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Just as Yang Kai’s mind inadvertently swept across the entirety of Small Universe’s territory, he suddenly noticed something unusual.

The source of this anomaly was the Fang Family Manor!

At this moment, in this small Fang Family Manor, everyone was under the leadership of this generation’s Patriarch to offer their respects and respectfully bid farewell to the Heaven Bestowed Ancestor.

Previously, when Fang Tianci was assimilating with his Source, he had given his own sword to the Fang Family as a small selfish motive, so Yang Kai naturally saw this scene.

At this moment, the members of the Fang Family didn’t know what had happened to their Heaven Bestowed Ancestor or what he was doing, but it didn’t stop them from feeling respect and gratitude towards him, because the Fang Family’s current achievements were all thanks to this Heaven Bestowed Ancestor. The rise of the Fang Family was also because of this ancestor.

If it weren’t for this Ancestor’s achievements in the past and joining the Void Dojo, how could the Fang Family’s current prosperity be possible?

For countless years, in the Void World, all the big and small families had been like bamboo shoots after the rain, one after another being destroyed. Without any foundation, how could they continue to exist?

They sincerely worshiped the Ancestor’s contribution to the family and the future of the family.

It was as if an invisible and mysterious force was gathering from Fang Family Manor and pouring into the golden dragon phantom.

Yang Kai’s heart sank slightly. Previously, he had been wholeheartedly using the Three Parts Normalizing Art to try to break through his shackles, but he hadn’t been able to discover anything unusual about the Fang Family Manor. Moreover, this mysterious force wasn’t very powerful, almost imperceptible, so Yang Kai didn’t pay much attention to it.

At this moment, as he focused his attention, he discovered that he wasn’t mistaken. There was indeed a mysterious force gathering over at Fang Family Manor. This force seemed to be condensing into a long line, one of which was tied to Fang Family Manor while the other was tied to the golden dragon!

Many thoughts flashed across Yang Kai’s mind as he suddenly understood.

So that was how it was!

So this was the essence of the Three Parts Normalizing Art.

Although he had received Wu Kuang’s teachings and cultivated the Three Parts Normalizing Art, spending thousands of years cultivating his Human Race Body and Monster Race Body, Yang Kai still couldn’t figure out how to break through the shackles with the Three Parts Normalizing Art and advance from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order.

Originally, Yang Kai had guessed that he has to rely on the power of his Human Race Body and Monster Race Body to condense the power of his clones and merge together to break through his shackles and achieve a breakthrough.

However, after activating the Three Parts Normalizing Art, he discovered that the situation was not as he had imagined. The fusion of three peak Eighth Order aura was not enough for him to break through his shackles and break through the Small Universe’s barrier. On the contrary, this fusion into his Source allowed him to break through his Divine Dragon Sequence.

The true essence of the Three Parts Normalizing Art was not the fusion of the three bodies, but this mysterious power!

The power of destiny!

What was karmic luck? Karmic luck was fate, and fate was the natural order of the world!

Since the birth of the World's First Light, this vast expanse of universe had experienced roughly three periods.

The Holy Spirits formed by the First Light rampaged about, ruling over the ancient times of the Heavens.

After that was the ancient era where Monster Race rampaged through the world.

Open Heaven Method was discovered and the Human Race had risen to prominence until today.

Every era, the races that ruled that era were the favored children of that era, the gathering of destiny, the Holy Spirit, Monster Race, and Human Race, each representing a different era.

On the other hand, the Three Parts Normalizing Art was to gather the power of three bodies and transcend the barriers of space and time, merging the karmic luck of these three eras into one, breaking through the shackles of the Open Heaven Method and breaking through one’s own shackles.

This was the true essence of the Three Parts Normalizing Art, the key to integrating the fate energy of all the races in this era, the strength of each race was secondary.

Comprehending this point, Yang Kai couldn’t help praising in his heart, Shi is truly a great talent! The Three Parts Normalizing Art was no longer just a simple technique, it was also related to the wisdom of past eras.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. If he didn’t have such an ability, he probably wouldn’t have been able to deduce such a heaven-defying technique like the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

Having comprehended the true essence of the Three Parts Normalizing Art, Yang Kai suddenly found that he still had some hope of saving himself, and it was not yet time to give up.

Time was tight, but it was worth a try! If he succeeded, not only would he be able to achieve the Divine Dragon body, but he would also be able to break through to the Ninth Order. If he failed, he would be stuck at the peak of the Eighth Order.

Yang Kai immediately focused most of his attention on his Small Universe and carefully observed it. As he did so, he immediately saw more of the power of destiny converging towards the golden dragon phantom from all over the Small Universe World.

The power of destiny was ethereal and intangible, so it was quite rare to see it normally. However, this was Yang Kai’s Small Universe, so he was able to sense it clearly.

Right now, in addition to the Fang Family Manor worshipping their Heaven Bestowed Ancestor, there were also many other places that were paying their respect.

The person the Fang Family Patriarch worshiped was his own Ancestor, who had already fused with the Golden Dragon’s Source, so their destiny had naturally been transferred over.

