time, Yang Kai had used the Space-Time River as a whip to lead the Eight Directions Array to fight him, but after being struck by the Space-Time River’s whip, under the influence of the various Dao Concepts, his mind had been disturbed and he had been unable to move.

At this moment, seeing Yang Kai use the strange river again, he naturally became vigilant, his figure flickering as he tried to escape.

“Seal!” Yang Kai shouted, and the great river that was spreading out suddenly connected from head to tail, transforming into a circular shape. The torrential river water swept out, filling the entire void.

Mo Na Ye didn’t expect such a change to occur in this great river and was struck by a wave, causing his body to become somewhat unsteady.

At this moment, Yang Kai rushed forward with his spear and shouted, “Mo Na Ye, die!”

This spear seemed to be able to pierce through the ages and was filled with murderous intent. This spear was extremely powerful, and with his current state, it was impossible for Mo Na Ye to receive it. If he were to be pierced by this spear, even if he didn’t die, he wouldn’t be far from death.

In a flash, his figure suddenly sank into the river.

Yang Kai’s spear pierced through the air, but he didn’t stop for even a moment and rushed into the river.

Originally, Yang Kai wanted to force Mo Na Ye into the Space-Time River. He had used this method to kill some Territory Lords before, but this was the first time he had forced a Royal Lord master into the Space-Time River. The Space-Time River was the manifestation of his Great Dao, and with the Great Dao of Space and Time as the foundation, the 3000 Great Dao converged and merged together. Although Yang Kai had the absolute advantage in terms of terrain when fighting in the Space-Time River, once the battle became too intense, it would definitely impact his own Great Dao.

This was just like trapping a thief in his house and beating him up. Although he could use some external forces, it was also possible to destroy his house.

It was still alright for Territory Lord-level powerhouse, as their strength was not enough to shake the foundation of the Space-Time River, but for a Royal Lord-level powerhouse, it was hard to say.

As such, this was a huge risk for him, but only by doing so could he kill Mo Na Ye in the shortest time possible.

With the current situation, Yang Kai couldn’t care less.


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
May 18, 2023

YK mentioned twice that Mo Na Ye felt different. What if using the best quality pill gave him a small universe and/or world force? Which would allow YK to use Beating Ox! Anyway, go die already Mo Na Ye !

Replying to

Different in the way think in Battle and strategically from other Blank Ink, He was Unique in that regards, Black Ink Clan member are not very smart, They would be on the level of Ouyang Lie in terms of intelligence but less Heroic.

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