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Updated: Nov 5, 2022

In the Void World, regardless of whether it was a prosperous or remote place, as long as there were people living here, regardless of whether they were men or women, old or young, their cultivations were strong or weak. At this moment, all of them were cheering loudly, their voices filled with sincerity.

Streams of Qi, both strong and weak, began gathering towards the golden dragon.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s inner vision allowed him to see countless threads of destiny connecting the Golden Dragon phantom and Small Universe’s citizens, forming a dense net that stretched across the world.

One was weak, one hundred was strong, trillion of strong and weak Human Race were united, shaking the heavens and earth.

The Dragon Might grew stronger!

The golden dragon roared as its body trembled, and the barrier that covered the Small Universe began to rapidly melt like snow under the sun.

Activating the Three Parts Normalizing Art, it focused on the fate energy of the Human Race, fusing it with the power of destiny from the main characters of the three eras, breaking through the shackles of the Small Universe and opening a new territory.

Yang Kai’s aura continued to rise!

The three Pseudo-Royal Lords who were surrounding him felt that something was wrong. Originally, with the three Pseudo-Royal Lords working together, Yang Kai, a peak Eighth Order master, was unable to escape, so no matter what he did, it was impossible for him to be their opponent. It wouldn’t be long before he was killed.

The fact that he was able to persist until now without dying was already shocking enough to the Pseudo-Royal Lords.

However, at this moment, his aura was still constantly rising, showing signs of breaking through. This was even more unbelievable.

No one knew what Yang Kai had done to be so resilient and persevering, but they could vaguely guess that all of this was related to him taking in the Eighth Order master and the Monster Race Great Emperor.

The already majestic aura was still increasing.

A Pseudo-Royal Lord shouted, “Quickly kill him!”

The situation wasn’t right. If Yang Kai’s aura continued to grow stronger, it was likely he would really break through his shackles and reach the Ninth Order. But why was this happening? According to the information the Black Ink Clan had gathered, Yang Kai would never be able to reach the Ninth Order in his life, so why was he showing signs of breaking through now?

The other two Pseudo-Royal Lords didn’t need him to remind them. At this moment, both of them were using their killing moves, not holding back at all in order to quickly kill Yang Kai.

However, no matter how hard they tried, no matter how miserable Yang Kai’s performance was, they were unable to extinguish his vitality and kill him.

The body of a Divine Dragon was already comparable to a Ninth Order or Royal Lord. At this moment, Yang Kai’s attention was mostly focused on the Small Universe. Although he was only using a small portion of his attention to defend himself, it was not easy to kill him.

On the other side, Mo Na Ye’s heart was burning with anxiety. He knew that something must have gone wrong, that Yang Kai was really about to break through to the Ninth Order. He wanted nothing more than to personally kill Yang Kai to prevent future troubles, but since he couldn’t escape from Yang Xue, how could he interfere in this battle?

Just as the Black Ink Clan’s masters were feeling restless, Yang Kai’s aura, which had reached its peak, seemed to have suddenly broken through its limit and rapidly increased.

This majestic aura was not something an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator could possess, even an ordinary Ninth Order cultivator would find it difficult to match!

At this moment, Yang Kai, who had been struggling to defend himself under the joint efforts of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, suddenly opened his eyes wide, his eyes as bright as the sun.

Even though he was still in a sorry state and was covered in blood, his posture was still unrestrained.

Sweeping a cold glance over the three Pseudo-Royal Lords gathered around him, Yang Kai gritted his teeth and shouted, “Have you had enough? I’ve tolerated you for a long time!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he gripped the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand tightly and activated the power of his Great Dao, causing the sound of flowing water to ring out. The Space-Time River that had disappeared due to the fluctuations of his Great Dao appeared once more, wrapping around the spear like a water dragon.

The long spear stabbed towards the nearest Pseudo-Royal Lord.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord was shocked as he felt the indestructible power of this spear and quickly retreated.