The other places worshiped this world, so the power of destiny naturally converged towards the Golden Dragon phantom.

However, it was not enough.

In the next moment, all the living beings in the Void World, regardless of whether they were strong or weak, male or female, old or young, all witnessed an unforgettable scene.

A figure suddenly appeared in the sky above the world, blotting out the sky and covering the earth.

A brilliant sense of unease instantly enveloped the entire world. Many people didn’t know what had happened, how could this originally peaceful world suddenly become so turbulent? With the appearance of the Golden Dragon phantom and this giant figure, the timid people even thought that the end of the world had arrived and wept bitterly.

On the other hand, many disciples who had come from the Void Dojo or cultivators who had been to the Void Dojo recognized this figure’s face and immediately bowed in worship.

It was the Dao Master!

Disciples who came from the Void Dojo naturally had more information than ordinary people. They knew that this entire Void World was the Dao Master’s Small Universe World. The so-called shattering the void was nothing more than having enough cultivation to receive the Dao Master’s guidance and break through.

However, from ancient times until now, the Dao Master had rarely appeared, so no one had expected that today, they would be able to see the Dao Master’s glory like this.

This time, the disciples of the Void Dojo were all excited and knelt down to greet and worship the Dao Master.

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he swept his eyes over the Small Universe. Originally, he had wanted to act like a great master, but after sensing the various chaotic emotions erupting from the Small Universe, he finally spoke, “I am Yang Kai, the master of this world!”

The noisy world fell silent at this moment, the trillions of living beings fell silent, the trillions of eyes staring at him, some in disbelief, some with excited expressions…

“The upheaval of this world was caused by my encounter with a powerful enemy, so don’t panic.”

When the many living beings in the Void World heard this, they couldn’t help revealing looks of disbelief, especially on the Void Dojo's side. Many of the disciples in the Void Dojo vaguely knew what kind of enemy the Dao Master had been fighting all these years, and the Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters who had been brought out would all become his help.

However, in their understanding, their Dao Master were omnipotent and had always been successful. What kind of powerful enemy had he encountered this time that caused the entire world to tremble?

In the past, such things rarely happened.

It was obvious that the enemy the Dao Master encountered this time was extremely powerful.

“The enemy’s strength is tyrannical, so it will be difficult for me to fight them, so… I need everyone’s help!”

Inside the Void Dojo, an old cultivator shouted, “What instructions does Dao Master have? Please ask!”

The Dao Master had encountered a crisis and needed their help, so what was there to hesitate about? The entire Void World was the Dao Master’s Small Universe. If the Dao Master were to lose, this world would most likely collapse, and they would die with him.

So when he heard that the Dao Master needed help, the old man couldn’t wait to rush out and fight alongside him.

The other cultivators also shouted in unison, “Please explain!”

They knew that with their current cultivation, it would be difficult for them to help the Dao Master in battle, but since the Dao Master wanted their help, he naturally had his reasons.

No matter what they had to do, they just had to focus on it.

On the other hand, there was a reckless young man who shouted, “Who dares act so impudently in front of the Dao Master? Disciple is not talented and is willing to serve the Dao Master, even if it means going through fire and water, even if it means dying in battle, I will eat a piece of the enemy’s flesh!”

Yang Kai looked at the disciple and smiled, “There’s no need for that. This time, the enemy is too strong for you to contend with. As for how to help me… En, all of you can just cheer for me from afar. For example, Dao Master is invincible, Dao Master is skilled in Marital Dao, Dao Master is invincible throughout the ages!”

Inside the Void Dojo, all the disciples were stunned.

In the Void World, all the living beings were stunned.

Just casually cheering like that…?

Could it be that this Dao Master was joking with us? How could he ask us to help in such a way?

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s expression was solemn as he solemnly said, “Time is of the essence. Whether or not I can win this battle will all depend on you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure disappeared.

Inside the Void Dojo, the group of disciples glanced at each other. Suddenly, the impetuous disciple from before shouted towards the sky, “Dao Master is invincible!”

This shout caused the veins on his neck to bulge and his expression to become firm. Obviously, deep in his heart, he felt that this Dao Master was truly an invincible existence!

With a wave of his arm, he shouted.

Soon, other disciples joined in, and after a short while, all the disciples in the Void Dojo were shouting that the Dao Master is invincible, and their voices were amplified by their strength and spread out in all directions.

Like a wildfire, in the Void World, cities, villages, and various Sects gathered, shouting and cheering filled the sky.

In an instant, all the living beings in the world began cheering.

Words like “Dao Master is invincible”, “Dao Master is skilled in Martial Dao”, and “Dao Master is invincible throughout the ages” rang out one after another.

In this world, the hearts of the people were united!

Compared to the ancient Holy Spirit, the ancient Monster Race, the current Human Race was the favored children of this era, the main characters of the world, and the Human Race’s destiny was naturally the strongest.

And how many Human Race were there in Yang Kai’s Small Universe World now? There were more than a trillion of them, and when these Human Race worked together to support him, a massive amount of destiny began to gather.


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