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After cultivating for so many years, his path had been filled with thorns. Originally, his Martial Dao had been stagnant, but now that he had finally reached the Ninth Order, Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing with emotion!

With the expansion of his Small Universe's Territory, his foundation continued to grow and his already powerful momentum continued to grow.

However, there was still a limit to this kind of growth. After a while, the Small Universe calmed down and maintained his momentum at a brand new peak.

Taking advantage of Yang Kai’s distraction, the two Pseudo-Royal Lords had already fled to the Black Ink Clan camp. The sudden death of their companions had left them terrified, so how could they have the courage to remain behind to face Yang Kai? At this moment, it was only natural for them to run to a more crowded place to feel safe.

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, there were nearly ten Pseudo-Royal Lords and a large number of Territory Lords. Even if Yang Kai had reached the Ninth Order, they might still be able to put up a fight.

Yang Kai didn’t seem to have any intention of killing his way over. Instead, he simply stretched out his hand and made a grabbing motion, causing a figure to appear out of thin air.

It was Lin Wu who had ambushed him and caused the Eight Directions Array to break. He had been staying nearby, probably looking for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack on Yang Kai, but the situation had changed too quickly. Yang Kai had inexplicably broken through to the Ninth Order and killed a Pseudo-Royal Lord with a single spear strike, so there was no suitable opportunity for him to attack.

What’s more, he was only a newly promoted Eighth Order, so even if he really attacked, he might not be able to play any role in such a big battle.

Being suddenly captured by Yang Kai, he instinctively wanted to resist, but under the Space Principle, he couldn’t even move a finger.

In the next moment, a dazzling pure white light enveloped Lin Wu, causing him to scream miserably as the Ink Force in his body surged out and was completely dispersed.

Only then did Yang Kai let go of him. Lin Wu’s face was filled with a look of guilt, “Senior Brother Yang, I…”

Yang Kai interrupted him, “There’s no need to say anything, just kill the enemy!”

Lin Wu grit his teeth and replied, “Yes!” After looking around for a while, he turned around and flew towards Tian Xiuzhu and the others.

At this time, the large battlefield was divided into four side. One was naturally Yang Xue against Mo Na Ye, the other was the Black Ink Clan’s masters surrounding and killing the Human Race, the other was Ouyang Lie against Xiao You and the eight Territory Lords, and the last was the Five Directions Array led by Tian Xiuzhu against the Pseudo-Royal Lord Meng Que.

Previously, Tian Xiuzhu had led everyone to send Lin Wu and Zhan Tianhe to assist Yang Kai in maintaining the Eight Directions Array, but they had been stuck outside and had no chance to return to their own camp, so they could only fight Meng Que outside.

Looking at the four battlefields, Lin Wu couldn’t intervene in the battle between the Ninth Order and the Royal Lord, and the Human Race’s camp was surrounded by the Black Ink Clan’s masters, so he couldn’t break through the defensive line. The only one he could go to was Tian Xiuzhu’s side, so perhaps he could join them and form a Six Directions Array with Tian Xiuzhu and the others.

Originally, there had been a battlefield where Yang Kai had fought against the combined forces of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, but now that one of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords had died and the rest had fled, Yang Kai is finally free.

After Lin Wu left, Yang Kai also raised his spear and flew forward, the Space-Time River swirling around it.

Mo Na Ye’s mind was suddenly thrown into chaos. Yang Kai had come straight for him!

Originally, Yang Xue was able to fight evenly with him, but because of his injuries, he was at a slight disadvantage, but it wasn’t a big deal. This kind of battle was basically a mutual suppression. If he couldn’t kill Yang Xue, Yang Xue wouldn’t be able to kill him too.

But if Yang Kai also joined in, with this Killing Star’s treacherous methods, how could he survive?

In the blink of an eye, Mo Na Ye shouted, “Kill all the masters of the Human Race at all costs, or it will be too late!”

Under his command, the attacks of the many masters from the Black Ink Clan on the other side suddenly became stronger. Originally, the number and quality of the Human Race masters on the other side of the battlefield was no match for the Black Ink Clan, and the situation was not looking good. The main reason they were able to persist until now was because of the protection of the Battleship.

However, at this point in the battle, all of the Human Race’s Battleships had been destroyed, and it was all thanks to the joint efforts of the Eighth Order and the Black Ink Clan’s fear of casualties that they were able to persist.

Once the defensive line was broken, the Black Ink Clan, under the leadership of the many Pseudo-Royal Lords, would definitely launch a massacre on the Human Race. At that time, the Human Race’s losses would be huge.

Previously, the struggle between the Black Ink Clan and the Human Race had been somewhat restrained, but now that Mo Na Ye had given the order, they no longer had any scruples and were willing to pay any price.

Yang Kai’s steps towards Mo Na Ye paused for a moment before quickly returning to his original intention. Before he even arrived, Yang Kai thrust his spear towards Mo Na Ye and coldly shouted, “Good plan!”

Mo Na Ye, who was still entangled with Yang Xue, had a drastic change in expression. Yang Kai had clearly shot out his spear from a very far distance, but he had a feeling that it was difficult to defend against, as if the spear had struck him from a very close distance.

Mo Na Ye’s body trembled as his Ink Force surged out, and as he retreated, a spear point rapidly expanded in front of his eyes, quickly filling his vision.

Unable to defend, unable to dodge, Mo Na Ye roared and gathered all his strength into a single palm before ruthlessly striking out.

A violent shockwave burst out and transformed into a circular halo. As Mo Na Ye’s figure flew through the air, three sword light slashed towards him at an incredible speed.