However, just as he was about to take action, this spear seemed to have crossed the barrier between time and space, piercing through his heart.

Before the Pseudo-Royal Lord could react, he felt a sharp pain in his chest and looked down to discover that he had been hit.

His eyes filled with disbelief, he raised his head and stared at Yang Kai, who was right in front of him, “How could this be possible?”

He was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and although he had broken through hastily in the appearance of the Universe Furnace, he was still a Pseudo-Royal Lord and possessed the full strength of a Royal Lord, making him no different from a Ninth Order Human Race.

No matter which Ninth Order Human Race cultivator fought him, it would be impossible for them to succeed so easily. At the very least, they would need to fight a hundred or so moves.

However, Yang Kai had just stabbed him!

Obviously, the other party’s spear didn’t seem to have any profound mysteries, but he simply couldn’t react or avoid it!

Perhaps it was because he was about to die, this Pseudo-Royal Lord couldn’t help thinking about the moment when Yang Kai shot out his spear just now. In that instant, this Human Race Killing Star’s simple spear seemed to pierce through space and time from the past to the future, giving him no room to dodge.

The Dao of Space and Time! This Pseudo-Royal Lord vaguely understood something…

“Useless trash!” Yang Kai coldly snorted. Although he was in an extremely miserable state, his aura was peerless. With a shake of his spear, the Pseudo-Royal Lord hanging on his spear exploded into a bloody mist and a thick Ink Force burst.

The entire place went silent!

A single spear strike had killed a Pseudo-Royal Lord. Who could compare to such divine might?

Of course, this was because Yang Kai had caught his opponent off guard, but it also showed how powerful Yang Kai was!

This kind of power seemed to exceed everyone’s understanding.

Mo Na Ye, who was fighting Yang Xue, suddenly felt his scalp go numb as the blood drained from his face.

Ninth Order! Definitely a Ninth Order!

Yang Kai had broken through to the Ninth Order!

How did he advance to the Ninth Order? How can he advance to the Ninth Order?

Previously, when he heard that Yang Kai had obtained a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, Mo Na Ye was most worried that Yang Kai would refine that Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and use it to advance to the Ninth Order. Therefore, even though the Black Ink Clan had the upper hand in besieging the Human Race, Mo Na Ye had also arranged for a contingency plan, but he was still holding back.

On the Human Race’s side, Xiang Shan was a great enemy, but in comparison, Yang Kai posed the greatest threat to him, so he had to wait for Yang Kai to appear.

Yang Kai had really appeared, and he was still an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, causing Mo Na Ye to breathe a sigh of relief.

In this critical moment, he had also thrown out the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and used it to lure away the Chaos Spirit King.

Without the help of a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, how could he have broken through to the Ninth Order? With just the Eighth Order Human Race and Monster Race Great Emperor he had taken in?

Mo Na Ye couldn’t understand.

However, no matter what, it was a fact that Yang Kai had reached the Ninth Order. Otherwise, there was no reason for him to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lord like slaughtering chickens and dogs!

When Yang Kai was an Eighth Order, he had relied on his ability to injure his enemies and attack their Soul to kill the Innate Territory Lords as easily as cutting melons and cutting vegetables. Mo Na Ye had been worried that this would happen when he broke through to the Ninth Order, but now it seemed that his biggest worry had come true!

At this moment, Mo Na Ye wanted to escape, but under Yang Xue’s entanglement, how could he escape so easily?

“Hahahaha, I told you we won!” Inside the Human Race defensive line, Yang Xiao laughed loudly, while Blood Crow, who had fought alongside him, was speechless.

When Yang Kai had opened up his Small Universe to take in Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow, Yang Xiao had been so certain. At that time, Blood Crow had been disdainful. At that time, the Human Race’s situation had been extremely difficult. Two Ninth Order masters had been pinned down and their defensive line had been on the brink of collapse.