It was Yang Xue!

This Sword strikes was seen clearly by Mo Na Ye. If it was just Yang Xue alone, he could have dealt with her, but now that he was being attacked by Yang Kai, how could he have any extra strength to spare?

These three sword strikes seemed to contain the mysteries of the Great Dao of Time. Mo Na Ye had clearly only seen Yang Xue use her sword, but he had already been struck.

Black blood sprayed out as three deep wounds appeared on his body!

It took a great deal of effort to neutralize this violent attack, but Mo Na Ye barely manage to stabilize himself, his hair disheveled and his appearance extremely miserable.

Yang Kai was still strolling over from afar, the long spear in his hand trembling slightly as he leisurely strolled around, “Xue’er go, I’ll deal with this guy.”

Holding her sword, Yang Xue looked at Mo Na Ye with some unwillingness and nodded, “Big Brother, be careful.”

Saying so, she transformed into a streak of light and flew towards the Human Race camp.

Although she really wanted to stay behind and join forces with her big brother to kill Mo Na Ye, the Human Race’s defensive line was on the verge of collapse, so she was the only one who could help stabilize the defensive line.

This was also the reason why Mo Na Ye had ordered them to kill the Human Race’s masters at all costs.

He knew that it was impossible for him to be the opponent of two Ninth Order Human Race masters, especially since one of these two Ninth Order masters was Yang Kai. If he didn’t find a way to restrain one of them, he would certainly die.

The Human Race’s defensive line could be used.

Although he had successfully allowed Yang Xue to leave, Mo Na Ye still didn’t have much confidence in his heart. His sharp intuition told him that today was a great disaster, and if he was targeted by someone like Yang Kai, he would definitely die.

Initially, he was a Pseudo-Royal Lord while Yang Kai was only an Eighth Order. Although he was clearly stronger, he had never thought of killing Yang Kai, because he knew that without a thorough plan, he would not be able to kill this guy who was good at escaping.

Once he provoked Yang Kai, he would definitely be in trouble, so Yang Kai’s rudeness had caused him a great deal of tolerance. It was only after he had become a Royal Lord in the universe furnace world that he had the confidence to scheme for Yang Kai’s life.

Everything was going according to plan except for Yang Kai’s sudden breakthrough to the Ninth Order.

Even now, he still couldn’t understand how Yang Kai had managed to break through to the Ninth Order under his watch!

The information he had obtained from the Black Ink Disciple should not be wrong. Yang Kai had no chance of reaching the Ninth Order in this life, so the peak of the Eighth Order was his limit.

Moreover, he had yet to refine the Open Heaven Pill, so how could he advance?

He couldn’t understand. No matter what, Yang Kai was already a Ninth Order. Between him, there would definitely be a life and death struggle!

In the void, Yang Kai was still walking towards Mo Na Ye at a leisurely pace, but with each step he took, Mo Na Ye’s heart would throb.

For a master proficient in the Space Principle, distance was meaningless. He had to be on guard against Yang Kai’s attack!

“Mo Na Ye, you’re a bit nervous!” Yang Kai suddenly chuckled.

Mo Na Ye’s heart tightened as he said solemnly, “No one can remain indifferent when facing someone like Brother Yang.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Just now, you called me Yang Kai, but now that I’m a Ninth Order, you call me Brother Yang. So what if you call me so intimately? I won’t let you off. As for the Black Ink Clan, I’m still quite wary of you. You seem a bit different from the other Black Ink Clan…”

Mo Na Ye’s brow arched slightly, “It is my honor to receive such praise from Brother Yang. In fact, there are many talents in the Black Ink Clan, it’s just that Brother Yang’s vision is too high so he didn’t see them.”

“Perhaps,” Yang Kai said noncommittally, “As an old rival of many years, I’ll give you a chance to leave behind your last words. If you have anything you want to say, say it quickly.”

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help laughing, “Does Brother Yang really want to fight to the death with me? Why don’t you and I withdraw today and meet again on the battlefield? In fact, if we continue fighting like this, both of us won’t be able to win. Although your sister has already gone to support them, how many Human Race can she protect by herself? My Black Ink Clan has many Pseudo-Royal Lords.”

“Good point!” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Mo Na Ye’s expression suddenly changed as he threw a fierce punch forward. As the power of his Ink Force fluctuated, Yang Kai, who had been strolling in the distance, suddenly appeared in front of him and thrust his spear forward. The Space-Time River swirled around his spear as the power of the Great Dao converged and transformed, displaying endless mysteries.

Originally, he talk about stop fighting, but now he had suddenly launched an all-out attack against his enemy.

“That’s why I need to kill you as soon as possible!” Yang Kai’s next words were accompanied by a violent attack.

Mo Na Ye clenched his teeth and didn’t utter a word. He had been on guard against Yang Kai all this time and knew that it was impossible for Yang Kai to be moved by his words, so when Yang Kai suddenly attacked, he immediately reacted.

Yang Kai’s body moved with his spear, the power of his Great Dao fluctuating wildly as the Ink Force around Mo Na Ye’s body surged. He had completely abandoned any Divine Abilities or Secret Technique, relying only on his subtle perception of danger and his grasp of the situation. For a time, the two figures were locked in a fierce battle, causing the void to collapse.


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Xue Ying
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Sure flex and take your time while the other humans are dying fighting.


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Xue Ying
Aug 18, 2023
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Lol I believe the same, he is like the main villain in this story. MO Na Ye's name had been in the past 1000 chapters. Maybe even more than Black Ink who will be on the loose later and there's only 200+chapters remaining. 😂

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