Unexpectedly, in less than an incense stick’s worth of time, the situation had undergone such a drastic change. Yang Kai had become a Ninth Order, and the advantage the Black Ink Clan had over the Human Race had instantly disappeared. Now, the tide had reversed, and the Human Race had taken the lead!

Similar to Mo Na Ye, Blood Crow couldn’t understand how Yang Kai had advanced to the Ninth Order. Even if he had refined a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, his speed wouldn’t have been so fast, and… did he have more Best Quality Open Heaven Pill?

However, just as Yang Xiao said, his foster father was the best at creating miracles in desperate situations and turning defeat into victory! Perhaps it was because of this that all those who had fought alongside Yang Kai had a blind faith in him.

Wasn’t he the same? In the past, he wasn’t a good person, and now he is still not a good person. However, after experiencing so many bloody battles and witnessing his comrades sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the Human Race, regardless of his moral character, as a Human Race, he only had one wish…

Killing the entire Black Ink Clan!

“Good job, kill them all!” Ouyang Lie also became high-spirited. Seeing Yang Kai in danger just now, he had been extremely anxious, but now he could finally relax.

However, he was slightly puzzled. Even if Yang Kai had used that Three Parts Normalizing Art to break through to the Ninth Order, how could his foundation be so much stronger than his own?

The performance of his spear was not something a newly promoted Ninth Order cultivator should have.

On second thought, it didn’t seem strange.

Previously, Yang Kai had said that the Three Parts Normalizing Art required three bodies to merge together. Since this was the case, the Human Race Fang Tianci’s Small Universe should have also been fused with Yang Kai's.

In other words, Yang Kai’s current Small Universe’s strength was not just his own, but also the crystallization of Fang Tianci’s life’s cultivation. This was equivalent to saving him a lot of time to cultivate, allowing him to display a stronger foundation than most people who had just broken through to the Ninth Order.

Yang Kai shot out his spear, killing the Pseudo-Royal Lord and causing everyone to move.

When the other two Pseudo-Royal Lords saw Yang Kai’s courage, how could they dare to jump around in front of him? One by one, they retreated and stood side by side, staring at Yang Kai with vigilance and fear.

Yang Kai only glanced at them but did not take the opportunity to pursue them.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to pursue them, but now that he had just broken through to the Ninth Order, the Small Universe was still a bit unsettled. The spear strike he had used just now was just a deterrent to prevent these Pseudo-Royal Lords from disturbing him.

At this moment, the Small Universe’s barrier had been broken, and his territory, which had reached its peak, was rapidly expanding.

Not only that, but Fang Tianci’s Small Universe World also began to integrate into it, bringing with it a large amount of pure World Force. Because it was his Human Race Body's, it could be perfectly integrated into it, so there was no need to worry about any contamination to one’s own strength.

Even the Monster Core that Thunder Shadow had cultivated for his entire life was melting, transforming into a pure energy that poured into the Small Universe’s territory, causing his foundation to become even richer.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
18 août 2023

"He was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and although he had broken through hastily in the appearance of the Universe Furnace, he was still a Pseudo-Royal Lord and possessed the full strength of a Royal Lord, making him no different from a Ninth Order Human Race.

No matter which Ninth Order Human Race cultivator fought him, it would be impossible for them to succeed so easily. At the very least, they would need to fight a hundred or so moves."

Ohhh, now these pseudos are not nerfed and remembered not easy to handle? There are dozens of pseudos present with maaany TLs and other millions of Inkies vs thousands or hundreds only of humans. Yet they were handled by humans bcoz they…


Thunder Shadow will be missed but now let the slaughter begins


kiznaive 28
kiznaive 28
13 juin 2023

So what happened to Fang Tian Ci World Tree Subtree? Did YK have 2 subtree now since it integrated together? Or the subtree combined?

En réponse à

Good Question we may find out soon


18 avr. 2023

Harsh Khobra
Harsh Khobra
17 avr. 2023


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